GH Update Thursday 3/8/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/8/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy and Luke put on a show for Edward, in the Quartermaine living, regrading their “love” for each other. Edward gets the two of them to agree to be on their best behavior for the reading of Alan’s will. Once Edward leaves Tracy yells at Luke for using Laura as the reason to sidetrack Edward. Luke leaves to head to Alan’s lawyers, but not before Tracy reminds him to remember what she said about who gets what from Alan.

Lulu continues to be unreceptive to Logan at the Sonny’s coffeehouse. Logan decides to sit with her, as he asks if she wants a sandwich, cause he is starving. She lets him know she didn’t ask him to sit with her, and he can leave anytime. He replies back that she was about to ask him to sit, after she thanked him for helping her. Lulu makes it clear she has no intentions of thanking him. He questions if her parents taught her any manners. She remarks they taught her to not talk to strangers. Logan wants to know why she is trying so hard not to like him.

Sonny looks for Carly at the Metro Court, but finds Jax instead, who enlightens him that Carly isn’t there. Then Jax informs Sonny, he doesn’t want Sonny at his hotel. Sonny is fine with that, as long as Jax understands he can’t keep him away from his wife.

On the plane, Carly keeps rehashing her decision to get a divorce. After babbling how Sonny will be on the outside if she marries Jax, because Jax will be the primary male figure to the boys, she asks Jason what he would do if it was him. Jason remarks all that matters is what she wants. He bluntly asks her if she wants Jax or Sonny.

A woman, in a office with the picture of the man and a watch, watches an interview with Sam. The woman is then informed Sam is in the studio. The woman introduces herself to Sam as Amelia, the producer who will be doing the interview. Sam admits she is not that comfortable in front of the camera. Amelia assures her she will be great, then advises her to tell the truth and she will be fine.

Carly claims Sonny is a great parent, but it is not about parenting. She goes on that her and Sonny are not good for each other and that them being apart is the best thing. Jason reminds her being with Jax is no more a stability for the boys than being with Sonny. Carly claims Jax is different, or at least he was, then admits Jax may not be an option anymore.

Sonny tries to make small talk with Jax about the hotel. Jax wants Sonny to leave. Max arrives prompting Sonny to question him about Carly’s whereabouts. Jax interrupts making it clear Max needs to decide if he works for him or Sonny. Sonny apologizes to Max for asking, then announces he will catch up with Carly later. Jax tells Max he just wants him to do his job. Sonny lets Jax know he should be more respectful to Max for helping save Carly during the hostage crisis. An annoyed Jax asks if he should be grateful to Sonny, but then comments he is all out of grateful, since Sonny took advantage of a vulnerable Carly to get her into bed.

Nikolas helps Emily prepare for the reading of Alan’s will, at his place. They discuss how the will is going to cause problems among the Quartermaines. Emily admits it will be a Quartermaine free for all and the first one without her father. She shares she can’t wrap her heart around the idea her father is never coming back.

Scotty and Bobby are at the hospital when he thanks her for helping him out at Alan’s memorial.

Bobby lets it out Alan’s will is being read today, she thinks he left a list of people who crossed him.

Logan continues to try and make friends with Lulu, but he is interrupted by Spinelli, who claims he and the blonde one have private, important, business matters to discuss.

Jax lays into Sonny for being selfish where Carly is concerned. Sonny throws the fact that Jax wasn’t there when he and Carly went through he hostage crisis in his face. Then lets him know he and Carly have a bond that can not be broken and he will do whatever it takes to make things work with Carly.

Carly relays to Jason she isn’t sure Jax can forgive her. Jason shares with her that sometimes something happens that makes you do something you never thought you would do, and your life is changed forever, and no matter how much you want it to, you life can not go back to the way it was before.

Logan calls Spinelli a loser. Lulu defends her friend to Logan. Spinelli, in his own Spinelli way, makes it known to Logan that he is “connected.” Sonny arrives. Lulu insists she needs to talk to him. She follows him, Logan follows her, remarking she didn’t give him her name. She replies “That was not an over site.” After Lulu disappears Logan warns Spinelli to never threaten him again.

In Sonny’s office, Lulu shows Sonny Alan’s letter.

