GH Update Monday 5/7/07

General Hospital Update Monday 5/7/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Sonny telling Kate that she can’t use his phone. Diane tries to excuse his behavior, but he informs Kate that his office isn’t a phone booth.

At the hospital, Jason watches as his baby is delivered.

Meanwhile, Lucky pulls Craig/Jerry over. He asks Lucky if there is a problem.

Back at GH, Nikolas’ blood pressure begins to plummet as Emily yells at him to keep fighting. Robin and Patrick try to revive him.

Nearby, Dr. Kelly and Epiphany struggle to resuscitate Liz. Meanwhile, nurses rush to aid Liz’s baby in breathing. Jason cries.

Elsewhere, Lucky asks Jerry for his license and registration. He hands Lucky his information and reaches for his gun.

Back at GH, Emily watches as Robin and Patrick try to get Nikolas to breathe.

Jason continues to watch the doctors, who are now giving his baby CPR. Dr. Kelly pulls out the defibrillator for Liz.

Back in Nikolas’ room, Robin asks Emily for the crash cart. She prepares to use the defibrillator on Nikolas to restart his heart.

Lucky asks Jerry where he’s headed. Jerry explains that he’s trying to help a sick friend.

Back at GH, Jason continues to watch as his baby cries. Dr. Kelly tells an unconscious Liz that her baby needs her.

At the office, Kate insists she needs to make a phone call. Sonny, again, tells her he won’t allow it. Diane tries to apologize for Sonny’s rude behavior. Kate tries to explain that she needs the phone because her cell phone died. She recounts how she and her assistant got lost. She reminds Sonny that she needs to make a very important phone call. Kate realizes she’s getting nowhere and leaves. Diane berates Sonny for his treatment of Kate because she is a high profile fashion magazine editor who is one of the country’s most powerful women. Sonny is unimpressed.

Back at the hospital, Robin and Patrick hook Nikolas up to a breathing machine. They discuss how they bought Nikolas a little time and Robin heads back to the lab. Emily thanks Patrick for saving Nikolas’ life, but Patrick confesses that Nikolas isn’t saved yet. He reminds her that Nikolas cannot breathe on his own and tells her that his heart stopped. Emily insists that Nikolas’ heart is strong and that he will pull through.

Meanwhile, Lucky informs Jerry that he pulled him over because there is a felled tree up ahead that is blocking the road. He suggests Jerry head home and wait for better weather. Jerry thanks him and leaves.

At the hospital, the doctors manage to stabilize Liz’s blood pressure. They begin to close up her incision. Epiphany nods at Jason to let him know Liz and the baby are fine. Kelly notes what a shame it is that Lucky wasn’t there to support Liz.

Back at the coffee shop, Diane gushes about how awesome and powerful Kate is. Kate comes back and informs Sonny that her car won’t start. She asks to use his phone again, but he still refuses to let her. She asks him what it will take to convince him to let her use the phone. He tells her that her question is loaded.

At GH, Patrick asks a nurse if he or Nikolas received any messages. The nurse says they haven’t. Robin comes out and asks Patrick if he’s still convinced Craig will show up. Patrick reminds her that Craig is their only hope for Nikolas at this point. Robin begins to feel guilty for failing Nikolas. Then she remembers that Craig is really the one at fault. Patrick begins to feel guilty.

Back in Nikolas’ room, Emily apologizes for going against his wishes, but says that the machines will keep him alive long enough to find the counter agent to the poison. She begs him to come back to her and tells him that she can’t handle losing him after losing her dad. Lulu comes in and asks Emily what happened.

At the penthouse, Sam apologizes to Amelia but insists she will not leave Port Charles tonight. She explains that she has a bad feeling involving Jason. Amelia tells her that isn’t a good enough excuse to miss the premiere of the show. She warns Sam that she is going to have to pull rank and reminds her of her contract. Sam urges Amelia to sue her then. Amelia tries to convince Sam that she is her friend, not her enemy. She asks her why she’s worried anyways, citing that Jason is always in danger. She remarks that Sam should be used to it by now. Sam retaliates saying that a person never gets used to something like that. Amelia insists that Sam can’t bail on her.

At GH, Jason checks on Liz. He asks Epiphany how Liz is and she tells him that she should be fine. She tells him that Liz and the baby would have died if he hadn’t found them. She asks him if he called Lucky and he tells her he didn’t get the chance. She leaves him with Liz so she can inform Lucky. Jason tells an unconscious Liz that their baby is fine. He tells her that their baby is a boy. A nurse brings the baby in and leaves. Jason picks the baby up and cries a little. He tells the baby that he is his father. Liz wakes up.

Meanwhile, Patrick receives a phone cal from Craig. He asks Patrick how Nikolas is doing. He tells Craig that Nikolas is still alive, but just barely. He berates Craig for being sick and twisted. Craig reminds Patrick to play nice because he has the only known counter agent to the poison.

