GH Update Tuesday 3/27/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/27/07


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At the hospital Patrick doesn’t understand why Robin is choosing to live with Nikolas. He says it is fine if she doesn’t want to live with him, but she has other choices besides living with Nikolas. Robin asks Patrick to trust her. Patrick asks what’s going on with her and Nikolas.

Nikolas manages to get the counter agent away from Craig. Craig gives him 3 options; 1. Nikolas can take the counter agent to Robin and hope she can duplicate it before he dies. 2. Nikolas can give himself the counter agent and live for 24 hours, then die a slow painful death. 3. Give the syringe back to Craig, which will then allow Nikolas to extend his life indefinitely.

Sam is working the front desk of the newly renovated Metro Court, when a guest recognizes her as the hero from the hostage crisis. Sam plays down the man’s praise. Once he leaves, Amelia arrives to check in. Sam informs Amelia, she is still not interested in the TV job, she just wants her life to go back to normal.

Jason walks into Sonny’s office interrupting Carly and Sonny’s make out session. Jason makes a quick exit, without saying a word. Carly puts on her coast to leave. Sonny wants to know what is going on. Carly tells him to ask Jason, then leaves.

Jax arrives at the Metro Court lobby looking for Carly.

Sam and Amelia continue to have the same conversation about Sam hosting everyday Heros. Amelia tries to impress Sam with research information. Sam points out Amelia wanted her to do the show before Amelia even had the research information, then asks why? Amelia tells Sam, tht she saved 15 hostages, making her a real hero and the camera loves her. Before heading to her room, Amelia tells Sam that Sam has unique qualities and the chance to help other people, it would be a waste for Sam to ignore that opportunity.

Maxie gets angry when she sees Lulu and Coop talking at Kelly’s. Maxie doesn’t want Lulu talking to Coop. Maxie and Lulu trade insults about Maxie lying to Lucky and Lulu lying to Dillon. Maxie crosses the line when she remarks that at least she didn’t get pregnant and abort her baby because it was too much trouble. Lulu punches Maxie, the two girls get in fist fight that is broken up by Coop and Logan, who suddenly appeared.

Nikolas tells Craig he was willing to help him, until Craig involved Robin. Craig laughs that Nikolas thinks he is in a position to negotiate. Nikolas replies he is the one with the counter agent. Craig announces that although Nikolas’s chivalry is nice, if Nikolas dies, Craig will kill Robin and it will not be fast or painless. Craig demands Nikolas make up his mind.

Robin explains to Patrick that her and Nikolas are friends. Living at Wyndemere is a simple solution for Robin, no rent, no looking for an apartment, no decorating. Patrick wants her to find a place closer to the hospital. Robin insists she wants to live at Nikolas’s. Patrick asks her if she plans to spend anytime with him. Robin answers of course. Patrick asks how long she is going to live with Nikolas. Robin replies she hasn’t thought that far ahead. Patrick won’t back down. Robin yells for him to stop telling her what to do. Patrick wants to know what she is trying to hide from him. Robin reiterates that her and Nikolas are just friends. Patrick reminds her of when she was going through a rough patch last summer and turned to Nikolas. Robin reminds him Nikolas is in love with Emily. Patrick asks if Emily will be living at Wyndemere too. A frustrated Robin tells him she doesn’t know and what difference does it make. Patrick yells it makes a big difference, her and Nikolas are both in love with other people yet they are moving in together. Robin tells him that she has given him her reasons, which he can’t accept so now he is trying to make it something that it is not. Patrick nicely explains that he loves her and he knows there is something she is not telling him. Robin replies she is moving in with a friend and if he is too insecure to deal with it, that is not his problem. Robin walks away.

Lulu screams at Logan for interfering in her fight with Maxie. Lulu informs him she doesn’t know him and doesn’t want to. Maxie questions Coop about what was going on with him and Lulu. Coop explains they accidentally bumped into each other. Maxie snaps that if Lulu was coming onto him it was only to get back at Maxie. Coop tells Maxie that she’s been great to him, and he owes her, but he has bigger problems then her fight with Lulu. Logan interrupts the two.

Maxie shares with Logan that Coop wants to become a Coop. Logan thinks it is a great idea, especially since it means Coop’s security job at the hotel will be free. Maxie and Coop argue about the dangers of him being a cop. Coop finally walks away. Maxie lets Logan know there is more going on with Coop than he is letting on, and she intends to find out what it is.

Jax gives an interview with WLPC about the reopening.of the Metro Court, at the Metro Court. The reporter sees Sam working behind the desk, then asks to do an interview with her. Sam reluctantly agrees. Carly arrives and gets upset that Jax is letting Sam do an interview. Carly thinks it’ll be bad publicity if the footage of Sam jumping off the building and the explosion is replayed. Jax asks her to tell him why she's really upset.

Jason, alone at his penthouse, remember when Elizabeth asked him to give up the baby. Sonny arrives interrupting his thinking. Sonny relays that Carly told Sonny to ask Jason why Carly is upset. Jason spills that Carly slept with Jax.

