GH Update Thursday 4/19/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/19/07


Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Segment 1

Nikolas, Robin and Craig are talking about shutting out the world.  Patrick is listening outside the door.  Craig tells them to keep doing what he wants and they will be fine.  Goes to flashback of Patrick on the phone with Craig in the hostage crisis.   Patrick makes a noise and Craig asks ĎWho is there.í  Amelia is looking at the pictures of Sam.  Jason comes up and asks if they are the pub. shots.  She looks shocked while she is trying to hide the pictures.  Jason asks if he saw something he wasnít supposed to.  Luke tells Tracy that she canít stab him in the back.  Tracy tells Luke that she is scamming Scotty so Luke can hold onto Laura.  Jax picks up the pen and sees that Sonny signed them but Carly didnít.

Segment 2

Craig goes out into the hallway with his gun.  He comes back in because he didnít see anything.  Nikolas tells him that there will always be noises because of the staff and of the large house.  Nikolas asks Craig to put the gun away.  Craig tells them that if he finds it necessary to kill the staff or anyone else, he will and then leave.  Robin asks why he is still there because he has his new I.D. and Nikolas would pay him millions of dollars.  Also, that Nikolas and Robin just want to get on with their lives.  Craig tells them that he has other plans.  He calls Nikolas a goody two-shoe and mentions Lauraís guardianship.  Robin is all confuses.  Tracy tells Luke about running into Scotty at the mental center.  Also, that she agreed to help Scotty win custody of Laura in exchange of her having time with Luke.  Luke doesnít believe her.  Tracy says itís true and she would like to have her out of her life.  Tracy also tells Luke that Laura picked Nikolas as her guardian because she knew that Nikolas would take good care of her so let him take care of her.  Luke says that Laura is sitting in the mental hospital because of him.  Elizabeth is talking to Cameron telling him not to worry because his little brother or sister wonít be there for another few weeks.  Cameron is sad because they canít go and get Chugging Charley but then Elizabeth tells him that they will go and pick up Chugging Charley.  Jason tells Amelia that he is just there to see how the show works.  Sam comes to Jason and shows him around.  She tells him that when she is talking to the camera, she just imagines her talking to Jason.  They kiss.  Jason asked if she likes this.  Sam tells him that when they start filming she gets a good feeling that she is good at what she is doing.  Amelia comes to Sam and Jason and says that the network told them that they can shoot mostly in Port Charles.  A reporter comes up and asks Jason about the show and Sonny.  Carly tells Jax that Sonny signed the papers in the morning.  Carly says that she canít figure out why signing the divorce papers hurts so much.  Jax tells Carly that maybe she isnít quite as sure as she thinks.  He also tells him that if she doesnít want to sign the paper for whatever reason, to just tell him what it is.

Segment 3

Carly tells Jax that her and Sonny were disasters from the start and it was mainly because of lies.  She continues to tells Jax that it kills her to see Sonnyís name on the papers because it will hurt their kids.  Jax tells Carly that he will be good with Michael and Morgan.  Carly tells him that when she puts her name on the paper they will end.  Also, she tells him that she loves Sonny and always will but she fell in love with Jax.  Carly asks Jax if he still wants to marry her.  Amelia tells the reporter that it is a closed set and she will sue if he prints anything that he got.  The reporter leaves and then Amelia goes over to the guy that gets info on Sam for her and yells at him.  He apologizes and then Amelia apologizes to Jason.  Jason says that he will leave so he isnít a distraction.  Looks to be that there is someone above in the rafters.  Nikolas tells Robin about Scotty wanting Laura.  Craig asks about Laura and Robin tells him that she is catatonic.  Craig is being really mean towards Laura and says ĎAll this fuss for a vegetable.í  Nikolas approaches him and Craig gets his gun and puts it to Nikolasí neck.  Nikolas tells Craig not to mention his mother again.  Luke asks Tracy how he knows she isnít scamming him.  Tracy tells him that he will have to trust her.  The mayor comes in to see Tracy.  Alice calls him Mayor Flubber and he corrects her.  She mentions him closing the arena that she wrestled at and then leaves.  Tracy says that she is glad he came.  The mayor tells her that itís no problem and that the Quartermaineís have always been good to him and his campaign.  Tracy tells him that he wants him to fire Scotty as a special prosecutor.

