GH Update Wednesday 4/4/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/4/07


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Today, GH opens with Jason and Liz on the pier. Jason is touching Liz’s belly when Lucky walks up. Lulu walks up behind him. She asks if this is where the line starts to feel the baby.

At the Metro Court, Maxie breaks away from Cooper’s kiss and tells him she can’t do this.

Elsewhere, Jax explains to Skye that he understands she feels obligated to help Lorenzo, but says that running his business isn’t the answer. Skye blames Sonny for her involvement since he shot Lorenzo. Jax insists she think about what she’s doing and tells her that getting involved in the mob can only end badly for her. Carly comes in and tells Jax not to bother talking sense into Skye since she was the coldhearted woman who let her family walk into a trap. Jax tells Carly the hostage crisis wasn’t Skye’s fault. Carly protests that it is her fault.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas gets off the phone and tells Craig that his papers are moving forward. He tells him the sooner they get here the sooner he can get his life back. Craig tells him that just isn’t so.

At GH, Robin asks her lab technician if he got Nikolas’ blood work looked at. He said he hasn’t and she complains that she put priority on it. As he tries to explain, Patrick comes over and informs her that the hospital has better things to do than treat her latest fling. Emily walks up and hears Patrick berating Robin for moving into Wyndemere.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas questions how long Craig can keep this going. He explains to Nikolas that he will be around for as long as Nikolas wishes to live. Nikolas complains that he has done everything Craig has asked and is getting nothing in return. Craig asks him what he thinks will happen if he disappears considering he doesn’t have the poison’s counteragent. Nikolas suggests he leave it with Robin but Craig says he doesn’t want Nikolas tattling on him. Nikolas swears he won’t, but Craig admits he’s happy with his circumstances right now and assures Nikolas that Emily will get over his betrayal and will move on. Nikolas gets angry and knocks stuff off his desk.

At GH, Robin asks Patrick what good their arguing will do. Emily comes closer and hears Patrick asking about Wyndemere and living with Nikolas. Emily pipes in and insists there is a mistake. Patrick demands that Robin tell Emily what’s going on. Robin explains that she and Nikolas weren’t planning anything, but after the hostage crisis things just happened. She apologizes to Emily and assures her she never meant to hurt her. Emily walks away and Patrick tells Robin that there’s no need to drag things out and acknowledges it’s time to move on.

At the Metro Court, Maxie explains to Cooper that she threw herself at Lucky and says that Cooper is her only friend. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend.

Nearby, Carly berates Skye for trying to compare Lorenzo to Sonny. She orders Skye to get out of her hotel. Skye tries to charm Jax into letting her stay. Jax tells her that Lorenzo doesn’t deserve her help and insists that she think her activities through.

At the photo shoot, Sam approaches Amelia in a white dress and tells her she isn’t comfortable dressing this way. She tells her it will be good for the show and sends her on her way. Her assistant comes out and says he still hasn’t found a picture of the woman she asked him to find information on. He asks Amelia how many aliases Sam has. Amelia admits she is unsure but says she wants to find out. She pulls out the other pictures of Sam, who sees her looking at them. She asks Amelia if she’s looking at the test shots and asks if she can see them.

On the pier, Lulu asks Liz if she can feel the baby. She puts her hand on her stomach and feels the baby kicking. She asks Liz if it hurts and she says no. Lucky comes down to join the fun and thanks Jason again for saving his wife and child in the crisis. Jason and Lulu leave and Lucky tells Liz to stop pretending because he knows what was going on. He explains that he saw the look on her face at the hospital and knows she’s worried that he’ll get hurt again and turn to pills. She assures him that she’s not worried that he’ll relapse, but more that he could get hurt. He tells her he can’t promise he won’t get hurt, but says he’ll do his best not to.

Back at the photo shoot, Amelia tells Sam she wants to wait to show her the pictures until all of them are developed. Then she tells Sam they have to go to an advertising party tonight. Sam is not thrilled but Amelia tells her that she has to make sacrifices for her career.

At the penthouse, Jason puts his gun away and looks at a box in the closet. There is a knock at the door and he answers it. Lulu comes in and tells him that if he is going to give his child up then he should just do it instead of sneaking around with Liz. She advises he talk to somebody about his dilemma. He asks her who he can talk to. She suggests Carly.

At Kelly’s, Milo and Spinelli plot against Logan. They decide to blackmail him into staying away from Lulu. Spinelli decides to get some dirt on Logan using his Internet probing skills. Dillon comes in and accuses the boys of trying to ruin his date. They explain they are trying to get rid of Logan. Spinelli tells them he has to get Logan’s fingerprints.

At the Metro Court, Jax explains to Carly that he knows she’s mad at Skye. She yells at him for not understanding or accepting that Skye let the hostage crisis happen. Again, Jax insists there is no way she could have known what Craig would do. Carly gets upset and tells him she isn’t going to stand around and listen to him defend Skye.

Elsewhere, Cooper goes to his room at the hotel and finds Maxie there. She says she wanted to apologize for the way she acted earlier. Then she offers to finish what she started. Cooper tells her that he has a better idea.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli runs through a plan he has to get Logan’s prints. He tells the guys that he will knock over Logan’s cup and then replace it with a new one when he gets a refill for him. He tells them he’s a master because he’s learned a lot from Jason. Dillon and Milo try to tell him the plan won’t work. As they do, Logan comes over and pulls Spinelli away. He demands he tell him everything he knows about Lulu.