In Nikolas’ room, Lulu asks Emily if Nikolas was in an accident. Emily explains that Nikolas is in the hospital due to a reaction to a toxin, but she doesn’t explain much else to Lulu. She tells Lulu that Nikolas can’t breathe on his own and may not survive.

Elsewhere, Patrick meets up with Craig in an empty hospital room. Patrick demands that Craig give him the counteragent and Craig tries to toy with him a bit. Patrick orders Craig to give him the drug.

Meanwhile, Liz sees Jason holding their baby. He notices she’s awake and asks her how she is. She asks him how their son is and he’s shocked that she already knows the baby’s sex. She points out that the baby is wrapped in a blue blanket. He hands the baby to Liz and comments on how beautiful he is. Liz talks to her newborn and admits that she’s already in love with him. Jason tells her he completely understands.

Back at the coffee shop, Sonny apologizes to Kate about her car and offers to have someone look at it for her. Kate is sick of his attitude and asks to speak with him in private. He leads her to his office. She begins to describe to him how important the phone call she needs to make is and talks about her magazine. She offers to give Sonny high fashion dresses for his wife/girlfriend or a nice vacation. Sonny refuses her offer and insists all he wants is to know why she looks familiar to him. She explains that she has her picture in magazines and on television a lot. He tells her that’s not where he knows her from. She tells him that she’s never been to Port Charles before so she doesn’t know why he thinks she’s familiar. Sonny tells Kate that if he tells him about herself then he will get her car fixed. She argues with him but ends up complying with his terms.

Back at GH, Craig admits to Patrick that he would like to use Nikolas a little longer, but insists that he likes a challenge. Patrick tells Craig that no one has called the police and tells him he can still win.

In Nikolas’s room, Lulu tells Nikolas that a lot of people need him to pull through. Lulu gets upset and asks Emily why nobody is doing anything to save him. Emily assures her that Patrick and Robin are doing their best. Robin comes in and admits she can find no cure to the toxin. Patrick comes in with the counter agent. He sends Lulu into the hall and tells Robin that Craig showed up after all. Robin worries that Craig may have given Patrick the wrong solution, but Patrick reminds her that they have no choice but to give it Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Lucky shows up and talks to Dr. Kelly. She informs him that Liz and the baby are fine, but explains that Liz’s placenta abrupted and they had to do an emergency c-section.

Nearby, Liz tells Jason he has a habit of saving her and the baby. Jason tells Liz hell put the baby back. She tells her new son that she loves him. Jason tells Liz that he will never forget this day as Lucky walks in to see the mobster holding his son.

Back at the office, Sonny asks Kate where she’s from and she tells him Connecticut. He tells her she’s lying. Kate again asks Sonny to just let her use his phone. He finally agrees but tells her she has to make the call in front of him.

Back at GH, Robin and Patrick note that the counter agent is working. Patrick decides to take Nikolas off life support and Robin goes into the hallway to deliver the good news. She tells Emily and Lulu and they hug. Dr. Kelly comes over to tell them that Liz had her baby and that Jason was the one who brought her in.

Meanwhile, Jason hands the baby to Lucky who introduces himself as the baby’s daddy. The baby begins to cry and Lucky hands him off to Liz. Lucky asks Liz what happened and she explains how she tried to call someone but the power was out. She tells Lucky that Jason saved her and the baby yet again. Lucky thanks him as he turns to leave. Liz watches Jason walk out of the room.

Back at the penthouse, Amelia tells Sam she booked them a later flight. Sam tells her that she’s still not leaving. Amelia insists that Sam be professional. Sam talks to Amelia about how distant Jason has been with her and insists that her relationship with him trumps all else. Sam warns Amelia that she can’t talk her out of staying. Amelia begs to differ.

At the office, Kate has her assistant dial a number and get coffee for her. She gets on the phone and begins speaking in French. After her assistant delivers her coffee, she begins to play with a packet of sugar. It suddenly occurs to Sonny that Kate is really Connie from Bensonhurst.

At GH, Lulu talks to Nikolas, who has woken up. She tells him that Liz had the baby. He asks her to go see the baby for him, so she leaves to do so. Nikolas tells Emily that he could feel her next to him. Robin apologizes to him for going against his wishes. She confesses that she and Patrick couldn’t recreate the counter agent. Nikolas asks them why he’s still alive. They explain that Craig showed up with the counter agent. Patrick tells him not to worry because he saved some of the solution.

Meanwhile, Craig pays Lady Jane another visit. She asks him what he did that got him in so much trouble. He won’t tell her, but says that he needs someone to help him with a transaction.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Amelia that she doesn’t get to make the decision for her. Amelia reminds her of everything she will miss if she doesn’t go and tells her that a million people would kill to be in her position. Sam admits she never wanted to be a star in the first place. Finally, Amelia convinces Sam to leave because she needs to do something for herself.

Back at GH, Jason waits in the hall as Lucky sits with Liz and the baby. Liz tells Lucky that she loves him. Lulu shows up and talks to Jason, who tells her that he held the baby. He sends her in to see Lucky. As she goes toward the room, Lucky rushes out screaming for help for Elizabeth.

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