GH Update Thursday 3/29/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/29/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Patrick confronts Nikolas about Robin moving in with Nikolas. Patrick doesn’t believe Robin would make a decision like that, out of the blue, unless Nikolas convinced her. As a hiding Craig, watches Nikolas insists Robin wanted to move in. Patrick tells him that Robin said she had to move in with Nikolas. Nikolas responds that Patrick he will have to ask Robin about that. Patrick continues telling Nikolas Robin wouldn’t move in with Nikolas unless she was being pressured. Patrick wants to know why Nikolas is pressuring Robin and he won’t leave until Nikolas tells him.

Amelia shows up at Jason’s penthouse, announcing to Sam and Jason that she forgot to offer to coach Sam for the press junket. Amelia and Sam inform Jason of what a press junket is. Amelia convinces Sam to let her coach her for the junket. Amelia remarks that should would invite Jason, but since he is press shy, that is not the best idea.

Alcazar, on the phone in the Metro Court Lobby, make si clear that no one in Sonny’s organization can know he is involved, as far as they are concerned Skye is running things. Skye walks in as he hangs up the phone. They are headed to the restaurant to have lunch, when Carly spots them and announces she wants them out of her hotel.

Sonny, at his office, informs someone that Rick’s job is to take Sonny down, and Rick is getting a little too close for comfort.

Rick, on the pier, tells someone that Sonny and his organization need to be stopped.

Sonny continues talking to person, who we can’t see, that the person’s job is to keep Sonny informed of everything that happens in the police department.

Rick continues talking to the person, who we also can’t see, tells the person to provide him with enough information to break the back of Sonny’s organization.

Sonny continues saying “It is time to make my brother pay, and if you succeed I will make it worth your wild.” He goes on that the for security reasons the two can not meet face to face after this talk. They will communicate through a secure cell phone and Max. It is revealed that Sonny is talking to Cooper.

Rick continues as it is reveal that he is talking to Rodriguez. Rick announces they will stage a fight and Rick will kick him off the force. Rodriguez will openly display his disgust for the police department, at which point Sonny will ask Rodriguez to come work for him. Rick tells Rodriguez, there is nothing Sonny likes better than a cop gone bad.

Coop tells Sonny he schedule to take the academy entrance exam. Sonny lets him know with his MP background it should be easy. Once Coop works his way in tot he PCPD, he will be able to give Sonny whatever he needs.

Rodriguez doesn’t think Sonny will go for it. Rick shares with him that Sonny is arrogant enough to love the idea of a cop working for him.

Sonny tells Coop that Rick thinks he knows every cop on Sonny’s payroll, Rick will never see this coming.

Rick sternly tells Rodriguez he needs Rodriguez to make this work for them. Rodriguez announces to Rick, that he can’t do it. Rick comments that there would be a big payoff for Rodriguez, and he would be a hero. Rodriguez says “it is getting hard to tell the heros from the bad guys in this town.”, then lets Rick know that he will have to find someone else to get Sonny.

Sam gets bent out of shape when she thinks Amelia is insulting Jason by not asking him to the press junket. Amelia lets Sam know that she only meant that Jason was a private guy. Sam admits having Jason there would make her nervous. Amelia promises Jason she will take good care of Sam. Jason leaves the two women alone. Amelia apologizes if she cause an y problems. Sam comments that Jason is does not like to be in the public eye. Amelia tells Sam she has done some research on Jason’s business. Sam is quick to point out that Jason is a coffee importer. Amelia comments that they are all exactly as they appear with no secrets.

Maxie and Logan are at Kelly’s, when Lulu comes in but walks right past them. Logan informs Maxie that they need to make sure Lulu is not in public when they send Scott the blackmail emails. Maxie suggest that Logan keep Lulu out of sight. Maxie stages a fight, throwing water on Logan and calling him a jerk, in order to get Lulu to feel bad for Logan. After Maxie storms off Lulu begins talking to Logan about Maxie, she remarks that if Maxie hates Logan that much, he might not be half bad. Spinelli comes in and notices Lulu and Logan talking, he leaves before Lulu sees him.

