GH Update Wednesday 3/7/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/7/07


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Today, GH opens with Lulu at Leslie’s house. She is reading Alan’s letter to Luke who walks in and asks her what she’s doing. She says she’s not doing anything and he tells her she needs to learn how to cover better.

At the Metro Court, a young male walks in and watches Maxie and Cooper talk. Cooper tells Maxie that he’s not sure if working there is a good idea. He starts talking about how he’s starting over. The stranger behind them pulls a gun out.

At GH, Lucky surprises Liz. He asks her whom she was expecting.

At Carly’s house, Jason shows up and thanks her for letting Michael come to Alan’s memorial. Then he tells her that he’s ready to take her to the Dominican Republic like he promised.

Back at the Metro Court, Maxie tells Cooper that his suit looks good on him. She reminds him to go to Kelly’s later to rent a room. He asks her to come with him and she agrees to. She leaves and the guy behind him puts the gun to him.

At Leslie’s, Lulu tells Luke not to nose into her business. He tells her that he isn’t and he asks her if she’s heard from Scott. She says no and he warns her again that Scott is dangerous. She assures Luke that she’ll be fine.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy tells Edward that the lawyers called and said they are going to read Alan’s will. Edward tells her it’s just a formality since Alan obviously left everything to Emily. She asks him how he knows and he says there was no one else he would leave it to. Edward leaves and Dillon comes in. Tracy talks to him about the will. Dillon tells her that Alan wouldn’t leave him anything since he didn’t even know he existed. Dillon leaves and Tracy talks to Alan and says that surely he didn’t leave his ELQ stock to Emily. Alice enters and says that it’s no surprise that Alan would have left everything to Emily.

At GH, Liz tells Lucky that she wants to tell Cameron about their reconciliation. Lucky agrees that it’s time.

Back at Carly’s, she reminds him that he just lost his dad. He tells her that he’s done all he can do. She tells Jason she can’t go yet because things are complicated. She tells him that she slept with Sonny. She tries to explain the events that led up to their union. Jason asks her if she and Jax broke up and she says no. She talks about how she was vulnerable and Sonny was too and that’s why they slept together. She tries to compare it to Jason’s night with Liz. She tells him that he was able to move on from that and she wants to move on too. Jason asks her if she wants to get the divorce or not.

At GH, Lucky tells Liz to bring Cameron by the house after work. She says she will.

Elsewhere, Bobbie asks Monica what she’s doing back at the hospital so soon. She tells her she needed a break and needed to do something. She starts talking about Alan.

Back at Leslie’s, Lulu tells Dillon about how Luke almost saw the letter. She tells him that Luke can’t know about Scott killing Rick because then Luke will kill Scott and land himself in a mess of trouble. The two decide they need more proof before they can do anything else.

At the Metro Court, Cooper recognizes the gunman as his army buddy, Logan. He asks him why he’s there and Logan tells him that he came to give him the money he asked for. He asks him why he didn’t just send the money and he says he wanted to see what Cooper was up to. Cooper asks Logan if he’s there to see his father.

At the Q. mansion, Luke visits Tracy who begins to yell about Alan’s will. She tells Luke that she doesn’t think Alan left her ELQ stock and she says she has to take action. Luke suggests that they forge Alan’s will.

Back at Leslie’s, Dillon tells Lulu that they need to find a motive for Scott killing Rick. Lulu tells him that they should get Spinelli to see if there is any connection between Rick’s bank account and Scott. Dillon gets mad when she mentions Spinelli. He tells her that he’s jealous because Spinelli is her hero since he tried to save her from the hostage crisis.

Back at the Metro Court, Logan tells Cooper that he lied about knowing his father. He tells him that he thinks he lives in Port Charles but isn’t sure. He says it would be better if he didn’t find him since he would probably want to kill him.

At the Q. mansion, Tracy tells Luke that she wants what belongs to her. She talks about how Alan didn’t care about ELQ but it means the world to her. Luke promises to help her on one condition. She tells Luke that he owes her big time and that’s why he’s going to help her. He promises her he will retrieve Alan’s will and fix it for her. He tells her he will make sure though, that Alan leaves him sympathy money.

