GH Update Friday 3/2/07

General Hospital Update Friday 3/2/07


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Today, GH opens with Patrick and Robin at Mac’s house where Robin is staying while she recovers. Robin tells Patrick not to use her recovery as a way to avoid his HIV test results.

At Leslie’s house, Dillon visits Lulu. She asks him how he is and he says he’s emotional. He tells her that he and Ned staged an argument to make Tracy feel better, but says she didn’t buy it. He tells her he needs a distraction so he asks her about their mystery. She tells him that she thinks Scott knows something, but says that she’s afraid to talk to him because she doesn’t want him to get suspicious. Scott walks in.

Meanwhile, Jax visits Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny they need to get some things straight. Sonny agrees.

At the Metro Court, Carly runs into Jason. She asks him why he’s there and he tells her that it’s the place where his whole life changed.

Back in Sonny’s office, the mob boss asks Jax what he’s doing back in town. Jax tells him that he lives there. Sonny tells him that he has other priorities besides the things he left in Port Charles. Jax avoids the subject and tells Sonny that he needs to be careful at the custody hearing because Ric is showing his true colors. He warns Sonny not to let his temper take over because it could really mess up things for Alexis.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Jason that she understands how he feels because she lost her father who she barely knew too. Jason tells her that Alan waited for him, but he never gave him a chance. Carly tells him not to blame himself. Jason tells her he regrets treating Alan like a stranger. Carly argues that Alan didn’t treat him any better.

Back at Leslie’s, Lulu asks Scott why he’s there. He tells her he came to see Leslie. Lulu says she not there. Scott tells Dillon he’s sorry for his loss. Then he asks the kids who they want to avoid getting suspicious. Dillon quickly explains that he switched his major back to film and doesn’t know how to keep it from Tracy. Lulu goes ahead and starts asking Scott questions about what happened in the attic.

Back at Mac’s house, Patrick assures Robin that his test results won’t be back until later in the day. Robin starts talking about how if she hadn’t been shot Alan might have lived. She talks about how people have heart attacks all the time and, with proper care, live. She talks about how Alan took care of her after Stone died. Mac, Maxie and Georgie come in. They hear a noise upstairs. Maxie quickly explains that she has a lamp that’s base is broken and so it falls a lot. Mac says he has to go back to work. He pulls Patrick aside and asks him how Robin’s doing. He tells him that she’s okay. Mac tells Patrick that he’s glad he’s there. Then, Mac announces to the two lovebirds that they are in his house and have to follow the rules. He says that no boys are allowed to spend the night. Upstairs, Maxie opens her closet and tells Cooper that he just about blew his cover. He says he didn’t do anything. Georgie comes in and tells Maxie that her dog was the one who made the sound. Georgie is irritated because the dog made a mess in her room. Maxie rushes her out with the dog.

At GH, Sam visits Father Ruiz in his room. She asks him how he is and he says he’s doing better. She tells him that she came to apologize to him. She tells him that he’s not to blame for the things Manny did. He tells her that he thought he left violence behind, but realized he didn’t. She tells him he did what he had to do when he killed the captor. She tells him that she knows he’s not like Manny.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly tells Jason that Alan could never let go of his disappointment and he pushed Jason away because of that. Jason tells her that he realizes now how difficult it is to be a parent. Carly tells him that all he can do is try to void making the same mistakes with his kids.

At Mac’s house, Patrick gets Robin some tea and asks her how she’s doing. She says she’s fine. They talk about how upset Patrick was when he thought she was going to die. He tells her that he cried.

Upstairs, Cooper packs some things up and says he can’t stay. Maxie tells him it’s too dangerous for him to leave. He tells her that he can't stay because someone else will give him up soon.

Back in Sonny’s office, he tells Jax that he had to work hard for everything he got. Jax tells him his poor boy routine is just an act. He tells him that he knows the value of the things and people he has in his life. Carly walks in yelling for Sonny.

At GH, Jason sees Liz talking to a nurse. Sam walks over and says that she talked to someone and she is fine with everything.

At Leslie’s, Scott tells Dillon and Lulu about the night that Laura killed Rick Webber’s lover. He explains that she thought she was protecting Rick. He tells them that Rick gave her a shot to calm her down and she subsequently lost all memory of the murder. He tells the kids that Rick told him the best way to protect Laura was to cover the whole thing up. He explains that Laura was young and vulnerable and that he didn’t question Rick’s reasoning at the time. He tells them that he loved Laura and wanted to keep her safe and he thought that Rick, as her stepfather and a doctor, knew what was best. Lulu interrupts and talks about what happened when Laura started to remember the murder.

