GH Update Thursday 4/12/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/12/07


Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Jax is at Metro Court.  He asks Marty to give him the item he had in the vault.  Marty gives him the item.  It's a ring for Carly.

Carly walks into the coffeehouse with Michael and Morgan.  Milo trying to stop them.  Carly and the boys walk into Sonny's office.  Sonny is on the phone with Diane telling her that he needs Sam to sign the restraining order.  Sonny puts down the phone as Carly walks in. Carly asks Sonny to watch the boys tonight because she is going to Montreal with Jax.

Sam is sitting on one of the stools at Kelly's.  Jason walks in and kisses Sam on the cheek.  Jason starts to tell Sam that he wants to take her to a place near the Canadian border.  Sam asks Jason if he's been riding that far on his bike.  Jason tells her `Yes´ and that he wants to leave now to go and make it in time.  Sam tells Jason that she forgot to call him and that she has to go to work.  Then, reporters storm into Kelly's and ask about Sonny and Jason.

Lorenzo talks to his henchman about blocking access to the Cellar for the ambush.  He wants to see Jason and Sonny carried out in body bags.

Segment 2

Jax tells Marty thanks.  Marty wishes him the best.  Amelia walks in and talks to Jax about having national exposure at the hotel by shooting scenes with Sam.  Jax says that he has no problem with it but he will have to run it by Carly when she gets there to go to Montreal with him.

Cooper is late for work.  He tells Max that he passed the exam and that he would be joining the cadets.  Max tells him not to be late again.  Maxie walks in and asks how the test went.  Logan walks into Metro Court as he said good.  Logan asks Cooper if he is going to get Cooper's job.  Cooper tells him that he will do what he can.

Morgan is twisting in Sonny's chair as Carly tells Michael and Morgan that they are still grounded.  No TV, no video games, no action figures for Morgan, etc.  Sonny said that he is with Carly all the way on their punishment.  They both send the kids out of the office because Carly needs to talk to Sonny.  Carly thanks Sonny for sticking with her on the boys´ punishment.  She says she hopes that the press doesn't show up and that the reporters were talking about him and Sam. She also says that this trip to Montreal may be hard on the kids. Sonny tells Carly to go on the trip and have fun.  She says that she will.  Sonny tells Carly to be honest with herself on how she really wants to spend the rest of her life.  She doesn't answer and walks out of the office.  She kisses the boys goodbye and Sonny tells her to have a great time.

Reporters start to hound Sam.  Mike walks out of the kitchen with a bat and shoos them out.  Sam said to Jason that the reporters have been following her around all day.  She apologizes to Jason and tells him that she hopes this will all calm down after the first episode shows.

Spinelli asks Lulu if Jason said anything about his bike.  Spinelli doesn't want to tell Jason about the accident.

Sam mentions all the places that the reporters have been and says that Sonny probably doesn't like this whole TV show thing.  Sam asks Jason if she should sign the restraining order because she doesn't want to make Jason's life more difficult

Lorenzo talks about how Sonny hasn't gotten any security in place. He doesn't want angry survivors wanting revenge.  Skye walks in and asks Lorenzo what is going on.

Segment 3

Lorenzo acts all innocent.  Skye tells the henchman that she told him not to discuss business with Lorenzo.  He asks her what pier to do the shipment.  She tells him Pier 13 and then the guy leaves.  Lorenzo tells Skye that he hates what she is doing for him.  Skye tells him that she will always protect him, their daughter and the business until he is well.

Elizabeth and Lucky walked into Kelly's and talks to Sam about all the reporters.  Lucky asks Jason how he is handling all the reporters. Elizabeth says they are all rooting for her and then leaves to go sit. Lucky asks her if she plans to work tonight and asks her when she will stop.  Elizabeth tells him that she will know when it's time.  Mike comes to their table and asks what they will be ordering.  Elizabeth orders the pasta special and Lucky tells her that she needs her carbs and iron.  Elizabeth, then, orders roast beef, with potatoes and vegetables.

Spinelli is watching Elizabeth and Lucky.  Lulu tells him to stop staring at them.  They talk about what would happen if Elizabeth told the truth.

Sam leaves and Jason looks toward Elizabeth.

Spinelli says that Jason is letting Same take the limelight.

Jason is watching Elizabeth and Lulu is watching him.  Jason leaves.

Amelia thinks Carly stood Jax up again.  He tells her that Carly would be there.  Carly comes and Jax tells Carly that the jet is all fueled up.  Amelia asks Carly about Sam and the shoot there at Metro Court. Jax tells Carly that it's okay with him if it's okay with Carly.

Maxie asks Logan why it's up to Cooper to get him a job.  Logan tells Cooper to do what he can to get a job at Metro Court.  Logan leaves and Maxie tells Cooper that she will have jerk off his back before he knows it.

Sonny talks to Michael about Carly's date with Jax.  Michael asks why Sonny is giving up.  Sonny tells him that he is just giving her room, no tricks or games.  It's what your Carly wants and chooses.

Segment 4

Elizabeth is at work and Lulu shows up.  Elizabeth stops her and ask her what she is doing here.  Lulu says that she is changing her physical therapy appointment.  Lulu asks Elizabeth if Lucky is driving her crazy.  Elizabeth explains to her that he doesn't want anything to go wrong and that they are both happy.  They will have a great life as a family.

