GH Update Friday 3/16/07

General Hospital Update Friday 3/16/07


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Today, GH opens at the Metro Court with Carly and Jax kissing. Sonny walks in the doorway and sees them.

At Wyndemere, Craig injects Nikolas with a poison.

Over at Kelly’s, Maxie is about to look at the file on Spinelli’s computer labeled “for Lulu’s eyes only” when Georgie walks in and sees her. She shuts the computer and yells at Maxie.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Lulu how she found out about the paternity of Liz’s baby. Lulu gets mad after she realizes Jason knew the truth and asks him how he could do this to Lucky.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly sees Sonny and asks him what he’s doing there. He tells her he wanted to see when she wanted him to pick her up for their date. She tells him she’ll be done working in an hour. He leaves and she and Jax argue about whether she kissed him to get back at Sonny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Craig why he came back and Craig tells him that he’s in lots of trouble and needs his help to get a new identity. He tells Nikolas that the poison he was injected with will kill him in an hour, but assures him that if he cooperates, he’ll give him the counter agent.

At GH, Skye and Lorenzo enter the lobby. Lorenzo is about to have more tests run. Skye assures him that she will take care of him and tells him that she will handle Sonny for as long as she needs to.

Meanwhile, Scott shows up at Liz and Lucky’s house and explains to Lucky about how Lulu suddenly started hating him because of Luke. He asks Lucky if anybody told Lulu about how Luke raped Laura. Lucky tells Scott it’s none of his business and asks him why he came. Scott tells him that someone should tell Lulu the truth.

Back at the penthouse, Lulu calls Liz names and Jason reminds her that Lucky cheated on Liz and used drugs. He tells her that his addiction doesn’t excuse what he did. He tells Lulu that Liz hasn’t been able to tell Lucky because she doesn’t want to hurt him. He tells her that he’s doing what he thinks is best for his child.

At the Metro Court, Jax and Carly argue some more about the status of their relationship. Carly leaves, saying she has to get ready for her date.

Back at Kelly’s, Maxie yells at Georgie who tells Spinelli that Maxie was trying to look at something on his laptop. Spinelli yells at Maxie and tells her to stay away. He runs into Ric as he scurries out. Maxie tells Georgie that Spinelli is weird and Georgie asks Cooper how he knows Maxie. She asks him why he’s getting involved in Maxie’s schemes and Maxie tells Georgie to butt out.

Meanwhile, Amelia comes in to talk to Ric about Sam. He tells her that his relationship with Sam isn’t good, but tells Amelia that Sam did a brave thing during the hostage situation. Sam comes in and tells Amelia that anything Ric says about her is a lie.

Elsewhere, Liz explains to Scott that they have made peace with Luke and Laura’s past. She tells him there is no reason to upset Lulu with something that can’t be changed. Scott tells her that secrets have a way of coming out eventually and hurting the people around you. Scott leaves and Liz tells Lucky that they don’t need to tell Lulu anything. Lucky tells her that it’s better if Lulu knows the truth.

At the penthouse, Lulu asks Jason if he knew he was the father all along. He tells her he only found out when he was trapped in the elevator with Liz. Lulu gets mad about Liz lying to everyone and tells Jason that Liz must not love Lucky because people don’t lie to those they love. Jason points out that Lulu has lied to people she has loved. He yells and tells Lulu that she doesn’t know him and he tells her that if the truth comes out a lot of people will be hurt, most importantly, his child.

Meanwhile, Sonny picks Carly up. He compliments her on her dress and she reminds him she’s only going out with him to get the marble. She asks him where they are going and he tells her they are going somewhere nice.

At Kelly’s, Ric tells Sam he only told Amelia how indebted Port Charles is to her bravery and he exits. Sam tells Amelia she wasn’t aware that the research on her was going to be so extensive. Amelia talks about heroes and how they don’t like to be recognized. She tells Sam that heroes are necessary role models.

Back at Wyndemere, Craig tells Nikolas that the counter agent for the poison is only effective for 24 hours. He tells Nikolas that he picked him because he is rich and has the means to get him what he needs. Nikolas’ nanny comes in with Spencer and Nikolas tries to send them away.

Meanwhile, Logan, Maxie and Cooper meet up and Maxie tells Logan what happened with Georgie. Logan tells her that they may not need proof to blackmail Scott. He tells her they just have to pretend they have proof and Scott’s guilt will do the rest.