The Quartermaines gather for the reading of Alan’s will at the mansion. Luke lets Tracy know everything has been taken care of. Tracy gets nervous when Jax arrives at the request of Alan’s lawyer. Luke is not pleased to see Scott at the reading.

In the Dominican Republic, Carly remembers being there with Sonny when she got her divorce from A.J.

Scott claims he has a right to be there. Luke starts an argument with him, but Monica demands he let it go. Alan’s lawyer reads the will which leaves, Alice $75,000, Luke $250,000, a trust in Michael’s name that Jax will be the trustee for, Ned box seats at Wimbledon and the U.S Open as long as he doesn’t share them with Monica, Dillon gets the home movies, Skye gets the Lila’s ruby earrings and a comment on how Sky is now being provided for by Alcazar so Alan didn’t need to leave her money, Jason gets an engraved ring and comment how since Jason is employed as a gangster he doesn’t need money either, Monica gets all his personal items, Edward gets Alan’s medical diploma, Emily gets Lila’s diamond necklace and Alan’s stethoscope with a comment that since Emily is with Nikolas she doesn’t need money, and finally Tracy is left the rest of the estate. Edward shouts “That will is a fake.”

Stan lets Spinelli know he does the computer stuff for Jason and Sonny and there is no room for Spinelli.

Lulu reveals to Sonny that during the hostage crisis Alan mentioned to her that he knew something about Rick’s murder and that he had written it in a letter. Lulu asks Sonny how she can prove Scott killed Rick. Sonny advises that something are better left buried.

Carly continues to be confused about Sonny and Jax, although she admitted to Jason she still loves Sonny. Her name is called, Jason tells her she needs to make up her mind.

Sam explains in her interview with Amelia how she was able to escape. Amelia questions Sam about past experiences that helped her in this situation. Sam replies she wasn’t thinking of any past experiences, only how she was going to get the people out.

Edward, Emily, Monica, Ned, Skye, Luke, Dillon and Tracy discuss the will. Edward insists the will is a farce. Monica agrees noting Alan would never have left Emily out of the will. Sky remarks that Tracy made out well. Everyone accuses Tracy and Luke of taking the money. Even though the lawyer claims the will was safe in his office and argument among the family erupts, until an upset Emily stops it. Emily believes the will is real, Alan knew neither Sky or Jason needed money, and that she would have rather had something of Lilas. She even defends Tracy saying that Alan knew all Tracy wanted was respect at ELQ, now she has that with his stock. She wants everyone to stop the fighting.

Spinelli responds to Stan that Jason hired him. Stan makes it clear he fired him, until he hears otherwise from Jason or Sonny to let him back into the system, he needs to stay out. Spinelli leaves upset.

Lulu admits she is afraid to know if Scott is the killer, because of how it will affect Luke, but her mom deserves to be proven innocent. Sonny tells her the truth won’t bring her mom back, so what does it accomplish. Sonny claims that the truth will destroy Luke. He tries to convince her that if Scott did kill Rick and let Laura take the blame, the fact hat he has to live with that is punishment in itself.

During a break from the interview, Sam notices Amelia’s watch and comments that she used to have a watch like that, but she lost it somewhere.

At Nikolas’s house Emily reveals that Tracy forged the will. She admits that when the fidgeting starting it was like her father was in the room cheering them on. She could feel him urging her to jump right in and shut them up, like he was telling her to keep the traditions alive, keep fighting, keep living and keep loving. She is going to promote that. The couple kisses.

Monica lashes out at Tracy for forging the will. Edward lets Tracy know she never ceases to disappoint him. Ned declares that he chooses to believe her mother would never stoop so love, especially since if she did, he would never be able to speak to her again. After everyone leaves, Tracy appears to be feeling a little guilty. While hugging Luke Tracy sees Alan’s ghost who tells her she should be ashamed of herself.

Scott walks into the coffeehouse and Lulu calls him a lying scum sucking snake.

Stan lets Sonny know that his name is appearing in a legal document in an attorney’s office in the Dominican Republic, Carly is divorcing him.

Max shares with Jax that Carly is in the Dominican Republic getting a divorce. He then lets him know that both Jax and Sonny deserve to lose Carly.

The lawyer in the Dominican Republic tells Carly the laws have changed, he can not grant her divorce. Basically in order for her to end her marriage Sonny has to sign the papers.

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