GH Update Wednesday 3/21/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/21/07


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Today, GH opens with Jax seeing Carly at Kelly’s. He approaches her to give her a bracelet she left at his place. He apologizes for calling her a quitter. She starts to apologize too when Michael and Morgan come in. Michael gives Jax a hug and asks him to join them for breakfast.

At the penthouse, Sam drops a cup while looking at a picture on the mantle. She hears voices of a struggle in her head. Spinelli comes in and talks to her. She tells him she needs his help. She says it’s regarding Angela Monroe.

Meanwhile, at Sonny’s office, Jason talks to him about the shipment that didn’t go through. Sonny is mad and tells Jason they need to find a better way to deal with the cops. He notices Jason is distracted and he tells him to focus.

At Shadybrook, Lulu goes to visit her mom but hears Luke inside talking about Liz and Lucky’s wedding. Luke tells Laura that Lucky wants to name the baby after her if it’s a girl.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli tells Sam he’ll help her friend. Sam tells Spinelli that she is Angela Monroe, or at least, she used the name as an alias in her past. She explains to Spinelli that she received a package and didn’t want to tell Jason about her secret so she told him it was for Spinelli. He is concerned that this will make him look pathetic in “Stone Cold’s” eyes. Sam asks Spinelli if he will play along and keep her secret. He reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Sonny asks Jason if Alcazar could be faking his condition. Jason tells him he thinks that Skye is handling some of Alcazar’s business because his last shipment was sloppy. Sonny starts talking about how they really need a plant in the police department. Milo comes in to announce that Ric has dropped by. Ric comes in with Molly on his arm and Sonny denounces him as hypocrite for taking Molly away from Alexis because of her proximity to Sonny when he deliberately brings Molly to his place of work.

At the Spencer house, Liz tells Lucky they have a lot to do. Leslie comes in to help with the wedding preparations. Liz and Lucky talk about Nikolas and his erratic behavior. They wonder if he’ll come to the wedding. They decide Nikolas will go to GH and feel better and then make up with Emily.

Back at Kelly’s, Jax thanks the kids and Carly for letting him join them for breakfast. He talks to the kids and Michael asks him if they can go sailing again. He asks Jax if they are still friends.

Nearby, Scott meets with Bobbie to complain about Luke turning Lulu against him. Scott tells Bobbie that they shouldn’t keep lying to Lulu about her father. He tells Bobbie that Lulu’s ignorance is causing her to make bad choices.

Meanwhile, Lulu pays a visit to Laura. She tells her that she found Rick’s killer. Then she confesses there is another secret on her mind. She tells Laura that Liz is not carrying Lucky’s baby. She tells Laura she’s conflicted because she doesn’t know if she should tell Lucky the truth.

At Kelly’s, Carly, Jax and the kids talk about Kelly’s pancakes. Then Jax tells the kids they are welcome to come sailing whenever they want. Michael asks Jax if he will change the name of the boat since he and Carly aren’t getting married and Jax assures him that he will never change the name of the boat. He leaves.

Meanwhile, Bobbie warns Scott not to make threats against Lulu. She tells him what Lulu does and how Luke chooses to deal with what he did doesn’t concern him. Scott warns her that ignoring the truth about something doesn’t make it go away. He tells Bobbie that someone should tell Lulu the truth.

At Shadybrook, Lulu talks to Laura about how she can’t tell Lucky the truth because it could send him back to drugs. Then she starts talking about Milo, Spinelli and Dillon and how they are all tripping over each other for her affections.

At the office, Ric harasses Sonny about the two shipments stopped from docking. Sonny tells him he is uncomfortable about talking about such matters in the presence of a child. Ric tells Sonny that he will not be filing charges against Lorenzo because he is unfit to stand trial and then he leaves.

At GH, Lorenzo returns with Skye for another doctor’s appointment. Lorenzo tells her he can go to the appointment on his own. As soon as he is out of her sight, his phone rings and he answers it. He tells the person on the line that Sonny and Jason have no idea what’s coming their way.

Meanwhile, Sonny tells Jason to get Stan to find someone to plant in the police station. The phone rings. Sonny answers to Carly who is calling because she needs him right away.

Back at GH, Alexis meets Ric for Molly’s doctor appointment.

At the Spencer house, Leslie has Liz and Lucky rehearse some for the wedding. Then she runs out. Luke comes in and asks why Bobbie left him an urgent message. The couple explains they needed help with wedding preparations. Lucky tells Liz and Luke that he needs to run some errands and he dashes off. Liz thanks Luke for helping her find her way back to Lucky.

Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at Kelly’s and runs into Bobbie who tells him Carly had a meeting and needs him to take the kids. He tries to leave the kids with her but she tells him she has things she has to do. Sonny gets the boys and goes as Sam comes in. She tries to call the delivery place about the package again to find out who sent it when a mother and daughter approach her asking for her autograph.

Back in Sonny’s office, Jason is sleeping when Carly comes in. She tells him she tricked Sonny so she could come talk to him. She begs Jason to tell Sonny she’s done with him. He says he can’t and she tells him she can’t pick between Sonny and Jax. She tells Jason she slept with Jax. Jason suggests she tell Jax and Sonny how she feels instead of him. Carly accuses Jason of thinking she wants to create all this drama. He denies her accusation. She tells him she wants to be independent but she can’t live with ore without Sonny and Jax. She explains to Jason that Jax thinks she feels guilty about sleeping with Sonny, but she tell Jason that she doesn’t regret it at all. Jason tells Carly that she has so much to be grateful for and so much that others would kill for. He tells her to stop making herself miserable and appreciate what she does have.

Back at Kelly’s, Amelia walks in to see Sam signing an autograph. Once the mother and daughter leave, Amelia approaches Sam with the ratings from her interview. They are very high and she asks Sam to reconsider the job offer. Sam, again, declines.

At GH, Ric and Alexis come out of the doctor’s appointment and make small talk about Molly. Ric tells Alexis that Molly is adjusting to her new home. He suggests she adjust to the situation as well and then leaves with Molly.

On the pier, Sonny points out his boats to Michael and Morgan. Michael asks him about sailboats and Sonny admits he doesn’t know much about them. Lorenzo enters with Skye and Lila. Sonny sends the kids away to look at something while he talks to Skye and Lorenzo. He tells Lorenzo that if Skye had something to do with having a shipment delivered in his territory, she will have to pay the same price anyone else does. Lorenzo tells him not to threaten Skye, but Sonny explains that she got involved in this when she’s not meant to be. Sonny walks away and Lorenzo asks Skye if she had anything to do with the shipment. She tells him she’s not going to allow Sonny to steal his business while he’s incapacitated.

At Shadybrook, Scott visits Laura and admits to her that he killed Rick Webber. He tells her it was an accident and he never meant for her to take the blame. He says the night of the murder, he heard her screaming and went to help her. He tells her that he saw Rick trying to inject her with something as she tried to fight him off with a candlestick. Scott tells Laura that he found something to hit Rick with and did. He says he didn’t mean for Rick to die and says that he went to get help but when he got back, Luke had already told her that she murdered Rick.

Meanwhile, Lulu visits Spinelli at the penthouse. She tells Spinelli the paternity secret is driving her crazy. They talk about secrets and lies and Lulu resolves that Lucky should know the truth.

At Sonny’s office, Jason naps as Lucky comes in. He tells Jason he wants to apologize again and thank him for taking care of Liz. Jason tells him he doesn’t understand. He announces to Lucky that he is the proud papa of Liz’s child. Then Sam wakes Jason up and asks him if he’s okay. He gets a glass of water as she tells him about the woman and her daughter asking for her autograph. Amelia comes in and tells Jason he shouldn’t stand in Sam’s way of becoming a role model to young women. Sam tells Jason she never implied he was holding her back. Amelia tells him to think about it and leaves. Sam complains that Amelia’s attack was uncalled for. Jason asks Sam if she wants to take the job. She says it isn’t practical given her life. He tells her if she wants to do it, she shouldn’t let him get in her way because she’s lost too much because of him.

At Kelly’s, Carly returns to meet Sonny so she can retrieve the boys. He starts talking to her about the marble and she suggests he leave a message with her secretary. Then she leaves with the kids.

Back at Shadybrook, Scott apologizes to Laura and tells her he’s lived with the guilt of letting her take the blame for his crime everyday. He tells her he loves her and always will.

Meanwhile, Luke and Bobbie meet up outside Kelly’s. Bobbie tells Luke he needs to back off Scott. Luke asks her what’s going on and she tells him he should just avoid antagonizing Scott because he wants to tell Lulu about the rape.

At the Spencer house, Lucky brings Liz a bouquet of flowers for their wedding.

Back at the penthouse, Lulu asks Spinelli how she can sit through Lucky and Liz’s wedding without telling the truth. He tells her not to go and she says she has to go. Lulu tells Spinelli it may be best if she tells the truth.

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