GH Update Friday 4/27/07

General Hospital Update Friday 4/27/07


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Today, GH opens with Alexis informing Carly that she would be dead if she had ditched Jax. Alexis goes in the room and walks down the aisle. Carly and Jason prepare to follow her when the bump into Sonny. It stops Carly in her tracks for a moment, but Sonny walks past her and into the room. He takes a seat. Mike assures Lady Jane that Sonny will behave. Alexis tells Jax she’s sorry. Meanwhile, Jerry watches from a window. Jason tells Carly to count to ten. She insists she couldn’t have gone through with the wedding without him. She assures him that she’s ready to marry Jax, so he escorts her down the aisle. The wedding begins and Jason glances at Sam, as Nikolas does to Emily and Robin does to Patrick. When the minister gets to the part about objections, no one says a word.

Outside, Lulu yells at Milo, Dillon and Spinelli for ruining everything. She accuses them of being childish and berates them for forcing her to miss her cousin’s wedding. She tells them she won’t date any of them

At the wedding, Jax and Carly say their “I do’s”

Outside, Liz walks around and runs into one of the wedding waiters. He talks about his wife and her pregnancy. Jerry hides nearby. The waiter returns with a bottle of water for Liz. She thanks him and goes back in.

Meanwhile, Milo, Spinelli and Dillon ask Lulu if she means she won’t date any of them. She tells them the whole situation is too weird for her. She tells them she’s going back in. The boys promise to be good if they can join her.

Inside, Liz walks back in and takes her seat as Jax and Carly exchange their personalized vows. Jerry continues watching from outside as Lulu and the boys walk by him to go back in. Spinelli spots Jerry ducking and asks him if he knows him. Lulu pulls Spinelli to come with her. Back inside, Jax and Carly exchange wedding rings and are pronounced husband and wife. They kiss and walk down the aisle together.

At the reception, Bobbie and Jane talk about how glad they are Sonny didn’t ruin the wedding. At a nearby table, the Q.’s pull out money because they bet Sonny would ruin the wedding. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason sit together. Jason tells her that he’s happy for Carly, but says he wants to go see how Sonny is doing. He walks over to Sonny’s table where Michael and Morgan are asking him why he didn’t stop the wedding. Sonny tells his sons that he wants their mother to be happy. Alexis approaches Jason and tells him it’s time to announce the bride and groom. Jason tells her to do it and she reluctantly does. Carly and Jax enter and share their first dance as husband and wife.

Meanwhile, Alexis joins Sam and talks to her about “Everyday Heroes.” Sam tells Alexis she looks amazing and says she hopes she feels as good as she looks.

Nearby, Emily joins Sonny and Michael at the punch bowl. They exchange pleasantries. Close by, Spinelli daydreams about dancing with Lulu at their wedding. All the guests are wearing funny in this dream.

Outside, Patrick and Robin meet for a quick kiss. Robin reminds Patrick that they have to be discrete and that they can’t antagonize Mr. Craig (Brosnan, Jerry Jacks). Robin confesses she is worried about the strain that Nikolas’ body is enduring from constantly being given a counteragent to the toxin. Patrick tells her he wishes he knew how to help. He tells her he misses her and she reminds him they can’t meet in public like they are. He promises her that he won’t endanger Nikolas, or give her up. They share a kiss.

Back at the reception, Edward scolds Dillon for not asking Lulu to dance. He forces him on Lulu and she reluctantly agrees to dance with him. After the song is over, Milo approaches and asks to cut in. Lulu allows him to.

Meanwhile, Monica and Edward say hello to Jason. He takes them over to say hi to Michael who is very cordial with them.

Carly runs out to find Morgan’s jacket and runs into Sonny on a balcony. He tells her she looks great and she thanks him for coming. She apologizes for accusing him of sending Jason out of town to ruin her wedding. He tells her it’s okay and says he just wants her to enjoy the wedding. She assures him that he’ll find someone someday who doesn’t drive him crazy. He tells her to be happy and she thanks him again for letting her go. Jax comes out and thanks Sonny for coming. Sonny congratulates Carly and Jax. He wishes them happiness and Jax shakes his hand. Then, Sonny leaves. Jax asks Carly if she’s okay. She tells him she’s awesome and that she loves him and always will. The newlyweds share a kiss.

Outside, Robin tells Patrick they have to find the counteragent on their own. He tells her he misses her and she tells him she thought she lost him. He tells her that will never happen.

Back at the reception, Nikolas looks longingly at Emily. Meanwhile, Carly kisses Max’s cheek and thanks him for coming. She asks Max and Stan to take care of Sonny for her.

On the dance floor, Milo busts some unimpressive moves and Lulu tries to keep up. Spinelli cuts in but only gets to dance with her for a second before Dillon returns demanding another dance. Before Lulu can respond, it’s time for the bride and groom to cut the cake.

Robin comes back in and runs into Nikolas. She asks him how he is and checks his pulse. She tells him it feels okay. Nikolas asks her to arrange a meeting for him and Emily. Robin agrees to but warns Nikolas to be very careful about who sees them.

Meanwhile, Carly tosses the bouquet, which Lulu catches. Ned announces it’s garter-throwing time and Jax tosses it. Milo, Dillon and Spinelli are lined up to catch it. The garter lands near Jason.

Nearby, Robin stands close to Emily, but with her back to her. She tells Emily that Nikolas wants to see her in the gazebo.

Elsewhere, Jax and Lady Jane chat. Jax compliments his mother on being beautiful. She tells Jax that Jerry really missed out.

Meanwhile, Jason gives Spinelli the garter. He is nearly speechless and insists he isn’t worthy.

Nearby, Carly says goodbye to Michael and Morgan. The boys welcome Jax to the family before they leave with Leticia.

In a hotel room, Sonny calls room service to have more Scotch delivered. He makes a phone call to Amelia and asks her to come to his hotel room.

Back at the reception, Spinelli shows Lulu the garter and asks for another dance. Milo and Dillon immediately rush over to argue with Spinelli. Lulu yells at them and tells them to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Nikolas follows Emily out.

Nearby, Jax and Carly kiss as Jax’s phone rings. She gets onto him for having his phone on. He answers to find Jerry on the line. He tells Carly he’ll be back and walks away.

Near the bar, Liz runs into Jason. He asks her how the baby is and she says it’s fine. They chat some before Carly comes over and insists Jason dance with her.

In the gazebo, Nikolas and Emily kiss and tell each other “I love you.” Nikolas says he’s done playing games. Emily insists that he can’t risk his life and promises she’ll wait for him.

An upset Lulu leaves the wedding and walks into an ensuing gun battle between Logan and two unidentified assailants.

Back at the hotel room, a drunk Sonny meets Amelia at the door.

At the reception, Carly dances with Jason and thanks him for being so good to her. He asks her if she will need him to solve all her problems now and she says she will always need him. She comments on how nothing bad happened at the wedding. Meanwhile, Liz stares from afar, rubbing her pregnant belly. Sam notices the intensity of Liz’s attention for Jason.

Outside, Jax talks to Jerry on the phone. Jerry tells Jax he’s happy for him. Jax hears the reception music over the phone and realizes Jerry is nearby. He tells him to show himself.

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