Carly replays the hostage situation to Alcazar and Skye before telling them to leave. Sky blames the hostage situation on Sonny. If Sonny had not of shot Alcazar then hostage crisis would not have happened. Carly comments that Alcazar deserved to be shot. Skye compares herself to Carly in terms of doing things for the men they love. Carly doesn’t care what Sky says, Sky still has blood on her hands.

Nikolas and Patrick continue to argue about Robin. Nikolas defends his and Robin’s friendship and tells Patrick to talk to Robin. Patrick lets Nikolas know he doesn’t believe Robin would just decide to throw everything they have away just for Nikolas. As Nikolas is telling Patrick to talk to Robin, Robin walks in surprised to see Patrick.

Amelia questions Sam about how her and Jason got together. Sam explains her history with Jason. Amelia lets Sam know that Sam will make enough money on the show to never have to count on a man. Sam tells Amelia that she has always taken care of herself. Amelia lets Sam know she is the same way.

Jason is in Sonny’s office talking to Milo, when frantic Spinelli arrives, announcing he is in desperate need of Jason’s help. Spinelli and Milo exchange “game on” remarks to each other, before Milo leaves. Spinelli asks Jason to tell him how to make Lulu fall in love with him.

Logan questions Lulu about why she doesn’t like Maxie. Lulu fills him in on the Maxie/Lucky saga. Logan digs at Lulu that she would never do anything that skanky. Lulu replies that she never said she was a saint. Logan remarks that she just gets to pass judgement on others. Lulu gets annoyed with him. Logan calls her out Milo being her boyfriend. Lulu shares with him that Spinelli, Dillon, and Milo are all her boyfriends. Logan comments that she must never need someone to spend a Friday night with.

Cooper catches Maxie peering through the window at Lulu and Logan. Maxie demands to know that Logan can be trusted, she is worried that if he has a thing for Lulu he will back out on blackmailing Scott. Cooper lets her know there is nothing Logan likes more than a fat bank again. Maxie decides they need to keep an eye on Logan and drags Cooper into Kelly’s.

Robin yells at Patrick for being at Wyndemere. Patrick again asks why she is there. A hurt Patrick refuses to believe that everything they said to each other two weeks ago has turned into this, her at Wyndemere shutting him out. Patrick asks her if what they said meant that little to her. Robin replies that she told him she was going to find a place to live. Patrick tells her not to patronize him, then gives her one last chance to tell him what is going on. After spotting Craig hiding, Robin tells Patrick that if he can’t accept that she is doing what she needs to do, and get this upset over a housing arrangement, then there is nothing them for them to say. Patrick says to hell with her, because she doesn’t trust him. He continues that she made him believe in her and the minute he lets his guard down, she bails. Patrick announces he is done and leaves. Craig appears telling Robin she continues to provide him with hours of amusement.

Skye threatens to sue Carly for slander. Carly lets her know everything she is saying is true. Skye tells Carly she has no proof that Skye or Alcazar did anything illegal, Carly just wants to blame someone. Carly yells at her to go play the martyr somewhere else, and to take the loser Alcazar with her. Sky calls Carly a heartless witch. Carly announces she is going throw Skye out herself. Their fighting is interrupted by Alcazar who fakes a headache. Skye blames Carly for upsetting Alcazar. Sonny arrives as the two women are exchanging insults. Sonny up the fight, but as he reaches for Skye, Alcazar pulls him back, shocking everyone.

Spinelli in a around about way tells Jason that Jason is a chick magnet. Spinelli asks Jason to give him the secret to Jason’s mojo. Jason tries to leave, but Spinelli stops him and gets serious. Spinelli sadly explains that he may rule cyberspace but he struggles in the real world. Jason tells him to just listen to Lulu, women want a guy who will listen.

Maxie is paranoid Logan is going to double cross her.

Lulu admits to Logan that she’s done some bad things to people.

Alexis sees Patrick outside Kelly’s. Patrick syas Robin is staying with Nikolas.

Nikolas tells Robin she will fix things with Patrick. Craig puts his two cents in that he thinks a man with Patrick’s ego will most likely not forgive Robin. Craig again brings up the idea of Nikolas and Robin having a romantic relationship.

