GH Update Friday 3/9/07

General Hospital Update Friday 3/9/07


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Today, GH opens with Tracy and Luke at the Q. mansion. Luke asks Tracy if she’s feeling guilty about forging Alan’s will. She says no. They hug and she sees Alan sitting in his chair shaming her.

At Sonny’s coffee shop, Scott asks Lulu what’s wrong and she tells him to back away. She tells him that she knows what he did.

At the courthouse, Sonny meets Alexis who is worried about her wig. He tells her to focus on what she’s going to say in the courtroom instead. Ric walks up and tells her it’s her last chance to avoid the courtroom.

Meanwhile, on the airplane, Carly tells Jason that Sonny probably knew that she wouldn’t be able to divorce him in the Dominican Republic. She tells Jason that she will divorce Sonny whether he agrees with it or not.

Back at the Q. mansion, Tracy starts yelling at Alan. He tells her that she could have been more compassionate at his memorial, but says he appreciates her grief. She asks him how he could torture the family like this and he tells her that he didn’t fake his death. He resolves that he’s going to have to convince her that he’s really a ghost. Luke reminds Tracy that Alan’s dead and tells her that she’s talking to his chair. He tells her she should probably lie down. She asks him if he thinks she’s imaging Alan there and he says that her mind is playing tricks on her. She accuses Luke of being involved in Alan’s evil scheme.

Back at the coffee shop, Scott explains to Lulu that he loved Laura and he didn’t do anything to her. He asks Lulu what she thinks she knows and Lulu yells at him and calls him a selfish slime ball. Scott gets mad and screams at her. He tells her never to question his love for Laura. Logan comes in and gets between Lulu and Scott.

Meanwhile, at the news station, Amelia talks about the watch she’s wearing. Sam tells her that she needs some fresh air and Amelia tells her she understands how hard trauma can be. Sam tells her she’s going to take a walk and Amelia reminds her that they will continue filming in 15 minutes.

On the plane, Jason tells Carly that there’s no way Sonny would have known that the Dominican Republic’s laws changed and tells her that Sonny can’t stop the divorce. Carly talks about how devastated Jax is because of her betrayal. She asks Jason to help her resist Sonny. She explains to Jason that she and Sonny are better off apart.

Back at the courthouse, Ric tries to get Alexis to agree to give him primary custody of Molly in exchange for “generous” visitation rights. Alexis tells Ric that she will make sure that the judge knows all about his dirty laundry. Ric tells her that he can’t promise things will go her way in the courtroom.

At the coffee shop, Logan tells Scott to learn some manners. Lulu yells at Scott some more and calls him a pig. She tells him to stay away from her. Scott tries to stop her from leaving but Logan prevents him from getting to her and reminds him that Lulu said to stay away.

Meanwhile, at GH, Patrick brings Robin in for a check up. She asks him how much longer she will be confined to a wheel chair and he tells her that the doctors will tell her. Bobbie comes over and asks her how she feels. Robin says she’s tired of Patrick and Mac taking care of her. She tells Bobbie she wants to take a walk through the park. Patrick tells her if she behaves, he’ll arrange a surprise for her. Robin tells him that his attempts at romantic gestures are dangerous. He tells her to wait and see and leaves.

Back at the news station, Sam rushes in and apologizes for being late. Amelia starts talking about how everybody can relate to being held hostage to something in their lives. She asks Sam if she ever wondered what it would be like to take off and become someone else. She tells Sam that she wants to talk about her past to see if she drew on any past experience in the hostage situation because it could interest people. Sam tells her that people are the sum of their experiences. She tells Amelia that in a crisis it’s important not to panic and to keep thinking straight. Sam looks at Amelia’s watch again.

In the courtroom, the judge reminds Ric and Alexis that they are there to determine who gets custody of Molly. She asks about the character witnesses. Ric tells her that he subpoenaed his half brother Sonny. She asks Sonny if he is there on Ric’s behalf and he says no. The judge asks for the first witness and Alexis calls Jax who tells the judge that Alexis is a good mother. Ric cross examines Jax and brings up the fact that Jax kidnapped baby Spencer and hid his true paternity from Nikolas for months. Ric finishes questioning Jax and Alexis calls Sonny to the stand.

At the coffee shop, Logan warns Scott to behave himself. Meanwhile, Lulu returns to Leslie’s house. She has a flashback of Laura telling her that she thinks that she is innocent in Rick’s murder. Dillon shows up and asks Lulu if everything is okay. She tells him that she messed everything up.

Back in the courtroom, Sonny tells the judge that Alexis loves her kids and says that she doesn’t neglect them. He assures the judge that the children wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Ric cross examines Sonny and reminds him that Alexis hid Kristina’s paternity from him because he is dangerous. He talks about the kidnapping that happened when Kristina was in his care and Sonny reminds Ric that Alexis was not at fault in that. Ric gives the judge a stack of arrest records for Sonny as Alexis tries to contest the evidence as irrelevant. He also enters the police report that talks about where Kristina witnessed Sam shooting someone. Alexis tells the judge that Ric coincidentally slept with her daughter Sam. The judge is unimpressed by Alexis’ attempt to shed light on Ric’s true character. Then, Ric enters Alexis’ marijuana arrest into evidence. Carly comes in and apologizes for being late. She explains that she was trying to divorce Sonny, but assures the judge he’s a good person. Alexis asks the judge for a break and she denies her request. She asks Carly to take the stand.

