GH Update Thursday 3/22/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/22/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is on the phone getting information on a new identity for Craig. After the calls ends he informs Craig there were twin boys in a village outside Moscow, who were killed years ago, they would be about Craig’s age now had they lived. That means Craig can use the identity of one of the dead boys’. Craig compliments Nikolas on his good work. The two are interrupted by Lucky’s voice. Craig hides as Lucky walks in telling Nikolas it’s his wedding day, and he needs his brother by his side.

Maxie strolls into Kelly’s and notices Lulu sitting at the counter. Maxie decides to antagonize Lulu about Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding. Maxie comments that Lucky graveled his way back into Elizabeth’s life. Lulu lets her know she has no idea what she is talking about when it comes to Lucky and Elizabeth. Maxie snaps back that she is the only one who hasn’t lied to Lucky about this ridiculous marriage. Maxie continues that maybe she should find Lucky and tell him. Lulu shuts Maxie up by slapping her across the face, and announcing that Maxie will have to go through her first.

Carly barges into Sonny’s office asking Jason, who is alone, to escort her to Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding.

Elizabeth getting ready at the her house for the wedding, remembers when she told Jason he was the father of her baby. Emily comes in and notices Elizabeth crying. Emily tells Elizabeth if she doesn’t want to this, then this is the time to back out.

Robin is primping in the mirror at the Scorpio house, when Patrick arrives with boxes. Patrick lets her know the boxes are to move her back home with him. A confused Robin wants to know who said she was moving back in with him. Patrick tells her she can’t go back tot he loft, cause her roommates turned her room into an office, and staying at Mac’s was never a permanent answer. Besides why would she fight Georgie or Maxie for the shower, when there is a perfectly good one at his house, with the bonus of him waiting in it for her. Robin thanks him for the offer, then informs him she would rather sleep on the street then move back in with him.

Nikolas tells Lucky he is in the middle of a business deal and may have to bail on the wedding. Lucky is offended that Nikolas can’t spare 20 minutes for Lucky and Elizabeth. Nikolas explains the deal is imperative to Cassadine Industries, which is Spencer’s legacy. Lucky remarks that this is not like Nikolas. Nikolas tells him to stop being a cop, then ushers her out. Craig makes it clear to Nikolas that he needs to start acting normal. Craig warns him that if he does not follow his orders he will be long dead before anyone can connect Craig to Nikolas’s death.

Emily tells Elizabeth to not marry Lucky for his sake or the baby’s. Elizabeth tells her it is complicated. Emily shares that if Elizabeth got caught up in the emotional after math of the hostage crisis and that things are going too fast, it’s ok to back out. Elizabeth let’s her know that she can’t do that to Lucky on his wedding day. Elizabeth goes on that after everything she and Lucky have been through they have been given a second chance..And that Lucky is a better man then he was before, which means he is going to be a better husband and father.

Jason says no to going to the wedding, it will be too uncomfortable for Elizabeth, Lucky and himself. Carly rambles on the she doesn’t like Elizabeth, Luke makes her uncomfortable and she doesn’t want to do something that causes a big family fight, that would upset Lulu. Jason comments on her concern for Lulu. Carly tells him that she is worried about Lulu cause she is trying to prove that Laura didn’t kill Rick, and that Lulu came to her office upset asking questions about Jason and Elizabeth. Jason begins showing Carly the door, when Carly turns around giving him one last thing to think about. Carly sees a lot of herself in Lulu, however, Lulu does not have someone like Jason in her life, who can make her count to 10. Carly doesn’t want a big Spencer fight at the wedding that would fall down on Lulu’s head. Carly pleads with him to come for moral support. Jason agrees to think about it, making Carly ecstatic.

Maxie claims that by Lulu slapping her it proves Lulu is scared the wedding could easily fall apart. Lulu snaps that if she lies and agrees will Maxie turn the other cheek so she can slap it too. Maxie announces that maybe she will go see Lucky to remind him, that the only reason Elizabeth is marrying him is cause people pressured her. Well that and St. Elizabeth could never have a baby without being married to the father by the time it was born. Lulu tells her to go get hit by a bus. Spinelli interrupts calling Maxie “the mouthy one” and telling her to ease up on Lulu. Maxie gets up to leave, but not before Lulu tells her to make sure she doesn’t run into Lucky. Lulu goes off to Spinelli about how she is suppose to watch Lucky marry Elizabeth knowing he isn’t the baby’s father. Lulu doesn’t know how she is going to be able to keep it in.

Robin thinks that they are not ready to live together. Patrick is confused because they lived together before the hostage crisis. Robin reminds him that was when she was borrowing his key and sleeping on an air mattress. However, once she did move in officially, with in 24 hours he was in Vegas with Pete and she was in jail. Robin does not want a repeat performance. Robin asks Patrick to be supportive and go get the rest of her stuff from his place.

