GH Update Monday 3/26/07

General Hospital Update Monday 3/26/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Liz and Lucky sitting at home. Lucky tries to give Liz a kiss but she shies away. He asks her if it’s too soon for her and tells her that he understands if she’s still upset about the past. She tells him it’s not that.

At Kelly’s, Lulu asks Jason if he can honestly step aside as the father of Liz’s baby and let Lucky take his place.

At Wyndemere, Robin bandages Craig. Nikolas tells her to leave and Craig says she’s not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Sonny tells Cooper that he won’t kill him because he has guts. As the two chat in his office, Sonny asks Cooper how long he intended to hide in plain sight. He tells Sonny as long as he could. Sonny tells him he wants him to be a cop.

At Jax’s place, Carly shows up to find Jax and Alexis in an embrace. She asks them what they are doing. Jax asks her what she expected after dumping him. He tells Carly that he and Alexis have a close connection. Alexis plays along and Jax asks Carly what she’s doing there.

Back at Sonny’s office, the mob boss explains to Cooper that he needs someone to infiltrate the police department, gain Ric’s trust, and later feed him information about the goings on of the department. Cooper asks him why he doesn’t get someone already working there to do it. Sonny explains he already has enough police department people on his pay roll that aren’t working out. He tells Cooper he needs someone new and unexpected. He tells him that if he doesn’t agree to become his mole, he will kill him.

Back at Liz and Lucky’s house, Liz tells Lucky that she is just self-conscious because she’s a lot bigger than she used to be. He tells her she’s beautiful and she says she feels like a balloon. He tells her they can wait to consummate their marriage until after the baby is born. She asks him if he’s sure and he says that it doesn’t matter as long as they are together.

At Kelly’s, Jason tells Lulu that Liz wants to be with Lucky and wants him to be the father of the child. Lulu asks him why Liz gets to make that call. Jason tells her that if he tells the truth he is the only person who doesn’t get hurt. He tells her everyone will be happier this way. She asks him if they are truly happy if all they know is based on a lie.

Nearby, Georgie asks Patrick why he’s trying to get Robin to move back in again since it didn’t work the first time. He tells her Robin didn’t give it enough of a chance the first time. He tells her that Robin is afraid their relationship won’t work and she’s running from it.

At Wyndemere, Craig tells Nikolas that Robin will stay to take care of him in case the poison does something unexpected to him. Robin asks him if this is his idea of fun. She warns him that he better give the counter agent to Nikolas on time. Craig gets agitated and tells her to finish cleaning his wound up. He tells them that if they don’t do as they are told, he will kill Emily, Liz and Patrick. Nikolas tells Craig not to drag anyone else into his ordeal. Robin tells Craig that she’ll bring antibiotics next time she comes by to make sure he doesn’t develop an infection. Nikolas asks her what she was doing there and she tells him she had a fight with Patrick and was going to ask him if she could rent a room. Craig cuts in and tells how he saw her writing him a note and grabbed her. He held a gun to her.

At Kelly’s, Lulu asks Jason why they couldn’t just tell the truth and do shared custody. Then she realizes that Liz wouldn’t want to give the baby to Jason every weekend and that it wouldn’t be fun for the kid to be traded off to different parents all the time. Jason tells her he’s thought about all the things she’s saying. He starts talking about raising Michael and how he kept him from A.J. and then gave him up. Lulu asks Jason what will happen if the truth comes out anyways. Jason tells her he will be slightly relieved because he wouldn’t have to keep wondering if he did the right thing. Lulu apologizes to him for prodding and tells him it really is his decision whether or not the truth is told.

Meanwhile, Georgie tells Patrick that relationships aren’t easy and they take work. She tells him that taking off to Vegas wasn’t his best plan ever. Maxie comes in and asks Georgie if she’s seen Cooper.

At the office, Sonny tells Cooper that he could just go to the police and tell the truth about his involvement in the hostage crisis. He reminds Cooper that he helped Craig terrorize his wife and friends. He tells him that if he hadn’t use for him, he would have killed him.

Elsewhere, Carly stands in the doorway of Jax’s place in shock. He reminds her that she said it was over. She gets mad and leaves. Jax thanks Alexis for playing along. She says it was fun and informative because it showed her two things: if Carly is jealous of her in a wig, then she is insecure and head over heels.

Back at Liz and Lucky’s, the newlyweds arrange some things around the house and Lucky says he wishes he planned something romantic. Liz says romance is overrated and butterscotch pudding is better. They kiss and Lulu comes in.

At Kelly’s, a mother with a carriage prepares to leave when her baby drops a toy. Jason picks it up and gives it to the baby, who stops crying. Carly comes in and tells Jason she needs to talk to him about something important. She tells him that Jax slept with Alexis.

Nearby, Georgie offers Patrick more coffee. He tells her he has to go back to work. She tells him if he needs her help again just to ask. He asks her to play her music loud when she gets home and tells her to throw a red sock in with Robin’s white laundry to convince her to move out. Georgie says she will do those things but tells him that even if Robin moves out of Mac’s house, it doesn’t mean she’ll move back in with him. Maxie comes back over to Georgie. She tells her she can’t find Cooper. Just then, he comes in and Maxie goes to him. She tells him she was scared someone recognized him. He tells her he took off to get an application to become a cop.

