GH Update Tuesday 4/3/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/3/07


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Today opens with Sonny and Stan at the office. Sonny asks Stan to arrange a strike at the Metro Court for next Friday. Stan warns Sonny that he is not sure that the strike will make Carly come back to him.

At the Metro Court, Carly flirts with Cooper some and asks him if there’s anything she can do to convince him to stay. He says he really wants to be a cop and she says he always has a place at the hotel. Jax comes over, grabs her, and says she doesn’t have to try to make him jealous anymore. She says she isn’t trying to make him jealous. Then he asks her if she would like to go to Montreal for dinner.

At GH, Lucky comes in with a group of paramedics and a wounded officer. Maxie sees what’s happening and asks Lucky what’s wrong. He tells her the officer has a gun shot wound to the head. She immediately thinks of Jesse.

At the penthouse, Sam has a nightmare of a struggle with a man. She screams. Jason comes running in to see if she’s okay. She wakes up and realizes it was just a dream.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy sees Alan again. She tells him to give up and he says he can’t until she confesses that she forged his will. She tells him he should thank her. He causes lightning to strike outside and laughs. She tells him he never won a fight with her in life and he won’t win one now.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly asks Jax why they have to go to Montreal for dinner. He starts talking about the beautiful scenery there and she says she can’t just leave the kids. He promises her they will be back before the kids wake up. He asks her why she’s resisting and she admits she doesn’t want to rush things. He assures her it’s just one dinner.

At the office, Stan recommends that Sonny be honest with Carly instead of trying to manipulate her. He assures Stan he warned Carly that he would use his union connections to get to her. Stan suggests he spend time with her by using the kids. Sonny swears he won’t do that. Lainey comes in for an appointment. Sonny apologizes for not canceling but insists that he has important business to attend to and will have to reschedule. Lainey tells him to push his plans back and comes in. Stan gets irritated and tells Sonny he’ll get started on their project and leaves. Sonny tells Lainey she was being a bit pushy. She tells him they can stop meeting if he can prove that he is handling his latest break up with Carly.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Sam why she was sleeping on the couch. She explains that she was waiting up for him to apologize for the press invasion the day before. He tells her he went for a ride on his bike to clear his head. She tells him that Alan’s death will get easier on him. He tells her not to worry about the press. She tells him she isn’t sure if she wants to do the show.

At GH, Lucky asks Maxie if she’s okay. He explains that he understands how hard it is to see a wounded cop today. She tells him she’s surprised that he remembered Jesse’s death anniversary. She tells Lucky that she still misses him and he asks her if he can do anything. She says there’s nothing he can do to bring him back. Lucky tells her that he just tries to honor Jesse’s memory. Maxie gets offended and asks him if he’s trying to berate her for all the things she’s done. He admits they both made mistakes. Maxie informs Lucky that what she did to him is nothing compared to what Liz is doing to him. Liz walks to the nurse’s station and Lucky sees her. He tells Maxie he’s not playing her game. She follows him and says that she’s worried about him because Liz doesn’t love him; she’s just pretending to make herself look good. Liz tells Maxie that she is wrong and that she does love Lucky, who at this point is trying to get Maxie to quit attacking Liz.

Back at the Q. mansion, Tracy tells Alan to stop and he accuses her of trapping him. She warns him that she will drive him out with an exorcist. She yells as Alice and Jax walk in. Alice says she’s worried about Tracy. She tells Alice to mind her own business. Alice exits and Jax tells Tracy to be nice to Alice. Tracy asks Jax why he’s there and he says he’s there about the meeting on Alan’s will.

At the office, Sonny tells Lainey that Carly doesn’t love Jax and explains that she won’t divorce him if she just gives their relationship some time. Lainey suggests that perhaps Sonny and Carly don’t belong together. Sonny says that things are different now because he’s willing to change. Lainey reminds him he still has a lot of issues to work through, like forgiveness. Sonny boasts that Carly slept with Jax again and he forgave her.

Meanwhile, Carly pays a visit to Jason at the penthouse. She tells him he looks tired and asks if he needs to talk about anything. He asks her what she wants. She says she isn’t always concerned about herself and irritated, Jason again, asks her what she wants. She tells him she needs a favor. He says fine, as long as it doesn’t involve Jax and Sonny. She promises him that it’s different this time, although it still involves Jax and Sonny.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy learns from Jax that Edward called a family meeting about Alan’s will and as Michael’s trustee, he had to be there. Tracy starts yelling at Alan again and Monica comes in and explains to Jax that Alan is probably sitting in his chair haunting Tracy for forging his will. Skye comes in and Tracy asks her why she came. Dillon enters and explains that Skye is family and they are having a family meeting. Edward comes in and also asks Skye what she’s doing there. The family members begin to argue and Tracy tells them that if Skye is going to get Alan’s money, then the will should be left as is. Edward admits that Tracy makes a good point.

Back at GH, Cruz comes in to talk to Lucky. Liz comes over and lets the boys know that their cop friend survived surgery. Cruz says that he’s alive thanks to Lucky, who risked his own life to save a fellow cop.

