GH Update Tuesday 3/20/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/20/07


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At Jax’s apartment he introduces Amelia to Carly. Carly announces either she or Amelia has to go, then asks Jax who’s it going to be.

Alexis is at her house suffering through the effects of chemo. Sonny walks in expressing his concern for Kristina seeing her like this. He wants Alexis to let Kristina come stay with him for a few days. Alexis tells him to not do this to her, she just lost Molly, she can’t lose Kristina too.

Jason arrives at his apartment to see Sam and Lulu talking. Sam informs him that Lulu has told her what happened. Lulu chimes in that she never should have dragged him into a Spencer family drama, but she needed Spinelli to do the research. However since she found the opposite of what she was looking for, she wants to forget the whole thing. She tells Jason she hopes he agrees.

Craig, at Wyndemere, hides but holds a gun in the air, as Elizabeth with her back to him, talks to Nikolas about going to the hospital to get checked out. Nikolas won’t go, then tells Elizabeth he wants her to leave so he doesn’t get her or the baby sick. Elizabeth wants to call Emily to have her look at him. Nikolas snaps that he doesn’t want Emily to know he has the flu.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is getting a drink when Alan appears, in his chair, asking if she is looking for him. Tracy nicely asks if he is trying to give her a heart attack. He lets her know that if she wants him to stop haunting her, she has to do the right thing. Tracy tells him, she did, and deal with it. She goes on to say that even if she did tamper with his will, which she is not admitting to, she did it with the best interest for the family. Kicking his feet up on the table, Alan makes it clear he has plenty of time to cross over. Tracy yells at Alan that his assets would have been mismanaged, as Luke walks in commenting on her having a heart to heart with the furniture. Tracy remarks that since Luke has lived in exotic places, all over the world, including the jungle, he should know how to get rid of an unwelcome spirit. Alan pipes in ‘What do you mean unwelcome?” Tracy yells at Alan to go away. Alan replies that he has every right to be in his house. Tracy shouts back that it is Monica’s house. Alan snaps he gave it to her. Tracy yells “then haunt Monica.” Alan responds “I tried she can’t hear me.” Luke is standing at the mini bar drinking while the exchange takes place. Monica and Edward walk in. Monica announces she is taking Tracy to court, because she is certain Tracy forged Alan’s will. Alan clapping says “isn’t she the greatest.”

Sonny lets Alexis know he has not intentions of taking Kristina. from her, he just thought it would be easier for both Alexis and Kristina. Alexis is worried that Kristina will feel abandoned if she lets her stay with Sonny. Sonny insists it is only for a couple of days. Alexis explains that Kristina won’t understand the difference between a judge forcing Molly to live with Rick, and her just letting Kristina stay with Sonny for a couple of days. Alexis replies that she is sorry, but Sonny will have come up with another way to get Carly to move back in.

Amelia decides to leave Carly and Jax alone, using the excuse that one of her shows is about to air. Alone Carly begins kissing Jax and taking off his clothes.

Sam decides to go run errands in order to avoid watching her hero segment on tv. Plus she thinks the situation with Lulu is personal and she doesn’t need to be around for it. Lulu announces hasn’t told Elizabeth or Lucky the truth. She babbles on about Elizabeth being a liar. Jason defends Elizabeth, claiming it is complicated. Lulu lets him know that the Lucky she knew is back, not the junkie brother who yelled at her, but her brother. Therefore, she is going to keep quiet, because she needs her brother,

Lucky arrives to pick up Elizabeth. He asks if Nikolas has recovered from helping him paint. Nikolas responds he still isn’t feeling well, maybe it is cause he isn’t use to manual labor. Emily then arrives, she begins to look over Nikolas. Emily begins commenting on his systems, when Nikolas snaps that he didn’t say he was dying, he just said he wasn’t feeling well. Emily ignores the awkwardness, asking Nikolas to pour the wine, Elizabeth and Lucky are there for dinner. Nikolas remarks that she should have asked before inviting them. Emily replies that they had such a good time painting, she just wanted to keep things going, like old times. Nikolas claims it will turn into to a wedding discussion, Emily assures him for only Elizabeth and Lucky. Nikolas uses this chance to push them all away,, by insisting that it will turn to the topic of he and Emily getting married. He does not want that pressure, he just wants to go to sleep. Elizabeth begins to argue with him, he interrupts her, Emily asks him to stop. Nikolas looks at her, asking if she denies that she expects him to marry her.

