GH Update Monday 4/23/07

General Hospital Update Monday 4/23/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens at Wyndemere with Mr. Craig pointing out that too many people know his secret. He threatens to eliminate Patrick from the group but Robin pleads with him.

At the office, Carly apologizes to Sonny for letting the boys go out of town for his birthday. She tells him that she can go pick them up, but he insists that he can spend time with them when they get back. She admits she didn’t want Sonny to be alone on his birthday.

At the Spencer house, Lucky talks about how much he and Liz owe Jason. He says he thinks letting Jason be the godfather to their baby would be a nice gesture. Liz reminds him that naming Jason the godfather would give him a permanent tie to the family. She asks him if he really wants that.

At the studio, Amelia orders the gunmen to get out. Sam tells them that this is not the best way to pass on a message to Jason. A beat later, Jason walks in the door and the gunmen order him to drop his gun and join the women. One of the men fires his gun. Jason covers Sam and pushes her to the floor. Amelia ducks down and Jason tackles one of the men. Sam grabs a stick to beat the other with. Amelia pulls out her phone and calls for help. Sam manages to knock the gun from one man’s hand. He comes after her, she picks up his gun and shoots him. Jason takes the other man down.

At Wyndemere, Patrick orders Robin to get out of the way. She refuses. Nikolas assures Craig that Patrick won’t tell on him. He and Robin insist that they can still stick to the original plan and pretend they are together. Craig reluctantly agrees but warns them that if Patrick tells, then he will make Robin pay. Craig fires a shot past Robin and Patrick to get his point across. Then he tells Patrick to go back to the hospital and pretend all is well.

Back at the Spencer home, Lucky acknowledges that allowing Jason to be the baby’s godfather could present a conflict of interest for him at work. However, he points out that Jason has done a lot for Liz and the baby. Emily knocks at the door and comes in. Lucky poses the idea to Emily who receives the news with mixed feelings. She tells Lucky that Jason would be honored. Lucky’s phone rings. He answers to find he’s being summoned to a shoot out at the studio. He leaves. Emily asks Liz why Lucky wants Jason to be the godfather. She explains that this is Lucky’s way of thanking Jason, but she admits that Lucky doesn’t know the truth about her one nightstand with Jason. Emily suggests that Liz tell Lucky the truth or else Jason will become the baby’s godfather.

At the Metro Court, Jax meets up with Lady Jane. They chat and Jax reveals that he will be marrying Carly on Friday. She asks Jax why they are rushing and he says tht he and Carly have waited long enough.

Back at the office, Carly presents gifts that Michael and Morgan prepared for Sonny. He opens them and finds that Morgan gave him his favorite toy, while Michael gave him a picture of Carly. She apologizes but he tells her that he’s glad to have it because it will give him a reminder of her.

At Wyndemere, Craig warns Nikolas and Robin that Patrick better not slip up. Nikolas insists that Craig stop threatening them. Craig is not assured that the hotheaded doctor can keep his mouth shut so he sends Robin to keep an eye on him. She leaves and Nikolas asks him how long he really intends to keep up his charade. Craig assures him that he will stick around for as long as he has to. Nikolas reminds him that people like Sonny and Jason are dying to make him pay for the hostage crisis.

Meanwhile, the police show up at the studio. Lucky questions Jason about what happened while Cruz interviews Amelia. Cruz summons Sam to ask her what happened and when she comes over, Amelia announces that Sam shot and killed a man. Meanwhile, Lucky asks Jason to give a statement, but he refuses to talk without his lawyer present. Lucky tries to be friendly but warns Jason that he could arrest him if he wanted to.

Back at the Metro Court, Lady Jane asks Jax about Jerry. He admits that he never caught up with him. Then they talk about Carly and Sonny and Jane admits she knew about the marriage. She insists that Carly was only doing what was best for the father of her children. Jax explains that their experience as hostages only strengthened their bond, but Jane reminds him that his bond with her must be stronger than Sonny’s because she chose him.

At the office, Carly tells Sonny he doesn’t need a picture of her because he will see a lot of her. They argue about their relationship again and Carly confesses that she can’t walk away from him. She begs him to let her go. He kisses her and asks her if that is what she really wants.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Craig why he can’t just disappear after he gets the new identity. Craig tells him that he won’t leave unless Patrick slips up, in which case, he will kill them all.

