GH Update Wednesday 5/9/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/9/07


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Today, GH opens with Carly and Jax in bed at home. Michael and Morgan interrupt a private moment.

At Wyndemere, Emily tells Nikolas that Liz’s baby is fine, but that Liz is still in critical condition. Nikolas tells her he is going to GH to be with Lucky. Emily tells him to stay put so he can give himself time to recover. She assures him that she will call him if anything happens. She begins to leave, but Craig/Jerry stops her and tells her that he has other plans for her.

At GH, Lucky naps next to Liz’s bed. Lulu comes in and startles him. He tells her that he was dreaming that everything was okay and he and Liz were taking the baby home.

At the office, Jason tells Bernie that he is not leaving town for anything. Spinelli comes in and Jason asks him how Liz is doing. Spinelli informs him that Liz’s condition is serious and that she is not doing well. Jason asks him how the baby is doing and Spinelli tells him to see for himself.

Back at GH, Robin brings Patrick some coffee. She tells him he should go home and get some rest. He tells her he can’t because he thinks he has figured out the counter agent. He admits that the solution seems too simple and expresses concern that Craig may have something else planned.

At Wyndemere, Jerry tells Emily he wants her to accompany him on a business trip. Nikolas refuses to let Emily go. Jerry tells him that he will not give him the counter agent if he refuses to cooperate. Nikolas tells him that he knows Jerry needs him and won’t let him die. He tells Emily she doesn’t have to go with Craig/Jerry. Jerry tells Nikolas that it’s his own choice to live or die. Emily tells Craig that she hopes he has to stand by while someone he loves is tortured.

Back at Carly’s, Jax bribes the kids with presents downstairs to get them to give him and Carly some more alone time. The kids run out and Jax locks the door behind them. Outside the room, Michael reminds Morgan to keep Jerry’s visit secret.

At the coffee shop, Cooper meets up with Maxie. Logan comes in and Maxie tries to shoo him away. He asks her if Sonny is around.

In the office, Jason reminds Spinelli that he can’t visit the baby at the hospital. Spinelli hands him a laptop and tells him that he hacked into the security cameras so Jason could watch the baby on the computer. Spinelli begins to tell Jason again that he should claim “little Stone Cold” should Liz die.

At GH, Lucky speaks with Kelly who tells him that Liz isn’t responding to the medication. Lulu assures him that Liz will make it.

Back at Carly’s, Jax asks Carly if she’s heard from Lulu. She tells him that she hasn’t. Carly begins to explain to Jax how different the situation with the kids will be now that they are married. They go downstairs to find the boys playing with the toys.

Meanwhile, Alexis pays Nikolas a visit a Wyndemere, as per his request. He tells her that he wants to discuss his will.

Back at GH, Robin tells Patrick that they are running out of time to save Nikolas.

Elsewhere, Ric shows up to visit Liz. Lucky is less than thrilled but allows Ric some alone time with her while he checks on the baby. Lucky explains to Ric what happened with Liz and how Jason saved her again.

At the office, Jason tells Spinelli that Liz will pull through. Spinelli informs Jason that Liz isn’t responding to the medicine. He tells the mobster that he needs to be with his son now. Jason explains to Spinelli that the situation isn’t that simple. Spinelli urges Jason to come clean about the baby’s paternity.

In the coffee shop, Logan asks Cooper about the police academy. He tells him it’s a lot of work. He apologizes but says he must leave. Lulu runs in past them and goes into the office. She demands Jason promise her that he won’t reveal himself as the baby’s father.

At Wyndemere, Alexis worries about why Nikolas wants to discuss his will. She determines that something is wrong with his health. She asks him if that’s why he dumped Emily and pretended to date Robin and he confirms her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Emily tells Craig/Jerry that she’s ready for their business meeting. She reminds him that they have to make it quick because she is supposed to be working. She also reminds him that she doesn’t ever want Nikolas to know about this.

At GH, Ric tells Liz that he loves her and that she gave him faith. He admits to planting drugs in Lucky’s desk to sabotage her relationship with him so she would come back to him. He tells her that he accepts her decision to be with Lucky and tells her that he won’t interfere anymore.

At the office, Lulu and Spinelli argue about whether Jason should tell the truth or not. Jason tells them to stop and apologizes to them for their involvement. He asks Spinelli to leave so he can talk to Lulu. He does and Lulu insists that Jason keep his word and let Lucky be the father.

At GH, Epiphany holds Liz’s baby and talks to him. Lucky comes in and thanks her for moving him closer to him and Liz. Epiphany leaves and Lucky holds the baby. He tells him that Liz will name him when she wakes up.

