GH Update Wednesday 4/11/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/11/07


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Today, GH opens with Dillon turning on some music and setting up a table outside for a romantic date. Popsicle runs up and Georgie soon follows. She asks Dillon if he’s preparing for a date with Lulu.

At the penthouse, Lulu shows up to talk to Jason. She tells him that he’s living proof that love sucks.

Meanwhile, Sam is on set and has flashbacks to a struggle with a man who calls her a prostitute. Amelia asks her if she’s okay. She says she’s fine, but admits the set reminds her of a place she used to live.

Elsewhere, Carly calls the boys down so they can go get pizza. Michael begs his mom to let him and Morgan play video games at the pizza place. She tells them that they are still grounded and should just appreciate the fact she’s not making them eat vegetables as punishment. They walk out the door and run into a wall of paparazzi asking Carly what she thinks of Sonny buying his mistress Sam a television show. Carly yells at them to get off her property and goes back inside. She calls Sonny and tells him to handle the situation or else she will give them her opinion. Morgan asks Carly what a mistress is and Jax squeezes in past the reporters.

At Kelly’s, Maxie meets up with Cooper who is studying for his police exam. He tells her he has to pass the test and she tells him not to worry about it. Then, she leaves.

Meanwhile, Dillon apologizes to Georgie. She’s upset but tries to pretend it’s okay. Dillon starts explaining the whole situation with Milo and Spinelli. Georgie tells Dillon that she wants to be his friend still. She assures him that what he has planned is very romantic and she admits Lulu will love it.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Lulu that Spinelli isn’t home. Lulu tells him she doesn’t need to talk to Spinelli. She explains that she has a date with Dillon and she’s dreading it because it feels wrong to her after all that’s happened. She tells Jason that she doesn’t want anyone to love her. Jason asks her why she came to the penthouse and she says she wanted advice from him. She explains that she thinks loving someone means that you have to suffer.

Back on the set, Amelia questions Sam about the place she used to live. Sam says the set’s furniture is the same as her old home. Amelia asks her if it brings back bad memories because she detects a hint of stress. Sam tells her that she’s just tired and asks if she can take a break for minute. Sam walks away and begins to have flashbacks again.

At the police station, Cruz hands Mac a copy of the police exam and warns him that Sonny may be up to no good again. Maxie comes in with a plate of brownies to distract the cops while she steals the test. Her plan works and she grabs the test and takes it to the bathroom to copy it.

Back at Kelly’s, Spinelli and Milo plot on how to ruin Dillon’s date. Spinelli tells Milo he sent Dillon a Trojan so he could hack into his computer to find out where Dillon was taking Lulu. Milo tells him he’s wasting time. Spinelli tells him that he has to protect Lulu from the one who broke her heart last summer. Georgie comes in and warns the boys that Dillon has something really romantic planned for Lulu.

At the penthouse, Lulu asks Jason to name one lasting relationship and he cites Lila and Edward as an example. Lulu points out that Edward cheated on Lila several times. Jason acknowledges this but argues that they still loved each other their whole lives. Jason advises Lulu that she’s assuming the worst about love. She confesses that she isn’t sure that she’s ready to fall in love again. Then she tells Jason she has to go to prepare for her date with Dillon.

Back at Carly’s, Jax closes the curtains and asks Carly if she wants him to handle the press. Carly tells Jax that she’s so mad that she could kill Sonny and/or Sam. Jax points out that Carly still hates that Sonny and Sam had a fling. Carly admits she does, but says it’s water under the bridge now because Sam makes Jason happy. She says she just hasn’t forgotten what Sam did. Jax questions Carly about whether she will be jealous of Sonny’s future girlfriends and she says she won’t be because that would be hypocritical. Jax tells her that he can get rid of the press if that’s what she wants.

Back at the police station, Maxie comes out of the bathroom. Mac asks her if she’s trying to bribe him into giving her the car back. She assures him she was just trying to be nice. When Mac isn’t looking, she puts the test back in the folder. She tells him goodbye and heads out. On her way, Cruz thanks her for the brownies.

Elsewhere, Lulu meets up with Dillon. He tells her she looks nice and pulls her chair out for her. He tries to get her to imagine that they are in Paris, but she doesn’t want to play. She asks him if they can just be themselves.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli returns home and Jason tells him that Lulu stopped by. He asks him if she changed her mind about dating Dillon and Jason says she left to get ready for the date. Now it’s Spinelli’s turn to ask Jason’s advise. Jason tries to avoid it by saying he has work to do, but nothing he can do will deter the lovesick teen. He asks Jason how he can get Lulu to choose him. Jason tells him he’s already won half the battle because he’s her friend. Spinelli pleads with Jason to share the secrets of his mojo.

