GH Update Friday 4/6/07

General Hospital Update Friday 4/6/07


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Today opens with Spinelli returning to the penthouse to find Sam upset. He asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that something is off with Jason and she isn’t what’s causing it, but she thinks she ahs an idea. Spinelli admits to her that Jason has been troubled lately. She asks him why. Jason walks in and asks what’s going on.

At GH, Lucky greets Liz with a rose. The two are about to go to an appointment in which they will learn the sex of the baby.

At the office, Stan tells Sonny that the strike is all set. Sonny tells Stan to call off the strike because he can’t manipulate Carly like that.

Meanwhile, Jax sits in his car and talks to Carly on the phone. The two discuss their plans to dine in Montreal. Carly assures him she will be ready in time and says that nothing will stop her from spending tonight with him. At the same time, Michael runs to the basement and hides a bag of something under a table. Carly comes down and asks him what he’sp to and he says he’s looking for his ball. Carly tells Michael that she needs to talk to him and Morgan. They go upstairs and Carly explains to the boys that she’s going on a date. Michael tells her that all that matters is that she is happy.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli explains to Jason that Sam is worried about him and he suggests that he be real with her. He leaves and Jason apologizes to Sam for worrying her. Sam admits she notices how upset he is and complains that he won’t open up to her. She tells him she knows how hard Alan’s death has been on him. He talks about her losing the baby and how hard it was on her. She tells him that she wants to help him the way he helps her but that he won’t let her in. She pleads with him to let her in.

At GH, Lorenzo arrives in time to find Ric has subpoenaed his medical records. He asks Ric why he’s doing that and Ric tells him that he knows he’s faking his illness and he plans to take him and his business down. Then he criticizes Lorenzo for putting Skye in such a dangerous position. Ric gets the records and leaves. Lorenzo makes a phone call and orders his plans for Sonny and Jason to be moved up to ensure that Skye doesn’t get hurt.

Meanwhile, Skye asks Jax to meet her at Kelly’s. Mike gives her a hard time when she starts to bash Sonny. He reminds her of her involvement in the hostage crisis. After Mike walks away, Skye whines that Jax is the only one besides Emily who doesn’t blame her. Jax asks her what she wants from him and she explains that she wants his help in contesting the will because it will make her case stronger.

Nearby, Lulu meets Spinelli who tells her that Jason is having a difficult time with his decision. They discuss the paternity secret and decide that Jason should come clean. They debate which one of them should convince Jason to tell the truth. Lulu tells Spinelli he should do it because she thinks Jason will listen to him more than anyone else because he likes him.

At the penthouse, Jason admits to Sam that she’s not imagining his distance. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to describe to her what is going on. She asks him to try. He tells her he has an emptiness in him that he just has to get used to and move forward with. She tells him she understands. He says that riding just helps him to clear his head. He sits down and Sam notices a huge cut on his leg. She asks him about it and he said he fell off his bike. She insists he go to the doctor to get it looked at. She tells him that she wishes she could heal his heart and he says that she helps him. Then she starts taking about the show and how she can’t have the one thing she wants most in the world: a baby.

At Carly’s, Sonny shows up and tells her he needs to talk about the strike. She asks him if he really called the strike and he says he didn't. He confesses that he was doing it to spend time with her, but realizes that it’s wrong to manipulate her. He tells her he wants to make good on his promise to change and says that he will give her the time she needs to come around. He asks her if she will reward his good behavior with a date. She tells him she can’t because she has plans with Jax. Sonny gets upset and tells her that he hopes she will stop running from her feelings someday and leaves.

Meanwhile, Alexis pays Craig a visit at Wyndemere to thank him for his help in the garden. They spar flirtatiously and Alexis gets ready to leave. She drops her purse, thus dropping a drug counseling paper. Craig asks her about it and she explains her weed situation. They agree that weed should be legal for cancer patients and Alexis takes her leave.

