GH Update Friday 5/4/07

General Hospital Update Friday 5/4/07


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Today, GH opens with Robin, Patrick and Emily talking about how the counteragent should be working on Nikolas by now. They realize that it’s not and try to figure out what to do next.

At Alcazar’s house, he and Skye hug as he assures her that everything will be fine soon. He talks about their future together and Skye leaves to check on Lila. Lorenzo gets a drink and pulls out a tape recorder. He listens to a conversation between Skye and Ric, in which Skye assures Ric that she wants to aid in Lorenzo’s downfall. Skye comes in and Lorenzo asks her to listen to the tape. She tells him it’s not what he thinks.

At the office, Amelia harasses Sonny to drop the injunction again. He asks her why he would do something like that.

At the penthouse, Jason packs and prepares for his impending hit on Alcazar. As he is about to leave, Sam rushes in and asks him where he’s going.

At the Spencer home, Liz is on the floor in pain. She tells the baby to hold on and crawls to a desk. She pulls the phone down to call for help, but it is dead due to the storm.

At GH, Robin and Patrick assure Nikolas that they will keep working toward figuring out the counteragent. Nikolas tells them that he wants them to promise not keep him alive on machines. Emily tells him that she won’t let him give up. He begs her not to keep him alive on machines and tells her that if the time comes then she needs to let him go.

Back at the office, Sonny reminds Amelia that he warned her to keep him out of the press. She suggests he sue the media if he doesn’t like the attention. He tells her that he doesn’t need the attention he has been getting. She refuses to let him ruin her show. She tells him to lift the injunction and assures him that she will make sure that Sam is the one who gets thrown in the spotlight. She tells Sonny it’s Sam’s time to shine and warns him that if he doesn’t get out of her way she will really sic the media on him.

Meanwhile, Skye admits she isn’t shocked by Lorenzo’s actions. She berates him for lying to her and he insists her had to lie to her for her own protection. Skye tells Lorenzo that she has to protect Lila. Lorenzo warns Skye not to run off with Lila.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam he has to work. Sam tells him that she is off to catch a plane to finish taping a segment and then to attend the premiere. She tells Jason that she doesn’t want their careers to come between them. The two hug and exchange “I love you,” followed by a kiss. Jason leaves for work.

At the Spencer home, Liz talks to the baby and reaches for her purse. She digs around for her cell phone. She grabs it and walks to the door. She falls and passes out.

At GH, Patrick reminds Nikolas that as doctors, he and Robin are obligated to do what is necessary to save his life. He tells Nikolas that they can still find the treatment. Nikolas acknowledges that very soon he will begin to suffocate. He tells Emily, Patrick and Robin that he wants to die with dignity. Robin tells him that if they need to put him on something to assist his breathing, they will. However, she assures him that they will respect his wishes. She and Patrick leave and Nikolas asks Emily not to fight Robin. He begs her to let him go if the time comes and asks her to take care of Spencer for him. She assures him that she won’t need to because he is going to live. Nikolas tells Emily that he needs to see Spencer in case he doesn’t live.

At Carly’s, Jerry recounts childhood games he and Jax used to play to Michael and Morgan. Michael asks Jerry if he can teach them the game when Jax gets back. He tells them he can’t because he must leave town for business.

At GH, Robin prepares to call in the CDC for help, but Patrick stops her. He warns her that calling them will scare Craig away. She reminds him that Craig is gone, but Patrick insists that he believes Craig still needs Nikolas and won’t let him die. Robin reminds Patrick that Craig is a maniac, but Patrick is still convinced that Craig will turn up in the nick of time with the counter agent.

Back at the Spencer home, Jason shows up and sees Liz on the floor. He picks her up and runs outside with her unconscious in his arms.

At GH, Lucky delivers a car accident victim to Epiphany. They discuss how the E.R. is overcrowded. Epiphany thanks Lucky for his help and tells him to be careful.

Meanwhile, Jason drives Liz to the hospital. He tells her everything will be fine. She mumbles to him to take care of their baby.

Back at GH, Emily comes back to see Nikolas to inform him that Spencer is on his way to the hospital. Nikolas asks Emily to tell Spencer how much he loves him in case he doesn’t make it. Nikolas apologizes for wasting time with Emily. She is appalled by his lack of will to live and reminds him how he kept her alive when she thought she was going to die. She encourages him to focus on living. He tells her that he loves her and admits he’s not ready to leave her.

At the office, Sonny calls Diane and insists she come to the office right away. Ric comes in and Sonny asks him what he wants. He informs Sonny that he wants to share some information with him. He tells Sonny that Skye admitted that Lorenzo faked his injury. Sonny tells Ric he already knew that and asks him what he really wants.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo tells Skye that he trusted her and thought they had a real love. She tells him that she felt the same way until she found out he lied to her. He tells her that the decision to lie to her was a difficult one. She accuses of him of putting her and Lila in danger. he assures her that he would have stepped in if they were ever in any real danger. He criticizes her for lying to him about understanding his lie. She asks him what he expected.