Meanwhile, at GH, Patrick makes a phone call to order duplicates of Robin’s tox screens. Noah approaches and asks him for help in setting up a group to fight Ford’s mandate of refusing patients who can’t pay the bills. Patrick says he’s too busy. Noah notices Patrick’s black eye and asks him about it. Patrick shrugs it off and Noah tells Patrick not to go back down the road he used to be on just because he and Robin are through. Robin comes in and Patrick tells her he wants to help her with the “secret project.” She tells him to mind his own business. Noah tells them to leave their drama outside of the hospital.

Back at the Spencer house, Liz and Emily talk about Robin and Nikolas. Liz is appalled that Robin could betray Emily like this. Emily expresses her wish to know what was really going on. She tells Liz that she doesn’t think Helena is involved and says she is glad that Nikolas was honest with her. Emily tells Liz she has to work and Liz reminds her that if she needs to talk she can come to her.

At the studio, Amelia confronts Jason who says he doesn’t want Sam fired over this incident. Amelia warns Jason to stay away from Sam unless he wants to ruin her career. Lucky tells Amelia that Mayor Floyd is on his way. He tells Jason that he is free to go. Jason calls for Sam but Amelia orders her to stay to help fix the mess. Jason leaves as Floyd enters.

At the office, Sonny and Carly continue kissing. Carly pulls away and confesses she can’t break her attraction to Sonny. She begs him not to push Jax out of her life. He asks her what he can do and she pleads with him to let her go once and for all. He admits that it’s not easy for him to give her up, but he says that he wants her to be happy. He wishes her happiness and she leaves.

At GH, Noah insists that Robin and Patrick try to be professional while they are at work. Robin walks away and Patrick tells Noah that the situation is more difficult than he understands. Emily overhears the argument. Noah asks her if he was too harsh and she agrees that Robin and Patrick must learn to work together peacefully. She admits that it would be hard to work with the person that broke your heart.

Back at the studio, Amelia and Floyd argue. Amelia threatens to pull the studio and the show out of Port Charles, resulting in a loss of money and a bad reputation for the city. Floyd agrees to keep the situation on the down low, but warns her that next time she won’t be so lucky. He walks off to speak with Lucky.

At the office, Jason comes in to inform Jason of the most recent shoot out. He insists that Alcazar is somehow connected and tells Sonny that they have to take action against him. Sonny tells him they aren’t making any moves until after Carly’s wedding.

At home, Carly looks at a family picture and knocks it over. Jax comes in and tells her that he told his mother about the wedding and she is thrilled. Carly tells him that she’s just as excited.

Back at GH, Patrick and Robin meet in the locker room. Robin orders Patrick to quit trying to antagonize Craig. She insists that he play along for now. She assures him that she will never bail on him. They kiss. Emily walks in and sees it.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas receives word that Craig’s paperwork for a new identity is done. Craig decides he may need another name change. Nikolas tells him that he might want plastic surgery as well. Craig informs him that he’s already had that done and has grown fond of his new face. Nikolas tells him it must be hard having no one in the world to trust. Craig informs him that he does have one person.

Meanwhile, Carly informs Jax that it is Sonny’s birthday. She tells him that she took Michael and Morgan’s presents to him. Jax asks her if she invited Sonny to the wedding. She says she didn’t, but tells Jax that she is sure Sonny won’t cause them any problems. They tell each other how happy they are together.

Back at the office, Sonny informs Jason that Carly stopped by. He admits that he thought she had changed her mind about the divorce. Jason tells him that he’s pretty sure that Carly is serious this time. He tells Jason that he let her go because that’s what she wanted. Jason assures him that it’s best for everyone.

Back at the studio, Sam marvels at how well Amelia handled the situation. Then she asks her if she can go. She tells her that she wants to make sure Jason is okay. Amelia reminds her that she is the one who shot and killed a man. Sam has flashbacks to murdering Bill Monroe. Amelia asks Sam if it even bothers her that someone is dead because of her.

Meanwhile, Lucky returns home and informs Liz that he’s changed his mind about Jason being the baby’s godfather. He tells her that Jason’s life is too dangerous. He asks her if he’s being unfair. Liz tells him he’s just being a good father.

Elsewhere, Jason hops on his bike. He starts to make a phone call but changes his mind.

At the office, Sonny looks at Carly’s picture. He thinks about recent moments spent with Carly, including times during the hostage crisis. He goes to the door and leaves.

At Carly’s house, she and Jax go over the potential invitation list for their wedding. Jax’s phone rings and he answers. He tells Carly it’s Jerry. The screen cuts to Mr. Craig talking to Jax telling him that he has a project he can’t walk away from.

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