GH Update Monday 4/16/07

General Hospital Update Monday 4/16/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Luke and Tracy at the Q. mansion. Tracy apologizes to Luke for Alan’s interruption the night before. He tells her it’s okay. Alan appears in his chair and warns Tracy that if Luke isn’t getting action from her, he must be getting it elsewhere. Tracy yells at Luke for being a cheater.

At GH, Lucky returns to Liz’s side. He informs her that Mac let him off for the night so he could be with her in case the baby is born. Liz tells him she’s okay and that the medication appears to be working. Spinelli runs in next to Lulu with a video camera. Lucky asks him what he’s doing and he says he’s taping the birth. Lucky asks him for whom he feels the need to tape the birth.

Elsewhere, Sam tells Jason that she’s glad he’s okay. She asks him who tried to kill him and he tells her they think it was Alcazar. She tells him that she’s going to stay with him. Amelia comes over and tells Sam it’s time to get back to work.

Outside Kelly’s, Carly tells Jax that the Cellar is cursed with murder. Jax acknowledges her desire to go see Sonny.

Back at the Q. mansion, Tracy tells Luke not to deny his adulterous ways. Alan suggests that Luke will claim he was just thinking of her. Luke does exactly as Alan predicts. Then Luke accuses Alan of working Tracy. He tells her to stop acting like a jealous teen. Monica comes in and asks Tracy why she’s yelling at Alan’s chair. Tracy confesses that Alan in haunting her.

Back at GH, Liz tells Spinelli she doesn’t want the birth taped. He tells her it’s unfair. Lucky reminds him that birth is private. Lulu cuts in before Spinelli can do more damage and explains that he was trying to tape the birth for her in case she couldn’t be there. She admits the idea was stupid and pull Spinelli into the hallway. She asks Spinelli if he’s lost his marbles. He tells her that he wasn’t thinking about what Lucky would say.

Nearby, Amelia tells Sam it’s time to go. Carly and Jax rush in and Jason tells Carly that he and Sonny are fine. He explains that the doctors want to keep Sonny over night for observation. Jax insists that Carly go in to see Sonny. Meanwhile, Amelia and Sam argue over the show. Sam tells her that the show can wait. She reminds Amelia that Jason was almost killed. Jason comes over and tells her it’s okay if she wants to go. Sam cuts him off and tell him and Amelia that they’ve had their turn to put in their two cents. Now it’s her turn.

At home, Lorenzo discusses his failed hit with one of his employees. The guy explains what happened at the Cellar and tells him that they weren’t expecting two men to jump in to rescue Sonny and Jason. Lorenzo complains that this was the easiest shot they had to take out Sonny and Jason. He resolves that he will blame the hit on one of Sonny and Jason’s other enemies. Lorenzo’s employee asks him what will happen next. Lorenzo tells him that he intends to keep his charade going. He tells the guy that Skye knows the truth now, and has agreed to keep silent. Lorenzo’s employee vows silence as well as he turns to leave. Then, Lorenzo shoots him down.

At GH, Skye admits to Ric that she can’t trust Lorenzo anymore. Ric reminds her that she is in danger now. Skye vows to do what it takes to keep her daughter safe. Ric advises her that she will have to tell Sonny and Jason that Alcazar is faking his illness. Skye argues that she can’t because they would kill Lorenzo. She tells Ric she isn’t sure that she can set Lorenzo up. He tells her she shouldn’t have a problem with it since he did it to her. Then, Jax and Carly arrive and Carly gets in Skye’s face. She orders Ric to arrest Skye for ordering the hit on Sonny and Jason. Ric assures Carly that he is questioning Skye, who tells Carly to butt out. Carly promises Skye that she will make her pay. She tells Skye that she will be her new favorite project. Skye retaliates by attacking Jax for being such a fool when it comes to Carly.

In the maternity ward, Lulu tells Spinelli he has to stop thinking about Jason’s feelings because it was Jason’s decision to give up his child. She tells him that Lucky is going to be the baby’s father now. Spinelli argues that Jason will always be the baby’s real father.

Nearby, Sam explains to Amelia that she loves Jason and says that she is not leaving him when he needs her. Amelia tells her that Jason asked for this because this is the life he chose. Jason pulls Sam aside and tells her that she should go. Amelia thanks him for his help and she and Sam leave. Ric comes in and tells Jason that preliminary reports indicate that Alcazar is behind the attempted hit.

At the Q. mansion, Monica asks Tracy if she’s had too much to drink. Tracy insists that Alan is really haunting her. She is about to confess to Monica why Alan has chosen her to haunt when Monica announces that if Alan were going to haunt anyone it would be her. Then she insists that Tracy prove that Alan is haunting her by asking him a private question about his and Monica’s sex life. Edward and Luke decide to grab a drink. Monica orders Tracy to ask Alan what she likes most in bed. Edward and Luke simultaneously spit their drinks out.

Back at GH, Ric asks Jason what happened at the Cellar. Jason tells him he’s not saying anything without an attorney present. He asks Ric if he’s going to arrest him. Ric says he won’t today. Jason leaves and Scott comes in. He explains to Ric that Mayor Floyd has hired him on as a special prosecutor.

