GH Update Wednesday 3/14/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/14/07


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Sonny tells Carly that he is the only supplier of the marble she wants in the entire State. Carly guesses correctly that she will get her marble only if she agrees to spend time with Sonny.

At the Metro Court, Coop tells Logan to leave Maxie out of his scheme to blackmail Scott Baldwin. Not so fast it was Maxieís idea. Maxie also suggests that they let Scott believe that Lulu is the blackmailer because Scott would never hurt her.

At the coffee house, Lulu confronts Scott about his part in Lauraís collapse saying that if he had come forward sooner about the events so long ago that Laura may not have lost her mind.

At Jasonís, Sam is daydreaming about a fight that she had with someone that ending in a shooting. Jason comes in and asks if her daydream is a continuation of her nightmares.

Lucky and Liz arrive at casa de Spencer, with paint to fix up Cameronís room. Liz gets uncomfortable when Lucky starts talking about how much their baby is going to be loved.

Jason tells Sam that she tossed and turned all night but chalks it up to residual memories of the hostage crisis. Sam says that it makes sense because the television interview put her more on edge because of all of the personal information that the reporter asked. Stan interrupts but Sam uses this as an excuse to make an exit, obviously still freaked out about the daydream she just had.

Maxie tells Logan and Coop all about the night Laura supposedly killed Rick Webber. The official story was the Laura remembered killing someone years ago, but Rick showed up they fought and she killed him. However, she hypothesizes that Scott must have been there that night and therefore may be the real killer. Logan says that Baldwin deserves to pay for leaving the woman he supposedly loves to take the rap.

Lulu, as feisty as ever, tells Scott he can shut up about her dad, because her dad loved her mom more than anything. Scott comments on how much Luluís passion and loyalty remind him of Laura and that hurting Luke would be like hurting Laura so he canít do that.

Carly calls Sonny on trying to trick her into a dinner with him. Sonny says that their are no tricks; heís laying all his cards on the table. Sonny then informs Jax that heís also in charge of labor negotiations. Jax says that Sonny reeks of desperation.

Stan reluctantly tells Jason that Sonny bought the marble company that has the marble Carly wants to use for the hotel.

Sonny tells Carly that he has six months to convince her to stay married to him. Carly tells him that he canít force her to stay married to him anymore than he can blackmail her into spending time with him. Carly will just get the marble from another source. Jax tells Carly to let it go, that she doesnít need the marble; Sonny is just counting on her being stubborn. Sonny tells Carly that he will give her anything she wants if she has dinner with him. Carly says that he will try to use the boys to get to her. Sonny says he wonít. Carly tells Sonny to get out of her office and if he doesnít give her the marble sheíll sue him for unfair monopoly on the market.

After Sonny leaves, Jax commends Carly on how she handled Sonny. Carly says that Jax is patronizing her and policing her life again so he needs to go out of her office as well.

At the Scorpio house, Patrick walks in to find Robin working. Robin tells him that she is working on research because it relaxes her but she canít stand people hovering, because it makes her want to run away screaming, which will probably pop her stitches and sheíll need another surgery and more time to recuperate. Patrick wants to know if he should leave. Robin says that he can tell her anything he wants but not to tell her to take it easy because she knows of much better ways to spend their time.

Back at the Metro Court, Maxie wonders what Coop thinks of her now that he knows she is willing to blackmail Scott Baldwin. Coop says he doesnít care what happens to Scott, but he does care about her. Coop tell Maxie that though Logan is a great buddy she should be very wary of him because heís not above using any situation to his advantage. Maxie wants details. Coop tells her how Logan had a hand in black-market deals in Iraq, where nobody has anything. Maxie says that Logan deserves props for being enterprising. Coop tells her that Logan is wired by anger not by money.

On the docks, Lulu has the misfortune the run into Logan. Lulu snaps at him for wanting to talk to her and wants no part of talking to him. Logan goads Lulu saying that her perky name doesnít fit her sour attitude. Lulu wants to know how he knows her name.

Lulu tells Logan to go away. Logan isnít trying to hit on her but he didnít like the way ďthat creepy old guyĒ treated her. Lulu figures out that he knows her name from the coffee house and her fight with Scott Baldwin. Luke arrives as Lulu snaps that Scott Baldwin is a scum sucking liar and is no friend of her mothers. Luke wants to know whatís up.

Amelia arrives at the Metro Court looking for information on the follow up on Sam and the hostage crisis. Amelia wants to know if Max, Coop, or Maxie were at the Metro Court that night. Max says that he was and may be willing to do any interview later. Maxie also admits that she was there but was locked in the vault all night. Sam arrives and is confused when she hears Amelia questioning Maxie about Sam.

Lucky tells Liz to find a place for an old rail road sign to go in Cameronís room. Liz tells him that Cam with love it and wants to know where he found it. Lucky says by the spot where the old box car stood. As Lucky leaves to go get more paint Emily arrives for a visit.

Liz quickly changes to subject to Emily when Emily asks it Liz is excited about the wedding yet. Emily says that she misses her dad all the time.

Jax is amazed at how Carly lets Sonny manipulate her. Carly says that she had not control over Sonny buying the marble company or his involvement with the maintenance labor. Jax will give her that, but does fault he on marrying Sonny and having sex with him which leads to a fight about Jax leaving.

