GH Update Wednesday 4/25/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/25/07


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Today, GH opens with Jane and Jax talking at the place where Jax and Carly will be married. Jerry (Mr. Craig), listens in on their conversation as they discuss him. Jane gushes about how proud she is of Jax. She expresses her dissatisfaction with Jerry for missing the wedding and calls him selfish. Jerry looks down with shame.

At the penthouse, Carly asks Lulu and Spinelli if they know where Jason went. They tell her they don’t. She asks if Sam knows, and again, they tell her she doesn’t. A flustered Carly announces that she will not marry Jax if Jason isn’t present to give his blessing. It occurs to her that Sonny may be behind Jason’s sudden disappearance.

At the office, Sonny and Cooper discuss the details of his employment at the police department. Sonny demands excellence of Cooper. He tells him he must be a model recruit who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. He orders Cooper to do everything exactly by the book, including catching criminals. Cooper reminds him that may include arresting him or Jason.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas insists to Emily that he loves Robin now. Emily demands that Nikolas let her in on what’s really going on. Nikolas ignores her pleas and calls his servants to have them prepare the launch for Emily who announces that she loves him. He tells her that if she really loves him then she’ll stay away. She asks him what he is trying to protect her from. She gets the feeling its something in the house. Alexis shows up looking for Mr. Craig, whom she knows only as Mr. Brosnan. Emily questions Nikolas about this mysterious man and he explains that Brosnan is a business partner. Alexis informs Nikolas that she intends to ask Mr. Craig(Brosnan/Jerry), to escort her to Jax’s wedding. Nikolas refuses to let her. She asks him why he is so against it.

Meanwhile, Jax and Jane continue to discuss Jerry who hovers nearby. Jax admits he doesn’t think Jerry will ever settle down. Jane confesses that she constantly worries about him and says she almost thought he would show up. Jax says he feels sorry for Jerry because he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli insists that Sonny is not the cause of Jason’s departure. Lulu tries to reassure Carly that everything will be okay. Carly is mad though and is ready to hunt Sonny down. Lulu asks her what she’s going to do about her rehearsal. Carly tells her that after she murders Sonny and picks up Jax’s rehearsal gift, she will be there. Lulu offers to pick up the gift for her. Carly leaves to find Sonny. Spinelli asks Lulu what will happen and she tells him that Carly won’t marry Jax without Jason there.

Back at the office, Cooper asks Sonny what he’s supposed to do if he has to arrest him or Jason. Sonny tells him to do what he’s told until he tells him otherwise. Max comes in and Sonny reminds Cooper not to have contact with any of his other associates besides Max. Max tries to convince Sonny to kill Cooper instead of using him, but Sonny insists that he believes Cooper is more valuable to him alive. Sonny asks him if he understands what is expected of him. Cooper says he does and then leaves. When he walks out, he finds Maxie sitting in the coffee shop. She asks him what he was doing in Sonny’s office.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alexis that his important business deal can’t be put on hold for Jax’s wedding. Then he reminds Alexis that she doesn’t really know Mr. Brosnan very well. Alexis tells him that she thinks he’s a nice man. Alexis hands him a note to give to Mr. Brosnan and leaves. Emily notices Nikolas’ distress and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that Brosnan is just a business associate. She doesn’t buy his story so he starts trying to scare her away with his declarations of love for Robin. He informs Emily that if she has any dignity at all, she will walk away from him. Emily is hurt by his inability to trust her and slaps him across the face.

At the Metro Court, Robin talks to Patrick over the phone. She tells him they have to be more careful about public displays of affection. She insists they can’t be seen together in public. She tells him she misses him and assures him she will call hi when she can.

Meanwhile, Lulu drops by the Metro Court to pick up Carly’s gift for Jax. She witnesses Logan being rude to someone and berates him after helping the woman. Lulu advises that Logan quit the job if he doesn’t want it.

At the penthouse, Spinelli desperately tries to reach Jason by leaving him a voice mail. Jax shows up at the door looking for Jason. He jumps to the same conclusion that Carly did when he discovers that Jason is missing in action. He immediately blames Sonny for trying to ruin his and Carly’s wedding.

Back at the coffee shop, Maxie questions Cooper, who explains he is just trying to get a feel for the place since it’s Sonny’s basis for operations. Carly runs in and runs past Max to get in to Sonny’s office. Once in, she criticizes Sonny for lying to her about letting her go and then sending Jason away because he knew she couldn’t marry Jax without Jason.

At the penthouse, Spinelli wonders why everyone is blaming Sonny for Jason’s leave of absence. He informs Jax that Jason has problems of his own to worry about. Jax discredits Jason as Carly’s best friend citing that he would be here for her if he were a good friend. Spinelli reminds Jax that if Carly were there to hear him talking bad about Jason, she would not be happy. Jax leaves. Spinelli looks at the suit Carly dropped off for Jason.

Back at the office, Carly accuses Sonny again of sending Jason away. He tells her that she is going to believe what she wants. She orders him to bring Jason back. Then she insists that she will marry Jax with or without Jason present. She stomps off.

