GH Update Tuesday 5/1/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/1/07


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Today, GH opens with Tracy returning home from her ELQ business trip in Seattle. Luke asks her how it went and she tells him it was a successful trip. She confesses that she didn’t see Alan once. Luke tells her that her conscience must be getting over their forgery. Alan pops in though to disprove the theory.

In Fiji, Carly and Jax take to the waves to surf.

At the office, Jason runs into Diane who is waiting for Sonny. She tells Jason that Sonny is unreachable by phone right now. Diane worries about what Sonny is up to.

In a hotel room, Amelia redresses and prepares to leave. She reminds Sonny that once she leaves their one night stand never happened. She admits that her crew never starts taping on time and hops back into bed with Sonny.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy orders Alan to go away. Alan insists that he can’t rest in peace because Tracy has screwed him over in death. The two banter as Luke tries to ignore Tracy’s outburst. Alan informs Tracy that this time around he has the upper hand. Tracy warns Alan that she will just ignore him. Luke gets up and reminds Tracy again that Alan is dead. He tells her to concentrate on the living. He asks her to focus on helping him get custody of Laura.

In Fiji, Jax and Carly suntan and talk about their love for the ocean. Carly taunts Jax and tells him that by the end of the trip she will be a better surfer than he is. He tells her she can’t because she’s a girl. The two run off to hit the waves again.

At the office, Diane tells Jason that Carly’s new marriage is good for Sonny because he won’t have to pay alimony. She also accuses Sonny of being distracted lately and acknowledges that distractions in his line of work can be deadly. She asks Jason how upset he thinks Sonny will be. Jason isn’t sure but tells Diane to just be patient with Sonny.

At the television studio, Sam tries do her makeup well enough to make he look like she didn’t spend all night drinking. Her makeup artist tells her that no one has to know she’s hung over. A man walks in and approaches Sam. He is rude to her and she calls him out on it. He introduces himself as Brandon, the network executive Amelia was supposed to meet with. He asks her where Amelia is.

Back in the hotel room, Amelia whines that she has no time to change and reminds Sonny of how much trouble she will be in for being late. She kisses him and leaves. Sonny prepares to check out.

Meanwhile, Luke reminds Tracy that Scott is trying to take Laura away from him. Tracy insists that Luke be rational. Edward comes in and tells Luke to worry about his current wife. Dillon comes in and complains that no one paid his tuition. Monica follows him and Edward informs the family that Tracy trip was a success. Luke tells them that he needs to talk to Tracy in private about Scott’s attempt to get custody of Laura. Shocked, Dillon digs for details and asks Luke if Lulu knows about what Scott is trying to do.

At Kelly’s, Lulu chats with Mike about the wedding. He notes that she left early and she explains she needed some fresh air. Logan comes in and sits with Lulu.

Nearby, Maxie and Cooper come down the stairs. Cooper is decked out in his shiny new police uniform. Georgia pulls Maxie aside and tells her that she owes her. Maxie asks why and Georgia explains that she lied to Mac about where Maxie was. She reminds Maxie that if Mac finds out about her relationship with Cooper, then he will be out of a job.

Back at the studio, Sam talks to Brandon about the progress of the show. Brandon complains about the show not being filmed in Manhattan. Amelia shows up and tries to smooth things over with Brandon. She pulls Sam aside and asks Sam what she and Brandon talked about. Sam informs her that Brandon wanted to know where she was. Sam notes that Amelia is wearing the same clothes she was yesterday and assumes she was into something interesting.

At the office, Sonny comes in and Jason immediately tells him that have a problem. Diane agrees and holds up the latest tabloid cover featuring Sam and Sonny. He tells Diane to do what she can to make it go away. Diane leaves. Jason tells Sonny about the shootout involving two of Alcazar’s men and a young man claiming to be working for Sonny. He asks Jason who is using his name and Jason tells him it’s Logan. Sonny tells Jason that Logan is becoming a pain in the butt.

At Kelly’s, Lulu asks Logan why he’s trying to ruin his life by getting involved in the mob. He tells her he wants the freedom it allows. Nearby, Georgie reminds Maxie that Mac would kick Cooper off the force if he found out they were sleeping together. Maxie tells Georgie to keep quiet about it. Then she tells Georgie to back off her business. Maxie and Cooper leave as Dillon rushes in to see Lulu. Georgie is unsettled by Dillon’s diligence to see Lulu and runs off. Dillon tells Lulu that they need to talk about something important. Lulu shoos Logan and Dillon starts to tell her about what he heard. Logan walks outside where two goons tell him to come with them to see their boss. Lulu sees Logan being taken away and runs out the door. She promises to call Dillon later.