Back at the penthouse, Jason insists that Carly can’t know about this secret. Lulu explains how great Carly was to her during her crisis and says she could do the same for Jason. He tells Lulu that Carly will confront Liz and destroy her family. Lulu asks him how long he’ll be able to hide the truth from Carly since it’s obviously killing him. He again insists that Carly can never know.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas has funds transferred for Craig and Robin comes home. She asks where Craig is and Nikolas tells her that he went out. She breaks the new to Nikolas that she had to tell Emily the lie. Nikolas asks her why and she explains that Emily heard her and Patrick talking. Nikolas asks Robin how Emily reacted to the news. Robin says she wasn’t angry and tells Nikolas it isn’t his fault. He tells her it doesn’t matter because he broke her heart again.

At GH, Patrick apologizes to Emily for what she just found out. Emily insists to Patrick that neither Nikolas not Robin would do this and that the affair is completely out of character for them both. She asks Patrick if he really believes that Robin doesn’t love him anymore. She tells him that all Robin could talk about when she was dying was him. She assures him that something must be up and promises to get to the bottom of it.

Back at Kelly’s, Spinelli starts lying to Logan by saying that she’s selfish and causes “misery to rain down.” While explaining how awful Lulu is, he knocks Logan’s drink over so he can grab the glass and pass it off to Dillon and Milo so they can get prints off of it. Dillon and Milo are surprised Spinelli’s plan worked. After retrieving a fresh soda for Logan, he sits back down. Logan questions Spinelli about why he thinks Lulu is selfish. Spinelli accuses her of being superficial and shallow as well as being a person who will use people to get her way. In the background, Dillon and Milo have to keep each other from running over to punch Spinelli for degrading Lulu’s name. Spinelli suggests Logan stay away from her for his own sake. He thanks Spinelli for his help and says she sounds great. He leaves and Milo and Dillon attack Spinelli and order him to take back what he said.

In Cooper’s room, Maxie tells Cooper she doesn’t want to talk. He explains that talking is what friends do. Maxie asks him why he cares and he explains that he understands how much Jesse meant to her. Maxie starts talking about how awful things have been for her and says she is resentful and angry for being left behind by everyone in her life. She warns Cooper not to let her happen to him. He tells her it’s too late and kisses her.

In the lobby, Jax approaches Carly and says they need to talk. He tries to convince her that the hostage crisis wasn’t Skye’s fault. Carly points out that Jax wouldn’t know anything about it because he wasn’t there. She says it was all Skye’s fault. Jax argues that she was just protecting her child’s father, much like she herself does with Sonny. Carly berates Jax for comparing her to Skye and informs him that she would never let her family walk into a trap. She insists that everything Skye cares about should be ripped away from her, including her daughter. She calls herself names and tells Jax it’s good that he knows who she really is now so they don’t get any further into their relationship.

At the penthouse, Jason receives a package. He opens it to find a picture of Liz’s ultrasound along with a note. She writes to him and says that she thought this would make him feel better. He looks at it and puts it in a box with pictures of Michael. Sam runs in and is surprised to see him there. He tells her he stayed in to spend time with her. She explains that she has a party she has to go to. He tells her it’s fine and that they can eat Chinese food another night.

Back at Kelly’s, Milo, Dillon and Spinelli argue and fight. Mike tries to kick them out but is unsuccessful. Dillon explains to Milo, who has Spinelli pinned on the wall, that Spinelli was just trying to keep Logan away from Lulu. Milo releases Spinelli and Lulu enters and asks what’s going on.

At the Metro Court, Cooper tells Maxie he doesn’t want her to have any regrets about their involvement. She says she won’t and the two make out.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells Jason she wishes she could stay in with him. She says she’d ask him to come but knows he hates public events. He tells her that he’ll go if she wants him to and she tells him she won’t punish him like that. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Amelia who has come to pick up Sam. She tells Sam they have to get going and Sam tells Jason she loves him.

At Wyndemere, Robin tells Nikolas that she hates lying about their relationship but insists they have no other options. Nikolas tells her it’s time to take control. Craig enters and tells him that would be a bad idea. Nikolas says he’s done playing and refuses to hurt Emily again. He tells Craig that his and Robin’s fake affair is over now. Alfred comes in to announce Emily’s arrival. Craig warns Nikolas he has limited options now: let Emily see him kiss Robin, let Emily watch him die, or watch Emily be injected with poison.

Back at Kelly’s, Spinelli explains to Lulu that he was trying to show Dillon and Milo how they have a greater probability of losing to him. Dillon tells Spinelli and Milo that it’s his date night and shoos them away. They leave and Dillon suggests he and Lulu go to a movie. Lulu tells him that this won’t work because they’ve been through too much already.

Back in Cooper’s room, Maxie asks her new boy toy to get her some food. He gets up and Logan comes in. She yells at him to get out and he warns Cooper that she’s using him. He insults Maxie’s honor and Cooper takes a swing at him. The two start fighting and Maxie smiles as she watches.

Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Alfred tells Emily that Nikolas is waiting for her. She walks into the living room to find him on top of Robin and kissing her.

At GH, Patrick lets Liz in on what’s going on with Nikolas and Robin and suggests she call to check on Emily. Lucky comes up with Cameron and notices Liz is distraught. He asks her what happened and she tells him about what Patrick just told her. Lucky confirms what Liz thinks about the situation making no sense. Then the baby kicks and Lucky and Cameron feel it.

Back at the penthouse, Jason looks through his pictures of Michael and of his unborn child. Carly bangs on his door and he lets her in. She tells him she tried not to come bother him but couldn’t help it. She tells him about what happened at the Metro Court with Jax and how he doesn’t understand what it was like. Jason tells her that Jax can’t understand because he wasn’t there, but warns her that she tends to get carried away in situations like these. She admits that she misses the lying, conniving person she used to be. She tells him he can’t help her this time but says she doesn’t know how to choose between Sonny and Jax. Then she sees the box of pictures on the floor. She asks Jason what they are for.

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