Elsewhere, Jason rushes Liz into GH and yells for help. Kelly pulls out a stretcher and determines that Liz needs an emergency c-section. Epiphany tells her that there is no room available to do the surgery in. Kelly tells her that if they don’t do the surgery immediately, they could lose Liz and the baby.

At Carly’s, Jerry asks the boys to keep his visit a secret because Jax would be disappointed that he missed him. They promise not to tell Jax and Jane sends them to bed. Jane asks Jerry when she will see him again and he tells her it depends on how his business stuff goes. He leaves.

Back at GH, Patrick and Robin tell Nikolas that they need to start him on oxygen. He asks them to wait a few minutes. Emily comes in with Spencer. She hands the baby to Nikolas who asks for a few minutes with his son. He tells Spencer that there were so many things he wanted to do with him. He tells his son that he loves him.

At the office, Sonny asks Ric why he isn’t busy building a case against Alcazar since he knows the truth. Ric tells him there isn’t enough evidence. Sonny points out that Ric is afraid to make a move against Alcazar because he’s blackmailing him. Sonny asks Ric why he came and Ric explains it’s because they are family and he wanted to tell him that Lorenzo was the one who tried to have him and Jason killed in the Cellar. He tells Sonny to do what he will with that information.

At GH, Jason waits in the lobby next to Liz’s stretcher. Kelly notes that the baby’s heart rate is dropping. Epiphany tells her that they have a room for her. Some nurses push Liz into the surgery room as Jason tells her to be strong for their baby.

Back at the penthouse, Amelia shows up and tells Sam they have to go. Sam tells her she hasn’t packed yet. She explains that there was no point since Sonny issued them an injunction. Amelia informs her that she convinced Sonny to drop the injunction. She orders Sam to pack her bags.

At GH, Jason watches worriedly through a window as Kelly instructs the surgeons that they have to get the baby out. She informs them that Liz is abrupting.

Nearby, Patrick and Robin put Nikolas on a respirator. Emily comes back in to check on Nikolas. They tell her that it’s bad right now. Nikolas tries to take the oxygen mask off but they order him to keep it on. He whimpers and they tell him to make it quick. He tries tell Emily that he loves her, but begins to seize as he gasps for air.

Meanwhile, Jerry calls the hospital to check on Nikolas. He asks what room Nikolas is in. Police lights flash behind him as Lucky pulls him over.

Elsewhere, Skye listens to Lorenzo’s recording of her conversation with Ric. Lorenzo comes in and tells Skye that Ric is playing her. She insists that she isn’t naive. Lorenzo tells her they can still work their relationship out. He tells her they just need to learn to trust each other again. Skye informs him that she wants to trust him. he is pleased by her comment. She tells him she is going to check on Lila. She goes upstairs and screams the baby's name.

At the office, an irritated Diane asks Sonny what was so important that she had to drive there in the rain. He tells her that he lifted the injunction on “Everyday Heroes.” She insists he could have told her that over the phone. Then he tells her that he needs her to start working on a defense for a murder charge against Jason. Diane tells him that doing that would make her an accessory to murder if it hasn’t happened yet. She tells him that they can only speak hypothetically. Sonny tells her hypothetically that someone may take Lorenzo Alcazar out, and that someone may not have an alibi. he tells her that he needs her to cover him and Jason.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tries to make excuses for reasons not to leave tonight. Amelia assures her that their flight hasn't been cancelled. Sam asks her why they can’t leave in the morning. Amelia demands that Sam pack and worry about Jason later. She begs her not to blow off the show.

At GH, Jason continues to watch from a window as doctors rush to save Liz and the baby. Epiphany tells the doctors to get the baby out. She notices that they are losing Liz.

Meanwhile, Skye rushes down the stairs and demands that Lorenzo tell her where her baby is. He tells her that he sent her somewhere else to stay while they work on their trust issues. he informs her that she will be taking orders from him now.

Back at the office, Diane tells Sonny that because Lorenzo has so many enemies, the case would be difficult to prove without DNA evidence. A woman suddenly rushes in and insists Sonny let her friend use a phone. before he can question the woman, another woman enters. Sonny asks her who she is and she introduces herself as Kate.

At the penthouse, Sam admits to Amelia that all this television show stuff is surreal to her. Amelia tells her that her life is about to change more and tells her that she should be ready. Sam asks her what would happen if she just wanted to stay home and what would happen if she decided she didn’t want to be a star after all.

Back at GH, Jason continues to watch the c-section as the doctors pull the baby out.

Elsewhere, Craig/Jerry puts a hat on before Lucky approaches the car.

At GH, Emily tells Nikolas to keep fighting as Patrick and Robin go into doctor mode.

Nearby, Jason continues to watch as doctors try to save an unconscious Liz. They pull out the defibrillator.

Meanwhile, Lucky asks Craig/Jerry for his license and registration. Jerry reaches for his gun after handing over his information.

Back at GH, Patrick begs Nikolas to breathe as he and Robin rush to revive him.

Nearby, Jason watches as doctors continue to work on Liz. A nurse presses the newborn’s chest with her fingers to pump his heart. A horrified Jason tears up, marking the end of this cliffhanger Friday.

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