At the office, Sonny explains to Lainey that Carly is just scared and doesn’t want to take a chance. Lainey asks him what he will do if Carly doesn’t change her mind about him. He assures Lainey that Carly loves him and that she just needs time to accept it.

At the penthouse, Carly informs Jason that Jax did not sleep with Alexis, so everything is okay now. She begs him to talk to Sonny on her behalf. He tells her she needs to talk to him herself. She asks him if there was ever anything that he didn’t want to tell Sam because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Jason tells Carly to leave Sam out of it.

Meanwhile, Sam is twenty minutes late to a photo shoot with Amelia. She tells Sam she looks awful and berates her for being late. The make up artist grabs Sam’s fast to dab so powder on her and she flips out. Amelia pulls her aside and asks her if everything is okay. Sam tells her she is tired and Amelia makes a comment about Jason being upset about the press. She explains to Sam that Jason will have to get over being a private person. Sam tells Amelia she isn’t sure she wants to do the show if it means sacrificing her privacy. Amelia asks her if she wants to make a difference in someone’s life. Sam asks her why it has to be her and Amelia boasts that Sam is attractive and a survivor. She tells Sam that she could save countless lives by doing the show, or at least, get a new wardrobe. Sam admits to Amelia she’s right and agrees to stick with the show.

At the penthouse, Carly argues with Jason citing that he made her marry Sonny. He reminds her that he tried to help her get the divorce and tells her he supports her decision, but says that she is responsible for breaking it off with Sonny. She complains that she can’t break his heart because he always sucks her back in and because her heart and head are in constant conflict over Sonny. She asks him if that has ever happened to him. He says yes and that he had to do what he thought was best for the people he loved.

Back at the Q. mansion, Jax says that he has no reason to contest the will on Michael’s behalf. Alice agrees and suggests they let the current will stand. Monica tells the family that Emily is the one who got cheated in this deal. They start arguing again and decide that it’s better to keep Alan’s assets in the family, rather than let Skye get anything. Skye is angered by their incessant hounding and states she will contest the will on her own and make them all pay. Everyone leaves the room and Alan asks Tracy why she’s so mean to Skye. Tracy insists to Alan that Skye is responsible for his death. Dillon comes in and asks Tracy what her deal is. He realizes that she sees Alan sitting in his chair and tells her guilt is a powerful thing. He reminds her that people who talk to inanimate object easily lose their positions as C.E.O.s in big companies. Tracy asks Dillon what he wants and he says he wants her to give him the okay to date Lulu without interference. Alan finds it hilarious that Dillon is using his mother’s visions to date his stepsister.

At GH, Stan meets Epiphany who has called him there. She asks him if he had anything to do with the cop shooting. He assures her that he and Sonny’s groupies had nothing to do with it. Epiphany asks him what is wrong with him. Lainey comes over and asks for a chart and Stan is less than polite to her. Epiphany scolds him for being rude to such a beautiful and accomplished woman.

At the Metro Court, Maxie tells Cooper that she wants to go out drinking and dancing. Cooper notices something is off and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she will keep the secret of his identity hidden but tell him that if he gets killed in the line of duty that she won’t shed a tear because she’s that shallow. He pulls her aside and asks her what’s really going on.

Nearby, Skye chats on the phone with Lorenzo’s associates and demands they have a shipment delivered. Jax overhears her and asks her if she’s really stupid enough to go up against Sonny.

Meanwhile, Carly pays Sonny a visit at the office. She tells him she doesn’t want to fight and demands he call off the strike. She acknowledges that he is trying to get her to negotiate with him but says it isn’t fair to her workers or to them. She insists that he can’t fix their problems this way. He complains that he has no other way to spend time with her.

On the pier, Jason and Liz run into each other. Jason notices Liz is distressed and asks if she wants to talk. She tells him that she feels like a hypocrite because she just realized Lucky’s job is no safer than his.

At the Metro Court, Cooper asks Maxie if she saw something that upset her. She starts talking about Jesse and how he was a good person. She admits that instead of honoring his memory, she trashed her life. Cooper asks her why she hates herself for living. He kisses her.

Nearby, Jax asks Skye if she’s running Lorenzo’s business. She says she has to. Jax begs her not to throw her life away and advises her to get out before it’s too late. He tells her not to let what happened to Carly happen to her.

At the office, Sonny tells Carly that he knows she wants to give in to him. She confesses that he always gets to her but insists they aren’t good for each other. He accuses her of being afraid of the past. He suggests she do as Jason says and count to ten and let her fear pass and see where that takes them. He admits he wants to take her on a date. She informs him she went on a date with Jax the night before. He gets upset and tells her to stop running from him. Carly tells him to call the strike, but warns him it won’t change anything. She leaves.

Meanwhile, at Sam’s photo shoot, Amelia’s assistant brings in another picture of Sam under a different name.

On the pier, Jason asks Liz if she’s with Lucky because she thinks he’s safer. She tells Jason that she’s with Lucky because she loves him. Then the baby kicks and she tells Jason to feel it. He does. She offers him a copy of the ultrasound as a reward for keeping quiet. He tells her she doesn’t have to do that and says he’ll be fine as long as she and the baby are happy. Lucky walks in on Jason touching Liz’s belly.

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