At the Q. mansion, Monica waits for Tracy’s answer. Tracy reluctantly asks Alan the question and he answers her with “oopsie daisy.” Tracy makes a disgusted face and Monica asks her what the answer is. Tracy repeats Alan’s answer and Monica nearly chokes.

At GH, Carly tells Jax how wonderful he is for being so supportive of her. Jax tells her to go check on Sonny and she goes.

Meanwhile, Lulu promises Spinelli that she will keep Jason informed about the baby. She asks Spinelli to keep Jason away from Liz and Lucky now. Kelly comes in and Lulu sends Spinelli away. Kelly tells Liz to try to walk around to make sure the medication is working. Liz and Lucky go for a walk. When they leave, Jason comes up.

Elsewhere, Carly visits Sonny. He wakes up and begs her not to leave him.

In the maternity ward, Jason starts to explain his presence to Lulu. She tells him that he doesn’t need to explain. She tells him that Spinelli is worried about him. Then she tells Jason that if he wants her to be an informant for him about the baby, then she will do it. He tells her that he just wants to know that his baby is okay.

At the Metro Court, one of the employees complains to Amelia and Sam that the press are invading wanting comments about eh shoot out. Sam says she’ll tell them she has no comment for them. Amelia tells her that she shouldn’t do that because this is publicity they can’t pass up.

At the Q. mansion, Monica accuses Tracy of listening outside the door when she and Alan were together. Tracy denies it and reminds her that she was the one who wanted her to ask the question. Monica orders Tracy to leave Alan out of her games and let him rest in peace as she exits. Edward tells Tracy he’s worried about her as he follows Monica. Luke tells Tracy he’s out too, but she stops him and asks him not to leave.

At the Alcazar home, Skye returns and Lorenzo asks her what took so long. She tells him about her run in with Carly and the threats she made to her. She asks Lorenzo what will happen if Sonny and Jason believe that she was responsible for the hit. He tells her not to worry. She tells him she’s afraid and he apologizes. She tells him she understands now what she has to do.

Back in Sonny’s hospital room, Carly asks Sonny if he knows what happened to him. He tells her about the shoot out. They both agree not to tell the boys. Sonny apologizes for scaring Carly and she tells him to be more careful. Then she tells him to get some rest and begins to leave. He tells her to stay. She asks him if he remembers what she did earlier in the evening. Sonny tells her that she went to Canada with Jax. She nods and breaks the news to him that she is engaged to Jax again.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy and Luke have a heart to heart. She admits she is somewhat happy that Alan is haunting her. Then she tells Luke that she doesn’t want to lose him, but can’t choose between him and Alan. She admits that Luke is the best thing that ever happened to her. Luke assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. After witnessing Tracy’s love for Luke, Alan decides to give her some alone time with him. She tells Luke that they are finally alone.

At GH, Lulu reminds Jason that this is what’s best for the baby. However, she admits that Spinelli is having a hard time with the secret. She tells Jason that Spinelli even tried to tape the birth for him. She tells Jason that she handled it and he thanks her. He asks her how things are going in her life. Then, Liz and Lucky return and Lucky tells Jason about Liz going into early labor. Jason takes off and Lucky tells Lulu that it was nice of Jason to come check on Liz.

At the Metro Court, Sam reminds Amelia that Jason and Sonny don’t like to talk to the press about these things. Amelia tells her to just talk the shooting down and talk the show up. Sam confesses that method feels a bit cold. Amelia tells her that’s the way the business is.

At GH, a shocked Sonny asks Carly to repeat what she said because he must not have heard her correctly. She informs him that she accepted Jax’s proposal. Sonny reminds her that she’s still married to him. She tells him that they will only be married until he signs the papers. She confesses again that she loves him, but states that she also loves Jax in a healthier way. Sonny tells her he has a while to change her mind. He tells her that he isn’t giving up. She insists that he can’t force her to stay as she walks out of the room.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy and Luke make out, but are interrupted by Scott who has come to inform Luke that he is fighting for custody of Laura.

At GH, Carly rejoins Jax and tells him she’s ready to go home. He notices she’s upset and asks her about it. She tells him that she had to hurt Sonny to let him know that she loves someone else.

Meanwhile, Jason visits Sonny. He asks Sonny where Carly went and he tells her she left. Then he informs Jason of Carly’s recent engagement and gloats that he has five whole months to change her mind. Jason blatantly tells Sonny that Carly doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Sonny asks if Jason thinks he should give up on Carly. Jason advises that sometimes the best way to love someone is to let him or her go.

At the Metro Court, Sam talks to the press briefly about Jason and Sonny’s close call and turns it around to instruct the press on what to do in a similar situation.

Elsewhere, Lorenzo tells Skye how grateful he is to have her. She tells him she’s glad the charade is almost over. He informs her that it isn’t and that she will have to play along until he can get the upper hand again. The baby cries and Lorenzo goes to tend to her. Skye calls Ric and tells him that she has to get out now and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring Lorenzo down.

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