Spinelli is trying to get back into Sonnyís good graces and tells him that he pegged one of Alcazarís shipments. Sonny tells Spinelli that Stan already found it. Jason arrives looking for Sonny and Spinelli wants him to help get Sonny to let him back into the mainframe. Jason says, ď Not now.Ē Jason wants to buy Sonny out of his marble company so he stops playing games with Carly.

Logan tells Luke how he ran interference between Lulu and Scott. Luke gets upset and wants to know what it will take to get Scott to stay away from Lulu. Lulu tells Luke to not make this a big deal because they just bumped into each other.

Sonny thought that Jason was pasted telling people want to do. Jason says that if Sonny wants to try to win Carly back fine, but he needs to stop playing games with her because they all know what she does when sheís feeling backed into a corner. Sonny tells Jason that he would understand if he had kids that he doesnít want anyone else raising his kids and he wants if wife and his life back.

Carly yells that Jax sucked her back into being in love and now everything is a mess. Jax doesnít know how that is his fault because he left to save his brother and when he got back the mess was already made. Carly yells that sheís not going back to Sonny. Jax screws up when he says that heís glad because then she wonít be dating him for marble. Carly, being Carly, says that he doesnít get a vote and that they are over by his choice.

Lulu arrives at Jasonís wanting Spinelli to get rid of all the evidence that links Baldwin to the murder of Rick Webber. Spinelli tells her no can do heís trying to prove his worth to Stone Cold. Lulu wonders how heís going to do that. Spinelli says that heís testing a new program to find any and all information on Stone Cold. Lulu doesnít think thatís a good idea because what is he doing to do is he finds something that Jason doesnít want found?

Amelia apologizes for her reporters tenacity. Sam didnít think her interview would turn into what it has.

Coop is worried that Max keeps looking at him strangely. Coop mentions his concern about Maxieís idea, which Maxie thinks is funny because he helped a mad man hold a bunch of people hostage. Maxie tells Coop not to worry about Lulu because sheís been a real bitch to her and deserves this and besides sheís in no danger from Scott Baldwin. Maxie can also handle Loganís sharp edges.

Lulu goes on and on about how great things are for her family right now and that she doesnít want to ďblow it all to hellĒ with the truth, while Spinelli works on his project. Lulu thinks that maybe Sonny was right. ďHoly Toledo!Ē Lulu might be right. Spinelli thinks that he unearthed something he wasnít supposed to find.

Amelia explains that they run a background check on all of the people they interview and she knows that Sam has a police record. Sam wonders if they are going to pull the story. Amelia assures her that is not the case. In fact if the story goes over as well as she think it will, sheís hoping Sam will do a series for them.

Patrick and Robin are cuddling on the couch when Patrick says he wants to call in sick because he canít bare to leave Robin. Robin convinces him to go saying that she will look for places to go on vacation. Patrick suggests the Caribbean, but Robin says the South Pacific. Patrick tells her that she loves to contradict him. Robin agrees that she does and tells him he loves it when she does. He also agrees.

Emily tells Liz that she was shocked to hear Liz and Lucky were moving back in together and getting married. Liz says that she found her love for Lucky again when he stopped pressuring her. Emily continues to say how great it is and then asks how Luke is taking it. Liz says that Luke is having enough trouble being a father so they try not to mention it. Emily unknowingly plays on Lizís guilt when she talks about how Alan loved being a grandfather even though he didnít really get a chance to know Michael and he was really hoping Jason would have a child one day. Liz wants to know how Jason is handling Alanís death. Emily says that itís hard to tell but she can see that heís experiencing a loss, but he wonít talk about it.

Jason tells Sonny that itís not about choosing sides, but there are kids involved. Carly interrupts wanting to talk to Sonny. Carly wants to know where they are going. Carly tells Sonny that she will wear his favorite dress and he can pull out all the stop but by the end of the night she still wonít be in love with him. Sonny points out that she already declared her love in the Metro Court. Carly says that men donít understand that you can love without being in love. Sonny tells her that sheís lying to both of them.

Lucky arrives at the house with more paint saying he thought they could get a jump on the babyís room. Liz sees that he got pink paint. Lucky just has a feeling that it will be a girl. Liz says that is what he is hoping so she can be a daddyís girl and have him wrapped around her little finger. Lucky says that girls are easier. Spoken like a boy, says Liz. Lucky wants to know if Liz will consider naming their baby Laura if itís a girl. Liz looks guilty.

Luke arrives at Kellyís and bumps into Logan. Luke wants to know whatís up between him and Lulu.

Coopís sift ends and he says itís not a moment too soon because he doesnít like the way Max is looking at him. Maxie tells him to relax. As they leave Max asks Stan to investigate Coopís past because heís so familiar.

Sam is not actress. No, No Sam would just be herself. Sam wouldnít be comfortable with that much attention. Sam says no.

Lulu wants to know why Spinelli is freaking out. Spinelli at first wonít tell her, but then tells her that Lizís baby isnít her niece or nephew. Luluís confused because Luckyís her brother. Lulu is shocked when Spinelli tells her the Lizís baby is a Stone Cold special. Jason walks in the door.

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