Sonny and Carly question Alcazar’s quick reflexes. The four continue to hash out the Alcazar shooting and the hostage crisis. Sonny puts it all to an end, by announcing he will get security to throw them out. After Skye and Alcazar leave, Sonny tells Carly to let it go. Carly asks what is going on. Jax arrives in the lobby and watches them.

Logan makes comment that Lulu could learn a lot from a steady boyfriend. Lulu asks if that’s his lame way of asking her out. He replies no, she has her hands full and he doesn’t like to wait around. Logan leaves.

Alexis isn’t convinced there is something going on between Nikolas and Robin. Patrick that Robin would not give up on them because of a living arrangement. Therefore it has to have something to do with Nikolas. But Robin has made it clear he is out of the picture, so he is moving on.

Nikolas argues that he and Robin do not need to fake a romance. Craig enlightens him that it is the only way to keep Patrick and Emily from figuring out what is going on. Robin doesn’t think anyone will believe them. Craig tells her it happens after a hostage crisis. Robin tries to argue but Craig again threatens Patrick’s life.

On the pier Alcazar plays on Skye’s sympathy for his condition. Rick appears and Skye yells at him for not arresting Sonny for Alcazar’s shooting. Rick informs her that locking up Sonny is not the answer. He also lets her know that she can not run Alcazar’s business with any success.

Sonny fills Carly in on Skye running Alcazar’s business, that is why Sonny wants Carly to stay away from Sonny. Carly reminds him they are getting a divorce, therefore his business has nothing to do with her. Carly spies Jax watching them. Jax walks out, Carly goes after him.

Maxie, at the Metro Court, with Coop questions him again, about joining the police department. Cooper reminds her has to pass the test. She reminds him she is going to help him with the test.

Amelia and Sam are also in the Metro Court lobby, Amelia calms a nervous Sam.

In Sonny’s office, Jason tells Sonny that Rick has again intercepted one of their shipments. Sonny fills Jason in on what happened at the Metro Court between Carly and Skye. Sonny is concerned for Skye, if Alcazar is faking his injury, things are going to get very dangerous.

Skye denies she is running Alcazar’s business to Rick. Rick comments that Alcazar is either lucky to have Skye or Alcazar is a cold blooded snake, who is hiding behind Skye, while he fakes a brain injury. Skye tells Rick to leave. Skye assures Alcazar that he is going to recover and be better than before. She expresses how impressed she was with the way he handled Sonny at the hotel. Alcazar leaves to go home.

Maxie wants Cooper to be honest with her about why he is joining the force, she doesn’t buy his story. Cooper replies he has to do this. Maxie comments that he thinks he is going to make up for being a metro court gunman by becoming a cop. Maxie thinks he is doing this because he feels guilty and one day that guilt is going to cause him to do something like put himself in the line of fire. Cooper begins to assure her he will be ok, but she stops him by saying that everyone dies, and cops tend to die sooner. Cooper wants her to trust him. Maxie backs down after Cooper tells her that he needs her. Maxie shares with him that he is her only friend,she doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

Jax and Alexis run into each other outside Kelly’s. Alexis lets him know the other day was good medicine for her. Alexis tells him he should be honest with Carly, that Alexis and Jax did not sleep together. Carly, who was looking for Jax, is listens in on their conversation. Alexis leaves. Carly comes out telling Jax he should be honest with her for once. Carly yells at Jax for lying to her. Jax points out he didn’t lie, he just didn’t correct her assumption. He wanted to see if she got jealous, which she did, which means she still loves him.

Sam does the press junket for the show. One of the producers gives Amelia a picture of a woman named Susan Curtis who is a dead ringer for Sam.

Skye asks Jason to meet him on the pier. Skye talks to him about how much Alan loved them. Skye then asks Jason to get Sonny to leave her alone.

Alcazar pays Sonny a visit at his office. A faking Alcazar warns Sonny to leave Skye alone, or Alcazar will make Sonny pay when he gets better. Sonny asks him Alcazar if he is suppose to buy this act.

Kelly questions Patrick about Nikolas and Robin. Patrick responds that Robin isn't ready for commitment, at least not with him. He tells Kelly he's free tonight if she is.

Alexis arrives at Wyndemere to find Robin and Nikolas making out.

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