GH Update Friday 3/23/07

General Hospital Update Friday 3/23/07


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Today, GH opens with Sonny at his office talking to Stan who tells him that the police are causing problems for them. He tells Sonny that they can’t move their shipments in. Ric comes in and tells Sonny that he is going to put him out of business.

At Mac’s, Robin tells Patrick that their relationship is doomed. She tells him that she knows her loves her, but says she knows he can’t stand her at the same time.

At Wyndemere, Craig tries to get Alexis to stay and she warns him that Nikolas may become disappointed with him. He tells her what Nikolas doesn’t know can’t hurt him.

Meanwhile, Maxie watches Liz and Lucky’s wedding from outside of the house. The preacher asks the audience for a reason why the couple should not be married. Spinelli stands and objects to the wedding.

Back at Sonny’s office, Ric asks Stan to allow him a moment with Sonny. Stan leaves and Ric tells Sonny that the city is rezoning and that he will no longer be able to run shipments through Port Charles. He tells Sonny that he knows he’ll try to get around these new rules and warns him that is what he is expecting.

At the Metro Court, Jax comes in and is pleased with the reconstruction progress. Max approaches Cooper who is talking to a female guest. He tells Cooper he needs to be working security, not flirting. Cooper rattles off profiles of every guest in the lobby. Jax calls Max over to the desk for help. Just then, a woman screams as a young man steals her purse. Cooper apprehends the thief.

Back at Wyndemere, Alexis asks Craig if he’s threatening her. He tells her no and tries to joke with her some. She tells Craig that Nikolas didn’t mention any new business deals but tells him she knows that Nikolas can take care of himself. She tells Craig it was good to meet him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Patrick tells Robin to stop telling him what he feels. He asks her why she’s trying to run him off. She says she isn’t. She tells him she loves him and wants to stay with him. She adds that she just doesn’t want to live with him.

At the wedding, Jason grabs Spinelli but the preacher asks him to say what he wanted to. Spinelli talks about how marriage is outdated and says that Liz and Lucky’s “servers might not be in sync.” Someone asks who he is and Lulu says he’s her boyfriend and grabs him. She drags him out the door. Tracy points out to Luke that she warned him Spinelli was a bad influence. Luke tells her that he makes things interesting at least.

Outside, Lulu asks Spinelli what he was thinking and he is on cloud nine because she called him her boyfriend. He tells her he likes her too. She asks him why he did that and he says he was trying to keep her from making a mistake. Maxie listens nearby.

At the Metro Court, Cruz comes to take the purse-snatcher. Jax tells Cooper he’s impressed. He tells him to keep up the good work and he’ll get a promotion. He also warns him that Carly is a flirt and he would be wise not to flirt back.

Meanwhile, Sonny tells Ric that he isn’t involved in illegal business. He tells him he is a simple coffee importer. He tells Ric that he knows that he and Lorenzo are up to something.

Elsewhere, Robin tells Patrick she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship by making the mistake of moving in together. Patrick asks her why they are taking a step back after all they’ve been through recently. She tells him that she wants their relationship to work. He tells her she’s a control freak with abandonment issues.

Back at the wedding, Lucky and Liz exchange vows and promise to love each other forever.

Outside, Lulu tells Spinelli she can’t stand watching Lucky pour his heart out to Liz knowing that she’s lying. Then, Lulus sees Maxie and yells at her. Maxie comes over to get in Lulu’s face and Spinelli tells her to back off his girlfriend. Maxie tells Lulu that if she loved Lucky, then she’d tell him the truth about whatever she is hiding. Lulu tells Maxie to scram before she pulls her hair out. Maxie leaves and Spinelli tells Lulu that Lucky loves Liz. Lulu tells him that doesn’t make the secret any easier to keep. Spinelli reminds her that if she tells Lucky now, she will be humiliating him in front of all his friends and family. The two go back inside in time to see Lucky and Liz share their first kiss as husband and wife…again.

Back at Mac’s, Robin tells Patrick she’s trying to save their relationship. She tells him to give the relationship some time. She says that she moved in with him before for the wrong reasons and it was a huge disaster. Patrick tells her that he thought they had something different than what he’s had with other women. Robin tells Patrick that she will find her own place to live and will let him know when she does. She tells him to respect her decision. He asks her if she’s dumping him because he doesn’t agree with her. She kicks him out into the rain.

Meanwhile, Jax returns home to find a soaked Alexis at his door. He invites her in and she says she can’t go home looking like she does. He tells her to take a shower and get comfortable. He tells her he is glad she felt comfortable enough to come to him.

