GH Update Thursday 4/5/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/5/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Robin and Nikolas apologize to Emily after she walks in on them making out on the couch. Emily sternly informs the two she wants to talk to Nikolas in private.

At Kelly’s Lulu breaks it to Dillon that too much happened between them last summer for them to start dating. She insists she loves him as a friend. Dillon wants her to go on the date with him to just see where it goes. Lulu doesn’t understand why it has to go anywhere, relationships are so complicated. Then she goes on about Elizabeth and Lucky finally back together, Nikolas and Emily are broken up, and her mother came back ... she is interrupted when the two hear something going on upstairs.

In Coopers’s room, Coop and Logan are brawling. Logan claims he is doing Coop a favor Maxie is a user. Dillon comes in to break it up, but gets punched in the face by Logan, as Lulu watches.

Sonny is in his office when Michael shows up. Michael wants to talk to Sonny about Carly.

Jason, at his apartment with Carly, grabs the black box from Carly before she can open it. Jason tells her it is pictures of him, her and the boys. Jason comments to Carly that looking at pictures of Michael as an infant make him think about how sure he was that it was right to keep Michael away from A.J. Carly asks him if he has changed his mind. Jason admits he didn’t used to feel bad for A.J. but he does now because A.J. never got to be a father to his child.

Robin tries to apologize to Emily, but an upset Emily only wants to speak to Nikolas. Robin leaves. As Nikolas apologies again to Emily she plants a kiss on him, then demands he tell her the truth. Craig watches them.

Logan tells Dillon to never sneak up on him. Coop tells Logan that Logan is out of control. Logan yells that Coop started this, the two guys start to fight again. Lulu hits Logan from behind with a flashlight. Logan falls to the ground Maxie yells at Lulu that Lulu could have killed Logan. When Lulu replies that she just wanted to stop Logan, Maxie snaps “is that excuse your mom used.” Dillon calls Maxie a bitch. Coop defends Maxie. Maxie, Coop and Dillon all began to argue, until Lulu yells for them to put a sock in it. Logan wakes up telling Lulu he didn’t know she cared. Lulu responds that she should have hit him harder.

In the limo, Sam and Amelia discuss Jason and what happened at the coffee house. Amelia lets her know Sonny’s lawyer had her shut down, no footage of the coffee house or Jason was shown outside Port Charles. Amelia then tells Sam the advertisers will ask her about the hostage crisis, so Sam needs to show them how unique and appealing she is, so they will buy ad space on Everyday Heros. Sam remarks that she doesn’t if she will be a good product. Amelia disagrees letting her know that the research says different and the Amelia believes in her. Sam asks why Amelia why she is taking such a huge chance on an unknown like Sam. Amelia only answers that it is too late to think about that.

Michael tells Sonny that he and Morgan to not want Carly to divorce Sonny. Michael then informs Sonny he has a plan. Sonny agrees to hear the plan. The plan is Sonny asks Carly to a fancy dinner, tell her she looks pretty, listen a lot and make sure Carly sees that they have to be a family again.

Carly and Jason discuss his relationship with Alan and the guilt Jason feels over Alan deaths. Carly defends Jason’s actions towards Alan in the past. Carly then tells him she knows he feels bad that he did not have a bond with Alan, but he should not feel bad about what happened with A.J. Because of Jason Michael got to grow up with Carly and nothing is more important than a child growing up with it’s mother.

Dillon, Maxie, Lulu and Logan all trade insults until Coop kicks them out of his room. Logan warns Coop again about Maxie. Coop yells at Maxie for the crack she made about Laura. Maxie goes off that she is sick of the Lulu worship. .Coop and Maxie talk about trust, Maxie tells Coop that if he trusts her too much, he will only be disappointed.

Nikolas admits to Emily he cares about her, but he loves Robin. Emily doesn’t believe there is a him and Robin, she thinks something else is going on. Emily talks about all the things that brought them back together. Nikolas tells her it was all too much. Emily still doesn’t buy it and begs for Nikolas to tell her what changed. Nikolas tells her that things just sort of happened with him an Robin after the hostage crisis. He regrets that it is hurting Emily, but to be honest, he and Robin did not want their relationship to stop. Emily still is not convinced, she remarks that this feels different than when Nikolas left her for Courtney, she then tells Nikolas she is not giving up on him. Emily kisses and leaves. Craig appears asking Nikolas what Nikolas did that has given Emily so much faith in him.

