GH Update Monday 4/2/07

General Hospital Update Monday 4/2/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today we join Jason and Sonny at The Cellar. Jason reminds Sonny that, at this point, the old nightclub is forgotten and would be a great place to store their illegal products until they get out from under the police department’s watchful eye. He admits the move is risky, but says it is worth it. Sonny starts talking about dancing with Carly there and reminds Jason that she owns the club. He tells Jason it’s too dangerous for them to involve Carly in this plan, either directly or indirectly.

At the Metro Court, Carly realizes Jax has duped her. There is no museum party there so she tells him she doesn’t need to be there. He tells her she does need to be there and asks her not to leave.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Robin that going along with Craig’s plan means turning his back on everything he believes in. Robin reminds him they have no choice. She admits to him that she can’t figure out what poison Craig injected him with, and therefore, doesn’t know how to cure him. She starts talking about how their fake relationship is hard on her too because she and Patrick have come so far in their relationship. She says she feels bad for hurting Patrick and asks Nikolas if it would be okay if she just let Patrick in on what’s going on. Nikolas says it would be a bad idea to involve Patrick and Emily in Craig’s evil plot.

Outside Wyndemere, Alexis collapses and Kristina tries to wake her up. When she can’t, she runs for help and runs into Mr. Craig. He asks Kristina what’s wrong and she tells him her mommy is sick. He tells Kristina to show him where her mommy is.

On the pier, Lulu tells Scott that Luke was right about him being a scoundrel. She threatens to expose Scott’s murder toe everyone. He warns her that he could take measures to ensure that she didn’t do that if he had to.

Back in the Wyndemere garden, Craig checks on Alexis and wakes her up by patting water on her face. She asks what happened and he tells her she passed out. She tells him she’s fine and he explains to Kristina that Alexis isn’t resting enough. He asks the little girl if he should help her mother against her wishes. Kristina nods and Craig decides to help Alexis back to Wyndemere.

Meanwhile, at the Cellar, Sonny tells Jason that Carly’s name is on the deed for the nightclub and says if they get caught storing stuff there, Ric will go after Carly. Jason suggests they get Carly to sign the deed over to them, but Sonny worries that doing so will draw attention to them that they want to avoid. Then Jason advises Sonny to try being honest with Carly. Sonny says he can’t do that because Carly will want to trade the nightclub for a divorce.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly tells Jax that what he pulled on her just reinforces why they can’t be together. He apologizes to her and says he just wanted to talk to her. He tells her that he went to a lot of trouble to plan the night. She asks him if he’s losing his touch and he tells her he’s just losing his inspiration and he wants her back. She warns him that the candles he set up better not drip on her freshly waxed floors. He asks her if she is agreeing to stay and she says she might, but advises him to keep talking. He apologizes again for lying to her and tells her he misses her.

Back on the pier, Lulu accuses Scott of bluffing and resolves that he won’t kill her. She reminds him that if he hurts her then Luke will definitely kill him. Scott tells Lulu that Laura would be disappointed in her for blackmailing him. Lulu yells that she has no idea what he’s talking about. She pushes him and he grabs her wrists. Then Logan rushes in and points a gun at Scott and tells him to leave Lulu alone.

At GH, Patrick gets angry when he can’t find a patient’s file after digging through the filing cabinet diligently. Epiphany comes over and he takes it out on her. She finds the file on the desk and hands it to him and reminds him of all the things he has to be happy about. Lainey comes over and tells Patrick she heard from Kelly what happened and suggests he come talk to her.

At Wyndemere, Robin tries to convince Nikolas that Patrick could help them. Nikolas fears that Patrick would lose it and try to do something foolish. He tells Robin that things have to be this way for now because Craig is manipulative. It occurs to Robin that perhaps Craig lied about the poison he gave Nikolas. She argues that the poison must have an anti toxin somewhere. Nikolas agrees and says they have to figure out what it is soon because Craig has a minimum tolerance for being bored.

Outside the coffee shop, Jason promises Sonny that he will talk to Carly about the deed. The two mobsters go inside and run into a wall of paparazzi.

Meanwhile, outside Kelly’s, a young man approaches Sam for an autograph. Amelia comes over and Sam says she doesn’t care about the fame the show is getting her, but claims to love being able to help people. Amelia talks about getting people to tune into the show and suggests they stage an attack during an episode. Sam gets nervous about this suggestion.

On the pier, Scott tells Logan to put his weapon down. He apologizes and said he lost his temper because of Lulu blackmailing him. He tells Lulu it’s pointless because there is no proof against him and Logan says that they don’t need proof. Scott figures out that Logan is the one blackmailing him. Lulu starts yelling at Scott and tells him she hopes Laura haunts him everyday for the rest of his life. She warns Scott to stay away from Laura or else she’ll let Luke know about him and he will finish him off. Scott tells Lulu she doesn’t want to do that. Scott leaves and Lulu cries. Logan touches her shoulder and Lulu hauls off and slaps him. He accuses her of being ungrateful and she berates him for using her mother to get money. He explains that they figured someone should make Scott pay. She asks him who else is involved in the blackmail but he refuses to tell her. Then she asks him why he would do that and he asks he why he shouldn’t have.

At the office, Sonny has summoned Diane to deal with the press. Diane says she can’t do much and suggests that Jason get Sam to come down to make a statement.