Back at the Q. mansion, Tracy enters the living room, peering around corners to make sure no one’s there. Once she sees the coast is clear she gets a drink. As she takes a sip she hears Alan. She turns around and he is in his chair again. He tells her that he’s haunting her. She asks him how he can live with himself knowing that he devastated the family by faking his death. He tries to tell her he didn’t fake his death. She tries to touch him but her hand goes through him. He tells her that he knows she forged his will. She asks him if he’s seen Lila yet and he says he can’t rest until Tracy admits to the family what she did. She accuses him of plotting with Edward and Dillon to fake his death. She tells him that she knows they will try to torture her until she gives up. Alice walks in and asks Tracy whom she’s talking to. She points at Alan and says she’s talking to him. Alice suggests Tracy lie down. Tracy, shaken, tells Alice she’s fine and exits the room.

In the park, Patrick wheels Robin to a spot and tells her not to peek. He takes her hat off for her to see the surroundings. He has prepared a snack of hot chocolate and cookies for them. Robin tells him that this is the spot she comes to think at. She asks him how he knew and he says because he pays attention.

At Leslie’s house, Dillon asks Lulu if Spinelli upset her. She explains to him that she went to see Sonny who told her that if she uncovers the truth about the murder it could destroy Luke.

Meanwhile, Scott pays a visit to Bobbie at GH and asks her what lies Luke has told Lulu about him. Luke comes over and Scott asks him what he did to force Lulu to hate him. Luke tells Scott that Lulu hates who she wants to.

In the courtroom, Carly talks about her custody arrangement with Sonny and tells the judge that it works. The judge asks Carly if she is still married to Sonny and she says yes. She explains that she wanted to divorce him but couldn’t. She asks the judge if the attorney in the Dominican Republic was telling the truth about the law changes and the judge tells her she’d have to look it up. The judge asks Carly if she thinks Alexis is a good mom and she says yes. She asks Carly if Sonny poses a threat to her children and she says Sonny would never do anything to hurt a child. She tells the judge to ask Jason if she doesn’t believe her. The judge asks Jason if Alexis is a good mother and he says yes. She asks him to elaborate and he says that she loves her kids and always does what she thinks is best for them. She asks him what he thinks about Ric as a father. Jason tells the judge that any father who would try to take his child out of the home it loves and away from the mother it depends on, is doing it for selfish reasons and not for the interest of the child. The judge tells Carly to take her seat and she sits with Jason. The judge calls Alexis to the stand and asks her about her weed bust. Alexis explains that the chemo took a lot out of her and the marijuana was the only thing that helped her get through the day. She tells the judge she always puts the kids first and acts in their best interest. Ric takes the stand and says that Alexis is a good mom but is unable to take care of Molly because of her illness. He tells the judge that the trial is not about revenge but about what’s best for Alexis and Molly. The judge dismisses the witnesses and tells them she will make a decision shortly. Carly approaches Sonny and tells him they need to talk.

Back in the park, Robin tells Patrick she’s really happy and wishes the moment could last. She talks about how they will have to go back to real life soon. Patrick tells her that love isn’t about romance or drama. He tells her it’s about passing the salt and doing crossword puzzles together. He tells her that what they have is real and that there will be good and bad times but he promises her that he will only love her more through it all. They share a kiss.

Back at GH, Luke tells Scott that he’s jealous because his life with Laura trumps his puppy love for her. Scott asks Luke if he told Lulu that he raped Laura when she married to him. Luke gets mad tells Scott to get over Laura leaving him. He tells Scott that he won’t allow him to hurt Lulu the way he hurt Laura. Bobbie gets in the middle and tells the men to stop and move on for Lulu’s sake.

Back at Leslie’s, Lulu talks about Laura and how she doesn’t remember much about her mother in her childhood. She tells Dillon that she got to form real memories with her mother when she came back. She tells Dillon that she misses Laura. Spinelli bursts in and tells Lulu he has proof that Scott killed Rick. He sits between Lulu and Dillon and tells her that he found bank records that proves Rick had something over Scott. He also says he found the record of a parking ticket issued to Scott on the night of the murder near the Scorpio house. Lulu thanks Spinelli and Dillon for all their help, but tells them that she doesn’t want the truth to come out. She tells them she wants to pretend it never happened. Luke walks in and asks her what she wants to pretend never happened.

At the TV station, Amelia talks to a cameraperson and tells him to make the story about Sam lead. He suggests holding it for sweeps and she tells him she has a better story for sweeps. Meanwhile, Sam is on the airplane and has a flashback of voices during a struggle.

Elsewhere, Jax asks Jason what happened in the Dominican Republic and Jason tells him. Jax accuses him of helping Sonny keep Carly. Jason tells him that all he wants is for Carly to be happy. He tells Jax that since he’s treated Carly badly lately, he should just stay away from her.

Meanwhile, Carly tells Sonny they should walk across the street and file for divorce.

Inside the courtroom, the judge talks to Ric and Alexis and explains that typically the court favors the mother in custody hearings but explains to Alexis that she is clearly not well enough to take care of Molly. She grants full custody to Ric.

Outside, Sonny tells Carly he doesn’t want the divorce. She tells him they can’t stay married and he tells her he will change her mind as the show ends.

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