GH Update Friday 3/30/07

General Hospital Update Friday 3/30/07


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Today, GH opens with Skye asking Jason for help on the pier. He tells her he can’t really do anything because it’s Lorenzo’s fault she’s in this position. She calls him a hypocrite.

Meanwhile, at Sonny’s office, Lorenzo tells Sonny to stay away from Skye. Sonny tells Lorenzo to stop faking his injury.

Outside Kelly’s, Carly yells at Jax for lying to her about sleeping with Alexis. He tells her he was trying to prove she still loves him.

At Wyndemere, Alexis comes in to find Nikolas and Robin making out on the couch. She is shocked and Nikolas goes to her and says he wants to explain. She tells him it’s none of her business. Nikolas and Robin try to explain what is going on but Alexis tells them that if they’re happy that’s all that matters. She asks Nikolas if she can bring Kristina by later to pick flowers for a science project. He tells her that it’s fine. Alexis leaves and Craig comes out of hiding. He tells Nikolas and Robin they need to be more convincing about their new undying love for each other.

At GH, Patrick hits on Dr. Lee. She tells Patrick that Robin is her friend and says she’s not interested in being his consolation prize.

Outside Kelly’s, Jax tells Carly that her jealousy of Alexis proves that she still loves him. They start arguing about Alexis and Sonny and Carly tells him that he will never get over what she did to him. She tells him she doesn’t want to play games. He tells her he’s not ready to give up on her. She tells him that she knows he can’t trust her and tells him that if they keep trying to be together despite the insecurities, they will end up hating each other. She says it’s best if they end it now. He tells her he doesn’t agree with her. She says she thinks it’s best if they stay away from each other. He tells her maybe they can do that after tonight.

Meanwhile, Scott approaches Lulu in Kelly’s and Logan watches from outside.

Back on the pier, Jason tells Skye she should have left town. She begs him to help her and he says he refuses to protect Lorenzo. Skye calls him a heartless bastard and asks him how he could betray family. He tells her when it comes to business, she’s not family.

Back at the office, Sonny tells Lorenzo that he’s putting Skye in danger by faking his injury and letting her take over his business. He starts talking about how disappointed Lorenzo’s family would b. He tells Sonny to leave his family out of it. Sonny tells him that if he’s using Skye to get the upper hand, then he’s a coward and even his family would respect Sonny’s decision to put another bullet in his head.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Craig that it will take time for people to believe that he’s with Robin. Craig tells them they need to be more convincing. Nikolas says they are doing they best they can and Craig tells them they have to show everyone that they are in love. Craig leaves and Robin tells Nikolas to stop antagonizing him. Nikolas asks Robin how he can cheat on Emily again. Robin talks about how they will have to make everyone believe they are together in order to protect Patrick and Emily. Nikolas asks Robin if the lab figured out what poison Craig used. She tells him she doesn’t know if they will figure it out.

Meanwhile, Spinelli spooks Jason when he follows him into Carly’s old club under Kelly’s. Jason yells at Spinelli and tells him not to sneak up on him. Spinelli talks about how cool it is that there is a night club under Kelly’s.

Outside of Kelly’s, Jax tells Carly there is a black tie event at the Metro Court restaurant that they have to go to. Carly tells Jax she doesn’t believe him.

Meanwhile, Logan continues to watch as Scott harasses Lulu in Kelly’s. He tells her they need to talk about things. She tells him there is nothing to talk about. He tells her that trying to get even with him is a bad idea.

At the office, Sonny tells Lorenzo to come at him like a man. Skye comes in and tries to get Sonny to back off poor confused Lorenzo. Sonny warns her again and she asks him what ever happened to his ethics about harming women. He asks her if she remembers Faith. Sonny tells Skye that if she’s doing Lorenzo’s dirty work then she’s making herself a target.

Back at Kelly’s, Lulu asks Scott if he’s trying to threaten her. He tells her he isn’t but warns her to leave him alone. Lulu tells Scott to stay away or she’ll ruin his life.

Meanwhile, Alexis comes in to meet Viola and Kristina. She sits down and tells Kristina she needs to rest before they go pick flowers.

Downstairs, Spinelli tells Jason he followed him. Jason tells him not to do that because it’s very dangerous. Spinelli asks him who owns the night club and Jason tells him it’s a long forgotten place and it should remain that way.

At the office, Ric shows up and tells Sonny about how he wants to do what’s best for Molly. He tells Sonny he wants a truce because their warring only hurts their children.

At the Metro Court, Carly asks one of her employees if Jax was telling the truth about the restaurant being booked at the last minute. He tells her that it was booked and apologizes for not informing her.

Meanwhile, Maxie talks to Cooper about how she’s going to buy a new car with her blackmail money. Cooper warns her that there are lots of ways her scheme could go wrong. Logan comes in.

At GH, Kelly hands Patrick a phone and tells him to call Robin. He tells her that he already talked to Robin in person at Wyndemere and it was disastrous. Kelly asks him if he told Robin he loved her and he tells her he did but she didn’t care. Kelly tells Patrick that something doesn’t seem right about the situation. Patrick tells her he knows that but he isn’t going to waste his energy if Robin wants him gone.