At the office, Sonny thanks Max for sending him Cooper. Max leaves and there’s a knock on the door. Mike comes in and Sonny tells him he’s busy, but suggests he ask Milo for the money. Mike is offended. He tells Sonny he came because he thought he could use someone to talk to about life.

Back at Wyndemere, Robin tells Craig she wants to help Nikolas, who asks her what she’s still doing there. There is a flashback to Craig telling Robin about the poison. Nikolas yells at Craig and says the deal was supposed to be between the two of them. He asks him why he changed the terms. Craig explains that should something go awry, he is not qualified to save lives. While the men argue, Robin sees a needle on the ground. Craig tells Nikolas that Robin should move in. She asks Craig what he injected Nikolas with and he says it’s a mix of toxins and tells her getting Nikolas’ blood won’t help her cure him. She tells him that it shouldn’t matter then if she tries. He tells her it’s fine to try as long as she does it alone. Nikolas tells Craig that he needs to make arrangements with the staff if Robin is moving in. Robin says she needs to pack her stuff. As Robin leaves, Craig tells her the needle she picked up on the ground only has water in it so it’s worthless. She throws it back at him and he tells her to be sure to bring more syringes.

At the office, Sonny talks to Mike about seeing Jason’s struggle with losing Alan. Sonny tells Mike that he doesn’t want to have regrets like Jason does. He tells him he wants to put the pat behind them. Mike tells him that they have tried to do that and it never works out. Sonny says it’s his fault because he has a hard time with forgiveness. He tells Mike that his family is important to him. Mike thanks him and advises him not to give up on Carly either.

At Kelly’s, a distraught Carly tells Jason that Jax used Alexis to make her jealous. She says that he slept with Alexis for no reason to get back at her for sleeping with Sonny for a reason. Jason asks her if she listens to herself.

Nearby, Maxie tells Cooper that being a cop might not be a good idea because he could be recognized, not to mention, scrutinized for his involvement in Scott’s blackmail. She asks him why he suddenly decided to be an officer. He lies and says that handling the thief earlier made him think about it.

Meanwhile, Jason tells Carly to count to 10 and advises her not to do anything crazy.

Elsewhere, Lucky asks Lulu why she’s come by on their wedding night. She says she needs to pick up some clothes. He tells her to be quick and goes out to arrange some chairs. Liz asks Lulu if she’s okay. Lulu tells her to treat Lucky right. Liz assures Lulu that she loves Lucky and wouldn’t hurt him.

At the office, Sonny tells Mike that Carly is too stubborn to be with him. Mike suggests she may be scared of getting hurt. Sonny says that he will fight to keep her this time. Carly comes in and asks what’s wrong when she sees Mike. They say everything is okay and Mike leaves. Sonny asks Carly why she came. She says she wanted to see him.

Meanwhile, Jax cleans up some as Alexis comes out with clothes on. He tells her he ordered her some real food. They sit and talk. Alexis points out that the longer she stays, the madder Carly will get.

Back at Liz and Lucky’s, Liz talks to the baby as Lulu comes down the stairs. She tells the baby to stop kicking her and take a nap. She sees Lulu and explains that it helps when Lucky talks to the baby, so she does it too. Lulu tells her to tell Lucky goodnight. Liz asks her what she did to make her so mad. Lulu says it’s the baby. She asks Liz if the baby’s father will be as important to her as the baby. Lucky comes in and jokingly asks Lulu why she’s still there. He hugs her and sends her on her way.

At the Quartermaine graveyard, Jason pays a visit to his passed family members. He talks to A.J. He tells him he never thought about what taking Michael from him meant. He tells him he is sorry that he never got to be a father and says he won’t either now. He tells him that Liz asked him to let Lucky raise the baby. He explains that he keeps telling himself it’s for the best, but he admits that he doesn’t know if he can live his life without knowing his child.

Elsewhere, Lucky brings Liz a big bowl of butterscotch pudding and she tells him she loves him. She asks him if he’s happy. He tells her he is happy because of her and the baby.

At Kelly’s, Lulu and Cooper run into each other and start to make small talk. Maxie sees them and comes to put a stop to their meeting.

At GH, Robin asks for a change of address form as Patrick walks over. He asks her where she’s moving and she tells him she’s moving to Wyndemere. He asks her if she’s trying to drive him away by moving in with Nikolas. She tells him she has no choice.

Back at Wyndemere, Craig walks into the living room to find Nikolas choking on the couch. He begs for help. Craig says it’s awful soon for the poison to be acting up again but prepares the counter agent. As he gets ready to administer the antidote, Nikolas attacks him.

At Jax’s, Alexis asks Jax if he ordered dessert. He tells her he’s glad she’s dealing with the chemo better now. She talks about how she should write a book about how to survive everything all at once. She tells Jax she wants him to be happy. She advises him to tell Carly how he feels before she runs back to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Carly asks Sonny to be honest with her. She asks him if he really wants their marriage to work or if he just wants to keep her away from Jax. He tells her he loves her. She kisses him.

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