GH Update Wednesday 3/28/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/28/07


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Today, GH opens with Liz and Cameron coming to Kelly’s. Liz sees Lulu studying at a table and invites her to come to the park with her and Cameron. Lulu says she can’t. Liz asks her what’s wrong.

At the penthouse, Jason looks for Sam to tell her he’s home. He puts his gun away and there’s a knock at the door. He answers and Amelia rushes in with a team of make-up artists and a rack of clothes.

At GH, Patrick runs into Alexis and asks her how Nikolas is. She says he’s fine and he asks her why Robin moved in with Nikolas. She says she didn’t know about that. He tells her it was pretty sudden and Alexis says Nikolas doesn’t do things suddenly.

At Wyndemere, Robin asks Nikolas how he is and he says he’s fine. She tells him it would be good if she could get a sample of his blood. He tells her he’s sorry she got dragged into his mess. She tells him it wasn’t polite of her to come by unannounced looking for a room anyway. He tells her he is glad to help. Craig comes in and tells them he has a new plan. He tells them he wants them to convince everyone that they are in love.

Back at GH, Monica sits in a waiting area and Noah comes to show her some x-rays. She talks about how she can feel Alan’s spirit. Noah starts complaining about the new rules that say they have to turn away patients without insurance. Monica says that Alan would have never allowed that. She assures Noah that once she’s chief of staff, the rule will be changed. He tells her not to count her chickens yet because Dr. Russell has a lot of support.

Meanwhile, Patrick explains to Alexis that he doesn’t understand Robin’s motives for moving in with Nikolas. Alexis reminds him that Robin and Nikolas have been friends for a long time. He tells her he still doesn’t understand because Robin keeps saying she has to live there. Alexis assures him she will stop by Wyndemere and get to the bottom of what’s going on. She advises Patrick send Robin flowers in the mean time and tell her he is wrong and she is right.

Back at Wyndemere, Robin asks Craig if they haven’t done enough for him already. Craig talks about Emily for a moment and Robin gets frustrated and says she’s going to work . She says she will check in later. Craig tells her not to rebel while she’s gone. Robin walks out and looks at a sharp object that has blood on it. Inside, Craig tells Nikolas they should get to work. He sees a cut on Nikolas’ hand and asked him what happened.

At the Metro Court, Max talks to Cooper and talks about how nice the hotel looks. He warns Cooper not to mess up his mission for Sonny. Cooper gets angry and tells Max to spend some time in Iraq and then tell him how to do things. Maxie comes out to give a dress to the front desk. Scott comes in and asks Cooper what the police were questioning him about earlier and asks if it pertained to Scott Baldwin.

Back at Kelly’s, Lulu tells Liz that Scott has been lurking around and it is weirding her out. Liz asks her if she resents her relationship with Lucky. Lulu says no. Liz asks her just to be honest with her if she has a problem with her. Lulu tells her that she’s worried because she did a complete turn around on lucky, going from being unable to trust him to wanting to remarry him. She tells Liz that Lucky has built his entire life around her and the baby and says she’s worried that Liz may change her mind again. Lucky comes in and Liz asks him to come to the park with her. He says he has to work but promises he’ll meet her at the hospital for their childbirth class.

At the penthouse, Sam comes downstairs to find Amelia and her clan. She asks what’s going on and Amelia tells her they are preparing to give her a new look. Jason looks unhappy. Amelia suggests they shoot some footage at the penthouse. One of the make-up girls tries to decorate Jason and Sam stops her. She tells Amelia that Jason doesn’t want any part in her new career and tells her to leave him out of it or else she’ll quit. Jason tells Amelia he doesn’t like cameras and decides to leave. Sam apologizes to him and he tells her to have fun. Amelia congratulates Sam on her first diva moment.

Meanwhile, Robin arrives at GH and Patrick tells her she missed a consult. He tries to talk to her but she blows him off saying she has to work.

Elsewhere, Alexis pays Nikolas a visit. She sees his wound and asks him what happened to his hand. He tells her he had an accident. She starts questioning him about Robin.

At the Metro Court, Cooper tells Scott that the cops came to talk to him about a purse snatching he stopped. Scott thanks him and leaves. Maxie comes over and asks Cooper what Scott wanted. Logan comes in. He and Maxie chat about their scheme and Maxie asks him if he’s okay with letting Lulu get blamed for the black mail. He says he is desperate for money and agrees to pin it on Lulu.

At Sonny’s office, Jason finds Spinelli sitting in Sonny’s chair. He asks him what he’s doing there and Spinelli says he needed privacy so he could delete the paternity test that said Jason is the father of Liz’s baby. He asks Jason if he’s sure he wants him to delete it. Jason says yes. Spinelli deletes the results and Jason stands quiet. Spinelli offers to pull up ultrasound pictures for him but Jason tells him to leave it alone. He leaves.

At GH, Robin tells a hospital technician that she dropped some blood off for him to test. She asks him to do it pronto. Patrick comes over and asks her what she’s doing. She tells him it is just research. Noah comes over and asks the two to sign a petition to allow non-insured patients treatment. He says there will be a meeting about it but Robin says she can’t make it. Patrick asks her what’s going on.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas talks about how he and Emily took a break and Alexis is shocked. He tells her that Robin needed space from Patrick at the same time. Alexis advises Nikolas not to jump into a rebound romance with Robin. Craig comes in.

