GH Update Tuesday 3/13/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/13/07


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Tracy and Luke are at the jail arguing about whether or not Tracy is going to bail him out, she let him spend the night there. She doesn’t want to throw good money away if he is just going to go attack Scot again. Luke lets her know that is possible, but she owes him. He threatens to tell all about Alan’s will if she doesn’t bail him out. She calls him out on the threat, insisting he doesn’t want to lose the money he gave himself. Luke makes it clear she doesn’t want to call his bluff. Ghost Alan pipes in that Luke is right. Tracy yells at ghost Alan” who asked you?”. When Luke asks who she is talking to, she answers him, pointing at ghost Alan. Luke remarks that she is talking to a file cabinet.

Lulu stops Dillon from getting off the elevator at the hospital. Dillon wants to know why she isn’t at her doctors appointment. Lulu replies it can wait, they have to meet Spinelli at the coffee shop, before he can spill that Scott is Ricks killer, or Lulu’s life is going to fall apart.

Sonny and Stan are talking in his office, Stan tells Sonny this isn’t normally what he does and suggests he ask someone else. Sonny reveals the fewer people that know about this the better. Stan shares with him that this will be ugly when it comes out. Sonny lets him know he knows what he is doing.

Carly is at her office, when Jax comes in announcing he has a few things to discuss with her. She says ok but only if it is about business.

Kristina and Alexis are having breakfast at their house. Alexis tells Kristina they are going to visit Molly, but after that, she has to go to the hospital to take more of the yucky medicine. Kristina gets upset and throws herself on the couch. Alexis explains that the yucky medicine will make her better, and once she is better she is going to bring Molly home. Kristina makes Alexis promise her that she, Alexis and Molly will all be together.

Rick is feeding an upset Molly at his house. Rick tries to calm down the child. As Rick gets a ringing phone, Molly knocks her breakfast on the floor. Rick gets a call asking him to come to work, he answers that it is Molly’s first day in her new house, and he is not leaving her.

At Wyndermere Nikolas shares with Emily that he doesn’t know what he would do if Spencer was taken away from him the way Molly was taken away from Alexis. At least when Helen and Colleen took Spencer, he could look for him and bring him home, but Alexis is legally forbidden to do what she wants most in this world, which is bring Molly home.

Skye enters Alcazars hospital room letting him know that his ships are being turned back the minute they enter the harbor, because the longshoreman are refusing to unload the cargo. Plus there is a construction issue so he can not move the cargo by truck. Skye informs him this could cost him millions of dollars. Skye believes Sonny is taking advantage of Alcazars condition by sabotaging his business, so Sonny can control the water. Alcazar questions what he should do. Skye tells him to concentrate on getting better, she will take care of Sonny.

Sonny orders Stan to give him confirmation as soon as the transaction goes through, then asks where they are with Alcazar. Stan informs him that between the labor problems and construction issues, his operation is at a complete stand still. Sonny wants to force Alcazar to sell off all h is holdings along the water, and he wants Stan to come up with a reason that will force Alcazar’s hand. Stan warns Sonny that Alcazar will retaliate. Sonny makes it clear that Alcazar has never been more vulnerable, he is flat on his back with a scrambled brain, and his government contacts have all dried up.

Jax wants to talk about them, Carly reminds him there is no them. Jax claims she can’t just decide they are over. They begin to have the same Sonny argument, but Carly stops it announcing she is going to be strictly parents with Sonny, and strictly business partners with Jax. Jax asks what if he doesn’t want to be strictly business partners?

At the coffee shop Spinelli ask Milo if Stan is around? Milo lets him know Stan is in the back. Spinelli is nervous Stan will catch him there but can’t leave because the blonde one is meeting him. As he is saying this to Milo, Lulu and Dillon walk through the door. Dillon and Milo push and shove each other trying to pull out Lulu’s chair, however Spinelli is quicker than them both and pull out the chair first.. Lulu lets the guys know that no one can know her mom is innocent.

In the Metro Court Lobby, Logan watches Maxie fix Coops tie. Once Maxie leaves Logan comments on the many good looking girls in Port Charles. Coop tells him to stay away from Maxie. Logan lets him know he is not interested in Maxie, then asks him what he knows about Lulu Spencer and the murder of Rick Webber. Maxie interrupts announcing he doesn’t know half as much as she does. Logan lays on the charm claiming Coop has told him so much about her. Maxie responds “that is funny he hasn’t once mentioned you.”

