GH Update Thursday 3/15/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/15/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Jax are in her office discussing the renovations. She announces that she is going with the marble for the wine bar, which means she has also agreed to have dinner with Sonny.

Nikolas in the living room at Wyndemere, on the phone, with his back to the camera, he turns around and asks “What are you doing here?”

At Kelly’s Luke grills Logan about what he did to upset Lulu. Logan tells him if he wants to know what has his daughter upset, he should try looking in the mirror.

Lulu threatens to break Spinelli’s laptop if he doesn’t tell her what information he just found on Jason. Spinelli reveals that he created a search engine that would find Jason’s name in any mainframe and he tested it on the mainframe at General Hospital. He then breaks it to Lulu that Jason is the father of Elizabeth’s baby not Lucky. Jason walks through the door asking them what they are up to.

Nikolas is surprised to see Emily, who was supposed to be spending the afternoon with her family. Emily shares it was so sad that all she could do was stare at her father’s chair hoping he would appear. So she decided to do something cheerful, which is why she is there. Emily wants the two of them to help Lucky and Elizabeth paint the baby’s room. Nikolas grumbles about doing it, but Emily convinces him by commenting how tense everything has been in their lives lately. She also remarks how they all found their way back to each other and she wants to share in that joy right now, which means the 4 of them doing something together. Nikolas’s only request is he has to be back by 4 o’clock to make a phone call. After they leave, it appears someone is lurking around Wyndemere.

Logan insists Lulu was fine until Luke showed up. Luke asks Logan what his angle is. Maxie arrives with Coop and says hi to both Logan and Luke. Luke looking from Maxie to Logan remarks that this may answer some questions.

Spinelli and Lulu cover with Jason using the excuse that Spinelli hacked into the PCPD files and found information that links Scott to Rick’s murder. However, Lulu wants him to delete them so Lucky does not find out. Lulu is adamant with Spinelli to delete the files so it does not rip her family apart. Spinelli agrees, Lulu leaves. Spinelli then thanks Jason for his previous advice on Lulu and tries to make a quick exit. Jason stops him asking him to tell him why Lulu is lying.

Lucky and Elizabeth joke argue about the pink color he picked for the baby’s room and whether or not the baby is a boy or girl.

Jax tries to convince Carly there are other ways to get the marble then Sonny. Carly responds that those ways are a lot of time and money for something Jax doesn’t even want. Jax wants Carly to admit that there are other options but she doesn’t want to take them because she would rather have dinner with Sonny. Carly remarks “Do I look happy about this?” He wants her to at least admit she is flattered by Sonny’s attention. Carly claims she feels bad for Sonny because on their date she knows there is nothing he can do to change her plans, but if dinner gets her the marble without having to run to Jax for help, then she is satisfied. Jax tells her to have dinner with Sonny and then have dinner with him the next night.

Robin is back at the hospital working, when Patrick questions her going back to work too soon. She promises to take it slow. Robin attempts to smooth things over by flattering him with how lucky she is, that he is in love with her. She then asks “Haven’t you learned to not tell me what to do?”

Luke makes it clear to Maxie that she better not be recruiting Logan to harass Lulu. Luke leaves. Maxie looks at Logan and asks “What just happened?”

Spinelli tries unsuccessfully to lie to Jason so that he can leave. Jason knows he is lying and wants Spinelli to tell him what is going on. Spinelli begins to babble in Spinelli language that he feels remorse about the digging up the murder information for Lulu. Jason tells him he won’t force Spinelli to tell him what is going on, but he makes him promises to let him know if it ends up putting Lulu in danger. Spinelli promises, then remarks that Lulu is right it is better if the information disappears. Spinelli leaves.

Lulu interrupts a playful moment between Lucky and Elizabeth. Lulu comments that they are just one big happy family. Elizabeth and Lucky ask if she is ok. Emily and Nikolas arrive. Lucky is trying to get out of Lulu what is wrong when Nikolas asks Lulu for help in getting Lucky to pick a different color for the nursery. Emily, Nikolas, Elizabeth kid Lucky about the color. Lucky spills they are naming the baby girl, even though they don’t know it is a girl, Laura. Lulu sneaks outside and makes a call saying “This is Lulu Spencer I need to see her right now.”

Patrick and Robin bicker about who is more stubborn. Dr. Ford is not thrilled to see Robin back at work. He reprimands her, saying she is putting both her heath and the patients in danger. Patrick defends Robin. Robin tells Dr. Ford he is being dramatic. Dr. Ford announces that Robin needs to be off the premises, unless she is there for her physical therapy, or her own treatment. Monica overhears and lets Dr. Ford know it is not his call, he is not Chief of Staff,.

Lucky admits to Nikolas that having a boy scares him. He is afraid he will have the same kind of relationship with his son, that he has with Luke. Lucky thinks a girl will be easier. Nikolas reminds him that little girls are great until they are teenagers. Lucky shares that he really wants a girl he can name Laura. Luke walks in warning Lucky that it looks like Maxie is out for revenge.

Maxie, Coop, and Logan discuss Luke. Maxie lets them know Luke is a legend in Port Charles. Logan points out that he is not impressed and Luke didn’t have such nice things to say about Maxie. She explains the whole her/Lucky story to Logan, Coop already knew about her history with Lucky. She gave them both the cliff notes version, owing up to faking her pregnancy and that is it. Maxie admits she would love to get even with Lulu.