At the penthouse, Lulu asks Jason how long his affair with Liz lasted. He tells her about Sam’s one night stand with Ric and tells her that he and Liz were together only once. She tells him that he should have told the truth. He tells her that Sam knows about his night with Liz and tells Lulu that Liz was going to tell Lucky but found out he had decided to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting and didn’t want to ruin his recovery. Lulu tells Jason that she has to protect her brother and that means telling him the truth. Jason tells her that Liz thinks it’s best for the baby that Lucky play father to it. He asks her to leave things alone but she tells Jason that Lucky deserves to know the truth.

At GH, Ric talks to Skye. He suggests that Lorenzo may be faking his memory loss. She asks why he would do that and he asks her what he thinks.

At Wyndemere, Craig tells Nikolas that Spencer is adorable. He tells the nanny that he and Nikolas are working on a business deal. Nikolas tells the nanny to take Spencer to bed. She leaves and Nikolas warns Craig not to touch his son. Craig tells Nikolas all he needs from him is a new life. Nikolas asks him if he leave him alone after he gets his new identity. Craig tells him that they will be doing more business together. Nikolas tells him he’ll get him his identity but nothing more. Craig tells him he’ll change his mind.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly arrive at Jake’s. Carly complains a little and Sonny offers to take her somewhere else. She says no and they sit down. He asks he to play pool but she says she wants to talk business. He says okay but she changes her mind. She tells him that if she beats him he has to give her the marble at a fair price. He thinks about what he wants from her if he wins.

Back at the Metro Court, Jax asks Max if Milo wants to work at the hotel. Max tells him that Milo is happy with Sonny and that he’s happy at the hotel. Jax asks him what exciting thing Milo is doing tonight for Sonny and Max tells him that Milo is taking Sonny and Carly to Jake’s for their date. Jax thanks Max for his service and Max leaves. Amelia comes in and asks Jax if he could talk to her about Sam. He says yes but suggests they go somewhere less formal.

Back at GH, Ric tells Skye that Lorenzo could be faking in order to avoid the legal trouble and business trouble he’ll be in once he recovers. Skye tells Ric that Lorenzo wouldn’t lie to her. He asks her how certain she is that he wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo walks down the hall way and talks on the phone. He tells the person on the other line that no one suspects anything. Skye hears him and asks him what’s going on. He tells her that the phone rang and he did what she said and pretended everything was okay.

Over at Lucky’s, Lulu shows up and says she needs to talk to him. He says he needs to talk to her too. He talks about his addiction. She reminds him that he’s better now. He tells her it’s thanks to Liz. She asks him if he’s happy with Liz.

At the penthouse, Spinelli comes back and sees Jason. He tries to run upstairs but Jason stops him and asks him how Lulu found out about his and Liz’s baby. Spinelli explains to Jason about developing the search engine and accidentally stumbling upon the record. Jason asks him who else knows and Spinelli says no one. He asks Spinelli to destroy the record. Spinelli tells him Lulu didn’t want him to. Jason tells Spinelli that he told Liz he’d give up the baby. Spinelli scolds Jason for cheating on Sam. Jason tells Spinelli that he just found out the truth and was going to tell Sam but found out that she couldn’t have kids. Spinelli feels bad for Sam. Jason says he doesn’t want to hurt Sam anymore. Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu will probably tell Lucky the truth. Jason tells him that she won’t do that to her brother. Sam walks in.

At Jake’s, Sonny wins the game and asks Carly for a dance. She agrees but tells him she is still divorcing him. He tells her he’ll keep fighting until she admits they are right together. She tells him she loves him but that they can’t be together. She tells him she just needs to be alone. He leans in closer to her as Jax and Amelia come in.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is on the ground and Craig tells Nikolas that he won’t have much time left. He tells him he can either take the counter agent or try to call the police and wind up dead.

At Kelly’s, Scott comes in and sits in a corner as Maxie, Logan and Cooper watch him. Logan tells Maxie they will send him an e-mail to scare him. They send it and Scott checks the message. He gives an uneasy glance around the room.

At the penthouse, Sam asks Jason and Spinelli if they were talking about her. Spinelli tells her he was offering to give Jason a sneak preview of her television interview. She tells him that Jason hates TV. Spinelli goes upstairs and Jason asks Sam what’s going on. She tells him about Amelia digging into her past. There is a knock at the door. Jason answers it and a deliveryman announces that he has a package for Angela Monroe.

Meanwhile, Lucky tells Lulu that he is happy with Liz. Lulu reminds Lucky that Liz gave him a hard time for months and tells him that she isn’t perfect. Lucky says that no relationship is perfect, not even Luke and Laura’s. Lulu says people need to know the truth about things to forgive people. Lucky asks her what he needs to know the truth about. Liz walks in ending this cliffhanger Friday.

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