At Mac’s, Maxie asks Cooper if he can stay with his girlfriend. He says he can’t because he doesn’t have any money. Maxie tells him she has no money to give him. She warns him that going on the run now is a big mistake.

Downstairs, Patrick talks about how the robbers tried to kill her and he tells her that he tried to imagine what it must have been like for her. She starts describing how she felt after she was shot. She tells him that she had an out of body experience and knew he was guiding Emily through the surgery. She tells him that she wanted to tell him that she loved him. Then, she tells him that after the surgery, she could hear Alan and knew he had a heart attack. She tells Patrick that she tried to get up to help him but couldn’t. She talks about how Alan was so good to her and that he taught her about tolerance. She admits she is going to miss him a lot.

In Sonny’s office, Carly tells him and Jax not to fight over her. Sonny tells her that they were talking about the custody hearing. Carly tells Sonny that she just came to tell him that Michael got in a fight at school. She tells him that she and Jax have to go as she pulls Jax out of the room.

At GH, Sam explains to Jason that she went to see Father Ruiz. She tells him that the priest isn’t a bad person after all. She explains that he is just trying to put the past behind him. Then she tells Jason that Edward asked her to try to get him to come back to the family.

Back at Leslie’s, Scott tells Lulu that what happened to Laura was Luke’s fault. He tells her that Luke pushed her to remember and stirred up trouble. The kids ask why he didn’t warn Laura about the murder. He explains to them that he just couldn’t because it would set off a bad chain of events. He gets tired of talking and tells the kids to tell Leslie he’ll come back. Before he leaves, he reminds Lulu that Laura is the way she is because of Luke.

At Sonny’s house, the mob boss asks Michael about his fight. Michael explains that they were just playing. Michael talks to Sonny about Jax. He tells him that Carly is still planning to get the divorce.

At the Metro Court, Carly talks business to Jax, who asks her if that’s what she pulled him away from Sonny for. They argue some and she tells him that if he wants to go back to just being partners, she will accept that. He asks her if that would make her happy. She tells him no, but she tells him that she’s not going to let another man ruin her life. Jax tells her it will take him a while to trust her again.

At GH, Jason tells Sam not to feel bad about telling him about Edward. He explains that he’s just grieving. Sam’s phone ring and she answers. Liz watches nearby as Epiphany comes over and tells her she shouldn’t be longing for Jason now that she’s remarrying Lucky. Meanwhile, Sam tells the person on the phone she has another commitment and can’t make it to what they need her for. She gets off the phone and tells Jason that someone wanted to interview her about the hostage situation. He tells her that she should go. She tells him that she wants to be with him since Alan’s memorial is tomorrow. He tells her it might be better if he goes alone. She decides to go to the interview.

The camera cuts to someone watching Sam’s interview the night of the explosion. There is a picture of a man on the desk.

At the Metro Court, Jax tells Max that he can’t spy for Sonny if he’s going to work there. Max assures him that he doesn’t work for Sonny anymore. Maxie comes up with Cooper and asks Jax if he’s still hiring security for the hotel. He says he is.

Back at Leslie’s, Lulu tells Dillon that she thinks Scott is telling the truth, as much he believes it to be anyways. Dillon starts talking about a movie in which a bunch of different angles are taken on a story, all of which are true, they are just from different perspectives. Dillon explains that when Laura met Luke, it probably changed Scott’s life. There’s a knock at the door. Dillon answers it. A mailman is there with a letter for Luke from the Quartermaine’s law office. Lulu signs for the letter and opens it. It’s a letter from Alan revealing the true identity of Rick Webber’s killer. Before Lulu can find the killer’s name, Scott shows up again saying he forgot something.

Back at GH, Jason asks for Monica at the nurse’s station. Then he runs into Liz. She thanks him again for his sacrifice. He tells her he doesn’t know how to pretend that he’s not the baby’s father.

Meanwhile, Sam is on a plane. Elsewhere, someone continues to watch the news clip of Sam after the explosion.

Back at Sonny’s, Michael tells Sonny that he doesn’t know why Carly still wants the divorce since he hasn’t hear her talk about marrying Jax. Sonny suggests Michael stay out of the grown up business. He starts to tell him something about when Jax spends the night, but Carly walks in and tells Sonny to stop.

At Mac’s, Patrick asks Robin how she feels and she says she’s better. His cell phone rings. It’s the lab. Robin encourages him to answer it. She tells him that she’s there for him. He answers the phone and the show ends.

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