At the Metro Court, Lulu asks Logan why he’s working there and he explains that Sonny got him a job there. Lulu wishes him luck and walks away.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo finishes up his lunch and runs into Ric. He questions Lorenzo about the shooting at the “Everyday Heroes” set. Lorenzo plays stupid as Ric demands to know who ordered the hit if he didn’t.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas apologizes to Emily, but insists their relationship is over. He tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore and nothing will change his mind. Emily tells him that she knows he wouldn’t deliberately hurt her for no reason. Robin comes in and denounces Emily as pathetic for attempting to whine her way back into Nikolas’ heart. She calls her frail and pitiful and declares that Nikolas doesn’t love her anymore. Emily has had enough and snaps. She berates the two of them for betraying her and leaves. Craig steps out and congratulates Nikolas on his performance. However, he wonders why Emily decided to come back for more. Nikolas insists it’s because she knows him too well. Craig, unconvinced, asks Robin if she and Patrick slipped up at work.

At the Metro Court, Ric warns Lorenzo that soon his luck will wear out and Sonny and Jason will take care of him. Lorenzo reminds Ric that he wants Sonny and Jason dead as bad as he does. Nearby, Maxie and Cooper interrupt Logan’s eavesdropping.

At the office, Sonny tries to contact Sam, but is told that she is on location to shoot her show and can’t be reached. Sonny asks to speak to someone who can put him in touch with Sam, but Amelia refuses to talk to him. He hangs up and Amelia’s assistant warns her that she’s ticked off a dangerous man. She states that Sonny doesn’t scare her.

At the wedding rehearsal, Lulu shows up to find Bobbie, Alexis, Jane and Jax present. However, Carly is missing. They ask her where Carly is and she explains that she had errands to run. Bobbie doesn’t buy the story and asks what’s really going on. She explains that Carly found out that Jason might not make it to the wedding. Jane fails to see the gravity of the situation, so Bobbie spells it out for her. Then, Carly shows up and the rehearsal goes underway. The preacher asks Carly who will walk her down the aisle and she answers that she’s not sure if she’ll have anyone to do it. Then, Spinelli shows up in Jason’s suit with his hair slicked back.

At Wyndemere, Robin insists she and Patrick barely spoke at work. Craig is unconvinced, but Nikolas explains that Emily has a lot of faith in him. Craig reminds Nikolas that he chose to break Emily’s heart because he wanted to protect her. He criticizes Nikolas for ruining Robin and Patrick’s romance because he had to protect Emily. Robin apologizes to Nikolas about Emily and he walks away, citing that Craig is a psychopath.

At the rehearsal, Spinelli tells Carly he has come to fill in for Jason. She tries to kindly refuse his offer but Lulu insists she take him up on it so he wouldn’t get his feeling hurt. Carly reluctantly agrees to let Spinelli walk her down the aisle. Spinelli walks strangely, trying to imitate Jason. As the rehearsal goes on, the preacher tells Jax and Carly what he will say. When he gets to the “speak now or forever hold your peace” bit, Alexis coughs. Carly demands Alexis speak her peace. She tells Jax that she isn’t convinced that Carly is over Sonny.

Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at the studio and finds Amelia without a shirt on. He tells her he needs to talk to Sam, but Amelia refuses to help him. He asks her why she won’t help him and she tells him that she wants Jason to stay away from Sam.

Back at the Metro Court, Logan talks to Maxie about how he wants to work for Sonny because he wants money and power. She tells him that once he’s in the mob, there is only one way out. He tells her that he’s done living under someone else’s rules. She advises him to be careful about the choices he makes.

Outside Wyndemere, Nikolas stands thinking. Emily approaches him.

Back at the rehearsal, Carly orders Alexis to leave if she’s not going to be supportive. Lulu jumps to Carly’s side and assures Alexis that Carly is just upset because Jason isn’t there. Alexis wonders if Carly isn’t upset that Sonny isn’t there. Jax tells Alexis that if she can’t be supportive of the wedding, then she shouldn’t be involved. She promises to behave and the rehearsal wraps up.

At the studio, Sonny explains Sam and Jason’s relationship. Amelia insists that Sam has star potential that could be destroyed by Jason’s illegal activities. Sonny suddenly understands why Jason left and asks Amelia if she told Jason to stay away. She confirms his suspicions. Sonny tells Amelia she doesn’t know Sam well at all. Amelia tries to pry information on Sam from Sonny.

At the rehearsal, Jax and Carly share a toast and vow that nothing can keep them apart.

Back at Wyndemere, Craig and Robin talk. Craig insists that Nikolas is too much of a romantic. Robin assures Craig that Nikolas won’t let anything happen to Emily. Craig gets angry with Robin and yells at her, insisting that nothing will come between him and what he wants.

Outside, Nikolas orders Emily to leave. She asks him not to push her away and asks him again what is going on. Nikolas gives in and confesses that Mr. Brosnan is Mr. Craig. He tells her all about the poison and the counteragent. She demands they go to GH, but he tells her it’s useless and explains how Robin has been trying to help him. Emily asks Nikolas what Craig’s motives are. Nikolas explains that he wants money and a new identity. He admits he couldn’t tell her because Craig would have killed her. Emily vows to stay by Nikolas’ side. He tells her there is nothing she can do. She tells him she loves him and promises him that they will get through this. She kisses him.

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