GH Update Tuesday 4/10/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/10/07


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Luke and Tracy are getting frisky on the couch at the Quartermaine mansion. Alan’s ghost appears to Tracy interrupting the moment. Alan announces to Tracy that since he is the party who was wrong, he has decides to stick around, maybe forever.

At Jason’s penthouse Lulu yells a Milo for pointing a gun at her and Spinelli. Dillon stops Lulu’s yelling by asking her if she made her choice, and this the Spinelli.

Amelia who is at the coffee house with Jax, is using Jax’s phone when Carly calls. Amelia decides to help Jax, without him knowing, and answers the call. She tells Carly Jax is busy. Carly begins to argue, but Amelia cuts her off. Amelia tells Carly to leave Jax a voice mail, since he will at some point have to check his messages, then she hangs up on Carly.

Sonny, who is still at Carly’s with her and the boys, asks Carly to forget about Jax for a second, they need to focus on their family.

Elizabeth and Jason are waiting for Sam and Lucky and the Metro Court restaurant. Elizabeth begs Jason to let Lucky keep believing that Lucky is the baby’s father.

Sam and Lucky are trapped in the elevator. Lucky asks Sam why Jason and Elizabeth’s friendship bothers her so much.

Craig brings Alexis to the hospital, with Kristina in tow. Craig is forced to stay and watch Kristina while Alexis gets tests run.

Carly lectures Morgan about his role in locking her and Sonny in the basement. She then sends him upstairs so Carly and Sonny can talk to Michael alone. Sonny sternly tells Michael he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Michael announces to his parents he doesn’t care how long he is grounded, he needed to show his parents that they still loved each other. Carly beings lecturing saying that she and Sonny are adult and they have decided to get the divorce. Michael cuts his mother off saying Sonny doesn’t want a divorce. He turns to Sonny and asks “do you?”

Amelia fills Jax in on her call with Carly. Amelia informs Jax she did it to give Carly a wake up call, since it seems Carly is close to her last chance with Jax.

Lulu informs Milo, and Dillon that Spinelli is not her boyfriend. The boys start in with their argue, when Lulu announces she is not dating any of them ever, then walks out. The boys continue to argue when she leaves.

Jason lets Elizabeth know he isn’t changing his mind. Jason reveals that feeling the baby kick and the ultrasound just remind him of the family he isn’t going to have.

Sam admits to Lucky that for a long time she was jealous of Elizabeth.

Tracy goes on a tirade to Alan, while look watches, about what he wants her to do. She spills all about changing the will. Edward walks in with a tape recorder that recorded her going on about her changing Alan’s will.

Jax and Amelia discuss what he would do if it was really over with him and Carly. Jax talks about leaving town, but the conversation ends up back on his dreams to have a chain of hotels with Carly and start a family with her. Jax admits as much as Carly infuriates him, he can’t get her out of his head.

Sonny lets Michael know the decision to get a divorce is Carly and Sonny’s and the Carly and Sonny know what is best for the family. They again reiterate to Michael that they will always be his parents and love him. Sonny then grounds Michael for a month, and Michael is going to counseling. Carly and Sonny make it clear Michael can not pull anymore stunts to get them back together. They send Michael upstairs. Carly asks Sonny” now what do we do?”

Sam tells Lucky she envied Elizabeth for a long time because all Sam ever wanted was a family. Sam admits she is no longer jealous because she realized a baby isn’t a magic solution. Lucky agrees. The elevator begins to move.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Lucky needs the baby more than he needs the truth. She again promises to give the baby a good life. Jason begins to talk about how he thought he could watch the baby from a distance, but is cut off as Sam and Lucky come off the elevator. Sam and Lucky share that they got stuck in the elevator.

Dillon, Spinelli and Milo follow Lulu to the coffeehouse. They all begin to state their cases, but Lulu yells that she doesn’t want to date any of them because it is becoming more trouble than it is worth. Lulu lets the boys know she doesn’t want to lose any of their friendships, therefore, her offer is friends or nothing. The three guys leave to discuss Lulu’s offer.

