GH Update Monday 4/30/07

General Hospital Update Monday 4/30/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Lulu walking in on a gunfight. Two gunmen fire shots as Logan hides nearby. They yell at him to deliver a message to Sonny.

Meanwhile, in a hotel room, Amelia shows up at Sonny’s door and discovers she has the wrong room.

At the wedding reception, Liz stares Jason down as he dances with Carly. She rubs her belly. Carly tells Jason that everything went perfectly. Nearby, Sam notices Liz’s love stares. Spinelli comes and sits next to her. He offers to dance with her. Carly tells Jason she’s very happy and says she knows she did the right thing by marrying Jax. Jason declares that Carly deserves everything she has.

Outside, Jax talks on the phone with Jerry. He tells Jerry he can hear the music from the wedding reception on the line and insists that Jerry show himself. Jerry tells him he must be drunk.

Out on the pier, Lulu yells that she is going to call the cops. Logan screams at her to get out of there. Again, she announces that the police are coming. The gunmen run off and Logan comes out. She asks him what he was doing. He tells her she could have been killed.

At the gazebo, Nikolas tells Emily that Craig could keep this game going forever, but admits he’s relieved that she knows the truth and wants to help him. Emily talks about what a psychopath Craig is and Nikolas assures her that he will find a way out of the situation. He informs Emily that Craig does in fact have a weakness. He explains to her that he heard Craig on the phone with someone and it was obvious he cared for the person on the line. Nikolas tells Emily that he thinks that Craig has family he’s concerned about. Emily asks Nikolas how knowing this can help them stop Craig. He tells her that loved ones make good weaknesses. He tells her they will need to exploit what they know. The two share a kiss and decide it’s best to split up again. They agree to steal some time after the reception.

Nearby, Jax asks Jerry why he isn’t answering him. He tells Jerry that he is hanging up the phone and calling him back to see if the phone rings near him. Jane comes out as Jax dials the number and tells him to get inside to dance with his bride.

At the reception, Sam downs a glass of champagne and Spinelli pours her another. He tells her to sip this one, but she insists she wants to get drunk tonight. Close by, Liz feels the baby kick and Lucky feels it as Jason watches.

Meanwhile, Alexis asks Max if he has seen Sonny. He tells her that he left because the wedding was too much for him. Then he starts gushing about how wonderful Carly is and how lucky Jax is to be with her.

On the dance floor, Jax cuts in on Jason and Carly’s dance. He thanks Jason for being there and he admits again that he did it because Carly is his best friend. Jason walks away and Carly and Jax dance as they talk about how happy they are.

At Sonny’s hotel room, Amelia is about to leave when Sonny offers her a drink. She decides to accept his offer and asks him what they are drinking to. He explains that this one is for Carly.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Logan walk to Kelly’s. Logan tells Lulu she should have stayed out of the shoot out. She insists he should be thankful because she saved his life. He assures her that he had the situation under control. She tells him that he owes her. He makes a comment about taking her to bed and she slaps him.

Back at the reception, Carly approaches Milo, Spinelli, and Dillon and asks them where Lulu went. They admit that they scared her away. She advises them to respect Lulu’s decision to only be friends with them. Jax disagrees with Carly and instructs the boys to go after the one they love.

At the hotel, Amelia complains about how they had to cut production off early today to allow Sam to go to the wedding. Sonny asks Amelia about whom she was going to meet and she explains she was going to talk to a network executive about business.

At the reception, Jax tries to get the crowd’s attention but is unsuccessful. Carly yells and the room gets quiet. Jax thanks her and makes a speech about love. The bride and groom announce that the reception is over. The guests run outside and wait for Carly and Jax to come out. When they come out, everyone throws confetti on them. While outside, Jane notices Mr. Craig standing off to the side.

At Kelly’s, Lulu calls Carly to leave her message to explain why she left early. Logan comes in and sits with Lulu. He apologizes for being mean to her and thanks her for saving his life. She tells him he was an idiot for getting involved in the gunfight. He admits to her that he was trying to get information for Sonny about Lorenzo.