Sonny explains to Michael will always be a family but he and Carly are not staying married. Michael asks Sonny if Sonny will be ok if Carly marries Jax. Sonny tells him it is Carly’s decision and he has to respect it. Michael begins to argue, but a stern Sonny tells Michael that Michael must leave it alone. Sonny and Carly will not be together. Michael leaves after telling Sonny that Michael will let Morgan know Sonny doesn’t want to be with Carly.

Carly goes on again about Sonny and Jax and their relationship with the boys and her confusion about what to do. Jason tells Carly she will figure out.

Sam talks to Amelia about being nervous about the spotlight. Amelia tells her fake it until she learns to love it. Amelia tells her to pretend to be someone else. Sam gets out of the limo to the line of awaiting press.

At the hospital, Noah and Patrick decide to operate on a patient that Dr, Ford wants sent to County due to no insurance. The two men will operate after Ford leaves without his knowledge. Noah learns of Patrick and Robin’s break up.

Downstairs at Kelly’s Lulu fixes up Dillon. Dillon gets Lulu to agree to not close the door completely on them dating. Dillon leaves, Logan tells Lulu Maxie was out of line.

Jason arrives at the coffee house. Sonny reiterates his conversation with Michael to Jason. Sonny asks Jason to go to Michael and help him understand that Carly and Sonny are getting a divorce. Jason responds he can’t help, Sonny is Michael’s father, not Jason.

Carly arrives at her house to find Max there with Michael. Michael reveals to Carly that Max took him to see Sonny. Carly asks to talk to Max alone. Carly tells Max he can’t feed into Michael wanting Carly to get back with Sonny. Max apologizes. Carly explains she isn’t upset with Max. Carly admits she still loves Jax, as Jax walks in and replies that he good cause he loves her too.

Lulu and Logan banter with each other. Logan tells Lulu her shell has to crack at some point. Lulu tells him to give it up. Logan replies that he will for tonight and leaves. Maxie comes down stairs asking Lulu is she ever gets tired of feeling sorry for herself.

Jason explains to Sonny that Sonny, Carly, and the kids need to figure this out on Jason tells Sonny to ask himself if the kids will be better off if Sonny and Carly divorce or stay together as a family. Sonny replies that he doesn’t know.

Carly wants Max to show Jax out, Jax tells Max that Max can leave. The two put Max in the middle. Jax tells Carly they are made for each other, then asks why does she have to keep fighting it. Jax says he will leave if Carly tells him that she doesn’t love him. Carly tells Max he can go, leaving her alone with Jax.

Lulu and Maxie trade jabs about Lulu/Dillon sleeping together saga and the Maxie/Lucky saga.

Sonny’s lawyer informs him that Carly is proceeding with the divorce. Sonny tells the lawyer to tell the court he won’t cooperate, so he can by time to convince Carly to not get the divorce. The lawyer advises against it, insisting Carly could walk away with a ton of money and custody of the boys. Sonny insists Carly would never take the boys.

Jax tells Carly that he thought they were going to try again, but it seems like she has changed her mind. Carly remarks that maybe she has changed her mind. The two argue about Skye and the hostage crisis. Jax asks Carly if she is angry that she went the crisis and he didn’t.

Jason comes home and burns the sonogram of the baby. Sam comes home with Chinese food so the two can spend time together.

Robin returns to Wyndemere, breaking down to Nikolas about the way Patrick is treating her. Nikolas apologizes for Robin getting involved in the Craig mess. Robin asks him about Emily. Nikolas reveals that Emily didn’t believe Nikolas would betray her. Robin is impressed. Nikolas tries to console her by saying that Patrick will forgive her once the truth comes out. Robin tells him the trust is broken, and the damage is done, Patrick won’t forgive her.

Patrick talks to Emily at the hospital. Emily tells Patrick that Nikolas is lying her, something else is going. However, Emily still breaks down in Patrick’s arms.

Sonny informs his lawyer that whenever the chips are down, Carly is there for him. He assures the lawyer that he and Carly have an understanding to never involve the boy’s in their personal battles.

Jax admits he can realize what she went through in those 12 hours. Carly apologizes for beating him up about the hostage crisis. Jax tells her he wishes he could have been there. Carly tells him she is fine. Jax lets her know he will do anything to help her heal. They kiss. Carly asks Jax to take her to dinner the next night. Jax agrees. Michael and Morgan watch from the stairs.

San fills Jason in on her night. She tells him she wasn’t nervous once she got inside the party.

Amelia finds out that Sam has married and swindled at least 3 guys. She tells her researcher to document everything and keep it under lock and key. She gloats that America will tune in while they build Sam up, then they will be riveted when they tear her down.

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