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General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/6/07


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Carly, at her house, calls Jax but hangs up as he answers, because there is a knock at the door. She finds Sonny on the other side of the door. Sonny wants to go with Carly and Michael to Alan’s memorial service. He believes Michael needs the support of both his parents, since he is going to a memorial service for a grandfather he never knew, because of the choices they made.

In the Quartermaine living room, Tracy and Edward argue over where Alan’s picture should be displayed during the service. Monica interrupts announcing there will be no pictures of Alan displayed anywhere.

Luke arrives at Elizabeth and Lucky’s house to pick up everyone for Alan’s service. Luke and Lucky discuss how happy Laura would be that Lucky and Elizabeth are moving into the house. Luke jokes with Lucky that after all the crap her gave him about being a rotten father, now Lucky will see first hand how hard it is to raise a family.

Alone in his penthouse, Jason flashes back to a silent memory of him and Alan. Jason gets ready to leave, only to find Elizabeth at his door. She thought he could use friend, given that Sam is out of town, and today will be hard on him.

Nikolas consoles Emily as she arranges the flowers for the service. Emily has a minor meltdown regarding the terrible flowers. A crying Emily breaks down to Nikolas that her father is never coming back. He hugs her lovingly.

Tracy argues with Monica over the picture. Dillon questions his mother arguing over a picture. Ned remarks that Quartermaines argue about everything, and death brings out the worst in them. Tracy tries to pick a fight with her son, but he won’t give in. Edward takes cheap shots at Ned. Ned defends himself to his grandfather. Tracy continues yelling about Alan’s picture being at the memorial. Dillon pleas with his mother to stop. Monica interrupts all the craziness by breaking a vase of flowers. Monica berates them for arguing today. Tracy, Ned and Edward all comment that arguing is a family trait, Alan would understand. An upset Monica leaves after announcing Alan’s voice is silenced, and she can’t stand listening to any of their voices.

Lulu leaves a phone message for Dillon wondering what was in the content of Alan’s letter. Luke asks Lulu to go easy on Tracy for the day.

Elizabeth explains that although she knows it is not easy for him to see her because of the baby, she couldn’t come up with a good enough reason not to go to the service. Jason lets her know he wants her there because Emily will need her. He asks her for time getting used to the baby situation. Elizabeth comments that Alan’s death is hitting him harder than he thought. Jason admits he wished he would have been there more for Alan. Elizabeth tries to ease his pain by stating that Alan will live on in their child.

Tracy won’t let the picture issues go. Edward wants her to stop being angry at the living. Tracy argues with her father about her actions. Edward reminds her that they are all struggling and they need to be gentle with each other. A calmer Tracy thinks he sounds like Lila. Edward takes that as a compliment. He shares with his daughter that he feels Lila’s presence. He believes she is there waiting for everyone to say their goodbye’s and let Alan go, so she can show him the way home. Tracy holds her fathers hand tightly.

Jason and Elizabeth talk about their belief in heaven. Elizabeth thinks Jason can find comfort in knowing that Alan is in a beautiful place with Lila. Elizabeth feels the baby kick, Jason starts to touch her belly, but stops himself and apologizes. She says it is ok and places his hand on the kicking baby. Jason comments on how strong the baby is, then asks if thinks it is a boy or girl. A suddenly uncomfortable Elizabeth tells him she wants a healthy baby, then uses the excuse she has to meet Lucky in order to leave.

Michael is uncertain of how he is suppose to feel. He tells his parents that he mostly feels bad for the Quartermaines. Carly tells her son he feels empathy, then explains to him what that means. She lets him know that is a very special quality. Michael admits he is nervous, Sonny assures him that both he and Carly will be there for him. After the three leave, Jax calls trying to unsuccessfully to reach Carly.

Leslie, Bobby, Lucky, Luke, Lulu, and Nikolas gather to attend the service together. Leslie comments “This is the first time they have all been in the house together since Laura was lost.” Lulu responds “She is not lost, she is apart of all of them, and when we are all together she is here with us.” Luke takes a minute with Nikolas to discuss Helena, offering his help if she reappears causing trouble for Nikolas. The two men shake hands afer Luke reveals he owes Nikolas for taking care of everyone last November when Lauara returned. It looks like the beginning of a truce between Nikolas and Luke.

At the service, in the Quartermaine mansion, Georgie offers her condolences to Dillon.

Jax and Alexis are there for each other. Jax watches Carly, Michael, Carly arrive together. Michael tells Monica he is sorry about Alan, Monica tells him she is pleased he is there, then thanks him for coming. Sonny, Carly, Dr. Russell, Epiphany and Noah also tell Monica they are sorry for her loss. When Robin offers her condolences to Edward he remarks that Alan always had a special place in his heart for her.

A livid Tracy tries to stop Alcazar and Skye from attending the service. Skye demands she is not leaving. Ned and Dillon interrupts their mother again. They point out that Sky was Alan’s daughter and he would want her there. Edward throws his two cents in, escalating the fight. Tracy suggests a vote. She realizes it is tied without Monica. Ned implores her to leave Monica alone.

Jason sneaks in the side door to find Monica alone. Jason listens as a tearful Monica talks about Alan. Jason has the silent flashback of him and Alan again. Jason reveals he is experiencing the same sadness as Monica.

Ned warns him mother to try and get herself under control. Tracy takes out her anger on her son, commenting that he is barely apart of the family anymore. Ned shares that he did not resign from the family. He wants her to grow from the experience of losing Alan, instead of staying intrenched in her anger. Luke puts his hand on an jumpy/angry Tracy’s shoulder. Tracy confides in her husband how angry she is, but everyone is reminding her that today is not about her. Luke tells her memorials are about the people left behind, today is about her grief. The couple embrace as Tracy appears calmer.

Edward comments to Lucky and Elizabeth that their child is a reminder that life and death go hand in hand, one generation replaces another.

Dillon is about to reveal to Lulu who killed Rick Webber, when Tracy sends Lulu into the service. Tracy then warns her son let Rick Webbers death go. Dillon sees Scott Baldwin arrive, as his mother is warning him. Luke is about to start a fight with Scott, however Bobby and Edward intervene, reminding the men this is not the place for their fighting.

Dillon slips Lulu Alan’s letter as the memorial begins. She reads the letter revealing that Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber.

Emily is pleased to see Jason enter the service with Monica.

Ned give a eulogy about Alan. He begins that they have come together to honor and say goodbye to Alan. He talks about Alan being a completed man and having many virtues. He was a compassionate doctor, chief of staff, and a show off at the nurses ball.(That comment generates a smile from Monica). Ned continues with how at home Alan was an exasperating brother Tracy is shown), a rebellious son (Edward is shown), a frustrated, adoptive and surrogate father,(Jason, Emily, and Sky are all shown) a grandfather and a husband. Alan wore a lot of hat but there was one thing he could do better than anyone, he understood the complexities of love.

After the service Edward and Emily spend time alone together. Tracy thanks Ned for taking over the service. She comments he did a beautiful job that no one else could have done. Tracy shares with her son that Alan knew her and accepted her without question or reservation. She remarks that she doesn’t know where she will ever find that kind of gift again. Ned replies “Maybe where you least expect it.” then hugs his mother.

Monica looks at pictures of Alan above the fireplace.

Flashbacks to memories of Alan’s life with his loved ones.

Jason finds an old picture of him and Alan, then has a memory of Alan telling him that Jason will never destroy his love for him and Jason telling Alan he knows. Jason leaves the house through the side doors he entered.

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