GH Update Tuesday 4/17/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/17/07


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At Carly's place, Michael asks her when they can go see Sonny. She wants to talk to him about something first. Jax comes in and greets them both, kissing Carly. They tell Michael that they are going to get married and it will actually happen this time. Michael is confused and says that she is married to his dad. Carly reminds him why they go married. They discuss her marriage to Sonny. Jax tells Michael that things won't really change that much. Michael tells Jax nicely that if he has to have a step-father, he'd want it be Jax, but he thinks that his parents still love each other and doesn't think Sonny will ever let them divorce. He runs upstairs, upset. Carly apologizes, but Jax is understanding. Carly wants this chance to be happy. She and Jax hug.

Amelia visits Sonny at the hospital at his request. Sonny holds up the newspaper article that has a picture of Sam and the headline "Corinthos Mistress Gives Shootout Tips". He says that Sam's new career has become an embarrassment to him and his wife. Amelia suggests in a snarky way that if he's having troubles with his wife, he should talk to Jax, not her. Sonny ignores that and keeps arguing with her about the article and the TV show. Sonny threatens that if Amelia doesn't want to lose her new host, she needs to make sure that Sam doesn't talk about him or Jason. Amelia doesn't agree to anything; she says it's up to Sam. Patrick comes in and asks to run more tests. Sonny dismisses Amelia. Patrick examines Sonny and wants to run more tests. Robin comes in and, learning that Patrick is not releasing Sonny, wonders why. She and Patrick bicker about it, but Patrick has the last word and leaves. Sonny wonders what's going on, so Robin tells him that they broke up. Sonny thinks there might be something more to it and is shocked to hear that she's with Nikolas now. Before Sonny can discuss it more with Robin, Jax walks in, saying he has to talk with Sonny about his divorce from Carly. Sonny says that he's Carly's husband for a few more months, at least. Jax, exasperated, wonders why Sonny is dragging this out. Sonny knows that she will change her mind again. They argue, and Jax mentions the kids, which annoys Sonny. Jax asks him again to give Carly the divorce.

Robin finds Patrick at the nurse's station and apologizes to him for hurting him and making him more commitment-phobic. She thinks that he needs to separate their professional and personal relationship. He wonders what she wants him to do, such as leave town. He suggests sarcastically that maybe he can take up with Emily so she and Nikolas can run around town without having to feel guilty about it.

Sam also looks at the newspaper article at the penthouse. Spinelli comes downstairs and asks with fear if she's seen Jason. She says that she thinks Jason went for a ride. Both of them are suddenly worried that Jason is going to kill them. Jason comes in and can tell something is wrong. He asks them to tell them what it is. Before Sam can say anything, Spinelli begs Jason to forgive me for making a huge mistake. Spinelli starts telling Jason what he did to impress Lulu, but Sam stops him, saying she really needs to talk to Jason. Spinelli runs back upstairs. Sam apologizes for not being able to keep him and Sonny out of the press. She holds up the paper. He tells her with a sigh that he knows she can't control what they write. She is worried about how furious Sonny will be. Jason promises to talk to Sonny but says this can't happen again. She promises it won't. She gives him a kiss before she leaves, saying she will see him tonight. Spinelli observes that Jason can't get mad at Sam because he feels so guilty about not telling her that he's the father of Elizabeth's baby. Jason counters that Sam is excited about the TV thing, so he doesn't want to ruin it for her. Spinelli points out that he's allowed to have his opinion about her career, especially when it clashes with his own. Spinelli again tries to get Jason to tell her the truth. Jason is tired of the same argument. They keep arguing until Carly barges in, saying she has good news. Spinelli leaves them alone. Carly thanks him for being so thoughtful. Spinelli leaves, saying he has something to do. Carly asks why Spinelli is so nervous. Jason sighs and tells her that Spinelli took his bike out without asking, put a dent in it, and he hasn't been able to confess it to Jason yet. Carly wonders how Jason always does that. He knows that she is there to tell him to marry Jax. He asks how the boys are taking it. She grudgingly confides that Michael took it very hard. She begs Jason to talk Sonny into giving her the divorce.

