GH Update Monday 3/19/07

General Hospital Update Monday 3/19/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Sonny and Carly at Jake’s playing pool. Carly lost to Sonny and he asks her for a dance as his prize. She agrees to dance with him but tells him she is still divorcing him. He sweet talks her and they get closer nearing a kiss when Jax walks in with Amelia.

At the penthouse, Jason tells the delivery person that he must have the wrong place. The delivery person says the package is addressed to Angela Monroe at the penthouse. Jason tells him to take it back and Sam tells him not to.

At Liz and Lucky’s house, Lulu tells Lucky that Liz isn’t perfect. He tells her that no one is and that no relationship is, not even Luke and Laura’s. Lulu tells him that people have to know the truth to forgive others and Lucky asks her if there’s something he should know as Liz comes downstairs. She comes to Lucky’s side and tells Lulu that there is nothing she can’t tell them because she is family.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is on the floor struggling to breathe as Craig holds the phone and asks him whether he should give him the antidote or call the police. He reminds Nikolas that even if the police get there before he dies, they won’t be able to help him. Nikolas tells Craig to give him the antidote.

Back at Liz and Lucky’s, Liz asks Lulu if Scott came after her again. She tells her he did and talks about how he’s telling her lies about Luke. She tells Liz that people shouldn’t lie. Liz tells her not to let Scott get to her.

At Kelly’s, Logan, Maxie and Cooper sit anxiously waiting to see if Scott is upset by their e-mail. Scott gets up and leaves. Maxie tells her boy buds that blackmail is easy. Logan gets up to follow Scott.

At Jake’s, Coleman delivers drinks to Jax and Amelia, courtesy of Sonny. Carly challenges Sonny to another round of pool and tells him that if she wins, the date is over. Carly tries to break up the balls but misses them completely. Nearby, Jax talks to Amelia who has figured out she is being used to upset Carly. She asks Jax about what happened with Carly and he goes into the details of her marrying Sonny. Amelia tells him he should have said something sooner. She agrees to play along as long as Jax agrees to answer questions about Sam.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells the delivery person that Angela Monroe is a friend of hers who is out of town. She signs for it and he leaves. Jason asks her whom the package is really for. Sam tells him it’s probably Spinelli’s. He asks her why Spinelli would use a fake name and she says because he’s probably just paranoid about people finding out something about him. She makes Jason promise not to open the package. Jason searches for the remote and tells Sam that her interview is about to come on. Sam tells him she doesn’t want to watch it.

Back at Jake’s, Amelia talks about the television segment she wants Sam to host. She explains to Jax that Sam doesn’t want to do the show and she asks him how she can change her mind. She asks him what made him someone’s ex and he asks her for a dance.

Nearby, a jealous Carly looks on Jax and Amelia, causing her to lose her pool game to Sonny. He tells her he gets another dance. She starts dancing with him but then tells him it’s a bad idea. She stops and tells him she’s calling for help.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason the interview was bad and she doesn’t want him to see it. His cell phone rings and he answers it. Carly is on the line begging him for help.

Meanwhile, at GH, Alexis finishes another round of chemo and is about to leave when Epiphany stops her. She notices Alexis is weak and tells her to sit down and relax a few minutes. Alexis tries to fight her on it and Epiphany threatens to have her admitted to the hospital for a few days if she doesn’t sit down.

At the police department, Mayor Floyd and Ric argue about the job Ric is doing as district attorney. Floyd asks him why he hasn’t charged Alcazar yet and Ric tells him that he has no concrete evidence. Floyd warns Ric that the city council is concerned about where his loyalties lie. Ric tells Floyd that he has police watching a shipment of Sonny’s that’s about to dock. Ric’s phone rings. It’s Epiphany calling to ask him to pick up Alexis.

Back at Liz and Lucky’s, Lucky tells Lulu that he has to go to work. He and Liz tell her not to worry about Scott as they walk out the door. Lulu thinks about her conversation with Jason about Liz for a moment and then there’s a knock at the door. Scott comes in and tells her to stop what she’s doing or she’ll be sorry.

At the penthouse, Sam calls the delivery service about the package. They are unable to tell her who sent the package. Frustrated, she hangs up the phone. She opens the envelope, which contains a folded piece of paper. She opens the paper up. It has a picture of Sam and a man. The headline says something about a Real Estate Broker and his wife Angela.

At Jake’s, Jax tells Amelia that Sam’s problem is Jason. Right on cue, Jason shows up and asks Carly what’s wrong now. Coleman tells Jason that Carly can’t make up her mind on which man she wants. Carly tells Jason she’s confused but that she doesn’t want Sonny to think she isn’t going to divorce him. She asks Jason to talk to Jax and Sonny for her. Jason announces to Jax and Sonny that Carly needs some space right now.