Scott visits Bobby at the hospital, per her request. Bobby wants him to drop the charges against Luke. Scott claims Luke was trying to kill him. Bobby insists Luke was not trying to kill him, and wants to know what Scott did to provoke him. He claims he did nothing. Bobby remarks that Luke only acts this way when Laura is involved. Bobby begs him to stop fighting with Luke over Laura it has been decades. Scott lashes out that Luke doesn’t know how to treat Laura. Bobby asks him to think about what Laura would want.

Tracy tells Luke she is just tired when he comments that she is talking to the air again. Luke insists he has to get out before Scott ends up getting guardianship of Laura. Tracy wants to know why she should bail him out so he can go fight over his ex wife. Ghost Alan tells her to admit she will always be second in Luke’s heart. Tracy tells him to shut up. Luke comments that she is doing it again. Tracy spouts off that her good for nothing brother refuses to rest in peace. Luke tells her she needs a long vacation. Ghost Alan lets Tracy know she can run but he is not going away, she is stuck with him because of her greed. Tracy goes off on Alan about leaving 3/4 of his estate to children Jason doesn’t have, then asks him if he is insane. Luke insinuates that she might be insane. Tracey informs him she is not bailing him out until he promises to leave Scott Baldwin alone.

Alexis and Kristina visit Molly, but she is sleeping. Rick introduces Alexis to Sally, Molly’s new nanny. Alexis and Rick attempt to make nice in front of Kristina and Sally. However when Rick comments that the house has a stable so Molly can learn to ride a pony, Alexis asks Sally to show Kristina Molly’s room. Alexis gets angry claiming that neither she nor Kristina new Molly would be living there long enough to learn how to ride a pony.

Nikolas tells Emily he fills like a hypocrite for judging Rick because he wants to be with his daughter. Emily replies that people make terrible mistakes when a marriage is falling apart. Then shares her parents rocky history. They agree it is a mess, and unfortunately Molly is paying for it.

Tracy is in the process of bailing Luke out when Bobby drags Scott in to drop the charges. Luke goes on a rant that since Scott canít have Laura, he is trying to get Bobby. Scott provokes Luke by stating he will take good care of Laura while Luke is locked up, causing Luke to threaten to break Scotts neck. Scott turns to Mac asking if that was a verbal threat. Mac interrupts a brewing argument between the two men, responding that they can argue as much as they want, but it wonít bring Laura back.

Maxie wants to know how Logan and Cooper know each other. Logan responds the Army. Maxies asks him why he is asking so many questions about Lulu. He explains that he met her at the coffee shop yesterday and she was talking about Rick Weber murder. Maxie fills him in on the Laura/Rick murder story.

Carly and Jax arrive in the lobby arguing about marble or granite for the wine bar. Carly responds that everything should be bright and attractive, then turns around spotting Cooper and Logan, and remarks “like our employees.”

Lulu fills the three guys in on how her dad would feel if the truth about Rick’s murder came out. She makes them promise to not tell anyone, then tells Spinelli he as to delete all the evidence. The group watches as an angry Skye requests to see Sonny.

Milo lets Sonny know Skye is there to see him. Skye threatens Sonny to back off Alcazar or she will finish what he started.

Alexis reminds Rick that he said all he wanted was for Molly to be in a stable home with a mother who could take care of her. She then asks him Rick if when she beats the cancer, he will let Molly come home to her and Kristina. Rick replies her being cancer free won’t change anything, he is not giving up Molly. He reiterates she can visit her anytime. Alexis gets angry calling for Kristina so they can leave. Alexis and Kristina say goodbye to a crying Molly.

Tracy and Bobby try to persuade Luke and Scott that Laura would want them to get along. The two men continue to argue about who will be Laura’s guardian.

Carly introduces herself to Coop. Jax makes is clear he is unimpressed with Coop. Logan tries to smooth things over with Jax claiming he was asking Cooper if there was any work for him. Carly flirts with Coop, irritating both Jax and Maxie.

