GH Update Friday 4/20/07

General Hospital Update Friday 4/20/07


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Today, GH opens with Craig about to throw Patrick over the cliff outside of Wyndemere. Robin comes out and sees what’s about to happen. She shouts and Nikolas comes out. They try to stop Craig.

At the studio, Amelia admits to one of her employees that she knows a lot about Angela Monroe. She explains that Angela was a con artist who married rich men and stole their money. When Bill Monroe discovered what was happening, he approached Angela and was a bit rough with her. Amelia recounts how Angela shot Bill in the chest and claimed it was self-defense. When asked how she knows so much about Angela, she admits that Bill Monroe was her father. As she finishes talking, Sam continues filming. Then, Amelia notices a light above Sam is coming loose. She yells at Sam to look out.

Meanwhile, Sonny returns Michael to Carly at home, interrupting a Jax and Carly moment. Carly announces to Sonny that she and Jax will be married next Friday.

Elsewhere, Lorenzo meets with a business associate who tells him that he knows he’s faking his injury. He complains that Lorenzo is not properly handling the business and that he plans to take over for him.

Back at Carly’s, Michael notes that Jax and Carly’s wedding is approaching awfully soon. Carly reminds him that she and Jax were supposed to be married months ago. Then she asks Sonny where Morgan is. He tells her that he’s with a friend at the park. Carly tells Michael that he and Morgan were invited to stay at a friend’s house. Michael tells Sonny that if he wants him to spend the weekend with him, then he will. Sonny tells him he’s fine and says he’s glad Carly is happy. She thanks him for being gracious and he tells her he wishes her happiness.

Outside Wyndemere, Patrick tells Nikolas to kill Craig while he has the chance. He tells Patrick that he can’t and Craig allows Nikolas to explain why. Then Patrick says he’s calling the cops. Nikolas tells him not to and explains about the poison Craig injected him with.

At the studio, Sam moves out of the way before the light falls. Amelia checks to see if she’s okay and then demands that someone find out why the light fell and fire whoever was responsible. She tells Sam that she again has proven to be a hero.

At the Spencer home, Liz notes that Jason is not okay with their current arrangement. He asks her if she’s having second thoughts. She tells him she just keeps thinking about how he saved her and the baby. She confesses his actions only make her love him more.

Meanwhile, Patrick asks Nikolas and Robin why they feel forced to give into Craig. They explain that they don’t know what Craig injected him with and that Craig is the only one who has an antidote. Nikolas tells Patrick that Craig needs him for his money and his contacts. They explain that they just have to cooperate for a while and then things will go back to normal. Craig reminds Nikolas and Robin that things will never go back to normal. Then Nikolas feels ill and asks Craig for another dose of the antidote. They leave Patrick and Robin to be alone. The two share a hug.

Elsewhere, Lorenzo assures his associate that he is taking action to get rid of Sonny and Jason. He warns his associate not threaten him through Skye and Lila.

Back at the studio, Amelia compares the light crashing to a shotgun blast. Sam is visibly shaken. Amelia offers to let her have the day off, but Sam insists they keep going. Amelia’s right hand man comes back to inform her that the light crew was not responsible for the light falling. He explains that by studying the connections, it appears that someone deliberately loosened it so it would fall.

Meanwhile, Liz confesses she shouldn’t have blurted out that she loves Jason considering their situations with their significant others. Jason asks her why he can’t be a part of the baby’s life if she loves him so much. She talks about their history together and says that his life is dangerous and she has never been able to accept that. She says he shouldn’t have to change his life for her and the baby and confronts the real issue at hand-- that she doesn’t believe she and Jason could make it work together. She apologizes and Jason tells her not to. He tells her to just take care of their baby. He tells her if seeing him bothers her, then he will keep his distance.

Back outside Wyndemere, Patrick tells Robin they have to call the police. Robin says they can’t because if they do, Craig will flee and take the antidote with him, leaving Nikolas to die. Patrick reminds her that they are doctors and can save him. She tells him that she can’t identify the poison so they can’t do much. Patrick asks her why she didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. She explains that Craig threatened to kill him if she told him about his plan. He tells her is mad at her for not telling him. She tells him she understands. He kisses her.

At Wyndemere, Craig teases Nikolas by threatening to hold off on giving him the counteragent. Nikolas tells him to just let him die since it was cause him more grief anyway. Nikolas reminds him that more and more people are finding out about his scheme. He points out that it is only a matter of time before Sonny and Jason figure out what’s going on and kill him. Craig says if he dies, Nikolas will too. Nikolas tells him he’s willing to die if it means ridding the world of Craig.