Sonny tries to convince Alexis that he doesn’t need Kristina to get Carly back in his house. Alexis explains to him that Sonny and Carly are like a typhoon that suck each other, and everyone else around them in. Then everything explodes, yet Sonny and Carly remain in tact, then the cycle repeats it self. Sonny comments that is an interesting way of putting it. Alexis puts it out there that right now Carly wants Jax, and just maybe Sonny should do the noble thing and walk away.

Lulu wants to know what Jason is going to do when he sees Elizabeth with the baby. Jason replies he has to think about what the baby needs. Lulu shares with him that she had her abortion because she knew as soon as she held her child she would not be able to give it the Quartermaines, which is what everyone else wanted. What the baby needs wouldn’t have applied.

Lulu goes off on different scenarios where Jason would want to see or hold the babu. Jason cuts her off insisting he is trying to do what is right. She finally calms down remarking how she made her decision and he has now made his. Jason opens up that he thinks about the baby all the time. And even though he told Elizabeth he would give up his child, he has no idea how he is actually going to do it.

Tracy doesn’t think Monica will put the family through the red tape of probate court. Alan responds that Monica will. Monica tells Tracy to save her the trouble and admit she forged the will. Alan agrees, the sooner she fesses up the sooner he is gone. Tracy yells at Alan to shut up. Edward tells Tracy to not tell Monica to shut up. Tracy replies she didn’t. Monica calls her a compulsive liar. Edward claims that if she had taken only some of Alan’s ELQ stock they might have let it go. Alan questions that it is ok for her to steal from him. Tracy snaps to Alan “What are you going to do about it?” Monica, thinking it is directed at her, replies “I just told you.” Luke interrupta all the commotion, insisting that Tracy did not forge the will. Alan pipes in that Luke forged the will. Luke and Tracy get mushy disgusting out Monica, Edward, and Alan. Tracy thinks they should let it go, so Alan can rest in peace. Monica insists she won’t let it go until Alan’s wishes are carried out. Alan thanks Monica for her loyalty. Tracy wants to know where Monica’s loyalty was when she was chasing everything in pants. A sadden Monica admits to failing Alan in life, she won’t fail him in death. Monica leaves upset. Edward warns Luke and Tracy to come clean or he will bring criminal charges against them both. Tracy snaps at Luke that the will better be iron clad. He insists it will, but will her conscious be ok. Alice announces Sam is there to see Tracy. Sam comes barreling in yelling at Tracy to back off, or she will blow her out of the water.

Carly and Jax lay half dressed on his couch, discussing how much they missed each other, when she abruptly gets up. Carly announces that they are still broken up, but now that he has slept with her, it makes him even with Sonny, so he should be able to let go.

Tracy kicks Luke out of the living room. Once he is gone Sam comments that Tracy can black mail her out of the job at ELQ. Alan pipes in “so that is why she left.”. Sam goes on that if Tracy ever sends her another picture of Angela Monroe. Tracy stops her with the information that she did not send her a picture, someone else knows her secret.

Amelia on the phone, tells someone to email her any information on the crime she is looking into involving Angela Monroe.

Jason reveals he wants to tell Sam the truth, but it is his fault he can’t have a baby. Lulu begins to argue that point, but Jason replays the shooting. Then lets Lulu know Sam was devastated when she thought he might be the father of Elizabeth’s baby, but now it would be worse because she can’t have a baby. Lulu thinks maybe Sam would want to a good stepmom to the baby. Jason remarks that Elizabeth will never give up her baby. Lulu doesn’t understand why it is all up to Elizabeth he could fight for custody. Jason responds that he gave Elizabeth his word, the baby is better off this way.

Elizabeth and Emily try to convince Nikolas that no one is trying to tell anyone to get married. Nikolas hell bent on getting them out of there, insists he may never get married again. Lucky doesn’t think Nikolas is making any sense. An upset Emily suggests that maybe her and Nikolas need a break. Nikolas believes a little space wouldn’t hurt. Emily leaves. Lucky yells at his brother for being an ass. Elizabeth and Lucky leave. Craig comes out wanting to know the point of the performance. Nikolas explains he may be Craig’s pawn, but he refuses to allow Emily to be threatened.