Segment 4

The mayor says he has no reason to fire Scotty.  Tracy tells him to find one like one about him faking his death to avoid prosecution.  The mayor says that he heard those rumours and then they all start talking about Laura.  The mayor tells them that he would love to help her but he canít get involved in personal disputes.  He considers Scotty a good prosecutor.  Luke says that he must have something on you.  The mayor says that Scotty will clean up Port Charles and it could start with Luke.  The mayor leaves and Tracy says that she just tried to help him.  Luke says that if he loses Laura that their marriage is over.  Nikolas says that Laura is a beautiful and courageous woman and if Craig does anything.  Craig interrupts him and asks her what.  Nikolas stops and says that Craig needs him.  Craig leaves and Robin asks if it was just her imagination or did Craig just sort of seem human.  Jax tells Carly that he wants to marry her but she needs to be sure that she wants to marry him right now.  Jax asks her a bunch of questions and she says yes to all of them.  He tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and Carly tells Jax that she is ready to sign the papers.  She signs the papers and says to Jax that she loves him and she canít wait to be Jaxí wife.  They kiss.  Sam is on the set.  Amelia again apologizes for the reporter and Sam asks her that it is now okay to turn away reporters now.  Amelia tells her that there is a time and place for that but itís not here.  Amelia changes the subject and tells Sam where to stand for the intro.  Sam tells Amelia that this is all really new to her and Jason.  Also, that she thinks that he may seem to be left behind.  Elizabeth and Cameron are on the docks.  She drops Chugging Charlie.  Jason comes down the stairs and asks her if she needs any help.  Jason looks at the train for Cameron.  He asks Elizabeth if he can carry the train to the car if she wants.  Elizabeth tells him that her car is in the repair shop too.  Jason questioned Elizabeth and asked if she walked.  Elizabeth replies back saying that it was a beautiful day.  Jason offers to carry it home for her.

Segment 5

Amelia and Sam are going over her lines.  Amelia asks Sam if Jason is threatened by her career.  Sam answers no and Amelia takes Sam over to two chairs.  Amelia tells Sam to talk to her.  Sam tells Amelia that she will give her the short story of her life.  She tells her that she moved into the penthouse with Jason when she was pregnant, she miscarried, and they fell in love.  She wanted another baby but Jason wasnít ready.  When Jason was ready, I found out that I couldnít have a baby.  Then, this job came out of no where.  Amelia tells Sam that itís funny how life works and Sam says that Jason would have been a great father and itís not fair to Jason that he canít be a father now.  Spinelli and Lulu are talking and Lulu wants to know what he is doing and he talks to her about his feeling to her.  She tells him that what he said was sweet but what she wants him to do is illegal.  Carly and Jax and in a tight embrace together looking outside the window.  Carly talks about putting bulbs outside.  She talks about her life in Florida and she hopes that Michael and Morgan arenít overwhelmed with her.  Jax says that really soon, they will all go to the beach something and he asks her where the kids are and she tells him that they will be back around supper time.  They sneak upstairs to make some love.  Nikolas gets off the phone and tells Robin about his lawyers looking into Laura.  Robin asks about Alexis and he tells her that he would like to keep her away from this all since she has cancer and all.  Robin asks Nikolas if she suspects anything and he replies back with a no.  They talk about what is best for Laura and Nikolas wishes this all would be over soon.  Robin tells Nikolas that they need Craig right now, more than Craig needs him.  Patrick attacks Craig and he yells to him that he is the psycho from the Metro Court.  Patrick hits him with a rock.