Carly tells Jax she wants no part of him trying to one up Sonny. Jax defends himself causing the Sonny argument to happen. Carly comments that he was more accepting of Sonny when they were engaged. He snaps back that he knew where her heart was then. Carly reminds him that he is the one who uncommited to their relationship. Lulu walks in breaking up the fighting twosome. Lulu asks Carly how into Jason is Elizabeth.

Jason and Elizabeth run into each other on the pier. Elizabeth rambles about painting Cameron’s room and the baby’s room. Jason asks how she is feeling. She replies her and the baby are doing good, then asks how he is doing. Jason responds that when he sees her happy like she is now, he knows he did the right thing.

Robin gives in to Dr. Ford after he remarks that if Monica lets Robin come back to work and something happens it will cause problems for her and the hospital. Robin bluntly tells Dr. Ford she will leave because Alan was a great man and doctor and she will not do anything to undermine his wife or his memory. Robin leaves in a huff. Patrick lays into Dr. Ford telling him he has no compassion for the doctors who work to save lives everyday. He remarks that he used to be just like Dr. Ford, and is grateful he is not like that anymore. &# 9;

Carly goes into freak out mode wanting to know what Elizabeth has done now. Lulu claims she saw something that made her think about how Elizabeth and Jason always end up together and seem connected. Carly goes off that Elizabeth always shows up all googly eyed and Jason falls for it. Carly goes on that the only saving grace is that Lucky is the father of Elizabeth’s baby. She then asks what Lulu saw. Lulu covers that she just saw them together and overreacted. Lulu makes a hasty exit, leaving a very curious Carly.

Elizabeth apologizes for talking to Jason about painting the baby’s room. He says it is ok, he doesn’t mind hearing about her plans. She tells him the color and that she is going to create a mural for the baby’s room. He goes into how he used to read a story about Africa to Michael that had elephants, giraffes, etc when he was younger. Elizabeth responds that she likes elephants too. Emily watches the two from a distance and grows concerned over the obvious connection between them. Jason phones rings, it is Carly demanding to see him.

Spinelli and Lulu meet at Kelly’s. Outside Kelly’s Maxie, Coop and Logan watch them and discuss how Spinelli is the one with all the information that proves Scott killed Rick. Maxie insists she can get it, with some help from Coop. Inside Spinelli shows Lulu a file that he created called for Lulu’s eyes only. The file proves that Jason is 100% the baby’s father. Lulu isn’t sure what she wants to do, so she asks Spinelli to keep the file. He assures her that no one can hack into his computer. Maxie watches Lulu leave, then looks through the window announcing it is show time.

Patrick finds Robin alone on the pier. She lets him know if it wasn’t for Monica, she would have body slammed Dr. Ford. Patrick tells her he gave the doc a mental body slam after she left. When Patrick suggests she find a physical activity to do inside. Robin aks that since she is in the making his dreams come true business, what is his fantasy?”

Back at Lucky and Elizabeth’s, Emily reveals to Elizabeth that she saw her with Jason on the pier, and after seeing them together she wants to know if Elizabeth is sure about marrying Lucky.

Elizabeth admits that she loves Jason and probably always will, but her heart is with Lucky. The two women hug commenting how lucky they are to have each other. Emily leaves for the hospital. Lucky comes down the stairs. Elizabeth asks his opinion on doing an African mural in the baby’s room. Lucky loves the idea, the baby kicks and Lucky comments that she likes it too.

Jason goes to Carly’s office, where Carly lets him know Lulu was there, rattled and full of questions about him and Elizabeth. Carly wants to know what is going on. Jason insists they are just friends. Carly doesn’t think Lulu would be that upset if they were just friends. She begins to go off about how bad Elizabeth is for him, but he stops her. Jason lets her know that just because she is wound up about Jax and Sonny does not mean she can distract herself by trying to run his life. She begins to protest but again he stops her. Jason sternly says he is dealing with a lot and she just needs to stop. He leaves angry.

Jax comes back to find an upset Carly, who goes off on a tangent that she is worried about Jason, is wrong about her trying to distract herself, then replays the Sonny/Jax situation she is in, and finally tells Jax to say something. Jax tries to speak but Carly keeps going on how she told Jax the truth about sleeping with Sonny. Jax finally able to get a word in, says she only told him because she opened the door thinking he was Sonny. Before she speak he continues that all they have done since he got back is fight. Carly says it doesn’t matter because they are just business partners. Agreed, she asks him, he responds no and kisses her.

Patrick and Robin have a conversation about having sex. Patrick picks her put to take her home.

Maxie flirts with Spinelli. Coop distracts Spinelli, claiming he has his items recovered from the Metro Court. He asks Spinelli to step to the counter to itemize the things. Maxie opens Spinelli’s laptop and finds the file for Lulu’s eyes only..

Scott shows up at Lucky and Elizabeth’s telling Lucky that Lulu’s life is about to be shattered.

Lulu is waiting for Jason when he arrives home. She bluntly asks him if he knows Elizabeth is having his baby.

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