GH Update Thursday 4/26/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/26/07


Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Jax talking with the Metro Court staff. They wish him luck. He tells them if there are any problems while he’s gone to go to Max. Lady Jane comes in and Jax asks her if she’s talked to Jerry. She says she’s called him and left messages but he won’t answer.

At Wyndemere, Jerry (Mr. Craig, Brosnan) listens to his mother’s messages. She begs him not to let Jax down. Alexis comes in and tells Jerry she figures that he is unable to escort her to Jax’s wedding.

Meanwhile, in the bridal chamber, Carly tries to prepare for her impending wedding. She sees Sonny behind her (he’s not really there). Imaginary Sonny tells her not to go through with the wedding.

Meanwhile, the real Sonny is in his office about to pour himself a stiff drink. The boys come in and inform him that they aren’t going to the wedding.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas comes in and Alexis asks him if he gave Jerry her message. He tells her he forgot. Jerry tells her he would love to go but has an important conference call to tend to. He tells her to have fun. She leaves and Jerry pries for information on Jax and Carly.

Back at the office, Sonny asks the boys why they aren’t going to the wedding and they tell him they don’t want him to be alone. He assures them he will be fine and tells them to make today about their mother. He instructs them to welcome Jax to the family when they see him.

Back in the bridal chamber Lulu shows up. She asks Carly why she’s upset. Carly is freaking out. She complains about Jason’s absence and her hair. Lulu apologizes to her for Jason bailing on her. Carly insists her should have just told her he didn’t want to be there. She tells Lulu that she’s not letting Jason ruin the day for her and informs her that she doesn’t really believe in good or bad luck anyways. Then she drops her compact. She picks it up to find the mirror broken.

At the penthouse, Jason returns home to find Spinelli dressed up. He asks Spinelli why he’s wearing his jacket and Spinelli explains that he filled in for him at Carly’s rehearsal and thought he might have to fill in at the wedding. Jason admits he forgot about the rehearsal and thanks Spinelli for standing in for him. Spinelli informs Jason that he and Lulu were worried about him. He reminds Spinelli that he left Sam a note. Spinelli gets back on the Liz’s baby subject, but Jason isn’t in the mood to talk. Spinelli encourages Jason to tell Sam the truth. Jason insists keeping the paternity secret is better than telling Sam.

Back in the bridal chamber, Lulu fixes Carly up for her wedding. Carly looks at what Lulu did to her hair and insists it’s not right. Lulu asks if she’s having second thoughts about marrying Jax. She tells her she isn’t and gushes about how great Jax is. She tells her that she’s just frustrated with her hair. Bobbie and Jane come in and compliment Carly on her beauty. The women begin handing out something old (Bobbie’s bracelet) and something new (lingerie from Jane, a Jacks family tradition). Lulu lets Carly borrow her mother’s engagement ring. They realize that Lulu forgot to bring something blue.

At the Q. mansion, the clan argues about the wedding they are about to attend. Luke comes in and the family tries to entice him to come as a family obligation despite Tracy’s absence. He declines as the Q.’s start wondering if Skye will show up considering all the tension between Sonny and Alcazar. Luke is oblivious to what they are talking about and questions them for details. Dillon explains about the shootouts that Lorenzo is connected to. It occurs to Luke that Carly’s wedding would serve as a perfect diversion for Sonny and Jason to go after Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky arrive at the wedding early. Lucky regrets not being able to give Liz as nice a wedding. She tells him she liked their wedding. He gives her a necklace to celebrate their month anniversary of being married.

Elsewhere, Lulu apologizes to Carly who insists she doesn’t believe in luck. Max shows up to give Carly a letter he wrote for her. Then, Bobbie, Lulu and Jane notice he has a blue handkerchief and steal it from him. Carly kisses his cheek and thanks him. She chases everyone out of the room so she can finish getting ready. As she closes the door, the heel on her shoe breaks.

At the office, Jason pays Sonny a visit. He asks him what was so urgent. Sonny explains that Carly thought he sent him out of town to ruin her wedding. They talk about the wedding and Jason tells Sonny that this is what Carly wants so he has to support her. He asks Sonny if he’s okay and he says no.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Jax talk as they wait for the wedding to begin. She tells Jax about not having a date.

