GH Update Thursday 3/1/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/1/07


Written By Rachelle
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s house, Carly explains to Jax that she is trying to understand if there is the possibility they have a future. Although he wants a future with her, he claims that since she slept with Sonny, they can’t just pick up where they left off.

Sonny, has a run in with Edward at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny is there to see Monica. He expresses his condolences to an angry Edward. He accuses Sonny of stealing Jason from Alan, the way he stole Michael from A.J. Edward then tells Sonny he helped put Alan in his grave.

In the living room of the old Spencer house Lucky tells Elizabeth he knows things are moving fast, but he wants to get things taken care of before the baby comes, so that things will be easier. Elizabeth decides it is a great idea, she would love for them to all live there. She comments that some of her best memories are in that house with him. Lucky replies that now he, her, Cameron and the baby can make new memories as a family.

Jason and Sam are in Sonny’s office discussing Alan’s death. Jason keeps thinking of what it must have been like for Alan to have his own son look at him like he was a stranger.

Alexis and Ric continue arguing over the custody of Molly, their failed marriage and Alexis smoking pot. Ric makes one last compromise, she signs over Molly and he will give her generous visitation. Alexis warns him that if he tries to take her child way, she will make sure this is a PR nightmare for him. He will lose all the power and everything that comes with it. Ric snaps back “It is better than losing my daughter.”

Carly and Jax keep rehashing her sleeping with and marrying Sonny. Jax thinks this means she is not free of Sonny and never will be. Carly argues that is not true. She again explains her reasoning for marrying and sleeping with Sonny. Jax pulls away from Carly when she tries to touch him. Carly claims she canít take any of it back. She then questions if this is how it is going to be, him always punishing her. If it is, then she would rather walk away with the memories, then stick around and watch it all fall apart.

Edward keeps attacking Sonny. Edward accuses Sonny of taking advantage of Jason’s mental handicap, including stealing his inheritance, turning him against his family and turning him into a mob lackey. Sonny defends himself by claiming he was only helping Jason start a new life, also Jason was an adult. Edward digs in more stating that Jason was Alan’s pride and joy, and the day Sonny stole him from Alan was the day Alan’s heart began to fail. Edward vows that someday Sonny will pay for all the pain and misery he has brought on the Quartermaines.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he doesn’t want her to feel like he is pressuring her. Elizabeth claims that since Lucky has gotten help, she now sees the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Lucky is glad they will be spending their life together in the old Spencer House. Elizabeth remarks that every time she walks in the door she feels Laura’s warmth and love. Lucky thinks that by living in the house, their children will feel closer to Laura.

Sam comforts Jason sharing that Alan was kind and generous to her. However, when he was with Jason all he could see was the life he could have had with Jason, if it hadn’t of been for the accident. Sam claims he didn’t accept Jason, which caused a lot of tension. Jason admits he tried to avoid Alan, didn’t even talk to him. Sam tries to get him to see that he did that to protect himself from his family, because they tried to control him after the accident. Jason claims that Alan wanted to explain things to him but he never tried to listen. Sam replies that he can’t beat himself up over things that can’t be changed, he needs to move on. Jason responds “I wish I knew how.”

Alexis pleas with Ric, Molly needs to be in her home with Alexis and her sister, but Alexis with allow him to visit anytime. Ric tells her he will see her in court, where the judge will grant him custody. Alexis screams at him to think of the effect this will have on the kids. Ric rehashes all the things that Alexis has done recently. Alexis rehashes his sleeping with Sam. Alexis yells for him to get out.

Nikolas, Elizabeth, Lucky and Lulu hang out in the living room of the old Spencer house. Lucky and Elizabeth fill them in that they are buying the house and that Leslie is moving into an apartment close by.