On the set, Sam takes a nap and has a dream about her struggle with a man. She screams and wakes up. Amelia calls her Angela and asks her what’s wrong. Sam tells Amelia never to call her that again. Then she asks her why she called her Angela. Amelia explains she heard Sam say the name in her sleep. Amelia asks her who Angela is and Sam says she’s someone she used to know. Then she apologizes for snapping. Amelia orders Sam to go home to get some rest. Sam assures her that she’s fine.

At the penthouse, Jason suggests to Spinelli that he be honest with Lulu. Spinelli ignores Jason’s honesty advice and decides women love Jason because he’s mysterious and racked with secret pain that they want to heal. He resolves that he must make Lulu see his own secret pain and make her think that he needs her to help him. Stan calls Jason and he leaves. Spinelli takes Jason’ keys and a leather jacket and heads out.

At Carly’s, Jax yells at a news station person on the phone and threatens to ruin a business deal they had if he doesn’t keep the reporters away from Carly and the kids. The person on the line agrees but says he plans to continue questioning Sonny. Jax tells him that’s none of his business and he can’t stop him from doing that. He gets off the phone and Carly tells him he’s amazing.

At Kelly’s, Maxie returns to Cooper to give him the police test. Before she can, Georgie interrupts and asks her what she’s up to.

Elsewhere, Lulu and Dillon talk. Dillon asks her if she completely hated his plan. She tells him she didn’t but says it was kind of old fashioned and she prefers more modern type stuff. She tells him that it meant a lot to her that he went to all the trouble of setting up a Parisian style dinner, but she says they can’t ignore their past. Then, the two hear a loud crash and Spinelli screams. Lulu goes running to check on him.

At Carly’s, she and Jax share a kiss. She tells him that she loves him and begins to list reasons why she does. As the two chat, Michael reminds his mother that he and Morgan are starving.

Back at Kelly’s, Cooper tells Georgie to lay off Maxie. Georgie ignores him and asks her sister what she’s hiding. To get rid of her, Maxie tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to her about the awesome sex she and Cooper have been having because it might make her jealous since she’s single. Georgie walks away and Maxie hands the test to Cooper.

Back at Dillon’s Paris, Lulu pulls Spinelli to a chair. He obsesses that Jason is going to kill him now. When Dillon and Lulu ask him what he was doing, he explains that he was brooding over his secret pain. Lulu decides to take the bike and Spinelli back to the penthouse despite Dillon’s protests. Lulu helps Spinelli up and thanks Dillon for the date.

At the coffee shop, Jason pushes through a wall of reporters to get inside. He runs into Diane and asks her how long they’ve been there. She tells him they’ve been there all day. He asks her if there’s anything she can do to stop it and she tells him all she needs is for Sam to sign a restraining order. Sam comes in and marvels at the press’ audacity.

Back at Carly’s, she, Jax and the boys enjoy a pizza dinner. Morgan asks his mom what a mistress is again and Jax explains that it’s two people who aren’t married who spend time together and he says that the man buys things for the woman. Michael asks him if that’s what Carly is to him. She tells Michael that it’s different for her and Jax because they are in love.

Back at Kelly’s, Cooper thanks Maxie who begins to feel bad for being mean to Georgie. She asks Cooper if she was too harsh on her. He tells her that Georgie is fine. Maxie explains that Georgie puts up a good front, but says that she is devastated by her break up with Dillon.

Meanwhile, Dillon runs in and meets with Milo. He explains to him what Spinelli did to ruin his date. He tells Milo that they have to do something to ensure that Lulu and Spinelli don’t get together.

Back at the penthouse, Lulu returns Spinelli home. Spinelli gushes at how amazingly she drove the bike. Then he begins to worry about what Jason will say when he finds out. He tells Lulu that maybe Jason won’t notice. She tells him that’s unlikely considering he used most of his gas and dented the bike. She assures him that she’ll talk to him though if he gets mad at him. She asks him why he really went on the bike ride. He says he just wanted to go as far and as fast as he could. She tells him she can understand that because that’s what she used to do in Edward’s Bentley.

Back at the coffee shop, Diane tells Sam what’s going on with the press. Sam is appalled that they are spreading rumors about her and Sonny. She resolves that she will go outside and clear the mess up but Diane tells her it’s a bad idea because they will just twist her words. Then she tells her she should sign a restraining order against the press. Sam asks Jason what he thinks she should do. He tells her it’s up to her. She explains that Amelia says that she is supposed to build publicity for the show and a restraining order against the press would have the opposite effect.

Back on the set, Amelia tells a crew worker how to shut off one of the lamps. He ask her how she knew the trick to shutting it off and she explains that her father used to own one like it.

At the coffee shop, Sam explains to Jason that the show is important to her because it’s a part of her future.

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