&# 9;Meanwhile, Spinelli meets Lulu at Kelly’s and greets her with flowers. He starts talking about Jason and the baby and Lulu gets upset. Spinelli explains to Lulu that Jason thinks that letting Lucky raise his baby is the right choice. Lulu asks him what choice they have but to play along. Spinelli says they do have a choice. Spinelli tells her that it will be okay and says that Liz loves Lucky and believes in him and that must count for something. Lulu talks about how bad things just keep happening.

At the park, Liz pushes Cameron on a swing. Jason runs into them and offers to push Cameron. He does and Liz watches sadly.

At the penthouse, Sam is all dressed up. She asks Amelia how being decked out will help people in danger. Amelia says she has to look good to attract audiences. She tells her she’s a product and they have to work to sell her.

Back at Wyndemere, Craig tells Nikolas that he and Alexis have already met. She tells the two she still doesn’t understand why Craig has to live with Nikolas during their business transaction. Craig assures her their business is completely confidential. She asks them how long they’ve been working together and Nikolas tells her about six months. She asks Nikolas if he did a background check on Craig and suggests that he could be working for Helena. Nikolas assures her that he doesn’t work for Helena. Craig comes back over to them and say Nikolas needs to take a call. Alexis leaves and Nikolas takes the call.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Spinelli that she wants to tell the truth but she’s worried Lucky will go back to pills. She talks about how mean Lucky was to her when he was on the pills. She talks about the previous summer and Spinelli asks her what happened to make Jason sleep with Liz. Lulu tells him about Sam and Ric’s one night stand. Lulu tells Spinelli that she understands that Liz and Jason were both upset and says that she’s not upset about them having sex. She tells him she’s upset that Liz is lying about it. She says she wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t know what that is. Lulu is upset as Dillon comes in and accusingly asks Spinelli what he’s done now. Lulu explains quickly that Spinelli told her he liked her and she says she told him that she doesn’t feel that way about him right now. Dillon and Spinelli get into over Lulu and Milo comes in. The three start arguing over who should date Lulu, who tries to get their attention but fails. Mike comes over to break up the bantering and tells the boys that Lulu has something to say. She tells them that she has decided to go on one date with each of them separately.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Amelia that she does want to do the show but it will take some time getting used to it. Amelia starts telling Sam about all the types of segments she’s planning. She tells Sam they can even do one on women’s self-defense and how to defend against murder. Sam starts to hear the voices of her past again involving a struggle between her and a man that ended in a gunshot. Sam tells Amelia she needs a minute and walks to the door.

At the park, Liz tears up and Jason asks her if she’s okay. She says it’s probably hormones and says that seeing him with Cameron reminded her of what a great father he would be. She talks about how she feels bad when she thinks about what he’s giving up. He asks her if she’s changed her mind. She says it’s tough because she just got remarried and he tells her that the baby will pick up on her unhappiness. She defensively assures him that she’s not falling apart and that she knows she chose what was best for her child.

At the Metro Court, Lucky approaches Cooper and congratulates him on the purse-snatcher catch and tells him good luck on the academy test. He walks away and Maxie comes over. He tells her he has to pass the test and says he’s worried about messing it up. She tells him he won’t mess it up if he has help.

Back at Kelly’s, Milo says he should get the first date and the boys start to argue again. Mike breaks it up again and tells him he knows how they can decide in what order the dates will take place.

Back at Wyndemere, Craig comes back in as Nikolas gets off the phone. He tells Craig that his identity is coming along nicely. Craig asks him how long it will take and Nikolas tells him about a month. Craig suggests they enlist Alexis to speed the process up.

At the Metro Court, Maxie tells Cooper that she can get the police test. He asks her how and she tells him to leave it to her. Logan comes over and Maxie goes to a chair with him to e-mail Scott again, who is sitting nearby.

At Kelly’s, Mike has the boys draw from a bunch of papers numbered 1-10. He tells them whoever gets the highest number gets the first date. Dillon draws an eight. Milo draws a six and Spinelli draws a two. Lulu tells them that they have to stop competing and fighting now or else she won’t date any of them.

Meanwhile, Jason returns home and calls for Sam. She comes out and apologizes for the intrusion earlier. He tells her he is just happy she’s excited. They kiss and there’s a knock at the door. Sam tells him to send whoever it is away. He answers the door to find Amelia. She asks for Sam.

At GH, Liz meets Lucky for their class. Nearby, Robin asks her technician friend if he looked at the blood. He asks her what he’s looking for and she tells him to look for a poison, perhaps snake venom.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Craig that the more people he involves in his plot, the less likely it is that it will work. He warns Craig that Alexis is smart and Robin is a bad liar. Craig tells him Robin will learn to lie well if she wants to save Patrick. There is a knock at the door and Patrick screams from outside for Nikolas. He lets Patrick in as Craig hides. Patrick asks Nikolas why Robin moved in with him. He tells him he will not leave until he tells him the truth.&# 9;

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