At Wyndemere, Alexis advises Nikolas to take his health seriously if something is wrong with him.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Emily meet with a man. Here, Emily learns that Jerry wants to open an account in her name.

Back at Carly’s, Jax scolds her for forcing the boys to clean their rooms. Carly tells him not to go soft on them or they will run all over him. She warns him that Michael is testing the waters to see how much he can get away with. Jax starts talking about his childhood days with Jerry. The boys ask if they can come back down and Carly lets them. She tells Morgan he has a play date and prepares to take him. Michael asks Jax how to play cricket. Jax begins to explain and then asks Michael how he feels about him being his step dad.

Back at GH, Lucky puts the baby down and promises him that they will go home soon. He runs into Spinelli who is on his way to see the baby. Lucky asks him what he’s doing. He almost calls the baby “little stone cold,” but stops mid sentence and calls the baby stylish. Spinelli covers his tracks by saying that Lulu asked him to check on the baby/ Lucky tells him the baby is fine and walks off. Spinelli goes in the room and talks to the baby. Epiphany comes in and asks hi what he’s doing.

Back at the office, Jason assures Lulu that he doesn’t want to hurt Lucky, but tells her that he has to do what’s best for his child. Lulu begs Jason to let Lucky be the father, even if Liz doesn’t make it. Jason informs her that his only concern right now is what will happen if his child is left motherless.

In the coffee shop, Maxie picks at Logan about Lulu and begins to trash talk Lulu’s family, including Laura. Logan tells her to shut up about Laura. Ric comes in with a few cops and goes to find Jason. In the office, Lulu apologizes and Ric comes in. Jason tells Lulu to go while he deals with Ric. The DA ponders on what Jason and Lulu could be talking about and what they have in common. He assumes their conversation involved Elizabeth.

Back at Carly’s, Jax prepares Michael for a game of cricket. Michael admits that Jax is cooler than his friends’ step dads. He talks about Morgan and how he wants to help him adjust. He tells Jax that he has to take care of his younger brother like Jerry told him. Jax asks him when he talked to Jerry.

Meanwhile, the banker tell Emily that once she signs the paper, she will be fully responsible for any transactions that go through the account. The man gets a phone call and walks out for a minute. Emily realizes that Craig is intending to do something illegal with this account. She realizes that Nikolas was right. Craig assures her that she doesn’t have to sign anything, but reminds her that Nikolas will die otherwise. He tells her it’s her choice.

At GH, Nikolas meets up with Patrick and Robin who inform him that they have recreated the counter agent. Nikolas notes that the ordeal is over and he can have his life back now.

Meanwhile, Kelly tells Lucky that if Liz doesn’t improve soon, then she won’t wake up. She tells Lucky that Liz loves him and suggests they go over Liz’s test results to decide what to do next.

Elsewhere, Epiphany tells Spinelli that she knows he’s not on the authorized visitors list. He tells her that he is and she informs him that she knows he hacked into the system to put his name on the list. Epiphany kicks him out of the room. While leaving, he runs into Lulu. The two begin to argue about Jason and the baby. Spinelli gushes about how this is their first fight. He insists that he is right though and tells her that the baby needs his real father.

At the office, Ric tells Jason that he visited Liz at GH. He asks Jason why he showed up at Liz’s house the night she collapsed. He tells Jason that there have been a lot of coincidences lately involving him and Liz.

At Carly’s, Michael admits that Jerry came by to see Jane, but made them promise not to tell him. Michael tells Jax about how Jerry told them stories about when he and Jax were young. Carly comes in to hear the two talking about Jerry.

Meanwhile, Emily and Craig fly home on a plane. Craig offers her champagne but she refuses.

At GH, Robin and Patrick have gotten Nikolas a bed. He insists they give him the counter agent. They try to delay giving him the counter agent. It dawns on Nikolas that they are nervous about giving it to him because they don’t know if it will cure him or kill him.

Meanwhile, Liz pays Liz a visit. She tells her that she was wrong to judge her. She recognizes that Liz had Lucky’s best interests at heart when she decided to lie about the baby’s paternity. She begs Liz to wake up to avoid the impending catastrophe. She warns Liz that Jason will tell Lucky the truth. Lulu turns around and sees Lucky standing in the doorway.

At the office, Ric accuses Jason of being in love with Liz. He insults Sam and warns Jason to stay away from Liz and let her be happy. Then, Spinelli appears on the computer talking to Jason about his progeny. Ric sees Spinelli and asks Jason what is going on.

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