GH Update Wednesday 5/2/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/2/07


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Today, GH opens with Alan and Tracy talking at the Q. mansion. Alan tells Tracy that keeping the truth about Scott from Luke could blow up in her face. She reminds him that if she tells Luke the truth it would break his heart and he would go into self destruct mode. Tracy tells Alan to wait to haunt her until happy hour. Luke comes in and asks Tracy to stop talking to the chair long enough to help him out. He pulls out a blond wig and asks her to try it on.

At the office, Spinelli messes around on the computer while listening to music. Jason comes in to see if he’s done the work he asked him to do. Spinelli assures him he’s done what he was told and more. He informs Jason that he hacked into the GH computers again and discovered that little Stone Cold is due on May 8.

At GH, Liz and Lucky talk to Kelly. She tells Lucky the baby is due next week. She advises Liz to stay close to home and to be prepared for the baby to come at any moment.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas here’s Jerry’s phone ring and answers it. Lady Jane is on the line but doesn’t reveal her identity. Nikolas asks her who she is and Jerry walks in. He runs to Nikolas and takes the phone from him. He denounces Nikolas as foolish and warns him that his error will cost him dearly.

At the studio, Amelia tells Sam they have to get started with taping again. Sam asks her if she cleared everything up with Sonny. Amelia assures her that the situation has been handled. She tells her nothing will ruin her plans for her.

At GH, Emily overhears Kelly telling Liz and Lucky about the baby’s impending arrival. Kelly tells Liz to take it easy and walks away. Emily comes over to talk to the soon to be parents. Liz tells Emily she hopes this delivery is as easy as Cameron’s. Emily asks her if she is going to take to epidural. Liz says she is and talks about how she took it when she gave birth to Cameron. She tells Emily she was so out of it she didn’t know what she was saying. It occurs to her that being out of it could be bad for her paternity secret. Lucky tells Liz he’s going to get the car. Liz and Emily talk about how upset Lucky would be if he missed the birth. Emily tells Liz that no father should miss the birth of his first child.

At the office, Jason tells Spinelli not to spy on Liz. Spinelli asks Jason if he really isn’t interested in the details of his baby’s birth. Jason yells at Spinelli to delete the information. Spinelli is about to delete it when Jason has a change of heart. He asks Spinelli if he can find out the gender of the baby.

In the coffee shop, Lulu thanks Dillon for telling her what Scott is planning to do in regards to her mother. Dillon tells her that he thinks he scared Scott off. Lulu reminds Dillon that Scott is the special prosecutor now and probably has every judge in the city in his pocket. Lulu complains about how her mother would hate what Scott is trying to do. Scott comes in and asks Lulu why she called him. She warns him to drop the lawsuit or she’ll tell the truth about who murdered Rick Webber.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy asks Luke if he’s trying to fulfill a fantasy by making her dress like Laura. She gets mad, but Luke insists he only wants her to do it to pull off a scam. He tells her he wants her to pretend to be Laura at Shadybrook so he can get the real Laura out and away from Scott.

Back at the coffee shop, Lulu reminds Scott that she has the power to tell everyone what she knows about him.

In the office, Jason and Spinelli look at records of the baby’s stats. They are unable to find out if the baby is a boy or girl though. Jason tells Spinelli that’s enough and tells him he just wanted to know his baby would be happy and healthy. Spinelli tells him the only way to make sure of that is to step in as the father. Jason doesn’t want to hear it from him and tells him to delete the files.

At the studio, Sam apologizes to Amelia for Sonny’s behavior. Sam reveals her insecurity about the show and tells Amelia she is worried it will tank. Amelia assures her that it will be fine. Sam walks off to get ready and Amelia tells her assistant she wants him to do something to get Sam shaken up.

At GH, Robin and Patrick discuss their failures to find out what poison Nikolas was injected with. Robin admits that Craig (Jerry/Brosnan) still has the upper hand.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas antagonizes Jerry telling him that the woman on the phone sounded concerned about him. Jerry tells Nikolas to lay off. He advises Nikolas to spend some time with his son because in a few hours he will be an orphan.

Back at the office, Spinelli explains to Jason the sorts of things he did on the computer to help the business. Jason thanks him and tells him he can leave. Spinelli offers to do more but Jason says he has a lot of work to get done. Spinelli leaves Jason with a bag of chips and informs him that he programmed his phone number into Jason’s speed dial in case he needs to talk.

In the coffee shop, Scott tells Lulu she has no proof that he killed Rick because he got rid of all the evidence. He reminds her that letting the cat out of the bag will only cause Luke to kill him, which would result in his imprisonment. He starts yelling at Lulu and tells her that Luke should pay for what he did to Laura. Jason hears the noise and comes running out. He tells Scott to back off.