Back at the office, Sonny tells Stan the police are tracking their shipments somehow and tells him again that they need to infiltrate the police department. Max comes in and asks Stan if he found any information on Cooper. From what Stan tells him, Max figures out that Cooper was Number 3 in the hostage crisis. He tells Sonny that Cooper held Maxie hostage in the vault. Sonny asks Max if he’s sure and then says that Cooper will have to be dealt with.

At Kelly’s, Maxie comes in to see Logan sitting with Georgie. She goes over to him and tells him to stay away from her sister. She tells him that once they get the money from Scott, he needs to get out of town.

Meanwhile, at the wedding party, Liz and Lucky take pictures with their family members. Nikolas sits with Lulu and asks her if she’s okay. She tells him it has been an emotional day. Jason says congratulations to the newlyweds. Carly hugs Liz and tells her that she has to stay away from Jason now that she’s married to Lucky again. Jason asks Spinelli why he objected and he is still excited that Lulu called him her boyfriend. Lucky calls for a toast and dedicates it to Liz, Cameron and the new baby. He thanks Liz for making him the happiest man on Earth.

Meanwhile, Alexis gets out of the shower at Jax’s and asks him where she should put her wig. They have a glass of wine together and talk about how they are each other’s favorite exes.

At the Metro Court, Max hands Cooper a letter and asks him to deliver it Sonny. He promises to cover for him.

Back at Kelly’s, Logan tells Maxie he can’t leave. She tells him he has no reason to stay and he says he will not talk about personal things with her. He leaves and Maxie joins Georgie who tells her never to do that again. Maxie explains that Logan is a bad guy, but Georgie assures her that Logan isn’t interested in her because all he talked about was Lulu.

At the wedding party, Liz and Lucky cut their cake and Lulu tells Jason they need to talk. Jason asks Carly what’s wrong and she says she’s thinking about Jax. Lulu tells Lucky that she’s glad he’s happy and then goes to Liz. She tells Liz that she hopes she will make Lucky happy and she says she will try. Liz tells her she hopes they can be like sisters again. Luke toasts the happy couple. Lucky asks Nikolas if he talked to Emily. Nikolas says things aren’t good right now and he’d rather leave Emily out of it. Meanwhile, Spinelli talks to Luke and tells him he will treat Lulu nicely. Luke gives his congratulations again and leaves.

Meanwhile, Lulu meets Jason at Kelly’s. She asks Jason why he was at the wedding. He tells her that Spinelli thought she would spill the beans so he came to stop her. She asks him what will happen if the truth is forced to come out someday. She tells him it will destroy Lucky.

At Jax’s, Alexis talks about how happy they were when they were married. Then she talks about Molly some. Jax tells her things will change when she feels better. They argue over who will make more popcorn and Jax knocks her towel off her head. Alexis is bald and ashamed. Jax tells her she has never been more beautiful.

At Sonny’s office, Cooper shows up to deliver the letter. Sonny asks him to have a seat and begins interrogating him. He asks him when the last time he heard from Craig was.

Meanwhile, Maxie gets to the Metro Court and looks for Cooper. She asks Max where he is and he says he doesn’t know. She tells Max she knows Cooper wouldn’t just walk off the job and asks him what’s going on.

Back in the office, Cooper tells Sonny he must have him confused with someone else. Sonny gets angry and yells at him to sit back down. Sonny spouts off what he knows about Cooper and tells him he deserves to die for what he did. Cooper begs Sonny to keep Maxie out of their disagreement. Sonny asks him if he’s ready to die. He tells Sonny that in the army, they teach you to be ready to die whenever. Sonny tells him it’s his lucky day because he may have a use for him.

Back at Jax’s, Alexis tells Jax she isn’t beautiful. She complains that she’s bald with ugly skin and a bad wig. He hugs her. He tells her she’s winning the biggest battle of her life and says that she shouldn’t care if she’s bald because the hair will grow back. Carly shows up and allows herself in to the room. She sees Jax and Alexis hugging.

Back at the wedding party, most of the guests have left and Liz and Lucky say goodbye to Cameron for the night. They go back into the house. Lucky tells her he loves her and tries to kiss her and she moves.

At Kelly’s, Jason tells Lulu that only four people know the truth about his child. Lulu says that maybe Liz’s conscience will get the better of her and she’ll tell the truth. Jason says she won’t likely do that. Lulu asks Jason why he isn’t fighting for his child.

Meanwhile, Patrick comes in drenched. Georgie apologizes for ruining his plot. He tells her what happened and says he hopes Robin will come back to him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas returns home from the wedding to find Craig sitting on the couch with Robin marking the end of this cliffhanger Friday.

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