GH Update Wednesday 4/18/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/18/07


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Today, on GH, Robin and Patrick argue at the hospital. Patrick insists that he thinks something is going on that Robin isn’t telling him. She tells him she just didn’t want to be with him anymore. Patrick asks her why she thinks Nikolas is so much better. She tells him that it’s easier to be with Nikolas because there is no pressure. Patrick tells her that he isn’t buying her story and berates her for not trusting him enough to tell the truth.

At Wyndemere, Luke pays Nikolas a visit. He asks him how long he’s known that he was Laura’s guardian. Nikolas explains that he found out when Scott came in demanding he sign over her custody to him. Luke tells Nikolas that he can’t possibly know what’s best for Laura. Nikolas insists that he won’t go against his mother’s wishes. Luke warns Nikolas not to get between him and Laura.

At Shadybrook, Tracy tells Scott that Laura is no threat to her marriage to Luke. Scott disagrees citing that Laura will always be herself in Luke’s mind. Scott tells her that he just wants to protect Laura from Luke because he’s bad for her. Tracy reminds him that Luke will never abandon Laura. Scott tells her he needs her help. Tracy agrees to help Scott in his quest.

At GH, Lulu visits Logan and praises him for his bravery at Kelly’s. He tells her he didn’t do it for nothing. He explains that he hopes to get employment from Sonny for saving his life.

At Carly’s house, Sonny prepares to sign the divorce papers, but tries to change Carly’s mind. Carly won’t hear it and says that she can’t be with him because their relationship is destructive. She tells him it’s time to let go and move on. Sonny agrees to sign the divorce papers because that’s what she wants and because he loves her enough to let her go. He signs them and leaves.

Back at GH, Lulu asks Logan how he can be so sure that Sonny will hire him. He tells her that he’s ambitious like that. Then he tries to hit on her. Cooper comes in and Lulu leaves. Cooper mocks Logan for his inability to score a girl. Logan insists that Lulu is crazy about him.

At the police department, Mayor Floyd busts into Ric’s office to yell at him, but sees that he has Molly. He asks Ric why he hasn’t arrested Lorenzo yet. Ric assures him that he has a plan. Mayor Floyd tells him he better shape up quick.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas explains to Luke that before Laura relapsed, she told him that she didn’t want to burden Luke. He says that he tried to convince her that Luke wouldn’t be burdened, but says he was unsuccessful. Luke yells at Nikolas who reminds Luke that he’s the reason Scott is trying to get custody of Laura. He assures Luke that with him as guardian, they have a better chance of keeping Laura. He tells him that the harder he fights Scott, the easier it will be for him to win. Luke asks Nikolas if he will help him or not. Nikolas tells him that he is helping him in the best way he can by not giving Laura’s guardianship to him. Luke leaves furious and Craig comes out of hiding. He asks Nikolas if he should kill Luke for being obnoxious.

At GH, Alexis gets done with another round of chemo. Patrick runs into her and sits with her for a moment. He asks her about Robin and Nikolas. She tells him that she doesn’t buy it because they don’t look at each other like they are in love. Patrick gets paged. Before he leaves, he asks Alexis to let him know if anything seems off between Robin and Nikolas. She agrees to do so. Jax comes in and tells Alexis he’s come to give her a ride and to ask her to be his best person at his and Carly’s wedding. She asks him if he’s sure he still wants to marry her. He tells her that as soon as Sonny signs the papers, they are getting married. Alexis thanks him for his offer to give her a ride home, but decides to take a cab instead. Jax leaves and Alexis calls Raul, her cab driver. She tells him they will need to make a detour on the way home.

At Carly’s, Michael comes down to see his mother upset. She tells him to go do homework. He tells her not to be upset and advises her to simply rip up the divorce papers. She explains that she can’t because good things will come if she doesn’t. There is a knock on the door and she sends Michael back to his room. Lulu comes in to complain about her love life but sees that Carly is in need of comforting. She asks her what’s wrong and Carly explains that Sonny signed the divorce papers. She tells Lulu that all she has to do is sign them, but she confesses that she can’t do it.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Craig not mess with Luke. Craig explains that it’s in his own best interest to make sure Nikolas stays focused. He suggests Nikolas sign over custody of Laura to Luke. Nikolas tells him that the matter is private and has nothing to do with their arrangement. Craig reminds Nikolas that he poisoned him and therefore is in control of him. He again orders that Nikolas sign Laura over. Nikolas tries to appeal to him, but Craig insists he has no empathy.