At the studio, Sam finishes up taping and Amelia asks her if she’s ever been to Phoenix. Sam is disturbed by her question, but Amelia plays it off saying a bank teller thought he recognized her. Then Amelia informs Sam that they have a launch party on May 11. Sam tells Amelia that she needs to spend more time with Jason. Amelia tells her that she has to make some necessary sacrifices for the good of the show. Sam tells her that Jason comes first before the show and not the other way around.

At the office, Jason visits Sonny, who informs him that Carly’s getting married next Friday.  Back at Carly’s, Jax and Carly discuss wedding plans. They ponder on a wedding dress, flower arrangements and cake flavors. Jax tells her expense is no concern for their wedding since it’s the last time they will be getting married. Then Jax asks her if they should invite Sonny.

Outside Wyndemere, Robin and Patrick talk. He admits he didn’t believe most of the lies she told him. She confesses that lying to him was killing her. Robin warns Patrick that they have to do as Craig wishes for now because he’s a ticking time bomb.

Back at Carly’s, Jax tells his soon to be bride that he wants Sonny there so he can see that they are truly in love. Carly argues that Sonny is already in enough agony without rubbing their relationship in his face. Carly tells Jax that she will get Jason to find out if Sonny wants to come and decide from there. Then Jax and Carly discuss their best people situation. They vow to tolerate each other’s friends. Jax tells Carly he’s going to visit Alexis. Carly asks him to drop off her divorce papers on his way.

Back at the office, Jason acknowledges that Carly and Jax’s wedding is pretty sudden. Sonny warns Jason to be ready for Carly to come to him to bail her out because she’s made a mess of things. Then the two mobsters discuss Alcazar. Jason asks Sonny what their plan for him is. Sonny tells him to take Alcazar out and make sure it can’t be traced back to them.

Next, Jason runs into Spinelli and tells him to get the dirt on Lorenzo’s house’s layout. Spinelli is honored that Jason chose him for the mission instead of Sam. Jason admits that he trusts Spinelli who feels the need to express how bad he feels for Jason because of his sacrifice. He suggests that Jason consider telling Sam the truth about Liz’s baby.

Meanwhile, Jax meets up with Alexis and informs her about his and Carly’s impending wedding. Alexis says she’s happy for him. He asks her to be his best person again.

Back at Carly’s, a frantic Carly is on the phone trying to make wedding arrangements. There is a knock at the door. She calls Michael down to go to his friend’s house. She sends him on his way and returns to the phone. She realizes she’s forgotten something and hangs up. She goes outside to catch Michael, but is too late. He is already gone. 

At the Spencer home, Lucky returns from work. He apologizes for being so late and not being able to pick up Cameron’s toy from the shop. Liz tells him that she already got it and nonchalantly admits Jason helped her get it home. Lucky notes that Jason has been spending a lot of time around her.

Back on the studio set, Amelia tries to figure out when to give Sam some time off to spend with Jason. Sam apologizes for being so pushy and says she just really wants to spend some time with Jason. The two talk and two goons come in. They say they are business associates of Jason’s. They tell Sam they want her to give Jason a message.

Back at Wyndemere, Patrick and Robin return to the living room. Craig asks them if they will be calling the police. Robin explains that Patrick understands the situation is willing to cooperate. Craig says that unfortunately, too many people know his secret and the arrangement will have to change.

Elsewhere, Alexis agrees to be Jax’s best person. He thanks her and she asks him how big the wedding will be. He tells her it will be pretty big. She asks him what they are going to do about Sonny and Jax says that Sonny will come if he wants to. Alexis expresses concern that Sonny will try to interrupt the ceremony. Jax isn’t worried though.

Meanwhile, Carly visits Sonny and apologizes for forgetting that today is Sonny’s birthday.

Back at the Spencer home, Lucky begins to suspect that Jason must feel a connection to the baby since he always seems to be around at the right time for Liz. Lucky suggests they ask Jason to be the baby’s godfather.

At the studio, Amelia tells the men to get out or she’ll call security. The guys pull out guns and Sam tells them that going through her isn’t the way to talk to Jason. Just then, Jason comes in. The men aim at him and tell him to drop his weapon and to join Sam and Amelia.

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