Meanwhile, Scott tells Lulu to stop messing with him. Lulu tells him she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She yells at him to get out. Scott gets angry and starts to yell. Logan runs in and tells Scott to get away from Lulu.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas regains consciousness after receiving the antidote. Nikolas tries to take Craig down but is unsuccessful. Craig warns him that he will kill someone to prove he is serious. He tells Nikolas that they need to get to work on his new life.

At Liz and Lucky’s, Logan tells Scott to get lost and Lulu tells Scott she’s calling the police. Scott tells her to think about what he said and then leaves. Lulu yells at Logan for busting into the house like that. Logan tells Lulu he’ll stay out of her way as long as Luke stays out of his way.

At GH, Ric comes to pick Alexis up. Alexis is mad that Epiphany called him. Ric tells her it’s no trouble and she tells him it is for her. She tells him just because he was able to take Molly away doesn’t mean she’ll let him take her independence too.

At the penthouse, Sam burns the sheet of paper in the fire.

At Jake’s, Jason tells Sonny and Jax to give Carly space and Sonny asks her if she wants Jason to take her home. She says yes. Amelia tells Jax she is ready to leave and asks him to walk her to her car. He tells her he’ll be right with her. He goes to Carly and asks her if they can talk and she says she can’t right now. Jax leaves and Jason comes over. She thanks him and he tells her that he’s worried about her. They sit and Jason tells her she needs to make a decision about which man she wants. She tells him she chose Jax but then Sonny messed everything up. She tells him about how Sonny forced her to go on this date to get her marble. Jason tells her she doesn’t need the marble and Carly says she couldn’t let Sonny win. Jason tells her that no one is winning. Carly admits that she loves both Jax and Sonny. Jason reminds her that she is the only one who can fix this mess. He advises her to pick who she wants and let the other go.

Back at GH, Ric tells Alexis he didn’t come to fight. Alexis tells him that she is going to get well no matter how much chemo it takes just so she can kick his butt. He tells her that he only came to give her a ride but says that he’ll let her waste every bit of the strength she has left to catch a cab. He reminds her that if she chooses the latter, she won’t be home in time to tuck Kristina in. Alexis berates him for using her child against her and then allows him to help her up. She leaves with him.

At Wyndemere, Craig tells Nikolas that he has 24 hours until the poison starts taking effect again. He tells him that he needs a completely new life. He tells Nikolas that there will need to be planted paper trails. Nikolas says this will take months but Craig assures him that’s okay because they will become business partners. Nikolas reminds Craig that the hostages will recognize him but Craig tells Nikolas that he’ll dye his hair or have plastic surgery.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks Cooper what he’ll do with his share of the blackmail money. Cooper tells her it’s a little soon to think about that. Maxie assures him that Scott will pay because he doesn’t want anyone to know what he did. She tells Cooper that they will get the money while Lulu is blamed for the blackmail. Cooper asks Maxie what Lulu did to make her hate her so much. Maxie tells Cooper how Lulu messed with Georgie and Dillon and then had an abortion. Logan comes in and tells him that everything is going according to plan. He tells them he followed Scott to Lulu’s, but announces there must be a change in their plan: they can’t involve Lulu. Maxie gets mad and asks Logan why he wants to protect Lulu so badly.

At the penthouse, Lulu knocks on the door and yells for Jason. Sam answers and says Jason isn’t home. Lulu sees that Sam is upset and asks her if Jason told her.

Meanwhile, Sonny returns to his office and learns from Stan that there was a problem with the marble shipment landing. He tells Sonny the shipment didn’t stop at the pier. Sonny asks how long it will take to get it again and Stan says it could be a few weeks. Meanwhile, at the police station, Lucky tells Ric that Sonny’s shipment didn’t dock. Both Sonny and Ric decide they each need plants to infiltrate each other’s organizations.

Back at Kelly’s, Logan tells Maxie Scott could hurt Lulu. Logan tells Maxie that they either do the plan without Lulu or not at all. Maxie tells Logan that they can cut him out of the deal.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tries to appease Craig by offering him various sums of money. Craig says he can’t disappear as Nikolas suggests because he’ll always be worried he’ll be caught. He tells Nikolas that he will start his new life in Port Charles. Nikolas tells him someone could still recognize him. He tells him he will play his own nice twin. There is a knock at the door. It is Nikolas’ nanny announcing the Liz has dropped by to visit. He tells her to let Liz in. Liz comes in and sees something is wrong. He tells her he just has the flu and she suggests he go to GH to be checked out.

Meanwhile, Jason returns home to the penthouse to find Lulu and Sam sitting together. He hears Sam say she’s glad Lulu told her the truth.

Elsewhere, Jax thanks Amelia for her help as he fumbles to open the door. The two go into the room and Carly is waiting there in here lingerie. She tells them not to pay any attention to her.

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