Sonny unphased by Skyeís threat comments how Alcazar has her making his threats. She warns that if he wants a war he has got one. Sonny tells her she is over heard and she should be careful before she ends up collateral damage. Skye wants to know if that is a threat. Sonny simply states it is a warning. Sonny blames Robin being shot and Alanís death on Alcazar. He makes it clear to her that Alcazar is no longer doing business in Port Charles.

Lulu lets the guys know it is more important that she protect her dad, then make Scott pay for what he did. Lulu thinks it is what her mom would want. Lulu claims she now has closure for her mom, so she can now move on.

Maxie remarks that Carly was practically throwing herself a Coop. Coop says it was only to make Jax jealous. Maxies doesn’t care she is his boss. Logan pipes in that, that makes it even better. Maxie calls it inappropriate. Logan tells Coop he should play up the strong silent type thing more often. Coop tells Logan he should go. Logan begins to leave but Maxie stops him wanting to know why he cares so much about Laura killing Rick. Logan responds cause she didn’t. Maxie questions how he knows that. He replies he heard her talking at the coffee shop saying some guy named Scott Baldwin killed Rick. Maxie insists Scott wouldn’t let Laura take the fall for that. Logan goes on that Lulu has proof, but isn’t going to use it, which is a waste cause if Baldwin did it, why should he get away with it. Maxie replies “who said he is going to?”

Carly tells Jax he could be nicer to Coop. Jax claims he was being professional. Carly tells him he was being a jerk. Jax wants to know if he should have fallen all over him like she did. Carly responds that Coop is the image the Metro Court wants to display. She comments that Coop reminds her of Jason, and that if Logan is like Coop they need to hire him. Jax replies “so you can stand in the lobby all day and flirt with him too?” Carly spats back that she wasn’t flirting but even if she was, it is ok because they are strictly business partners. Jax responds ok, then as her strictly business partner, he is vetoing the marble. She tells him she already placed the order but then gets a call that there is a problem with the marble.

Stan tells Sonny that he has confirmation as of 10 minutes ago he is the only supplier in the state.

Stan again asks Sonny if he is sure about this, Sonny replies some things are worth fighting for.

Alexis and Kristina are reading a story at their house, when the cab arrives to take Alexis to the hospital. Kristina gets upset, Alexis tries to assure her she is doing everything she can to get better for her and Molly. Kristina tells Alexis she loves her.

Rick talks to Molly letting her know she will get to see Kristina and Alexis all the time. He goes on that it is a big adjustment, but in the long run it is the best for her. He tells her she is the most special and important person in the world to him.

Maxie shares with Logan and Coop that Scott inherited a ton of money when his wife died., enough to start a new life. Also he skipped town a couple of years ago to avoid charges of corruption, so he definitely doesn’t want to go to jail for killing Rick. Logan comment how Scott might be willing to pay to keep it quiet. Coop tells him to leave Maxie of out blackmailing Scott. Maxie interrupts that she will not be cut out, it was her idea. Coop warns Maxie this is not a game, if she pushes Scott, he may push back. Maxie claims they need to make Scott believe he is being blackmailed by someone he would never want to hurt.

Lulu has a run in with Scott at the coffee shop. Scott tells her Luke was arrested for assaulting him, but he dropped the charges for her. He asks why she has a problem with him. She yells back that it makes her sick he will never pay for what he did.

Skye informs Alcazar that Sonny isn’t going to call a truce, and unfortunately she doesn’t know enough about his holdings to know what Sonny will go after next. Alcazar blames himself for her being in this situation. Skye blames everything on Sonny. Skye asks if his government phone has rang, he replies no. She lets him know she set up a meeting with some of his people about protecting his interests. He shares that he doesn’t know what he would do without her in his life. She tells him he won’t ever have to find out. Once Skye leaves Alcazar’s government phone rings, he tells the caller that Sonny won’t budge, but it is ok because he is will be in a perfect position to take advantage of Sonny’s mistake. Sonny will lose control of the waterfront. The look on his face makes it appear he is back and has been faking his memory/brain trauma.

Carly accuses Jax of buying out all the marble from underneath her. Jax claims to have no idea what she is talking about. Sonny arrives, prompting Carly to yell at him to get out unless there is an issue with the boys or he has a truck full of this rare marble. The look Sonny’s face lets Jax know Sonny has the rare marble. Sonny announces he is the only distributer of this rare marble in New York, so they will have to deal with him.

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