Meanwhile, Carly calls Max from home and asks him to pick up the boys from school. She tells him that she’s going to get divorced and tells him not to let Sonny in on the secret. Jason comes in with heavy bags and asks Carly why she needs so much. She tells him she has to be prepared because Sonny may try something. She tells him that she’s ready to get her divorce.

Back at Leslie’s, Lulu asks Dillon if he and Spinelli don’t get along because of her. He tells Lulu that Milo and Spinelli are competing for her and they think he’s a threat. She asks him about Georgie and he says they broke up. He tells her that if she ever wanted to be more than friends, he would be open to the idea. Then he kisses her head and leaves.

At the Metro Court, Logan asks Cooper how he got the security job and he tells him that a friend helped him get it. Logan asks Cooper to make a good impression so he can help him get a job there too. Logan takes off and tells Cooper that he’ll be in touch.

Back at GH, Bobbie sees Monica again and notes that she’s still at the hospital. Monica says that Alan was happiest at the hospital so it makes her feel better to be there. Dr. Russell comes over and apologizes to her again for her loss. Edward comes in and tells Monica that the lawyers are going to read Alan’s will.

Back at the Q. mansion, Luke returns in a snazzy suit. Tracy asks him if he got the will. He hands it to her. She is about to open it but has second thoughts. She eventually resolves to open it.

Meanwhile, Carly and Jason sit on a plane and await take off. There is a delay and Carly assumes Sonny is behind it. She begins to get frantic and talk about how there is no way Sonny is going to let her leave. Jason tells her Sonny couldn’t stop them because he doesn’t know they are going. Then he asks her if she’s getting worked up because she wants Sonny to stop her.

At the Q. mansion, Luke asks Tracy whom Alan left his fortune to. She tells him that he left some to Emily, but left a lot to Jason’s children. The pair decides they have work to do.

Back at GH, Edward tells Monica that she will be appointed chief of staff to replace Alan. Dr. Russell overhears this and waits until Edward leaves to approach Monica. He informs her that he will be applying for the position as well. He tries to convince her not to stand in his way. She reminds him that he has only been working at the hospital for a month and says GH needs someone who knows the place well.

At Sonny’s coffee shop, Spinelli meets Lulu. She asks him to check out Scott’s finances and alibi. She talks about letting Milo in on the mystery so he can help and Spinelli gets mad. He tells her that the jackal works alone. Then he goes on a rant about how Dillon isn’t worthy of her. He promises to impress her with his computer skill and leaves.

Meanwhile, Liz brings Cameron to see Lucky at Leslie’s. They tell the tot that they are getting back together and will move into the house.

On the plane, Carly and Jason are on their way to the Dominican Republic. Carly tells Jason that Sonny will do something to stop her once they get there. Jason again, asks her if she’s worried Sonny won’t stop her. She talks about their night together and Jason tells her that if she doesn’t want the divorce she should say so now.

Back at the Q. mansion, Luke tells Tracy he’ll take the will back to the law firm and fix it on their computers. He asks whom Alan should leave money to. He tells Tracy that Alan is going to leave him half a million dollars. Tracy tells him that Alan wouldn’t do that because he hated him. Luke tells him that Alan felt sorry for him. He assures Tracy that the rest will go to Tracy. Edward walks in and asks them what they are plotting about. Luke tells Edward he was telling Tracy that although he’ll always have a place in his heart for Laura, the rest of his love belongs to Tracy.

Back at Sonny’s coffee shop, Lulu struggles to add sugar to her coffee. Logan approaches and offers help and she tries to get rid of him. She tells him she doesn’t need any new friends.

At the Metro Court, Maxie visits Cooper and tells him he will be taking her out to dinner sometime to repay her for all of her help.

Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky give Cameron the grand tour of the house.

On the airplane, Carly tells Jason she wants her own life but says that Sonny will never let her go. The camera cuts to Liz and Lucky back at Leslie’s and cuts back to Jason and Carly who tells Jason that if she marries Jax, someone besides Sonny will be raising his kids. She tells Jason she understands why Sonny is upset and asks Jason if he would be okay with being shut out of his own family.

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