Sam wants Jason to see that eventually he will have to accept what happened and get passed it, she did with Danny and her little girl. She thinks Alan’s death teaches them that they need to spend a lot more time with the people they love. All the talk of Jason’s guilt over Alan, and treasuring your loved ones, causes Sam to feel the need to see Alexis. Before she leaves, she gives him one last piece of advice, try not to think of what he missed with Alan, focus on what he does for so many other people. They kiss.

Sonny tells Edward he didn’t come to add to his pain, he wanted to say how sorry he was. His apology causing Edward to go on a rampage “Sorry for what. Keeping Alan from his grandchild, or maybe feeling guilty because he destroyed Alan’s too sons.” Sonny claims Jason’s life didn’t end in the car wreck, he became a different person, had they accepted that, things would have been different. Edward believes Jason would have come back to the family, even though his memory was lost, his soul wasn’t until Sonny stripped him of it. Sonny claims that was Jason’s choice not his. Edward blames Sonny for Jason not being able to say goodbye to Alan. He orders Sonny out of the house.

Carly explains to Jax that she doesn’t want their love to disintegrate into mistrust and resentment. Jax agrees with her. Carly claims that is exactly what is going to happen, then they will end up hating each other. Carly shares that he accepted her for who she was, and loved her in spite of it, but if he can’t do that anymore they should let it go.

Alexis, on the phone, learns she needs another round of chemotherapy. She lets it be known her custody hearing for Molly takes priority. Sam shows up. Alexis asks about Jason. Sam explains to her mother that Jason regrets that he never really had a relationship with Alan, and the time they lost. Sam doesn’t want to have those same regrets. She goes on to tell her mother that she is sorry for everything she has done to hurt her. She doesn’t expect Alexis to forgive her, but she didn’t want another day to go by without Alexis knowing how really truly sorry she is. Alexis forgives her daughter.

Jax reveals he doesn’t want Carly to have to second guess everything she says or does where Sonny is concerned, or to be bending over backwards asking for forgiveness. He also doesn’t want to be bending over backwards competing for her affections. She tells him there is no competition, she loves him. He wants there relationship to be about them. She insists it would be. Jax claims it only would be until Sonny’s next crisis. Carly again reiterates, she thought she was helping Sonny, she is getting a divorce because she chooses Jax.

At the coffee house Sonny orders Stan to go over every inch of Alcazars operation, look for any weaknesses. Sonny wants to know any place in that organization he can take over. Sonny finds Jason in his office.

Nikolas jokes to Lucky and Elizabeth that he is offended Lulu knew before him that they were getting remarried. Lucky explains they wanted to tell him and Emily, but the timing wasn’t right. Nikolas reveals Emily never gave up on them, then asks when the wedding it going to be. Lucky claims before the baby is born. Elizabeth wants something simple. Lulu suggests getting married at the house, because it was Laura’s. The due decide to get married there.

Jason reveals to Sonny that he wasn’t there when Alan died, which means he failed him.

Sam shares with Alexis how hard Alan’s death is hitting Jason. Alexis replies ‘He was his father.” Sam states that didn’t mean anything to Jason because he doesn’t remember being raised by Alan. Alexis makes the comparison that she didn’t raise her. Sam explains it is different because Jason doesn’t remember anything from his childhood, or the relationship he had with Alan. Alexis tells Sam in any relationship there is regret or expectation, but when it is a parent or child it just matters so much. Sam then breaks it to Alexis that she can’t have any children. She then tells Alexis if she can’t be a mother, then she is going to be the best daughter to her. Alexis admits to Sam she doesn’t want to spend any more time resenting anything, life is too short. Everyone makes mistakes. Sam is her daughter and they are going to work to get past their differences. The women hug.

Carly tells Jax she has made a lot of mistakes in her life, but she finally got it right when she fell in love with him. She needs to know if they still have a chance. They are interrupted by Tracy, who wants to talk about Lulu. Jax leaves. Tracy explains how Lulu is convinced Laura didn’t kill Rick. Carly thinks that is ok. Tracy goes on that Scot Baldwin is in town and knows something about Rick’s death. Carly claims maybe it is time the truth came out. Tracy is worried that since Luke told Laura she killed Rick, if it turns out he was wrong, it will destroy him. Carly isn’t too concerned about Luke. Tracy wants her to think of the effect it would have on Lulu if Luke spins out of control. Carly asks why it is so important to her. Tracy think that Luke and Lulu should be free to move on.