Tracy looking for Luke finds him drinking at the his casino. Tracy thought he needed a friend because Lucky is getting married in Laura’s house and Laura won’t be there. Luke responds “Oh well”. Tracy offers to make him some coffee. Luke stops her, he doesn’t want his buzz ruined. Luke gets serious informing Tracy he doesn’t know how people can accept anything on blind faith. So when people pledge everlasting love and talk about happily ever after, he thinks the are setting themselves up to be shot down. Luke is not real excited to watch Lucky head down that road again, but it isn’t up to him.

Elizabeth is worried that people will think it is a shot gun wedding cause of the baby. Emily assures her that everyone will just be happy they are together. Elizabeth turns the subject to Nikolas. Elizabeth tells Emily to not take what Nikolas said to heart. Emily protests how can she not. Emily continues that she is glad Nikolas spoke up if that is how he feels, however, she is does not know where it came from.

Craig demands Nikolas go on with his life as usual, he will not shut anyone out. Craig can not afford for anyone to get suspicious. Craig then threatens that if something happens to him, Nikolas will not get the counter agent, then Nikolas will die. Craig demands Nikolas go to the wedding. Nikolas fights back that this is not a dictatorship, they had a deal which included his loved ones being left out of everything.. Therefore, Nikolas is not going to the wedding.

Spinelli barrels into Sonny’s office, telling Jason that Lulu is in distress about what whether or not to tell the truth, because she thinks Lucky will go back on drugs. Spinelli wants Jason’s opinion. Jason reveals that if Lucky uses again someone could get hurt. Spinelli apologizes for creating the search engine. Jason asks Spinelli to do what he can to help Lulu.

Tracy calls Luke a cynic, just like her. They have earned the right to be that way, however, their children have not. They have earned the right to be happy until they learn otherwise. Luke aks Tracy to go to the wedding with him.

Craig shares with Nikolas that he believes Nikolas doesn’t want to go to the wedding because of the way he treated Emily. Craig suggest they bring Emily into their venture, Nikolas answers no.

Craig then demands Nikolas go to the wedding, but warns Nikolas to be back by 8PM to receive a counter agent.

Emily cna’t stand up with Elizabeth because one of her patients, who was a close friend of her fathers, has taken a turn for the worse.

In the Spencer living room, Lucky and Lulu talk. Lucky informs Lulu that Nikolas is not coming, and Luke is running later. Spinelli arrives. Alone he tells Lulu he is there to help her keep quiet.

Emily tells Lulu Elizabeth wants to see her.

On the porch, Carly is relieved to see Jason coming up to the porch

Elizabeth tells Lulu that since she is her baby’s Aunt she wants her to take Emily’s place. Lulu asks how Elizabeth can be such a hypocrite.

Patrick returns with some of Robins stuff. Robin asks where the rest of her stuff is? Patrick tells her he left some of it for when she stays over. Robin tells him that although she will be staying over, she will bring an overnight bag, she doesn’t want to invade his space. Patrick kisses her, the end up making out on the couch. Georgie walks in on them.

Bobbie and Carly discuss true love. Jason talks to Spinelli about how Lulu is doing. Spinelli promises to intervene if needed. Lucky comes over telling Jason he is glad he came, he is an honored guest. Nikolas arrives, much to Lucky’s delight.

Carly comments to Jason how glad she is that he is there. Luke and Tracy arrive to find a house full of guests. Lucky hugs his father, he remarks the only one missing is Laura.

At Kelly’s, Maxie talks to Coop about how wrong it is Lucky and Elizabeth are getting married. Maxie assures him it is not because she still has feeling for Lucky. Maxie talks about what a great guy Lucky is and what an ice queen Elizabeth is.

Elizabeth wants to know why Lulu is so angry. Lulu is angry because Lucky doesn’t deserve what Elizabeth is doing to him. Elizabeth wants to know what she is doing. The two are interrupted by Bobbie, Leslie and Audrey bringing the flowers and gifts.

Georgie apologizes for walking in on Patrick and Robin, then rushes out. Robin admits Patrick was right their relationship will suffer if her family is always walking in on them. Patrick blames her not wanting to move in with him on the fact that her trust in him was damaged. Patrick expresses his love for her, telling her he doesn’t want to live without her. Robin decides to move in with him. Later she overhears Georgie asking Patrick if she can do anything else for him.

Alexis finds Craig at Wyndemere. She wants to know who he is and why he is there. Craig covers that he is James Broslin, the head of a European investment firm that is doing a deal with Cassadine Industries. Alexis reveals she is Nikolas’s Aunt and the lawyer for Cassadine Industries. She asks him what firm he works for?

Maxie admits to Coop she hates Elizabeth, and she thinks Lulu does too. Maxie wonder why Lulu suddenly turned on Elizabeth.

Lulu agrees to be Elizabeth’s maid of honor. The wedding begins. Luke comments that something is off by the look on Lulu’s face. Elizabeth is surprised to see Jason there.

Robin interrogates Patrick on his conspiracy with Georgie. Robin announces they are doomed.

Alexis questions Craig about his company, then she begins to leave, but he stops her.

Maxie peers through the window at Lucky and Lulu’s wedding. The minister asks if there is anyone there who can show that these two should not be married, if so speak now or forever hold your peace. Camera shows Lulu, then Spinelli, then Jason all stressed out.

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