GH Update Monday 4/9/07

General Hospital Update Monday 4/9/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Liz and Lucky at GH discussing baby names. Liz admits to Lucky she doesn’t know what she wants to name the baby, but says she’d rather wait to name it until they see it to decide.

At the office, Spinelli tells Lulu that he told Jason he should tell the truth about his baby. Lulu tells Jason he can’t tell because it will destroy Lucky.

At the penthouse, Amelia tells Sam to pick one of the pictures from the book to use. When Sam picks up the book, a picture of Angela Monroe falls out but Sam doesn’t see it. Amelia quickly grabs it and then asks Sam if she’s planning on having kids anytime soon.

At the lake house, Ric and Alexis argue as Craig watches from outside. Ric gives her a hard time about passing out in the garden. He asks her why she didn’t get someone to help her and she reminds him that the two people she decided to count on screwed her over by having sex.

At Carly’s, Jax shows up to pick his mafia princess up. Morgan answers the door and informs him that Carly went out with Sonny.

In the basement, Sonny and Carly yell at Michael to unlock the door. He informs his parents that they are receiving a time out to think about the consequences of their impending divorce.

Back at the penthouse, Sam asks Amelia why having children would be a problem and Amelia explains that the show will require a lot of physical activity out of her that would be unsafe to an unborn child. Sam assures Amelia she doesn’t have to worry because she can’t have children.

At the office, Lulu admits to Jason that she feels bad for him but reminds him that his child will be loved. Spinelli begins to argue with Lulu on Jason’s behalf. She gets mad and tells him to shut up. She calls him a “melodramatic geek” and he shuts his mouth. Jason thanks him for his thorough analysis of his character and asks to be left alone with Lulu. Spinelli leaves and Lulu regrets what she said to him. She continues her chat with Jason and reiterates that she doesn’t want the truth to destroy Lucky and admits that maybe Liz was right in her decision to keep the truth about the baby’s paternity a secret.

At GH, Liz assures Lucky that she isn’t stressed about naming the baby. She tells him she wants the baby to be able to be its own person. They strike a deal. Lucky tells her that if the baby is a boy, she can name him, but if the baby is a girl, he gets to name her. Then he asks her if she would like to celebrate their one-month anniversary with him. She says yes and they share a kiss.

Back in the basement, Carly tells Michael that she has a date with Jax. Then she gets angry and she and Sonny tell him that he cannot behave this way. Michael points out that his father lies and manipulates to get his way all the time. Then he informs his parents that he left them food under some shelves and runs off. Carly asks Sonny what they are going to do now.

Michael runs into the living room to find Jax sitting in a chair. He asks him why he’s there and Jax tells him that he has a date with Carly. Then he asks Michael where Carly is. Michael tells him that Carly went off with Sonny to talk about the Metro Court strike. Jax gets upset and leaves.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Carly is flabbergasted by her son’s behavior. She asks Sonny if he had something to do with Michael’s plot. Sonny denies involvement but takes full responsibility for it.

Outside Alexis’s house, Craig finds a doll and picks it up. Then he returns to listening in on Alexis and Ric’s conversation. The two continue arguing and Ric says the worst thing he ever did was love her.

Back at the office, Lulu asks Jason if he really wants what’s best for Liz and the baby. He says he does and she points out that if the truth comes out, people will paint Liz out to be a lying slut. Lulu admits that, at first, she hated Liz for lying, but says now she understands that she was trying to do what was best.

At the penthouse, Sam explains her baby situation to Amelia who apologizes to Sam for her loss. Sam tells Amelia that she and Jason are coming to terms with it. Amelia tells her she’s a lucky woman to have a man like Jason and Sam tells her she knows because Jason is everything she could ever want and more.

Back in the basement, Carly asks Sonny how he can be uninvolved in the ploy and still assume fault. He explains that Michael is behaving the way he does. Carly tells Sonny that she is not going back to him and Sonny suggests to her that perhaps Michael sees something between them that they don’t.

Back at the lake house, Ric starts going through the laundry list of the men in Alexis’s life and talks about how she trashed every relationship when her significant other fell in love with her. He tells her the only one she didn’t throw away was Sonny and that was because he never loved her. Then he accuses her of having daddy issues. Alexis retaliates saying that Ric’s mommy issues out weigh her daddy issues any day of the week. Kristina comes down looking for Molly’s doll and runs outside, remembering that’s where she left it. Craig drops the doll and hides as Kristina comes out to retrieve the doll.

At the office, Lulu tells Jason that he may not have considered that Sam, if she learns the truth, will resent the baby because of what it symbolizes. She admits she’s biased because she wants to protect her brother. Jason assures her that he has made up his mind and he plans to stick to his decision. She thanks him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Jax questions Max about Carly at the Metro Court. He asks him if he’s seen her and then asks Max if he thinks Carly should be with him or Sonny. Max says he hasn’t seen her and tells Jax that Carly should be with whoever makes her happiest.