Max tells Jason on the phone that Cooper passed the test.  Maxie comes into the office and asks Jason to get Logan a job.  She says she will make it worth their while.

Logan talks to Mike about the things going on in Port Charles.  Logan asks Mike about Sonny and if he knows him.  Mike said that he is his son and that he will be there soon.  Sonny shows up with Michael. Mike tells Michael that he has fresh cookies and they are waiting for him.  Sonny stops Mike and Michael and tells Mike that the kids are grounded.  Sonny tells Mike that Michael should eat baked chicken with broccoli.  Michael and Milo go into the kitchen.  Mike talks about punishing his kid for something Sonny wants.

Carly and Jax are on the jet and they are having champagne.  She said that Jax never gave up on her.  Jax toasts with Carly to new beginnings - no looking back - the best is yet to come.

Sam is at Metro Court and is being hounded by reporters.  She tells Amelia that this is becoming a big problem in her personal life. Sam, also, tells Amelia about the restraining order.  Amelia says absolutely not.

Skye and Ric is at Metro Court.  Ric walks up to Skye and shows her the pictures of Lorenzo's men with the shipment.  He said that he could arrest her now.  Also, he said that he knows that Lorenzo is faking and that Skye will take the fall for it all.

Lorenzo said that he hates to put Skye in danger.  The guys said that he need to let competition think you aren't a threat.  Lorenzo said that he is right and that it will all end tonight.  We will all be sage and I will have what I need.

Segment 5

Carly asks Jax why he picks Montreal.  He said that it is a beautiful city and wants to take her to all sorts of place.  She asks if he ever took Brenda and he replied back with a simple no.  They kiss and she says just once, it's all about us, no one else.  Jax tells her that their life will be perfect.  They kiss again. Amelia says 'Everyday Heroes´ will make Sam a star.  Sam has to commit to it or walk away. Sam says she doesn't like ultimatums.  Amelia says that no one does.  Sam says that she doesn't like the reporters hounding her.  Amelia said `Fine.  Go back to being a desk clerk." Skye says she only wants to protect Lorenzo.  Ric tells her that he will hang onto the pictures for now and that Lorenzo is putting Skye in the line of fire.  Also, Ric hopes that she wakes up before it's too late Jason tells Maxie that if Logan wants a job that he needs to apply himself. Maxie tells him that she can get him info about cops if he does hire him.  Lulu walks in and tells Jason not to believe her.  Coop tells Logan he did the best he can and that if Jax wants to hire him, he will. Mike talks to Sonny about punishing Michael for what Sonny wants. Sonny says he can't do this and that Michael's behavior is unacceptable. Mike asks where Carly is and Sonny tells Mike that she is with Jax on her way to Montreal. Mike says he knows how it is to put money on the table.  Mike also tells Sonny that she is out there on her own making own choices.  Reporters come into Kelly's asking Sonny how he got job for his mistress (Sam).

Segment 6

Carly and Jax sitting down to eat. Carly talks about it being a far cry from trailer park in Florida. Jax says `Yes but can you not mention being from a trailer park to my friends.  Carly laughs.  They both talk sweet to each other.  Carly said that she isn't used to having things this easy.  Jax tells him that he will have to keep trying.  Carly and Jax dance.  Logan and Coop get reporters out. Michael asks Sonny if he bought `Everyday Heroes´ for Sam. Sonny asks Milo to take Michael home. Sonny calls Diane and Diane tells him that Sam refuses to sign.  Jason tells Maxie not involve herself in what doesn't concern her. Maxie leaves the office. Lulu says you can't trust her. Jason says he knows about motorcycle and Spinelli.  Lulu tells Jason that she saw him looking at Elizabeth.  Jason tells her that he will have to be more careful.  Sonny calls Jason and tells him to meet him at the cellar because they have a problem. Lorenzo talks to Lila Rae about how he is putting Skye in danger.  He said that it's almost over and after this, he will be worth more alive than dead to the covert cops.  Lorenzo's cell phone rings.  Lorenzo's tells his henchmen to be patient and that if Sonny is going to be there, so is Jason.  When Jason is there, then you can start with the ambush.

Segment 7 Mike gives Coop and Logan free cookies for getting rid of reporters. Logan talks about Sonny controlling the whole section around here. Coop is confused.  Maxie comes in said that Lulu betrayed him. Lulu comes in and yells at Maxie: `I can't believe you were going to betray your dad like that.´ Maxie insults Luke and Lulu slaps Maxie  They start fighting. Carly and Jax is still dancing. Amelia and Sam at Metro Court. Sam tells Amelia that she is still in. She goes to pose for the shoot. Skye overhears Lo giving order for the ambush. Elizabeth at hospital with Lucky. She drops the hospital books that she has. Lucky asks what's wrong and she replies saying that she is having a contraction. Sonny says Sam needs to sign order or quit show. Shots start to fire at the Cellar and Kelly's.

Logan throws Lulu to ground and covers her.

HUGE SHOOT OUT! Carly is shown ring. Logan grabs gun. Cooper and Logan nods at each other.

Elizabeth is on floor in pain.

Carly is smiling at ring.

Sonny and Jason are firing back.

Sam is still posing for the pictures

Previews The shoot-out continues Carly said to Jax that it's all about them Sonny is on the ground.  Looks to be unconscious.

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