Back at GH, Patrick runs into the lab technician, Kavi, who is looking for Robin. He explains that he has test results that he has to give to Robin directly. Patrick tries to take them from him, but Robin shows up and Kavi hands them to her. Patrick walks off to eavesdrop. Kavi explains that he can’t figure out what the toxin is, but says he’ll keep looking. While he talks with Robin, Maxie joins Patrick in eavesdropping. She tells Patrick that she too thinks something is up with Robin’s erratic behavior. Patrick asks her if she’ll do him a favor. Meanwhile, Kavi tells Robin that whatever the poison is, the person who has it in their blood stream is lucky to be alive. Robin acknowledges this and tells him to keep the file secret. Robin walks away and Maxie strolls in pushing a cart. She knocks it over and Kavi helps her pick up the items that fell. When he’s not looking, she grabs the file off the counter. She thanks him for his help and takes the file to Patrick. After looking at the file, Patrick wonders why Robin is being so secretive about a toxin screen.

At the police department, Mac visits Ric and explains to him Cooper and Logan’s involvement in the Cellar shooting. He admits that Cooper saved Maxie’s life. Ric recognizes Cooper’s name and asks if he’s the same guy who applied to the police academy. Mac tells him that he is and says that he scored really high on the test.

Back at GH, Maxie overhears Cooper and Logan talking. Logan tells Cooper that Sonny owes him now. Cooper expresses his concerns.

Meanwhile, Alexis visits Sonny at the office. She tells him that she has to support Jax, even if it means talking to him. She asks Sonny to sign the divorce papers so Jax can marry Carly. She goes on and on with her reasons for a few moments and then describes that the coffee smell is making her nauseous. Sonny admits that he signed the divorce papers already. He tells her that he enjoys watching her get riled up so he let her keep going. He tells her that she is a good friend and she tells him it’s the result of being Jax’s ex. She suggests that maybe he and Carly will someday be good friends too.

Back at Carly’s, Lulu takes a look at the giant rock Jax put on Carly, who confesses she wants the divorce. Lulu asks her what the problem is and Carly says that she just can’t justify walking away from a man she loves. Lulu asks her what she would do if Sonny weren’t in the picture. She admits she would be with Jax. Then Lulu asks her what she would do if Jax weren’t available. She confesses she would get sucked into Sonny’s world. Lulu says she wishes she could help and offers Carly her own advice. She tells Carly to trust her heart and follow it.

At the office, Sonny tells Diane to increase child support payments for Carly. Diane asks him why and he explains that he finally signed the divorce papers. Then he tells Diane to make sure that Logan’s hospital bills are taken care of. She asks him why he doesn’t just go to the hospital and thank him.

Back at GH, Maxie offers Logan a comic book for entertainment. He asks her for a medical journal. She is shocked by his request. Cooper explains that Logan joined the army because he needed money to pay for his schooling to become a doctor. Cooper’s phone ring and he answers. Ric asks him to come to the station. He leaves and Maxie asks Logan if he’s trying to work for Sonny.

At the Q. mansion, Scott invades Tracy and Luke’s privacy again to inform Luke that he will be testifying in the court case that will determine who will be Laura’s guardian. Luke promises Scott he will make sure the court knows all his dirty secrets. Scott tells him that he will have to tell his own secrets as well. Tracy intervenes and suggests that Luke just sign Laura over to Scott. He tells her there is no way that will ever happen. She asks him if he wants Lulu to find out about the things in his past. Scott suggests he focus on being a better husband to Tracy than he was to Laura. He assures Luke he will take care of Laura as he leaves. Luke tells Tracy, wife or not, he will never abandon Laura. Tracy explains that he won’t have to.

Meanwhile, Patrick follows an unsuspecting Robin back to Wyndemere. She comes in and Craig talks about all the visitors he and Nikolas received. Patrick stands outside the door listening.

At the police station, Cooper and Ric talk. Ric brings up specifics about the gun battle at the Cellar and Cooper suggests they not speak of such graphic things in front of Molly. Ric assures him that Molly doesn’t understand it. Then Ric informs Cooper that he wants him on the police force as soon as possible.

Back at GH, Sonny pays Logan a visit and tells him that he will pay his medical bills. Logan thanks him but says he needs a job too. Sonny tells him he will talk to Carly about getting him hired at the Metro Court. Logan tells Sonny he wants to work for him. Sonny insists that he already been more than generous today and is done with it. He advises Logan to take what he can get.

Meanwhile, Carly sits over the divorce papers and thinks back to her and Sonny’s kiss at the Metro Court. She comes out of her daydream and looks at the papers again. Frustrated, she throws the pen across the room. As it hits the ground, Jax walks in.

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