At the Q. mansion, Monica tells Luke that he should respect Laura’s wishes to want Nikolas as her guardian. Luke tells her to butt out. Edward reminds him that the family is probably going to be financing his endeavor against Scott and advises him that the matter has become family business. Scott comes in and Luke immediately starts arguing with him. He tells Scott he will do what it takes to keep him away from Laura, even if it means killing him. Bobbie comes in and Luke realizes that she called the meeting.

Back at the TV studio, Amelia tells Sam she got an offer she couldn’t refuse and that’s why she’s wearing the same clothes she wore yesterday. Brandon walks over to discuss business and asks Amelia what the next segment will be about. Sam suggests SIDS, but Brandon claims it’s too boring of a topic to do. Diane comes in and delivers Amelia an injunction. It says that production of “Everyday Heroes” must cease, courtesy of Mr. Sonny Corinthos. She also informs Amelia that she and her client have a case for libel and slander.

Back at the office, Sonny and Jason discuss Carly’s wedding. Jason thanks Sonny for letting Carly go and recognizes how hard it must be for him.

Back in Fiji, Carly and Jax rush back to their hut. Carly is wounded and insists she needs a doctor. Jax offers to look at the affected area—her butt. She is shy, but reluctantly agrees. He looks and jokingly tells her she’ll need surgery.

At the Q. mansion, Luke tells Bobbie it was not her place to call a meeting like that. She tells him that she wanted them to know that Laura wouldn’t want them fighting over her like this. Scott insists that he wants to protect Laura and says he is stepping in as guardian. Monica tells Scott that Laura isn’t his business anymore. Dillon comes in and gets in Scott’s face asking him who he thinks he is trying to criticize Luke after what he did to Laura. Tracy and Luke ask Dillon what he’s talking about.

At the TV studio, Brandon threatens to counter sue Sonny. Diane insists they will lose. Amelia tries to argue that Sonny is a public figure, but Diane won’t hear it. Amelia insists that the situation is a misunderstanding. She tells Diane she will go to the source of the problem herself.

At the office, Logan is brought in by two of Sonny’s men. Sonny yells at Logan for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. He tells him he should be grateful for what Sonny gave him already. Lulu runs in saying she needs Sonny’s help.

Back in Fiji, Jax tries to pick sea urchins off Carly’s behind. He pours alcohol on her and takes a gulp himself at one point. He pulls them off and she asks him to kiss it. Carly points out that she is severely injured and can’t do much. She asks him what they will do to pass the time now. The two begin to kiss.

At the office, Lulu explains that she saw the goons and thought they were Lorenzo’s men. She defends Logan by saying he was just trying to help. Sonny issues Logan a warning. He informs him that Lulu is under his protection. He tells him that if he causes harm to Lulu in any way, then he will be personally taken care of. Sonny tells Logan he doesn’t work for him and he never will. He kicks him out. In the coffee shop, Logan accuses Lulu of making him look stupid in front of Sonny. She apologizes citing that she was just trying to help.

Back at the Q. mansion, Dillon tries to keep his secret under wraps and drags out the whole “Scott helped Rick cover up a murder” thing. Luke tells Bobbie that she’s wrong about what’s best for Laura.

Back at the station, Diane reminds Sam that the show can’t go on as long as the injunction is in place. Brandon berates Sam for letting her personal life interfere with work. She promises to take care of the problem.

Meanwhile, Amelia pays Sonny a visit at the office. She orders him to lift the injunction. Sonny tells her he doesn’t like the press the show has been giving him. Amelia threatens Sonny not to mess with her livelihood because she will bury him.

Back at the Q. mansion, the big meeting is over and family members have dispersed. Tracy pours herself a drink as she discusses with Alan what Dillon has against Scott. Dillon comes in and Alan tells Tracy that Scott killed Rick Webber. Tracy tells Dillon she knows what he knows and tells him to get rid of the evidence. Alan is shocked but Tracy says that if they tell Luke the truth, it will destroy him. Luke comes in and asks them what they are discussing. Dillon complains that Tracy won’t let him date Lulu and runs off. Luke tells Tracy that they need to figure out what Dillon knows about Scott.

At Kelly’s, Lulu and Logan accidentally run in to each other. Logan begs her to put in a good word for him with Sonny. Lulu points out that he’s trying to use her to reach his goal.

Meanwhile, Jason shows up at the studio. Sam asks him to talk to Sonny. Jason is unaware of Sonny’s latest move against the show. Diane tells him that Sonny didn’t want to put him in the middle. Therefore, she reminds Sam that Jason can’t directly do anything to get rid of the injunction.

Back in Sonny’s office, Amelia and Sonny continue to bicker. Amelia tells Sonny to shut up and makes him do so by sucking his face. He pushes her onto the desk and they begin another session of their one night stand that never ends.

In Fiji, Jax asks Carly how she is doing and she admits she feels better. Jax talks about how everyone always said he had a charmed life and confesses that now he knows what that means. The newlyweds share a kiss.

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