Outside Kelly’s, Amelia explains the attack could be part of a home invasion segment. Sam admits she lived through a home invasion when Manny broke into her Hawaii home. She insists though, that Amelia keep her private life and work life separate. Sam’s phone rings. It’s Jason asking her to come down to the office to deal with the press.

At the Metro Court, Jax informs Carly that he found another seller for the marble she wants. She starts talking about Sonny and how she will always love him but assures Jax that she can’t be with Sonny anymore. Jax asks if there is any room for him.

At GH, Patrick tells Lainey that he and Robin are done now that she’s with Nikolas. Lainey stresses to Patrick that Robin’s decision is awful sudden and suggests that there may be going on than meets the eye. He tells her it’s over because Robin has a fear of being too close to someone because to her love is equivalent to loss.

At Wyndemere, Robin explains to Nikolas that she fought to earn Patrick’s trust and she decides she can’t le Craig ruin her relationship. She insists to Nikolas that they fight back. Then, Craig brings Alexis and Kristina in. Alexis insists she’s fine, but Craig suggests she stay at Wyndemere for the night. Nikolas tells her that is out of the question as she decides it might be a good idea. Alexis is shocked by Nikolas’ rejection and asks him what’s up. He tells her that if she’s too sick to go home then she needs to be in the hospital. Kristina gets upset and Robin offers to take her to the kitchen to pick out a snack for Alexis. When the two exit, Alexis berates Nikolas for saying the “h” word in front of Kristina because it is very upsetting to her. Nikolas accuses Alexis of being reckless and says if she’d stop outdoing herself she would get better.

At the Metro Court, Jax talks about his trip to save Jerry and tells Carly that at one point he ended up Saudi Arabia. He pulls out a small jewelry box and tells her he brought her something back. He admits that he wasn’t supposed to leave with it since the men are supposed to put it in the navel of the prostitute they want to spend the night with. Carly asks him if he cheated on her. He tells her he didn’t because he loves her.

At the office, Jason tells Sonny that Amelia is on her way to do damage control. Sonny asks Diane to help them. Then he gets onto Jason for letting Sam get them involved in her activity. Outside, Diane tries to calm the press by answering questions. She assures them that Sam’s show is not funded by dirty money.

At Kelly’s, Cooper is impressed with Maxie’s ability to help him cheat on the police test. She tells him she is happy to help. Lulu runs in and dumps Maxie’s drink in her hair. She calls Maxie a bitch and starts trying to fight her. Cooper gets in the middle of the girls. She yells at Maxie for getting her blamed for the blackmail. Maxie tells her she should be thanking her. Lulu gets even angrier and Logan comes in and grabs Lulu. Maxie taunts Lulu saying Scott wouldn’t even hurt her feelings. Lulu leaves vowing that one day, Maxie will get what she deserves. Logan informs Maxie that Lulu wasn’t exaggerating about Scott being dangerous and then he leaves. Maxie whines that everyone hates her again and loves Lulu. Cooper tells her that he still likes her.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas apologizes to Alexis but says she’s in denial about her illness. Alexis argues that she must be a terrible mother for wanting to do something good for Kristina and a terrible person for intruding on his privacy. Craig offers to take Alexis home and Nikolas insists that Alfred take her home. Alexis tells Nikolas she doesn’t want to put him out anymore than she has. Kristina comes in and Craig walks out with Alexis and Kristina and tells Nikolas not to wait up for him.

Back at the office, Jason talks about how much the show means to Sam, while Sonny reminds him that they can’t have this kind of publicity. Amelia comes in and assures the mobsters that she will handle the press. Sonny orders her to control this situation and she tells him he should be happy for Sam.

At the Metro Court, Jax admits to Carly he waited until he felt tempted to cheat to give the pearl in the box away. He explains though, that he never felt tempted so he went to Rome. Carly asks him if he saw Brenda there and he says he didn’t and didn’t want to. He tells her all he could think about was coming home to her and the boys. She asks him why he wants her.

At GH, Lainey offers to keep Patrick company at dinner. He asks her if she wants to go to the opera. Then he tells her he didn’t expect her to hit on him. She claims that she is just protecting her friend’s interests. The two talk about Robin more and Patrick tells her that perhaps it’s just quitting time.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas explains to Robin that he was trying to push Alexis away, not into Craig’s welcoming arms. Robin assures Nikolas that Craig won’t hurt Alexis because it won’t do him any good. Nikolas tells Robin that Craig may have left to warn him by not giving him the counteragent. Nikolas fears that he may become Craig’s next blunder.

Meanwhile, Craig escorts Alexis and Kristina onto the launch.

Elsewhere, Lulu sits and cries. Logan comes over to check on her and she screams at him to leave her alone.

Back at the coffee shop, Amelia makes a statement to the press. In the office, Sonny tells Jason again that they don’t need this. Jason tells Sonny to let Amelia handle it. Sonny states that Amelia needs to keep the attention off them.

At the Metro Court, Jax explains to Carly that he doesn’t know why he feels the way he does about her, but it doesn’t mean he loves her less. She reminds him that she let him down, and herself down. She says she doesn’t want to make promises she can’t keep. He assures her they will take things slow. She says that doing that will make her fall in love with him all over again. They kiss.

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