GH Update Tuesday 4/24/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/24/07


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Segment 1

Amelia is looking at Samís pictures from the past and she has a flashback of Sam shooting one of Alcazarís men.  Sam comes over and asks if those are her pictures.  Amelia hides them right after.  Jax and Carly walking into the place they are going to have their wedding at.  Carly says that itís perfect and Jax tells Carly that there is one more thing that they need.  Patrick is looking over some files at the hospital and Emily comes up and asks Patrick if they can talk for a minute.  Patrick turns around and Emily asks Patrick if he is back together with Robin.  Craig walks in and tries to talk to Robin and Nikolas.  He asks Robin how her shift was and she replies back to him saying that it was fine and that Patrick stay focus on his work.  Craig gets a phone call and says that it can wait.  Craig turned off his phone.  Jax leaves a message saying that he and Carly are getting married and he is expected to be there this Friday.

Segment 2

Patrick tells her that he has been bring his personal problems to the hospital and he knows that he shouldnít.  Emily asks Patrick again if Robin and him are back together. Noah approaches and asks Emily and Patrick if they are going to join the team to make Monica the chief of staff.  Dr. Ford walks up and says that he got the message and asks what he needs.  Noah tells Ford that turning away patients because they canít afford the treatments is criminal.  Ford replies back saying that GH has a responsible to keep thing under control.  Sam and Amelia talk about what happened with the shooting and what is going to happened in the next few shows.  Sam wants to skip the segment of a car accident because she doesnít want to jinx Jason on his bike.  Spinelli answers the door and itís Lulu.  Spinelli thinks that they should tell Carly about the baby and Lulu says no.  Spinelli tells Lulu that Jason took off on his motorcycle last night and left a note saying: ĎDonít worry and Iíll call.í  Lulu says that itís weird that Jason would do that but nothing to worry about.  Spinelli says that Jason is weakening every minute and that they should tell Carly to have her help him.  Carly asks why itís so important for Jax to find Jerry.  Jax tells that if it wasnít for Jerry, they would already be married.  They start talking about her marriage to Sonny.  Carly talks about the hostage situation and everything else that happened to them when Jax was gone.  She also says that Sonny has let her go and Jax asks if she has.  Carly replies back saying that she has what she wants and she is thankful to Jerry.  Jax says that if Jerry shows up that they can thank him in person.  Craig asks Robin what is so fascinating about him not answering a call.  Robin replies back saying that she finds it interesting that he may have a personal life.  Nikolas tells Robin about Craigís new identity.  Robin congratulates him and says that he can leave now and give them the counteragent. Craig gets really angry and tells her enough and to take no for an answer.  He is staying right where he is for now while Robin keeps Patrick under control.  Robin leaves and Nikolas says that the longer he stay in Port Charles, the better chance he will end up dead.

Segment 3

Sam says that Jason probably thinks that he is doing a favor for keeping his distance from me at work.  Amelia thinks that he is doing the right thing.  Sam interrupts her sentence and says that she thinks Jason isnít into her doing this.  Amelia tells Sam that they were targeted to send a message to Jason.  Amelia tells Sam that she has to break up with Jason.  Maxie and Cooper are together at the Metro Court.  Maxie canít believe that it is Cooperís last day at Metro Court.  They talk about police academy and how Maxie is going to miss him.  Cooper goes over to Max and Cooper asks Max if there is any more final orders.  Max tells him to do the job as told and if he double crosses Sonny or the business, he dies.   Logan walks into Metro Court and Maxie walks over to Logan and says that the uniform looks awful on Logan.  Logan tells Maxie that he doesnít care and that he is working at the hotel now.  Jax tells Carly that he worries about Jerry because he never got to see Jerry when he went looking for him.  Carly says that itís hard to believe they are brothers and that Jerry is a criminal. Jax says that Jerry is his only sibling and he wants him at the wedding.  Carly tells Jax that they can postpone the wedding if he wants.  Jax tells Carly that itís not what he wants.  He just wants to marry her on Friday regardless of anything.  Carly hugs and kisses Jax and Lulu shows up.  Carly asks Lulu what she thinks and Lulu tells her that she likes it.  Jax tells them that he is going to go.  Jax kisses Carly bye and says to Lulu ĎHi!  Bye!í  Lulu tells Carly that she was with Spinelli and Carly tells Lulu that she wants to talk to her about him.  Luke offers Tracy to buy her a drink.  Tracy says that how it all started in Las Vegas because she is helping him with Laura.  Luke tries to give her a compliment but failing.  Tracy is still angry with him and says she should have fallen in love with Luke.  Tracy orders a drink but Luke stops and order Tracyís drink and 3 more of the same for him.  Noah tells Ford that they still need to treat all patients regardless of insurance.  Ford tells him that if a patient canít pay that they need to be transferred or released as soon as possible.  Noah says that Fordís definition of as soon as possible borders on the inhumane.  Ford tells Noah that GH is a business as well as a hospital, if we can do what we are supposed to do than we to take HMOs and med camp.  Monica comes up and says something about med camps, Alan and how Alan turned down all med camps.  Ford goes on talking about insuring the future of GH and then leaves.  Monica says that Ford did bring up stuff that they need to consider and Noah tells Monica that she is a hell of a lot better than Ford.  Emily comes up and asks if Monica is okay and Monica replies back saying that itís hard but when Emily is there with her, it helps.  Patrick tells Robin that Emily is asking if they are back together.

Segment 4

Amelia tells Sam to be realistic because she can be a celebrity.  Sam says she wonít leave Jason and Amelia brings up her almost dying because of her being with Jason.  Amelia says that he is a liability to the show.  Sam says that she will talk to him.  Amelia says that things have change and that sheís been given an amazing opportunity.  Sam says that if Amelia is making Sam choose between Jason or the show, she will choose Jason.  Carly tells Lulu that she should bring Milo.  Lulu says she canít because it would be unfair to Dillon or Spinelli. Lulu tells Carly about Dillon, Spinelli and Milo drawing numbers on who gets to go out with her on a first date.  Lulu goes on telling Carly about Dillonís date being a disaster.  Lulu says that she just wants to be friends only but canít tell them that.  Carly asks if itís possible that she isnít allowing herself to feel anything more than a friendship.  Bobbie shows up, Lulu leaves and Bobbie asks Carly is she is sure she is over Sonny.  Robin tells Emily not to push this issue with her.  Robin says that she is grateful that she saved her (Robin is just trying to dodge Emilyís questions).  Emily asks if she loves Nikolas so much, why is she kissing Patrick.  Cooper shows Logan the points of the job.  Logan says that he doesnít plan on being here long.  Jane asks Cooper if they have seen Jax.  Jax walks in and says to Jane that he wants her to call Jerry and pressure him to come.  Craig is on the phone, his cell phone rings and he has to hang up on the other line.  He answers the phone and says ĎHi Mom, is Jax with you?í and she replies saying ĎYes and we bother want to know why he is refuse to come to Jaxí wedding.  Craig asks why she canít take no for an answer.  Nikolas is listening outside the door.

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