At Wyndemere, Jerry listens to messages from Jax begging him to come to the wedding to wish him well.

Back at the office, Sonny pulls out his alcohol again. Luke comes in to talk. He assumes Sonny is planning an attack on Lorenzo. Sonny admits that Lorenzo got something coming his way soon. Luke asks Sonny to keep Skye out of it and to remember who his enemies are and who are innocent bystanders. Sonny assures him that he has no problem with Skye, but says that if she puts herself in the way she may get hurt. Sonny admits today would be perfect for retribution, but insists that he can’t strike today.

Back in the bridal chamber, Carly is still stressing about her wedding. She messes her hair up telling herself it’s all wrong. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason. She bursts into tears and asks him how she is supposed to do this wedding thing.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Robin have arrived and talk as they wait. Nikolas admits that he told Emily the truth about their relationship. Robin tells Nikolas to be careful. Alexis comes over and sees Nikolas. She tells him that his presence is proof that he lied about his conference call.

Nearby, Monica talks to Alice about how Alan would have made jokes. She admits she misses him and that she always loved him.

Elsewhere, Patrick runs into Emily and warns her that Nikolas and Robin are there together. Emily informs Patrick that she knows the truth and tells him that she knows he knows. She tells him that they will have to talk later.

Meanwhile, Dillon, Spinelli and Milo start arguing about why they are at the wedding. When Lulu comes in the cease their bickering.

Alexis starts to fear that Carly may be a no show and voices her concerns to Jax. He assures her that Carly will be there.

Back in the bridal chamber, Carly tells Jason to tell Jax that she can’t marry him. He refuses to do her dirty work. Carly complains that Jax deserves a wife who loves only him. Jason reminds her that Jax is aware of her connection to Sonny and accepts it. He asks her if she wants to be with Jax. She says she does. Then she realizes that she’s really late and knows the guests will think she bailed on Jax.

At the office, Sonny confesses to Luke that he used to envy him and Laura. Luke talks about Laura and then admits he has a good thing with Tracy. Sonny confesses that he was never sure if Carly was the one until it was too late. Then they talk about Lorenzo again. Luke acknowledges the impending mob war and asks him to remember whom he’s targeting.

Back at the wedding, Lulu compliments the boys on their appearances. They gush about how beautiful she looks. Lulu pulls Spinelli aside and asks to talk to him. She asks him if he heard from Jason. He assures her that Jason is planning on be there. She thanks him and hugs him. Milo and Dillon get jealous.

Meanwhile, Ned runs into Alexis and the two make small talk. Ned asks her to be his wedding date. She agrees to be.

Back in the bridal chamber, Carly asks Jason for help buttoning her dress. Then she asks him to find her garter and put it on her. He laughs at her and then sighs. She reminds him that he’s her best friend. He admits that she’s his best friend too. She asks him how she looks and he tells her she looks beautiful. She tells him she’s ready to get married. He grabs her veil and they walk out.

At the office, Sonny looks at Carly’s picture. He opens the bottle of booze and pours a glass. He finally drinks the alcohol he’s been thinking about drinking all day.

Back in the wedding area, the guests are getting impatient. Alexis comes out to tell Jax that the guests are restless. Jax assures her that Carly is just running late. Alexis asks Jax if he thinks Carly left him at the altar.

Back inside the room, Spinelli voices concerns to Lulu that Carly may not show. Meanwhile, Liz walks out to get some fresh air. The boys race to take her seat next to Lulu. She gets irritated and orders them all to meet her outside. Jerry peers through a window.

Nearby, Jax apologizes to the minister for the delay. He promises that Carly will be there in just a moment. Alexis begs Jax not to go through with the wedding as Jerry continues to watch from outside. Meanwhile, Carly shows up with Jason at her side. Alexis runs to her and tells her that she would have been dead if she had ditched Jax. Alexis walks in the room and down the aisle. Carly tells Jason she’s ready to walk down the aisle. The bridal music plays and the two are about to go when Sonny walks in.

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