Lucky finds Lulu’s old crib, he and Elizabeth decide to use it for the baby. Lucky tells Nikolas, Lulu and Elizabeth he wants a girl so they can name it after Laura. Elizabeth just wants a healthy baby. Carly interrupts the foursome, and is informed that Lucky and Elizabeth are getting married again. After Elizabeth, Lucky and Nikolas leave, Carly reveals she is happy Elizabeth and Lucky are getting married again, this way Elizabeth won’t be sniffing around Jason. Lulu claims Elizabeth would not sniff around Jason. Carly snaps back that Elizabeth lives to go after Jason.

Jason reveals to Sonny that Alan always had this look on his face that he wanted to make a connection with him, but Jason didn’t want to disappoint him, so he stayed away. He always thought Alan wanted more than he could give him, but turns out he was only asking to spend some time with him. Now it is too late.

At the police station Ric talks to Lainey, who is there evaluating a prison to see if he can stand trial. Ric tells her that he is seen as the bad guy who is trying to take a child away from it’s mother. Everyone seems to forget Molly is his child too and Alexis has tried cutting him out of Molly’s life. Rick claims Alexis has always favored Kristina. Lainey asks if he has tried talking to Alexis. Ric claims he has but Alexis thinks he is projecting his abandonment issues on Molly. He tells Lainey he can’t let anyone take Molly away from him, not even her mother.

Jax visits Alexis, who is now alone. His appearance reminds her that he is the one successful relationship she has had in her life. He asks if this is about Ric. Alexis gives him the details of her earlier fight with Ric. Jax vows to see to it that Ric loses everything. He reveals to Alexis that he told the mayor and Ric that if Alexis loses custody, he will use all his resources to blame them for the Metro Court hostage crisis. Alexis tells him he can’t do that. She appreciates his help but if Ric loses his career he will focus on Molly and taking her away from Alexis. Jax responds he will have to put up one hell of a fight. Alexis doesn’t want Ric to be pushed because he will fight back and Molly will get hurt. She can’t have her children suffer anymore for her mistakes.

Carly calls Lulu out on her playing PI. Lulu admits Laura told her she was innocent, so it is the least Lulu can do to clear her name. Carly asks what happens when she finds the person who did kill Ric. Lulu simply states she will go to the police. Carly tries to get Lulu to think things through. She brings up what would happen if Luke finds out Laura is innocent and blames himself for her breakdown. Lulu gets upset telling Carly “It is the last thing my mother asked of me.” Carly tells her she doesn’t have to stop the search, but she needs to be very careful, for her sake and Luke’s.

Sam visits Edward at the Quartermaine mansion. She tells him how sorry she is about Alan. They discuss how unfair it is for a parent to lose a child. Edward comments on all the losses the Quartermaines have had. Sam asks if she can do anything for him. Edward tells her they need Jason now more than ever, then asks her to bring Jason back to them. Sam replies that Jason has to come back on his own and reach out to them. Edward claims Monica needs the support of her children. Edward believes that somewhere deep down Jason still loves them. He is also sure that Jason is harboring some unresolved emotions. Sam comments that Alan’s death puts everything into perspective.

Elizabeth talks to her unborn child. She remarks that she doesn’t know how she will repay Jason for giving up the baby. She tells it that Jason loves it, but Lucky needs it. Lucky will be a good father and the baby will have a good life. Jason wants the baby to be happy.

Sonny tells Jason every parent has regrets. He brings up his relationship with Mike. He says that every parent wants to be close to their child. Sonny shares with Jason that he can honor Alan by passing down what Alan gave him to his own kids.

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