Outside Laura's room at Shadybrook, Luke asks Lainey if Scott has told her about the petition for guardianship for Laura. She says that he did. Luke demands that Scott have no contact with Laura, but she tells him that it's a legal matter that has to be resolved, but Shadybrook can't limit access in the meantime. When Luke points out that Scott has no legal connection to Laura, she reminds him that he doesn't, either. She tells him that Nikolas is now Laura's legal guardian. Luke is surprised because he thought that Scott was lying. Lainey makes it clear that Nikolas, not any Spencers, would be solely in charge of Laura's care.

Luke visits Laura in her room. He can't figure out why Laura put Nikolas in charge instead of him and not tell him. He speculates over the reasons, hurt and perplexed.

At Windemere, Nikolas gets off the phone and informs James that they can't finish getting his French passport until he establishes legal residency in France. Nikolas suggests he leave to expedite it as long as he leaves enough of the counteragent. James says he wouldn't hear of leaving him alone so that Robin could try to reverse-engineer it. Nikolas is confused because he had said that wasn't possible. James says it isn't. Alexis walks in, smiling, and asks if this is a bad time. James tells her in a charming way that it is time for them to take a break from their business deal. James goes to leave them alone, but Alexis wants to thank him for his help. This is news to Nikolas, so James claims that he saved Alexis' life. She says that he is exaggerating. James points out that she was very dehydrated and if he hadn't rushed her to the hospital, it might have been bad. Alexis thanks him for that and for taking care of Kristina while she was with Dr. Trent. James tells them that he taught her a card game to pass the time. Alexis is very impressed with how much Kristina liked him, but she does needle him a bit about his ego, even as she thanks him. Nikolas interrupts to suggest that Alexis go home and rest further. Just then, Scott walks in and tells Nikolas that he's going to take him to court to get guardianship of Laura. After Scott tries to bully Nikolas into signing guardianship over to him, he wonders who James is, so James tells him and goes to leave. Scott says he just needs a signature from Nikolas, but Alexis tells him to put it away. Scott and Alexis argue about it. Scott thinks that Nikolas is not protecting Laura from Luke. Scott threatens some more and then leaves. Nikolas heaves a heavy sigh. James insists that he and Nikolas get back to their business. Alexis finds him to be insensitive but tells Nikolas that she will work on the problem with Scotty (counter-suing). He doesn't think she needs the stress, but she insists that she can handle it. She also warns Nikolas that Luke will not react well to this news. Alexis leaves, and Nikolas shuts the door behind her. Nikolas asks what James was thinking, going to Alexis' house. James points out that it was better for Kristina that she not see her mother lying on the ground. Nikolas suggests that James go elsewhere. He offers to give him 60 million dollars if he leaves for good. James is not convinced. Nikolas wants to focus all of his attention on the lawsuit over Laura, but James insists on staying with their current arrangement.

Alan and Tracy have a chat about Luke. She is worried that Luke will get very upset when he finds out that Nikolas is in charge of Laura, even though it doesn't much matter, since Laura just sits there anyway. Alan tries to be sympathetic, but Tracy snaps that she knows full well that Luke will always love Laura and never give up on her. Of course, Tracy thinks Luke should move on and forget about Laura. When she comments that she doesn't know why she bothers, Alan points out with a laugh that she loves Luke because he is the one guy that can match her, even with all his faults. She gets annoyed when he compares his marriage to Monica to hers with Luke. Luke walks in, and she can tell Luke is having a bad day. He tells her what she already knew about the guardianship. He is shocked that she knew already. She tells him that she found it out back when Luke took off. Tracy thinks that Laura wanted to leave Luke with the memory of how she was as a woman, not as the patient he has to take care of. He wonders how she knows that; she replies that it's what she would do. Even though she and Laura are different, she thinks any woman would do the same.

Amelia stops Stan as he is coming out of the elevator on the 7th floor of GH (same floor that Sonny is on). She asks him if he has any influence over Sonny. He says that he has been working with Sonny for a few years now. She wonders if Sonny values his opinion, and he hopes that Sonny does. She wonders if Stan can tell Sonny that in order for Sam's show to do well, they have to get viewers, which means that his history with Sonny or Jason might bring some headlines. Stan stops her and tells her that's not his area of expertise, but since she is charming him, he says he will see what he can do. Epiphany comes up and tells Stan to stop chasing after white girls. He tells her that just because her relationship didn't work out, she needs to stop telling him things like that.