At the penthouse, Sam and Amelia look through her photos. Sam suggests an idea for one of the show segments and Amelia tells her it’s good. Then she informs Sam of the big P.R. tour they will be taking and Sam tells her that she can’t travel for long periods of time because she has other priorities.

Meanwhile, Jason goes to GH to get his leg looked at. While waiting to see a doctor, he sees a disappointed Lucky and Liz come out and discuss how they were unable to find out the baby’s sex. He sees them hug. Lucky’s phone rings and he answers to hear Lulu begging him to meet her.

At the lake house, Alexis returns home to find Ric. He begins to question her about her collapse in the garden. She asks him why he cares.

At Kelly’s, Lucky meets Lulu who tells him that she’s worried about the pressure he’s under. He says he knows what she’s really worried about. He says she’s worried he’ll be tempted to use again. He assures her he is happy. Then he talks about how he and Liz didn’t get to find out the baby’s gender. He thanks Lulu for being concerned about him, but reassures her that he is happy in his great life.

Nearby, Jax tells Skye that his only job is to protect Michael and so, he doesn’t need to contest the will. Skye accuses Jax of chickening out because Carly will get mad. He tells her that he will not use Carly’s son to settle her vendetta against the Quartermaines. She tells him he’s a fool for being with Carly because she’ll always love Sonny and says Carly is probably with Sonny right now.

At the office, Stan meets up with Sonny and informs him that the union still wants to strike because of the cut in health care benefits. Sonny tells Stan he’ll pay for the benefits to keep them from striking. Stan accuses Sonny of being too generous and talks about Carly. Sonny insists that Stan stop analyzing him.

Meanwhile, Carly talks to Jax on the phone while getting ready for their date. Jax sent her a gift and she tells him he shouldn't have. Nearby, the boys plot to trap Carly and Sonny. Michael tells Morgan to do what he says.

Back at the office, a lovesick Sonny digs in a cabinet for some booze. He grabs a bottle, but decides to put it back. His phone rings. He answers to hear Michael telling him that something fell on Morgan’s head. Sonny instructs Michael not to touch Morgan and assures him that he’ll be right there.

At GH, Lucky returns to visit Liz. They discuss baby names as Lucky says he wants to name the baby Laura if it’s a girl. Liz tells Lucky she doesn’t know if she wants to set such high standards for their child and says maybe they should think about giving the baby its own name. He asks her what she thinks they should name the baby.

Meanwhile, Spinelli tracks Jason down to Sonny’s office. He tells Jason that he’s worried about him. Jason tells him to worry about himself because it’s not his problem. Spinelli tells him it is his problem because he sees Jason as a close friend and as the older brother he never had. He tells Jason that what he’s choosing to do isn’t fair to himself and to his baby. He informs Jason that he knows from experience what big family lies can do to a kid. He asks him if he wants his kid, who will probably discover the truth eventually, to think he didn’t want him or her. Jason tells Spinelli there’s nothing he can do to help him. Spinelli assures Jason that there is nothing wrong with wanting to know his own child. Then, Lulu busts in and tells Jason there's no way he can ever tell Lucky the truth about the baby.

Back at the penthouse, Sam explains that she is willing to do the tour, but she wants flexibility in the amount of time she spends on it because Jason is having a rough time right now. Amelia promises to work with her schedule and orders her to pick out the picture she wants to use for the show advertisements. Sam picks up the folder and walks away. A picture of Angela Monroe falls on the coffee table.

At the lake house, Alexis explains what happened to Ric. He tells her she was very fortunate that nothing worse happened. As they spat, Craig approaches the window and sees them conversing.

At Carly’s, Sonny busts in asking where Morgan is. Carly comes rushing out and asks Sonny what’s going on. Michael ushers his parents downstairs. They run down yelling to their son that everything will be okay. Once they get down there they don’t see him. Michael locks the door. Carly and Sonny realize they’ve been duped and scream at Michael to let them out. Meanwhile, Jax rings the doorbell and Morgan answers. Jax asks him where Carly is, thus ending this cliffhanger Friday.

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