GH Update Friday 4/13/07

General Hospital Update Friday 4/13/07


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Today, GH opens with Lorenzo talking to Lila Rae. His phone rings and he commands the person on the line to block all the exits at the Cellar and to leave no survivors. Skye enters to hear his orders.

At GH, Liz drops her paperwork and bends over in pain. Lucky asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that she’s having a contraction.

At the Metro Court, Sam begins her photo shoot for the opening credits of her show.

At the Cellar, Jason meets up with Sonny who complains that the paparazzi are harassing him again. He tells Jason that he either has to get Sam to sign the restraining order or quit the show. Then, gunfire erupts. Upstairs at Kelly’s, Logan, Cooper, Maxie and Lulu hear the gunshots. The boys push the girls to the ground and cover them. Music plays and the shot cuts to Liz and Lucky at GH, then back to Sam’s photo shoot.

Meanwhile, in Montreal, Jax proposes to Carly again and she accepts his proposal. The scene cuts back to the shoot out at the Cellar. Jason and Sonny dash to safety with bullets flying everywhere. Back upstairs, Logan and Cooper pull their guns out. The scene cuts back to Sam’s photo shoot and then back to Montreal where Jax and Carly share a hug. Then it cuts back to the gunfight. Back in Kelly’s, Maxie tells Logan and Cooper that the shots are coming from the nightclub downstairs. The boys dash off to check out the situation. In the Cellar, Jason crawls on the floor to get somewhere safer and the opening credits role.

Back at the Metro Court, Sam is wearing a different outfit and the photographer tells her it’s time to do another wardrobe change. Amelia comes over to talk to Sam who tells her that she inspires her to do the best she can.

In Montreal, Carly admits the new ring is beautiful, but says she misses her old one. She says that ring symbolized a purer time. Then she tells Jax that one day, she will give her new ring to their son and tell him the story of how she got the ring. The two confess their undying love for each other.

Back at the Alcazar apartment, Skye watches Lorenzo with Lila. She hears Ric’s voice warning her that Lorenzo faked his brain injury and subsequently is putting her in the line of fire. Skye announces that she’s home.

At GH, Lucky asks Kelly if it’s too soon for Liz to have the baby. As she sets Liz up in a room, Kelly explains that it’s too early for him to be worried. She assures him that everything will be fine.

At the Cellar, Cooper and Logan rush in firing their rifles. Alcazar’s men shoot Sonny and Logan.

Upstairs, Maxie calls the police to report the shooting. Spinelli shows up and talks to Lulu. Meanwhile, Cooper chases a gunman out of the Cellar. He runs into Maxie and grabs her. He puts his gun to her and Cooper orders him to let her go.

Back at GH, Kelly confirms that Liz is in labor but assures her that she could take something that would stop the contractions and the labor to allow the baby to be carried to term. Lucky asks her if the baby would be alright if it were born early and she says yes. Liz asks her if it wouldn’t be best to let the baby come when it’s due.

At the Metro Court, Sam calls Jason and leaves him a message asking him if we like to join her for dinner. She tells him she feels bad about ditching him and says she wants to make it up to him. Nearby, Amelia talks to her production guy and tells him to keep digging for information on Sam. Reporters begin to run in and ask Sam how she feels about her boyfriend being involved in another gunfight. They tell her that early reports indicate that both Jason and Sonny are dead.

In Montreal, Carly and Jax converse and talk about their love. Carly vows from this moment on to put Jax first.

Outside Kelly’s, Mac and other police show up. Mac orders the gunman to release Maxie. Cooper tells Maxie to look at him. She does. He tells her not to be afraid. Then he shoots.

In the Cellar, Jason and Logan shoot at the last surviving attacker. Jason gets up to make sure he’s dead. Then he goes to see if Sonny is okay. He tells Sonny that everything is taken care of, but Sonny stays motionless on the floor.

Back in Montreal, Carly and Jax continue their conversation and vow to love each other forever.

Outside Kelly’s, Maxie runs to Cooper as the gunman falls to the ground. Mac yells at Cooper for pulling such a risky move and reminds him that Maxie could have been hurt. Lulu and Spinelli defend him citing that he had no choice.

At GH, Robin runs into Patrick and they argue some. Epiphany comes in to announce that Sonny and another person are being brought in with gunshot wounds. Robin insists that Patrick let her consult with him on Sonny because he’s her friend. Meanwhile, Sam runs in asking for Jason. Epiphany tells her that all she knows is that Jason isn’t in the ambulance.

Elsewhere, Kelly tells Liz that it is best to carry to term if possible. Liz tells her that she wants to try the medication because she doesn’t want to risk an early delivery. Kelly leaves and Lucky promises to stay with Liz tonight. Then his phone rings. Mac tells him to get his butt to Kelly’s because Jason and Sonny were just involved in a shoot out.

Meanwhile, Skye asks Lorenzo what he did tonight. He tells her he just spent time with Lila. Ric comes in and informs Lorenzo that his grand scheme failed. He tells him that all his men died, but Sonny and Jason lived. He reminds him that now Skye is in serious danger.