Carly barges into Sam's set and demands to talk to her. One of Sam's people, an African-American man with headphones, tries to get her to leave, but Carly threatens to tell everyone all the dirt she knows about Sam. Sam asks the man to leave her alone with Carly. Carly blasts Sam for the newspaper article. Sam protests that she didn't think the press would spin things this way. Carly points out that Jason will not like it, but Sam says that he is very understanding about it. Carly still thinks Sam will have to make a choice between the job or Jason if she doesn't get her publicity under control. Later, the same man suggests to Amelia that she should make sure that her star doesn't have some kind of bad past that will come out. Sam is napping, still sitting in her chair on the set, so Amelia remarks that she has not been getting much sleep lately. Sam has a dream about a man calling her nasty names and throwing her around violently. When she awakens with a start, Amelia is there to ask Sam if she had a bad dream. The makeup people get Sam ready for her show. They start taping the show. The man that was with Sam earlier gives Amelia a piece of paper and tells her they have all the research she wanted - everything about Sam's connection to a woman named Angela Monroe. He tells her that Sam was running a con on middle-aged rich guys to marry her and then run off with their money. She went from town to town doing this, with various identities, with five husbands. The man tells Amelia that the last guy, Bill Monroe, figured out what she was doing and confronted her, so she killed him. Amelia looks at Sam with sadness.

Jason goes to visit Sonny, who is annoyed and telling Stan to re-route their shipments because of the press. He throws the newspaper off the bed. Stan advises Sonny to just refuse to comment. He doesn't think it will be such a big deal. Sonny is grumpy and doesn't want to hear his opinion. Stan leaves Jason alone with Sonny. Sonny starts ordering Jason what to do about Sam and the publicity. Jason tells him he's not there about Sam. Sonny knows he's there about Carly. Jason says that since he pressured Carly to marry him, it's only fair that he pressures Sonny to sign the divorce papers and give her up. Sonny reminds Jason that he was all ready to give Carly up when things happened at the Metrocourt, where she admitted that she still loves him. Jason tells him it doesn't matter whether she loves him or not. She wants Jax. Sonny just thinks she wants Jax because he's safe. Jason argues that after all the things they have been through, he owes it to Carly to accept it.

Robin finds Patrick and again tries to make peace with him. Epiphany suggests that they both go back to work. They argue more about Sonny, but Epiphany yells at them to take their problems elsewhere. They keep arguing as they walk away. He can tell that she's lying and demands to know what's really going on. Patrick gets a phone call at the desk, but Epiphany tells the person calling that he is in a very important consultation right now. Robin keeps trying to argue with him about Nikolas, but he is very angry that she is still lying.

Scott goes to visit Laura at Shadybrook. First, he looks in at her through the window with a scowl. Tracy stops him from going in. He is surprised that she wants to keep him away from Laura. He would think that she would be happy to support him to take Laura away from Luke. She tells him that she is married to Luke, so if Luke doesn't want him near Laura, neither does she.

Just as James is leaving the room where Nikolas is sitting, Luke walks in and insists on talking about Laura. James loiters nearby.

Jason returns home to find Spinelli fretting about what he did. Spinelli starts babbling. Jason tells him to take a deep breath. Spinelli does and then confesses that he dented Jason's bike in trying to impress Lulu. Jason says simply that he noticed. Spinelli, looking even more upset, babbles that he would never use the info about the baby's paternity against him. Jason tells him it's ok. Spinelli is shocked that Jason is taking it so easily. Jason tells him that it's just a bike but to ask first and maybe next time he can show him how to ride it. Spinelli is even more shocked. Jason tells him that he just made a mistake and he knows he won't do it again. Spinelli is just bowled over at his unexpected kindness. When Jason goes to leave again, Spinelli tells him that he would have made a really great dad. Jason looks wounded.

Sonny goes to see Carly and asks if she still has the papers. She thanks him and says it's for the best. He retorts, "Keep telling yourself that". He sits down to sign them. He tells her he's just doing this because she asks, even though he doesn't want the divorce. With his voice breaking, he says that he can't force her to stay married to him or love him. Carly sits down quietly next to him and tells him firmly that she does love him. So then he asks why he is signing the papers.

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