Back at the hotel room, Amelia reminds Sonny about how furious the network would be if they knew she was drinking with a gangster. Sonny warns her to get out while she still can. She tells him to keep in mind that nothing happened between them and kisses him.

Meanwhile, Jax and Carly get in the car to head out for their honeymoon. Carly tells Jax she has no regrets.

At Kelly’s, Lulu berates Logan for throwing his life away to work for Sonny. Logan tells her to admit she has feelings for him. Then, Milo, Dillon, and Spinelli run in apologizing for their behavior at the wedding. Lulu tells Logan she needs to speak with the boys. He leaves and they beg her for another chance.

Back at the reception, Sam asks Jason where Spinelli went. He tells her that he’s probably looking for Lulu. Sam gives Jason an ultimatum: she wants him to dance with her or get her more champagne. Jason suggests they go home instead.

Outside, Mr. Craig begins to walk away when Jane stops him. She calls him Jerry and he tells her she’s mistaken. She orders him to look her in the eye. She realizes Mr. Craig is her son Jerry with a face change. She asks him what he did to his face. He apologizes to her.

Back at the hotel, thing heat up between Amelia and Sonny as they move to the chair and quickly strip clothes off one another.

At the penthouse, Jason carries in a very drunk Sam. Again, she asks for a dance or a drink. He refuses to dance with her because he’s worn out from his dance with Carly. Sam starts babbling about how Jason was the best looking man in the room and even Liz noticed it. She tells Jason that Liz stared him down while he danced with Carly. Feeling guilty, Jason offers to dance with Sam, but she insists that ship has sailed and demands he give her more booze. He warns her that she’ll regret it in the morning, but she says she doesn’t care. As he goes to get her a drink, she begins to talk about weddings. She lets it slip that once she picked out a wedding dress that her soon to be husband didn’t like. Jason points out that she’s never told him that she was married before.

Back at the hotel, Amelia and Sonny have ended up in bed. Amelia thanks Sonny but insists she must leave. She tells Sonny that if anyone ever found out about their rendezvous there would be serious problems for her. She informs Sonny that their one night stand was good for one night only.

On an airplane, Carly begs Jax to tell her where they are going. He informs her that they are going to a remote beach in Fiji. Carly is thrilled and tells Jax she wants to start their honeymoon on the plane.

Meanwhile, Jerry explains to Jane that he likes his new face. Jane points out that he must be in serious trouble if he had to change his face. He tells her that he’ll spare her the details, but admits he is in some trouble. He begs her not to tell Jax anything.

At Kelly’s, Lulu buys a sundae and tells the boys if they can share the ice cream without arguing, then maybe she’ll give them another chance. They thank her and are very polite to another. None of the boys touch the ice cream. Lulu tells them the passed the test and they all dig in. Logan watches from outside.

In the wedding reception hall, Nikolas and Emily share a dance. Nikolas tells her that he wishes he could stay the night with her. She tells him she loves him.

At the penthouse, Sam quickly covers herself by insisting she’s never been married. She tells Jason she drank too much, but still accepts the drink he poured her. She rests her head on his shoulder and tells him about how much she loves him and how happy he makes her.

At the hotel, Amelia insists to Sonny that their one night stand never happened. Sonny tells her that once she leaves the room, he will consider it erased. She tells him that they can be uninvolved for a little longer as she takes her shirt off again.

Meanwhile, Jerry confesses he shouldn’t have come. He asks Jane if she likes Carly. She tells him she likes her a lot. Jerry begs Jane to leave Jax out of his mess. He asks her not to even tell Jax that he was at the wedding.

Back on the plane, Carly tells Jax about how she used to dream of someone who would sweep her off her feet. Jax tells her that their wedding was worth all the turmoil they faced over the last year. They tell each other “I love you” and share a kiss.

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