Back at the studio, Brandon comes in to check out the progress on the show. He asks Amelia if the injunction was lifted. She assures him that she is taking care of it. She sends Sam to go work on her sign off for the show. Brandon approaches Amelia with the pictures of Sam in her con artist days. He asks her for an explanation.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas reminds Craig/Jerry that he needs him for his money and contacts. Jerry informs Nikolas that he has other options now that his new identity has been set up. He tells Nikolas he didn’t want to leave, but insists he must now. Nikolas tells him he’s not going anywhere and lunges toward him. Jerry reminds Nikolas he only has six hours to live and suggests he save his energy. Nikolas grabs him again trying to grab a syringe Jerry prepared. He informs Nikolas that the syringe contains more poison, which he intends to inflict on one Nikolas’ loved ones. Nikolas goes after Jerry again and gets the needle. He sticks Jerry with it and tells him he has to give him the antidote now. Jerry laughs and tells him this way another game for him. He tells Nikolas that the needle was filling with saline, and so, he is unscathed. He tells Nikolas he has to be going.

At the Q. mansion, Alan tries to talk to Luke. He can’t hear him, but Tracy can. He tells Luke that he should treat Tracy with consideration and respect because she loves him and that doesn’t come easy to her. Tracy thanks Alan for his kind words. Luke apologizes to Tracy for offending her. He tries to convince her to go along with his plan. Alan tells Tracy to tell Luke the truth, as Luke begs her for her help in protecting Laura from Scott. Tracy tells Luke to let Nikolas handle the situation. She tells Luke that if Nikolas loses the case, then she will take other measures to help him, but not measures that include her dressing up as Laura.

At the coffee shop, Jason pushes Scott out as he threatens to arrest him. Jason tells Lulu he needs to talk to her and the two head to the office. Spinelli runs out to confront Scott. Scott threatens Spinelli’s life and he runs off. Inside, Jason tells Lulu to keep him informed if Scott pulls another stunt like the one he just did. Lulu talks about how she used to think the truth was the best thing for everyone, but admits she isn’t sure now. She leaves. Jason’s phone rings. He answers to find Liz on the line asking him to come by her house.

At the studio, Amelia explains she didn’t know the truth about Sam until recently. Brandon asks her why she didn’t tell him. She explains that she wants to use the information to boost ratings later on when they start to dwindle. Brandon thinks the idea is clever. Sam comes over and asks if everything is okay. Amelia explains that Brandon is starting to see how good her plans for Sam are.

At Carly’s house, Jane works on a wedding scrapbook. Jax calls her to check on the boys. She says they are fine and lies to him about talking to Jerry. She tells Jax to have fun and hangs up. Jerry knocks at the door and tells his mother he has come to say goodbye.

At the Spencer house, Liz thanks Jason for coming over so fast. The two chat, and Jason still doesn’t find out if the baby is a boy or girl. Liz tells Jason that she needs him to be prepared to step in if something should go wrong with the birth.

At the police station, Lucky hands some papers to Cruz and tells him there are holes in the report. Mac admits that the cops have a bet going about whether or not lucky will show up. He apologizes for being absent and promises to be around more. Cruz congratulates him and walks away. Scott comes over and tells Lucky he wants him to convince Nikolas to sign Laura over to him.

At the Q. mansion, Luke fixes the wig that Tracy dropped. Dillon comes in and Luke begins interrogating him. He asks him what he knows about Scott. Dillon insists he knows nothing as Luke stalks him around the room. Dillon tells Luke he was only bluffing. Luke asks him if Tracy knows what he knows. He insists she doesn’t and tells Luke that sometime it’s best when people don’t know things. Luke begs Dillon to help him now. Lulu comes in and asks Luke why he’s pestering Dillon. Luke tells her that Dillon has dirt on Scott and Lulu admits that the dirt on Scott belongs to her. She confesses to her father that she began investigating Rick Webber’s murder on her own to prove Laura’s innocence. Luke asks her if she thinks Scott killed Rick.

At the police station, Lucky orders Scott to stay away from his mother. Scott tells him he won’t and warns him that if this goes to court, he will use whatever information he has to in order to prove Luke is a threat. He reminds him that some of Luke’s secrets could be detrimental to Lulu. Scott leaves and Mac sends Lucky on patrol.

Back at the Spencer home, Liz explains to Jason about the trio she met New Year’s Eve and about how the wife slept with her husband’s best friend. She tells Jason that if the true father hadn’t stepped forward, the baby would have died. She asks him to promise her that he will confess the paternity of the baby if something should go wrong.

At the studio, Sam finishes taping her sign off scene. Brandon congratulates her. The phone rings and Amelia answers. She tells Sam it’s for her. Sam picks it up. Amelia’s assistant pretends to be one of the men Sam conned. He tells Sam it’s time to pay.

Back at Carly’s, Jane invites Jerry in and asks him why he’s leaving. He tells her he has no choice and that he has messed up bad. Jerry insists Jax can’t help him now and begs Jane to continue keeping the truth from Jax. Jerry tells Jane that he must leave and he can never return.

At GH, Emily thanks Patrick and Robin for helping her get some time with Nikolas at the reception. Patrick jokes about it and Robin reminds him they have to be discrete. Robin promises Emily that she will keep trying to find the counteragent to Nikolas’ poison. She and Patrick walk away. Nikolas comes in and tells Emily that Craig/Jerry left and that he only has five hours to live unless they can figure out the counteragent.

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