Carly is worried about Michael, she wants Sonny to sign the divorce papers to make things easier for Michael. Sonny doesn’t think they should let Michael influence their decision either way. Carly agrees, but lets Sonny know she truly believes the divorce is best for them. Sonny lets Carly know he is going to fight for what matters most to him, her and their family.

Sam tries to get Jason to open up about what is wrong with him.

Alcazar and Skye show up at the Metro Court for dinner, Max spies them and calls Carly.

Jason literally runs into a jumpy Alcazar at the Metro Court bar.

Robin checks on Alexis, who reveals that “Mr. Brosnan” is watching Kristina in the waiting area.

“Mr. Brosnan” is teaching Kristina to play cards, when Patrick approaches and introduces himself. In a fake accent Mr. Brosnan introduces himself to Patrick. Robin, in an attempt to get Patrick away from Mr. Brosnan Robin picks a fight with Patrick.

Sam talks to Jason about he first Everyday Heros segment, what to do when someone breaks into your home. Jason assures Sam she will do great.

Lucky fills Elizabeth in on Sam’s being jealous of Elizabeth last summer, because Jason was just a good friend to Elizabeth. Elizabeth changes the subject, but not before Lucky tells her that the one good thing that came out of last summer was their baby.

Carly arrives at the restaurant and informs Skye and Alcazar, that they don’t have to leave. However, she did inform her staff that Skye and Alcazar are partly responsible for the hostage crisis, which means Carly can not guarantee how their service will be or if their food will be ok. Carly walks away running into Jax.

Dillon, Spinelli, and Milo apologize to Lulu for their actions, and all admit they want something more than friendship with Lulu. They propose that Lulu give them each the one date she promised, then at the end of the 3 dates she can mek her decision. Lulu agrees after they admit that no matter how it ends they will all be still be friends.

Edward decides to bargain with Tracy, he will keep the will as is if she gives him 50% of Alan’s ELQ stock. They barter and get it down to 35% of Alan’s ELQ stock. Tracy takes the tape recorder. Luke is impressed with Tracy’s actions. Alan warns Tracy she is playing with fire.

Robin tells Craig to leave the hospital before he gets caught. Craig says goodbye to Kristina and leaves. Robin watches Kristina.

Sam comes home alone, to find one her test photos, the picture makes her have a flashback of a man calling her a filthy slut. Spinelli come home as Sam is ripping up the picture. Sam admits to Spinelli the picture remindeds her of someone she will never ever be.

Jason reveals to Sonny that Alcazar is faking his brain damage and using Skye as a decoy.

Skye and Alcazar have a tense meal as Skye worries if the food is ok. The talk turns to business and Alcazar lets her know that he doesn’t know what he would do without her.

Carly fills Jax in on Michael’s ploy to get Carly and Sonny. Jax asks her what she really wants.

Alexis feeling better, comes to the waiting room and asks Robin where Mr. Brosnan is? Robin informs her that she sent Mr. Brosnan back to Wyndemere.

Lucky and Elizabeth run into Lulu at the coffeehouse. Lulu comments to Elizabeth how happy Lucky looks. Lulu fills Elizabeth in on her 3 guy dilemma. Elizabeth tells her you can love more than one person, but you can only be with one person. Elizabeth advises Lulu to make a decision and stick to it.

Jason reveals to Sonny that when Jason bumped into Alcazar at the Metro Court, Alcazar dropped the act for a second, because of his natural instinct to defend himself. Jason admits Alcazar covered well, but Jason saw the slip and Alcazar’s brain damage is an act. Jason thinks Alcazar is faking to catch them off guard. Sonny thinks Alcazar is faking to cover with his covert opps which means he will have to fake the brain damage indefinitely.

When Skye goes to the restroom, one of Alcazar’s contact comes to the table to inform him that they found Corinthos new location, the Cellar below Kelly’s. Alcazar says that is the perfect place for an ambush.

Carly wants Jax to still take her to dinner in Montreal. Jax agrees.

Sonny decides they are going to pressure on Skye to try and force Alcazar to drop the act. If Alcazar’s covert opps find out he is faking, the they will be able to get rid of Alcazar for them.

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