GH Update Thursday 5/3/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/3/07


Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

For all of the show, there was a lot of thunder and lightning. Oh, and raining!

Emily asked another nurse to page Patrick and Robin and tell them to come quickly to help Nikolas. Nikolas is dying and they need to do something quick. Robin and Patrick come running into the hospital waiting room. Emily and Nikolas tells both of them that Craig lefted him without the counteragent and Nikolas only has a few hours to live. Patrick asks Nikolas how he feels and he tells him that he is a little sore but fine. Patrick wants to admit Nikolas and runs some more tests again. Nikolas doesn’t have much time. Robin and Patrick cannot isolate the poison. Emily tells Nikolas that Patrick and Robin are working on the counteragent. He wants to see Lucky, Lulu, Alexis and Spencer. Emily doesn’t want him to talk like that. Nikolas says to Emily that he loves her. Emily is about to kiss him when he starts to have an attack. Emily continues to call out his name. Nikolas’ attack stop and Emily is checking his heart rate. Nikolas apologizes for lying to her. Emily tells him that she never stopped loving him and always will love him. Patrick and Robin come in with the counteragent. Patrick gives it to him.

Elizabeth tells Jason that if anything should go wrong with their baby, he should come forward. Jason suggests that maybe they should just come clean now because it’s better for everyone. Elizabeth thinks that they should leave things the way they are as she believes it’s best for the baby to be raised in a family type environment. Jason promises Elizabeth that he will come forward if the baby needed a medical procedure done. Elizabeth promises Jason that she will give the baby everything he would want for it. Elizabeth tells him about the baby and when the baby will be born. She hugs him and thanks him. Elizabeth is bringing down laundry when Lucky walks in. She asks why he is there and he lies and tells her that he forgot a file. Elizabeth knows he is lying so Lucky tells her the truth saying that he was worried about her and he wanted to come and check on her. Lucky says that he is sorry about checking up on her all the time. He tells her that he is not hovering but just asking how her and the baby are doing. Lucky and Elizabeth hug. Elizabeth is trying to get Lucky to leave. Lucky wants someone to be with Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she is fine. Lucky wants her to call him if anything happens with her and the baby. Lucky finally leaves. Lucky is at GH. Lulu gets off the elevator and sees Lucky. Lulu asks Lucky if Elizabeth and the baby were okay. He tells her that everyone is okay. She starts to tell him that she wanted to see him but the PCPD said that he was at GH. She also tells him that she talked to Luke. Lucky interrupts her and tells her that she can tell him on the way to the station before the roads get messy. Elizabeth is sleeping on the couch. She suddenly wakes up moaning. Her hand has blood on it. She tries to get up talking to the baby about getting to the hospital. She falls to the floor.

The Todd Sullivan Impersonator demands $500 thousand dollars from Sam that she stole from her or he will blow her life apart. Sam hangs up the phone and starts freaking out. Amelia asks what wrong with her and she blurts out to Amelia that she needs $500 thousand dollars in 30 minutes. Sam confesses all to Amelia about Todd and how she lives with him and then took all of his money. Amelia tells Sam to go see Jason but Sam tells Amelia that she can’t do that because Jason doesn’t know and she doesn’t want him to know either. Amelia tells Sam to pay Todd off. Sam tells her that Todd can go public and the show could get cancelled. Sam wants to tell Jason. The phone rings again and it’s Todd for Sam. Amelia answers the phone and makes a deal with “Todd”. She hangs up and Sam thanks her.

Craig is trying to say goodbye to Jane but she is insisting that he stay. There is a knock at the door and Craig hides. It’s Sonny and he has come by to see how the boys are doing. Jane suggests that he take the boys to dinner but Sonny tells Jane that he is just going to say hi to them and then go because he needs to go back to work. Jane tells him to stop and that he needs to know something first. Sonny is looking at Jax and Carly’s wedding picture on the coffee table while they talk about the weather. Jane closed the picture album and she tells him that she is happy for Jax and Carly. She reminds him that Jax is now Carly’s husband and the boys’ stepfather. Sonny tells her that he understands and Carly made her choice regardless of how he feels. He also tells her that he promises not to undermine their marriage. Lady Jane is pleased and tells him to go upstairs and see the boys but Sonny calls the boys’ down for a quick hello. Craig takes out his gun. Michael comes down and hugs Sonny. Morgan is on his way down. Sonny asks him how school is. Michael wants to know if they will still get to see him like before. Sonny tells him of course because nothing has changed. Jason comes in and says that he needs to discuss business with Sonny. Sonny suggests that he go get some cookies in the kitchen but Jane says that it’s not a good idea. Jane tells them that it’s dinnertime so no cookies for Michael. Michael wants Sonny and Jason to stay for dinner. Sonny says that he will be for supper tomorrow. Jason and Sonny leave. Jane tells Michael to go upstairs and she’ll bring him and Morgan a surprise. Michael goes upstairs and Jerry comes out of hiding. Jane tells him that doing that was very nerve-racking. Jane tells Jerry to put the gun away. Jane wants Jerry/Craig to stay until Jax comes back. He tells he can’t because he doesn’t have a choice. Jane says that she used to see the remblance of his father in Jerry and she still is begging him to stay. Jerry has to leave before Jax and Carly come back. Michael comes downstairs and asks Jerry if he is really Jerry.

Lulu struggles with telling Luke the truth about Scott Baldwin. If she does, Luke would have been wrong in telling Laura that she murdered Rick Webber. Luke tells Lulu that he would love nothing better than to tell Laura she is not responsible for that murder. Lulu lies and tells Luke that she thought it might be Scott to killed Rick but she was wrong and it was Laura. Dillon wants to leave but asks Lulu before he leaves. Lulu tells him he can go. Lulu tells Luke about when she tried to prove that Laura didn’t kill Rick Webber. Luke tells Lulu that he didn’t want Laura to suffer about killing Rick but he was wrong. Lulu says that Laura would never have wanted to blame himself.

Skye is looking at pictures of Lila Rae when Ric walks in. Skye tells Ric that Lorenzo is in South America pretending to see a doctor. Ric asks if Jason or Sonny have been around and she replies back saying that if they asked her for help on putting a hit on Lorenzo, she would gladly help them. Alcazar is back from South America. Alcazar tells Skye the name of the docks where he’ll have Sonny and Jason taken down. Skye wants him to be careful. Alcazar says that he’s doing this to protect her and Lila Rae. Skye tells Alcazar that she is going to see if Lila Rae is awake. Alcazar gets a hidden recorder and listens to the conversation with Ric and Skye. Skye comes back and asks if everything is alright.

Sonny and Jason are in Sonny’s office talking about Michael and Morgan accepting Carly with Jax. He hates that he has to see Jax with his sons. But it’s up to Sonny to be a good father and to protect them. The conversation turns to Alcazar. It’s time to make him disappear forever. Sonny tells Jason that Alcazar has to disappear tonight.


Emily asks Patrick and Robin if the counteragent should be taking affect by now. Nikolas starts to have another attack. Jason is loading his gun. He opens the door to his penthouse and Sam runs into him. She asks if he is going somewhere. Elizabeth is on the floor struggling to get up. She moans in pain.

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