Lulu wants Logan to tell her what is the deal with him and Maxie. Logan claims he knows Maxie through Coop. Lulu doesn’t think that explains why he keeps showing up, first at her house with Scott Baldwin, then just now with the Maxie fight. Lulu wants to know why he insists on saving her. Logan yells that she keeps dragging him into her drama, but instead of saying thank you she jumps all over. Milo walks in asking Lulu if everything is ok. Lulu announces that Logan was just leaving, but not before telling Logan that Milo is her boyfriend. Dillon comes in ready to cause of scene but Lulu stops in by saying Milo is helping her. As Logan is leaving, Spinelli arrives sharing the news with Dillon and Milo that he is Lulu’s boyfriend. The three guys do their usual arguing over Lulu, who a makes bee line for the door, leaving all three guys speechless.

Coop is at the police station looking for Rodriguez, when he meets Rick. Coop explains Rodriguez was called to the scene when Coop stopped at purse snatching at the Metro Court earlier. Since Coop wants to apply for the police academy, he was hoping Rodriguez would tell him where to begin. Maxie, who followed Coop, looks on.

Robin returns to Wyndemere to discover Nikolas barely breathing. Craig informs Robin that Nikolas defied him, so now Nikolas is paying the price. Craig makes it clear to Robin that she must never deviate from his instructions. Robin agrees, then yells for Craig to give Nikolas the counter agent.

Amelia watches Sam do her interview.

Carly tells Jax she’s angry because doesn’t want to relive the hostage crisis, so Sam can talk to a reporter. Jax accuses her of being angry about their relationship. Carly snaps they don’t have a relationship. Jax puts his hand on her face as he tells her he doesn’t want them to be over, but she has to meet him half way. Carly pushes him away.

Sonny doesn’t know what he is suppose to do with the information that Carly slept with Jax. Sonny just wants the marriage to work, but how can he keep fighting for Carly, if she keeps sleeping with Jax. Jason reminds Sonny that Carly has told Sonny over and over that she does not want to be married to him. Sonny remarks that Carly took Jason with her to get the divorce because she couldn’t do it alone. Jason tells Sonny that just means it’s hard for Carly. Jason thinks that Carly sleeping with Jax is her way of trying to end things with Sonny once and for all.

Carly comes home to find Lulu waiting for her. Lulu relays her 3 guy drama to Carly, then asks Carly how she chooses without hurting someone. Carly tells Lulu has come to the wrong person.

Sonny summons Max to meet him at Sonny’s office. Sonny tries to get information about Carly out of Max. Max tells Sonny he hasn’t seen Carly, but he isn’t sure he would tell Sonny if he had. Sonny questions Max’s loyalty. Max lets Sonny know he is 100% loyal when it comes to business, but Carly has a right to her privacy. Max won’t spy on Carly. Max tells Sonny that he tries to treat Carly with respect, maybe Sonny should try that. Max leaves.

When Spinelli arrives at the penthouse Jason thanks him for going to the wedding to help Lulu keep quiet. Spinelli comments that Jason is the only person he knows who always tells the truth, so why is Jason doing this? Jason explains he can’t hurt Sam.

After Sam’s interview, Amelia again tries to persuade Sam to be the host of Everyday Heros. Amelia plays on Sam’s emotions of wanting to help people, she even remarks how much Sam liked being on camera. Sam agrees it is an opportunity of a lifetime, then decides to be the host.

Amelia promises this will change her life. The two women shake hands.

At the police station, Maxie fights with Coop about his decision to apply for the academy. Maxie uses the “what if someone recognizes you” argument. Coop reminds her that Craig is the only one besides her who can id him, and Craig is long gone. Maxie pouts as she tries to continues to change his mind. Coop informs her the only way she can stop him is to turn him in. Maxie responds she would never do that. Coop asks her to trust him.

Patrick comes to the police station telling Mac there is something wrong with Robin.

A weak Nikolas tells Robin he can’t protect her. Robin informs him and Craig she can take care of herself. Craig reminds Robin she needs to help Nikolas and keep her mouth shut. Otherwise, Patrick will spend the rest of his life paralyzed from the neck down. Robin agrees as she pleads for him to leave Patrick alone.

Carly tells Lulu to take slow and figure out which guy she wants. The conversation turns to Sonny/Jax/Carly love triangle.

Jason tells Spinelli he can’t turn everyone’s life upside down, his baby deserves better. The conversation is stopped when Sam returns home. Spinelli excuses himself. Sam informs Jason she decided to take the Everyday Hero’s host job.

Mac isn’t too concerned with Robin’s decision to live with Nikolas. Patrick tells Mac there is something wrong and he thinks it is serious.

Craig comments to Robin and Nikolas how this is like old times, he is in charge and they are his hostages.

Spinelli, Dillon and Milo try to dig up dirt on Logan at Kelly’s. Lulu walks in. The three immediately begin to argue with each other about who should be Lulu’s boyfriend. A screaming Lulu quiets them long enough to announces that she likes them all and is either going to date all of them, or none of them. &# 9;

Amelia, on the phone, says Sam is on board. She is holding a picture of Sam and a man. Amelia comments that she got the research on Angela Monroe, and there is a striking resemblance between Angela Monroe and Sam McCall. Amelia asks that research be done on Linda Black and Susan Curtis, including pictures.

Sonny pay’s Carly a visit at her house. Sonny lets her know Jason told him what happened with Jax. Carly tells Sonny she doesn’t want to take a chance on them because it is too painful. Sonny tells her to have faith in them. Sonny admits it hurts him that she slept with Jax, but he knows she is hurting. Sonny asks her to listen to her heart and come back to him, then he leaves.

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