At Wyndemere, Robin complains to Nikolas that Patrick is probably searching through nurses for his next hook up. Nikolas talks about Emily and how he thought they would be together forever. Robin tells him that they will get through this. She calls her technician friend at GH to ask if he examined the toxicology screen. He tells her he did. Just then, Robin notices Craig has come in to the room. He tells her to go ahead and try to find out what the lab found. He tells her that they will tell her they’ve never seen anything like it before. Robin asks Craig questions about the poison. Robin tells him that eventually, the poison will kill Nikolas. Craig tells her that if that happens, it will be her fault.

Back at GH, Kelly tries to help Patrick understand what’s going on with Robin. She goes through the steps that led up to this point. Patrick tells Kelly that Robin didn’t do this to make a statement. He tells Kelly that Robin moving in with Nikolas is about sex. Kelly tells Patrick that moving in together and getting together are two different things. Patrick tells Kelly that maybe Robin is testing him. He tells her that if that’s the case, he failed. She tells him that she doesn’t think Robin will give up on him. He tells her that she already did. She tells him that maybe there is some other reason for it.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli runs into Lulu and talks to her. She tells him she’s upset and he asks her what he can do. She asks him to just listen to her. She talks about Scott bugging her. Spinelli asks her if he threatened her and says if he did then he will have to answer to Spinelli.

At the Metro Court, Maxie questions Logan’s hatred for Scott. She asks him what Scott means to him. He says Scott means nothing but says that he did a bad thing to Laura. Then he talks about the war and cowards and how Scott is a coward.

Meanwhile, Jax asks the clerk at the desk if the arrangements for the party are done. He tells him they are and warns him that Carly was very unhappy that she wasn’t informed of the reservation.

At the office, Ric tells Sonny he wants to peacefully coexist. He asks him to meet him half way. He tells him not to go after Lorenzo and end the violence. Jason comes in and Ric leaves. Jason asks Sonny what Ric wanted. Sonny tells him Ric came to hold up a white flag and Jason asks Sonny if he thinks Ric is being sincere.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas starts getting into it with Craig again. Craig tells him he better chill out or else he won’t get the counter agent and he’ll die. Robin tells him that he doesn’t want to let Nikolas die because that would mean he’d have to start his search for a new identity all over again with someone new. He tells Robin to keep Nikolas in line and then leaves. Robin tells Nikolas to stop resisting Craig. Nikolas thanks her for helping him stay calm. She tells him he will probably have to return the favor. Then she says that the only way they can beat Craig is if they work together.

Outside, Alexis and Kristina arrive in the garden to pick flowers. Alexis begins to get weak and sits down.

At the Metro Court, Cooper warns Logan and Maxie that Scott could get violent if provoked. Maxie assures Cooper that Scott won’t hurt Lulu. Cooper asks her what happens if he does hurt Lulu. Maxie is not concerned with his worry. He advises Logan and Maxie to back out now. Maxie promises him everything will be fine. She tells him to act normal.

Meanwhile, Carly visits the front desk again. This time she is all decked out. She asks the clerk what time the party starts and tells him to tell Jax that she doesn’t need an escort.

At the office, Sonny tells Jason that he thinks Ric is full of it. Jason tells Sonny about his encounter with Skye. The two mobsters discuss their options. Jason suggests they shut down for a little while. Sonny tells him they can’t do that. Jason tells him he has another idea.

Elsewhere, Skye drops Lorenzo off at Kelly’s before heading to a meeting with one of his associates. She tells him he shouldn’t have gone to see Sonny and tells him not to do that again. Lorenzo starts to have doubts about letting Skye run his organization. She tells him it’s temporary and tells him she wants to protect him the way he has protected her. She tells him to trust her. He says he does. She leaves and he makes a call and asks someone to meet him at Kelly’s.

On the pier, Scott approaches Lulu again. He tells her that he wouldn’t hurt her mother. Lulu says he let her lose her mind. Scott asks Lulu what Laura would think if she knew she was blackmailing him. Lulu tells him she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

In the garden, Alexis tells Kristina they will have to come back tomorrow because she doesn’t feel good. Alexis gets up and then passes out. Kristina runs to get help for Alexis and runs into Craig.

At the Metro Court, Carly goes to the restaurant and finds it decorated with candles and gold balloons. She sees Jax standing in the corner. He tells her he’s glad she came.

At Kelly’s, Lorenzo talks to an associate and tells him he may end up blowing his own cover. He resolves that he needs to be patient.

Meanwhile, in the night club downstairs, Jason suggests to Sonny that they use the space to continue business unseen.

Upstairs, Lorenzo explains that Sonny and Jason think he’s incapacitated and therefore, won’t expect the attack he’s planning.

Downstairs, Sonny tells Jason that he’s not comfortable with using the night club because there are no exits. He tells him it’s perfect for an ambush, thus ending this cliff hanger Friday.

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