GH Update Monday 3/12/07

General Hospital Update Monday 3/12/07


Written By Rhonda
Pictures by Juanita

In court, Alexis is heartbroken over the judges decision to grant Ric custody of Molly and Alexis says she’ll appeal.

At casa de Spencer, Spinelli tells Lulu that he found proof that Scott Balwin has the person paying Rick Webber hush money. He also found out that Scott received a parking ticket in front of the Scorpio house the night of the murder. As Lulu tells Spinelli and Dillon that she wants to act like she never found anything Luke comes through the door.

At the coffee house, Jax is accusing Jason of not really caring about Carly and only looking out for Sonny.

On the docks, Carly asks Sonny to go back to the courthouse and file for the divorce. Sonny says that he’s not going to lie and say he wants a divorce.

Back at the courthouse, the judge gives Alexis a scolding and tells her that children are not weapons to be used against their exes. The judge tells Alexis that infidelity is not against the law but using illegal drugs is. Alexis just stands before the judge looking distraught but emotionless as Ric looks like he may feel bad about what he’s done.

Spinelli keeps trying to explain to Luke how he’s helped Lulu while Dillon tries to shut him up. Lulu finally yells at Spinelli to leave which rips his heart out. Dillon decides to leave as well. Luke can tell that Lulu is upset and wants to know if he can help. Lulu at first says no but as Luke goes to leave she calls to him and says that it’s about Laura.

Jax tells Jason that he should listen to the way he talks to Carly. He uses a tone with her that sounds like she’s an inconvenience, a joke, or an annoying little child. Jax says that she doesn’t deserve the way Jason treats her because she will risk her own life to help him. Jason doesn’t agree and says Jax doesn’t know anything about it. Jax says that Jason’s loyalty is to Sonny and he convinced Carly to marry Sonny without thinking of what was best for her. Jax leaves but not before giving his parting shot, “you’re a good solider, but a lousy friend.” Jason appears to be thinking about what Jax has said.

Carly reminds Sonny that they always wind up hurting each other in the end and that they are better apart. Sonny tries to convince Carly that the hostage crisis made him realize that she is his whole life.

Liz runs into Ric at the courthouse and asks him if he’s ok. Ric says that he won full custody of Mollu. Ric tells Liz that he couldn’t leave Molly with Alexis because she’d poison her against him. He says that he loves Molly and he believes that he did what was best for her but he didn’t want things to turn out like this.

Alexis arrives home to find Nikolas waiting for her and he can tell by the look on her face that Ric won. Alexis tells Nikolas that the judge had her mind made up before she even stepped into court. Nikolas tells Alexis that she needs to rest, she needs to stop fighting, and she needs get on a plane and go to Switzerland tonight.

Luke is trying to figure out what is wrong with Lulu when she starts in about what a low life Scott Baldwin is. Lulu just wants to know why Laura would ever get involved with such a loser so she doesn’t make the same mistake. Luke tells her that she was young, naïve, and didn’t have the Spencer genes, and that Baldwin couldn’t handle it when Luke came into the picture.

Spinelli pays master Stone Cold a visit at the coffee house to beseech him to help him figure out where he failed the Blonde One. Spinelli tells Stone Cold that he found the golden key that links Scott Baldwin to Rick Webber and he thought the Blonde One would be pleased. Jason wonders if Lulu didn’t believe the evidence. Spinelli tells him that she yelled at him in front of her dad and told him to leave. Jason tells Spinelli that Lulu is probably trying to protect Luke from killing Scott Baldwin and blaming himself for Laura’s condition. She is probably also trying to protect herself from losing her dad. The makes Spinelli happy and he tells Stone Cold that’s why he calls him the master. Jason tells him to stop calling him all those weird names. Spinelli stills wants to be the grasshopper and wonders how Stone Cold won Samatha’s heart. Sam appears behind him and says that it was easy he just trusted her.

Carly tells Sonny that she realized for the first time, during the hostage crisis, that Sonny truly loved her. She always thought that she was the person he settled for in-between his new and old loves. She doesn’t want to loose that feeling by making the mistake of thinking they can be together. Sonny tries to convince Carly that she’s just scared. Carly says that the divorce will be final in six months. Sonny tells her that gives him six months to try to change her mind.

Spinelli is just as happy to see Sam as Jason. Sam tells Spinelli that she wants some alone time with Jason. Sam and Jason get caught up on what each other have been up to. Sam says that it the interview was weird because the interviewer kept trying to find out about her past.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she can’t uproot her girls and won’t steal them away from their fathers’.