In the basement, Carly yells at the door for Michael to release her again, but she is unanswered. Meanwhile, Sonny combs through the food Michael left them. He finds a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips. All the food items have family pictures taped to them. Sonny apologizes to Carly, but she insists it’s not his fault. He tells her she was right when she said that if they got remarried, the kids would get confused. He tells her he finally understands what she was saying. She tells him to make things right and give in to the divorce. Sonny explains that he can’t imagine not being with her. She tells him that one more round with him will utterly destroy everything she’s worked so hard to become. He tells her they have a great connection. She acknowledges this but says that they can’t go there again because it will destroy their family.

At the coffee shop, Jax comes in to find Carly. Nearby, Amelia is on the phone telling someone about the close call she had at the penthouse with the picture. She hangs up and Jax approaches and talks to her.

Meanwhile, Dillon rushes in past Amelia and Jax and pulls Milo outside. He asks Milo if he’s trying to ruin his do-over date with Lulu. Milo says he isn’t, but informs Dillon that he saw Spinelli and Lulu run out of the office separately. The two decide to track Spinelli and Lulu down.

At the penthouse, the Jackal looks at a picture of the blonde one on his computer. There’s a knock at the door and Spinelli answers to find none other than Lulu on the other side. She apologizes for the things she said to him at the office and says he didn’t deserve her attack on him. He tells her he understands her dilemma. She asks him if he forgives her and he tells her he forgave her before she even came to the door.

Back at the lake house, Alexis yells for Kristina to come back inside. Then she pleads with Ric to let Molly spend the night, but he says no. He offers to take Kristina off her hands for the night though. Kristina runs in with some flowers she picked for Alexis, who sends the little girl to say goodbye to her sister. She and Ric leave the room to get Molly and Alexis looks for her nausea medication in her purse, but is unable to find it. She decides she must have left it at Nicholas’ house. Ric leaves and Craig continues watching. Alexis goes upstairs and comes back down. Craig knocks on the door and returns her pills to her. She tells him she would invite him in, but says she doesn’t feel well enough. He asks her if anyone else is home besides her and Kristina. Alexis accuses him of being odd and he tells her he’s just concerned that Kristina may run into the same situation she did the other day.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Jason and Liz run into each other. They are meeting their significant others for dinner.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Sam rushes to an elevator that Lucky just got on. While on the elevator, it shakes and stops.

At the coffee shop, Amelia asks if Jax is upset because of something Carly did. He tells her he is and asks her to give him a reality check. He explains that he loves Carly but Sonny is always around. He admits his patience is wearing thin.

In the basement, Carly tells Sonny that she isn’t the only one affected by the destructive relationship they have. Sonny explains that he hates himself for all the time he wasted with her and admits she is the best thing that ever happened to him. He asks her how he is supposed to stop wanting her to love him the way he loves her. She confesses that she does love him and he suggests she stop fighting him. He insists that she let him make up for his past mistakes.

Back at the lake house, Craig sits with Alexis and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine, but admits that her illness now is a bit unusual. He asks her if he can do anything to help. She asks him to wake Kristina up and to give them a lift to GH.

At the penthouse, Spinelli explains to Lulu that Jason is his friend and he hates seeing him in so much agony. Lulu tells him that’s how she feels about Lucky too. Spinelli asks Lulu what Jason decided and she informs him that Jason has decided to keep quiet. Spinelli tells her that he too will keep the secret. The two hug and Milo and Dillon bust in. Dillon yells and Milo points his gun.

In the basement, Sonny and Carly begin to kiss as Michael decides they’ve done enough time in time out. He begs his parents not to blame Morgan because it was all his idea.

At the coffee shop, Amelia interprets that Carly is still hung up on Sonny and that she is a fool for choosing a mobster over a good guy.

Back at Carly’s, she and Sonny berate Michael for what he did. He asks if his plan worked, but before he is answered, Carly sees flowers and deduces that Jax came by. She calls him.

At the coffee shop, Amelia asks to borrow Jax’s phone. He hands it to her and it rings. She answers and tells Carly that Jax has his hands full.

Back at the Metro Court restaurant, Liz talks about the unsuccessful test to determine the baby’s gender and asks Jason if there is any particular name he would want to use if the baby were a boy. Jason tells her he can’t do this.

Meanwhile, on the elevator, Lucky calls maintenance and they assure him that the problem will be fixed momentarily. Sam and Lucky make small talk and Lucky says that Liz and Jason are probably chatting it up as they wait. Sam tells Lucky that it’s remarkable how cool he is about Jason and Liz’s relationship considering what happened last summer. She asks him if what happened bothers him at all.

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