GH Update Monday 3/5/07

General Hospital Update Monday 3/5/07


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Carly coming home to find Sonny talking about Jax with the kids. She tells Sonny that if he wants to talk about Jax, he should do it with her. She sends the kids upstairs but Sonny tells her that he wants the boys to stay.

At Leslie’s house, Lulu and Dillon begin to read the letter addressed to Luke from Alan when Scott comes back saying he lost his PDA. He sees the letter and asks them about it.

At Mac’s house, Patrick gets the results of his 6-month HIV test. He is negative. Robin hugs him.

At GH, Liz asks Jason if he changed his mind about letting Lucky raise the baby as his own. She asks him if Jason is going to spill the beans to Lucky.

Back at Carly’s, she tells Sonny that they need to talk. He says he wants to spend time with the kids. He asks her if he can stay for lunch. She tells him that she knows he’s avoiding their necessary talk. She gives in and lets him stay for lunch.

At the Metro Court, Maxie introduces Cooper to Jax and asks him if he could give Cooper a job as security. Jax asks Cooper if he has experience and he says he’s a veteran. Max tells Cooper that this job is different from security jobs in the army because you have to be discrete and nice to the guests. Jax asks Cooper for references.

Back at Leslie’s, Scott sees that the letter is from a law office and starts prodding about what the letter is for. He offers legal advice to the kids and Dillon says the letter is Alan’s will and it has money for him because he married Tracy. Lulu and Dillon try to rush Scott off but he starts talking about how he doesn’t understand why Luke married Tracy the “vampire.” Luke comes in and yells at Scott.

Meanwhile, at Mac’s house, Robin tells Patrick that she’s happy for him. Patrick talks about how weird it is that the waiting for the results is finally over. He commends Robin for her responsibility with her disease. Robin cuts him off and reminds him that he’s healthy and the worrying time is over. His phone rings and he answers. It’s a female doctor looking for a consult. Patrick is flirty on the phone but declines to join her. Robin tells him he should go so he changes his mind. He tells Robin to rest and he leaves.

At GH, Jason explains to Liz that when the baby is born he will have a hard time seeing it. She tells him she can see it just like he sees Michael, and he says it’s different. She assures him that Lucky will love the baby. She tells him that Lucky is back to his normal self and Jason tells her that he knows this is what’s best for Lucky. He asks if it’s what’s best for the baby. Liz starts talking about how if she and Jason were in love it would be different. Lucky comes in and says he needs to talk to Jason. Epiphany comes over to fetch Liz. Lucky asks Jason about the shoot out upstairs in the Metro Court. Jason doesn’t answer Lucky’s questions so Lucky just tells him that as far as he’s concerned Jason was with Alan or Emily at the time and the case should be closed as unsolved. He thanks Jason again for saving Liz and his baby and tells him that he’s owes him.

At Leslie’s, Luke reminds Scott that he told him to stay away from Lulu. He asks Scott what he’s doing in town. Scott accuses Luke of being stuck in the past. Scott tells him that he’s no threat to Lulu so he should try to set a good example for her. Luke sends Scott and Dillon on their way. He sees the letter under Lulu’s arm and asks her about it. She tells him it’s Dillon’s and gives it to him before he leaves.

At the Metro Court, Maxie explains to Jax that she met Cooper through a friend who lives out of town. Jax tells Cooper he’ll give him a shot but warns him and Maxie that they need to keep their personal life at home. The kids leave and Jax notices something is wrong with Max. He asks him if everything is cool and Max tells him that there is something familiar about Cooper.

At Carly’s, Sonny tells Michael that he’s not allowed to fight at school anymore. Carly tries to rush Sonny out but he starts talking with Michael about his report. He says he’s going to do it on Russia because that’s where Jax went. Sonny starts prodding Michael about what Jax said about Russia and Carly sends the kids upstairs. She hits Sonny with a pillow and tells him he has to stop using the boys. She tells him that they have to prepare the boys for their upcoming divorce. Sonny asks Carly what her relationship with Jax is now and she tells him that Jax knows that she married and slept with Sonny.

Back at Leslie’s, Luke questions the kids about the letter and asks Dillon what’s going on. He tells Luke that he’s just upset about Alan’s death. He goes outside and reads the letter, which pins the murder of Rick Webber on Scott. Inside, Luke yells at Lulu and asks her why she ignored his request to stay away from Scott. Lulu argues with Luke that she doesn’t see what’s so bad about Scott and Luke tells her that he has known Scott for 30 years and says that he’s working her to get to him. He orders her to stay away from Scott.

Over at Mac’s, Lainey pays Robin a visit. Robin tells her that Patrick is HIV free. She starts talking about how she’s worried that Patrick will revert to his playboy days now that he knows he isn’t sick.