Liz thinks that maybe things will be different when Ric and Alexis let go of their anger. Ric tells Liz that he thought Alexis was his second chance but that she is not like Liz. Ric goes on to say that though nobody believes him he never wanted to hurt Alexis. Ric shoots down Liz’s suggestion of compromise saying that Molly needs him and that Liz should expect some phone calls because he’s going to need help. Before Liz can respond Lucky arrives to get their marriage license.

Jax arrives at the docks and can tell Sonny was there. Carly tells Jax that she tried to get a divorce but she couldn’t so she will be Sonny’s wife for the next six months but that it shouldn’t effect him because Jax can’t trust her. Carly, is trying to hold back tears as she, tells Jax that she gets that she screwed up but she can’t stand there and listen to Jax tell her how many ways she has disappointed him.

Jax tells Carly that he usually gives up too quickly in relationships but he committed to her and he’s not ready to give up on yet. Carly loves Jax and she loves who she is when she’s with him, however Sonny will always have a pull over her. She wonders if she is lying to herself that she can be the person that Jax deserves and doesn’t want to hurt him anymore.

Sam tells Jason that the reporter wanted to know if anything in life prepared her for what she faced. Jason asks what she said. Sam couldn’t very well tell her she was a con-woman so she kept it vague. Carly calls Jason and needs to talk.

Alexis explains to Kristina that the judge has decided that Molly should go stay with Ric, but not to worry because they are going to visit Molly all the time. Kristina wonders if the judge is going to make her go too. Alexis tries to explain it’s just Molly that’s going, but Kristina tells her that she told her they’d always be a family. Alexis looks at a loss for words.

Lulu tells Luke that she misses Elvis because last summer all she wanted was Dillon but she never thought things would work out and now he’s everywhere. Luke jokes that he wishes all of her boyfriends were imaginary. Lulu asks Luke how she can know love is real and asks how he and Laura knew. Luke said that something in side of him sifted and he knew nothing would be the same. Lulu wants to know that kind of love. Lulu asks for her crutches she’s going to go find Dillon. Luke asks if he can give her a ride because he says to go to the courthouse to pay a fine. Lulu asks what the fine is for. Luke says it’s for stealing a swat uniform but he doesn’t mind because he did it to save Lulu. As they leave Logan appears.

Jason arrives at the Metro Court and Carly starts telling him about her problems with Sonny and Jax. Jason appears to have listened to Jax because he wants to know what he can do to help Carly. This suprises Carly because she says, “aren’t you going to tell me I’m giving you a headache?” Jason says she’s not. Carly is touched and says that she just needs him to be her best friend right now no matter what comes next.

Ric arrives to pick up Molly and Alexis explains to him how upset Kristina is. Ric says that he doesn’t want to keep fighting with her and they need to make this as easy as possible on Molly.

Lulu catches up with Dillon on the docks as Logan lurks in the shadows. Dillon wants to know what they are going to do about Spinelli because he can’t keep running off his mouth. Lulu says he understands and will explain it to him but she really hurt him when she yelled at him. Lulu thinks that Laura wanted her to help her dad.

Luke overhears Scott trying to get emergency guardianship of Laura saying that Nikolas defer to her ex-husband who doesn’t do what’s in her best interest. Luke decks Scott yelling at him to stay away from Laura.

Logan listens a Dillon tells Lulu that Laura wanted to give Lulu something to focus on so she wouldn’t miss her so much. He says that even if Lulu never tells what she’s learned it’s kind of an honor because it’s a secret that they share and in a way brings them closer. Lulu never thought of it that way. Lulu tells Dillon that she is going to protect her dad by keeping the secret the Laura didn’t kill Rick Webber and Scott Baldwin did. Oops get the cats out of the bag because Logan’s still listening.

Scott tells the judge that Luke has attacked him twice as Luke punches him again and tells her that it’s three times. The judge tells the guards to get Luke out of there and she’s charging him with assault. Scott asks the judge if she’d want a loved one being looked after by someone like Luke.

Ric tells Kristina that she can see Molly anytime she wants. After Ric and Alexis try to comfort Kristina Alexis tries to be brave for Molly as she hands her over to Ric. After Ric and Molly leave Alexis hugs Kristina telling her, or trying to convince herself, everything is going to be ok.

Amelia arrives at the coffee house telling Sam that the story came out so well that they want to do a follow up piece.

Lucky and Liz arrive back at the house and Liz suggests that they get married as Lulu suggested at the house. Lucky says that Laura would have liked that and agrees.

Carly summonses Jax and Sonny to tell them that she can’t be with either one of them. She says that no one is to blame, but she just needs her independence right now. After Carly leaves Jax and Sonny try to get each other to give up on Carly but it doesn’t appear that either are willing to back down.

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