Segment 6

Spinelli is trying to accessing patient records.  He tells Lulu to trust her and then shows her the info on the baby.  Lulu tells him that he can not talk about it to anyone.  Spinelli says that he could accidentally blurt it out in front of Lucky and he also thinks that it isnít fair.  Lulu tells him that itís not up to him to decide.  He tells her that he will report anything he can to Jason if something comes up with the baby.  Lulu says that she is glad he is in this with her.  They hold hands.  Elizabeth, Cameron and Jason come back to the house.  Elizabeth thanks Jason for helping them and Jason tells Elizabeth that she should sit down.  He asks her if she is okay.   She tells him she is fine and that the medication stopped the labour.  She tells Cameron to thank Jason for walking them home and he does. (AwwÖhe is so cute!)  Jason tells them that he is going to leave and Elizabeth stops him to invite him to hang out and eat cookies with them.  Jason goes over to Cameron and sits down.  Elizabeth tells Jason that Cameron canít wait to play with the baby and Jason tells Cameron that babies canít play right away and that they need to depend on their parents for a lot.  Amelia tells Sam that she needs to stop feeling that she deserves to suffer and to enjoy it.  Sam says that she is right; she thanks Amelia and says that she needed the pep talk.  Sam walks over to the set to begin working.  Ameliaís guy comes over with more info on Angela.  He tells her that Sam shot Bill with a shot gun wide open.  Amelia tells him that she already knows that.  Patrick is going to call the cops and when he takes out his phone, Craig turns the table and starts pounding on Patrick.

Segment 7

Carly is on the phone asking about the papers.  She hangs up and tells Jax that if they file the papers today, it will be finalized next Thursday.  Jax asks Carly where she wants to get marries and they start talking about church that neither of them have been married in.  Carly chooses one and they will be married next Friday.  Luke says he thought everything through and if she says that she is on his side, then he will believe her.  He thinks of ways that they can make everything work.  Tracy tells Luke that she isnít talking to him and Luke asks her what she needs to hear from him.  She tells him that she isnít the long suffering type but she will not put up with his tantrums.  Luke tells Tracy that he is just crazy when Scotty is around and Tracy tells him that she loves him and is willing to go after Scotty but questions him about what she is going to get.  She continues on saying that Laura is his mute point and it doesnít matter who Lauraís guardian is because Laura wonít be coming back.  She leaves after telling him that she is tired of waiting for him to accept her.  Craig finishes up his pounding on Patrick and says that he saved Robin for Patrick and this is what he gets.  Continues on saying that he could kill him.  Craig stands up and starts to drag him to the edge of the cliff.  Robin comes, runs to Patrick while screaming.  Elizabeth comes back down from Cameronís bedroom after putting Cameron down for a nap.  Jason asks if Elizabeth is okay and she answers back saying that her and the baby are fine.  Jason wants to go and Elizabeth says that she knows she isnít being fair but she doesnít know how to give Lucky the family that Jason is supposed to have.  Sam is working on the show.  Amelia is telling the guy how Sam was calling herself Angela then, the young loving wife.  Bill supposedly beat her half to death.  Finally, Angela (Sam) shot him straight in the heart and presented herself as the victim.  No one noticed that she wiped out the bank account and no one thought that she may have thrown herself down the stairs to seem battered.  The guy asks her how she knows all this and she tells him that Bill Monroe was her father.  She looks over at Sam and one of the lights above looks like it is going to fall.  Amelia yells for Sam to move out of the way and the light is about to fall.


 Craig throws Robin down to the ground and continues to toss Patrick down the cliff.  Robin tries to pull Patrick back up.

 Craig looks at Robin and he says ĎItís such a pity, donít you think?í

 Carly tells Sonny and Michael that Jax and her set a wedding date and she hopes that they can be happy for them.

 Elizabeth tells Jason that she loves him even more than ever because he saved her life and saved her heart too.

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