Outside Kelly’s, Jason tells Lulu and Spinelli to go with Sonny in the ambulance to make sure he doesn’t say anything incriminating. Mac begins to question Jason about the shoot out.

On Jax’s jet, Carly admits that Montreal is now her favorite city and she suggests they spend their honeymoon there. The two start talking and Carly reveals she has never done it on a plane before. The two get busy to change that fact.

At GH, Stan comes in looking for Jason and Sonny. Epiphany tells him to go sit down. Sam sees Spinelli come in with Sonny and Logan. She asks him where Jason is. He tells her that Jason is fine, but he’s answering police questions. Kelly sees Lulu and tells her that Liz is going into labor. Spinelli tells the doctors that he has to stay with Sonny because Jason said he did. Sonny says something about continuing to shoot. Spinelli makes up a little rap to cover Sonny. Robin tells Spinelli to let Patrick do his job. Spinelli insists they must do as he says. Patrick tells him to shut up.

Elsewhere, Liz assures Lucky that she’s okay. She tells him that she’ll page him if she needs him. He tells her he’ll hurry back and leaves.

Outside Kelly’s, Jason tells Mac he’s not saying anything without his attorney present. Mac beings to asks Cooper what happened and he gives a police report run down of what happened. Mac asks him why he and Logan had guns and he explains they are both licensed to carry them because of their service in Iraq. Cruz approaches and tells Mac that he thinks the shoot out is Alcazar’s doing.

Meanwhile, Ric tells Lorenzo his plan was good, but advises he should have a back up plan. Lorenzo and Skye throw him out. Lorenzo tells Skye that Ric is just trying to scare her. He tells her that he knows how to fix the situation.

Back outside Kelly’s, Mac asks Lucky why he’s late. He explains that Liz just went into labor. Mac tells him to go back to GH and be with Liz. Jason overhears there conversation. Lucky leaves and Jason tells Mac that if he isn’t going to arrest him, then he has to let him go. Mac tells him to go and Jason dashes off.

At GH, Lulu visits Liz. Lulu informs Liz about what happened at the Cellar. She tells her that Jason and Sonny are fine, but says that Sonny has a concussion.

Meanwhile, Skye realizes that Lorenzo has been lying to her for weeks. He explains to her that he did for her and Lila’s protection. He tells her that faking his injury was the best way to take out Sonny and Jason. Skye reminds him that both survived the attack and that now they will be out for blood. He assures her that they won’t attack a woman. He tells her that if he keeps faking his injury, he can get the upper hand. He tells her to be as mad as she wants, but insists that he lied to protect her.

At GH, Spinelli continues arguing with Patrick. Robin assures Spinelli that she and Sonny have been friends for a long time and she tells him that she will make sure no one uses anything Sonny says against him.

Meanwhile, Cooper comes in looking for Logan. When he finds him, Logan informs him that he has to have surgery. He asks him to call his father.

Elsewhere, Spinelli asks Sam where Lulu went. She tells him that Liz went into labor so Lulu went to see her. Spinelli blurts out that someone should tell “him.”

Back at Alcazar’s, the conquered mob boss admits to his daughter that his brilliant plan failed. He tells her that some good came out of it though. He says he finally got to tell Skye the truth and she forgave him.

At GH, Skye meets up with Ric and confesses that he was right about Lorenzo. She tells him that because Lorenzo put her in the line of fire, she has to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her daughter.

Close by, Lulu tells Liz she doesn’t have to explain her concern for Jason. Still, she tries to tell Lulu that she and Lucky owe Jason a lot. Lulu suggests that if that’s true, she and Lucky should let Jason be a part of the baby’s life in someway.

Elsewhere, Sam asks Spinelli who should tell whom about Liz. Spinelli says someone should tell Lucky. Sam guesses that Lucky already knows.

Meanwhile, Cooper asks Logan to give him his father’s name or number so he can contact him. Logan changes his mind, citing that his father wouldn’t care anyways. Cooper is asked to leave and he runs into Maxie. They talk and she thanks him for saving her.

Elsewhere at GH, Stan and Amelia run into each other. An impatient Amelia asks Stan how long it will take her to get Sam back to work. He tells her that she won’t leave until she knows Jason is okay. The two begin to banter back and forth.

Meanwhile, Jason finally arrives at the hospital. He asks someone about Liz and runs into Sam who gives him a big hug. Spinelli tells him that Sonny is fine. Then he explains that Lulu went to see Liz, who was in labor, but he explains they are trying to stop it. Sam insists that Jason is more concerned about Sonny right now. Jason goes to find Sonny and talks to Robin and Patrick who tell him that Sonny suffered a serious concussion, but no bullets entered his head.

Jax and Carly finally arrive home. The two go to Kelly’s for dessert and see police everywhere. They ask what happened and Mac tells them that Sonny and Jason were ambushed. He informs them that Jason is fine but that Sonny was sent to GH with a head injury.

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