At Sonny’s coffee shop, Jason meets up with Stan and tells him to bug Lorenzo’s home. Stan asks why he doesn’t get Spinelli to do it and then talks about how unwise it was to use Spinelli for technical support because he is under the control of corporate America since he plays video games. Jason assures him that Spinelli is harmless. He tells Stan again to bug Lorenzo’s place.

At GH, Liz talks to Lucky who tells her that he questioned Jason and closed the case. He tells her he has to interview Father Ruiz and asks her if she will go to dinner with him afterwards. Her phone rings. It’s Jason asking her to meet him at Sonny’s office. She tells him she will and hangs up. She tells Lucky that Audrey called and needs her to pick up a prescription. She tells Lucky that she’ll meet him back at the hospital.

Back at Carly’s, she tells Sonny not to insult Jax. She tells him that he is secure enough to accept the fact that she messed up. She tells Sonny that she wants a divorce. Sonny argues with her and says that she’s just trying to convince herself that she doesn’t love him. Carly tells him whether or not she and Jax make it she’s divorcing him. Sonny is interested to hear that Jax is upset with Carly and questions her about it. She thanks him for making a mess of her life. He tells her that since she’s not with Jax, she doesn’t have to divorce him. He leaves.

Back at Macs, Lainey tells Robin that Patrick is crazy about her. Robin still fears that Patrick may go back to his old ways. Maxie comes in and Lainey leaves. Robin tells Maxie that she thinks she’s hiding a boy in her room.

At Sonny’s office, Liz meets Jason. She thanks him for not telling Lucky that he’s the baby’s father. Jason tells her that he’s worried that if the truth comes out eventually, it will ruin many lives. He tells her he wants to do what’s best for the baby and that he trusts her opinion. She tells him that she thinks her solution is what’s best for everyone but him. She tells him that she knows she’s being unfair but she says she spent a lot of time thinking about it. She tells him that she won’t keep him from knowing his child and Jason tells her that Lucky will begin to suspect something if he spends too much time with the kid. He tells her that he loves the baby and that love will only grow stronger if he stays involved. He tells her he can’t cut himself off completely but that he needs to keep his distance and accept that the baby is hers and Lucky’s and not his. Liz tells Jason she’s sorry and he says it’s okay.

Back at Leslie’s, Luke apologizes to Lulu for yelling at her. He tells her that since she won’t listen, she’ll have to find out on her own what Scott is like. He tells her that she’s too much like him for her own good. He tells her when something goes wrong he will try to help her the best he can. He calls her name and realizes she’s listening to music and didn’t hear his heartfelt apology.

Back at Mac’s, Maxie asks Robin if she looks crazy. She assures Robin that no one is in her room. She tells Robin that she’s sworn off men and Robin tells her that’s a wise decision. Robin goes on a tangent about how awful love can be and Patrick comes in with red roses. Maxie goes upstairs and Patrick tells Robin about his consult. She asks him why he didn’t ask his lady friend to dinner and he explains she already had plans with her grandchildren. He tells Robin that he talked about her the whole time.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Cooper yells at Maxie for calling him three at the Metro Court. He tells her that someone may catch on. She tells him she covered it enough. He begins to worry about other ways he could be found out. Maxie gives him ways to cover his tracks. She tells him that she’s good at thinking on her feet. She tells him to let everything play out and tells him to trust her.

At the Metro Court, Sonny pays a visit to his favorite ex- bodyguard. He asks Max when he’s coming back to work for him and Max tells him he’s likes working for Carly. Meanwhile, Carly walks over to Jax and tells him she can’t deal with anything anymore. She tells him she’s going to the Dominican Republic immediately to divorce Sonny. He congratulates her and says it’s a start in the right direction. She tells him the divorce is about her being free, not about her being free to be with him. She leaves and Sonny approaches Jax and asks if there is trouble in paradise.

At Leslie’s house, Luke asks Lulu if she heard anything he said. She tells him that she did and says she won’t run from Scott when he approaches her. She asks Luke if Scott was always as evil as he is now. Luke tells her he doesn’t know. He tells her that he doesn’t want Scott to use her to get to him. She asks Luke why he hates Scott so much and he tells her it’s because Scott blames him for what happened to Laura. He explains that he wonders if Scott is right.

At Mac’s house, Maxie gives Cooper money and suggests he take a room at Kelly’s. He thanks her for her help and she tells him that he was good company. She wishes him luck and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He leaves through the window.

At Sonny’s office, Carly comes in and tells Jason that she’s going to get a divorce from Sonny. She tells him he has to come with her. He says he can’t. She argues that he promised her he would and he tells her that Alan’s memorial is tomorrow, so he can’t go.

At the Metro Court, Jax tells Sonny that Carly is planning on divorcing him, so he’s the one having troubles. Sonny tells Jax that he and Carly have a connection that he can’t break. Jax tells Sonny that he must be scared because he doesn’t know how to get Carly to stay. Jax tells Sonny that Carly will follow her heart. Sonny tells Jax that Carly will follow her heart into his arms.

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