Sonny gives Alexis some tea, he wants to know if he can do anything else for her. She wants him to tell her the truth, then reminds him it is bad karma to lie to a cancer patient. Sonny remarks that she doesn’t have cancer, it was removed, the chemo is so the cancer won’t come back. Alexis replies that she wishes he would have gone to school, he would have made a good lawyer, and the organized crime in Port Charles would have been cut down drastically. Getting serious she asks him if Carly and Jax get back together, can he really put his feeling aside and be happy for them. He reveals he doesn’t think he can ever put his feeling aside for Carly. Alexis comments that she wishes she would have know that before she got involved with Sonny.

Jax wants Carly to stay. Carly won’t stay because he can’t change the disappointed look in his eye, or get passed what happened with her and Sonny. Jax asks if she blames him. She says no. Then shares her and Sonny are connected and if given the chance, she would do things the same way. She goes on that she is not getting back together with Sonny, because they are not good together. However, Jax is good for her, but she doesn’t want to get caught up in the cycle of him feeling betrayed and her feeling guilty. He shouts that she doesn’t believe they are worth fighting for, she wants to give up because it is easier. Carly asks how he can think this is easy for her.

Alan remarks that Tracy black mailed Sam, then changed his will because she was afraid Sam would have Jason’s baby. Tracy yells that what Alan did was ridiculous and he should be thanking her for saving his dignity. Luke comes racing in telling her to hold it down, unless she wants Monica and Edward hear her confessing to a chair that she forged Alan’s will. Tracy shouts at Luke that she didn’t change Alan’s will he did. Alan remarks that he hopes someday they are both charged with fraud. Tracy yells at Alan to shut up. Luke tells Tracy he is worried that she is going to confess, then asks her to warn him so he can get out of town. Tracy insists she is not going crazy she is being haunted by her ungrateful brother. Tracy goes off on Alan again for leaving so much of his estate to Jason’s nonexistent children.

Sam meets Amelia at Kelly’s. Amelia fills her in that she show was a hit. Sam informs Amelia she can not take this any further, her 15 minutes of fame are done. She thanks Amelia and leaves.

Jason reveals to Lulu his life is not set up for a child. Lulu doesn’t understand how Elizabeth can not have faith in Lucky, if she is taking him back. Jason warns her she can tell Lucky, but it may not turn out the way she wants. Lulu knows that she could tell Lucky and he could go back to drugs. Lulu comments that him and Lucky look alike so maybe no one will question it, unless the baby grows up and doesn’t laugh or smile,, or talk much. Jason comments that maybe the baby will be like Elizabeth. Lulu replies that Laura has blue eyes so if the baby has blue eyes, everyone will think it is cause of her, Lucky will be so proud. Lulu wonders how she is going to do this. Jason answers that sometimes keeping a secret is the best way to help someone.

Nikolas comments to Craig that he doesn’t think things through which is how he screwed up what was suppose to be a 5 minute robbery. Craig responds that things go wrong in his line of business. Nikolas warns him, that he won’t let him harm anyone he loves. Craig laughs at Nikolas’s way of getting rid of Emily. Craig warns him to not stir up anymore trouble or he will kill Emily and Elizabeth. Nikolas agrees but protests when Craig wants him to send flowers to Emily apologizing and inviting her to dinner. Nikolas tells Craig he will get what he wants, but only if he keeps Emily out of it.

Emily at the mansion, fills Monica in that her and Nikolas are taking a break., she makes it seem like mutual decision. Monica selfishly admits she is glad Emily is back.

Jason, alone is shooting pool when Sam comes home. Sam breaks it to Jason that she has been keeping something from him, and that she can feel it is building a wall between them. She has decided to be honest with him.

After Alexis jokes about wishing Sonny had pot, Sonny tells her he is sending Spinelli over with a delivery tomorrow. Alexis protests, Sonny gives in agreeing to not send anything. Alexis calls him her gangster with a heart of gold friend.

Carly and Jax discuss her decision to end things. He tells her they made love because it was about them. He is not giving up she is, which he admits he never thought of her as a quitter. Carly leaves crying. They each stand on opposites sides of the door looking at it.

Sam admits she has finally accepted that children are not going to be apart of their lives. She is ready to move on. She asks him if he is ready to move on. He replies if it is what she wants. She comments that they have a great life together, they can make each other happy. They embrace.

Nikolas informs Craig he needs him to get a new life, quickly and quietly. Craig reveals he can always bring Emily in at a later time. Then demands Nikolas call Moscow to get him a birth certificate, this is step one in Craig’s plan.

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