GH Update Wednesday 2/28/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/28/07


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Today, GH opens with Carly at home telling Michael that Alan died.

Meanwhile, Jax pays a visit to Alexis at the lake house. She tells him that Ric is suing her for custody of Molly and she admits that he will win.

At the police department, Lucky questions Sam about the hostage situation. Sam asks how Liz and the baby are. Lucky tells her that Liz is going to remarry him. Sam tells him that she’s glad they will be able to raise their baby together.

On the pier, Liz finds Jason lost in thought. He tells her that Alan died. She hugs him.

Back at the lake house, Alexis tells Jax that the chemo got really bad, so Sam brought her friend “spaghetti” over to help. She explains that he had marijuana, which she was totally against at first. She admits to Jax that the marijuana did help her. Then she tells him that Ric found out and had her arrested and is using it against her in the custody battle. Jax says he won’t let Ric do this. Alexis tells him there is nothing he can do because Ric won’t give up.

Meanwhile, Scotty pays a visit to Leslie. He asks her questions about Laura. Lulu shows up on crutches. Behind her is Luke who yells at Scotty to get out upon seeing him.

Back at Carly’s, Michael tells her that he saw Alan on TV and they took him to the hospital. Carly tells him that his heart stopped and he died. Michael tells her he doesn’t know how to feel because he never knew him. She tells him it’s not his fault and assures him that Alan loved him a lot.

At the Q. mansion, Monica flips through pictures of Alan. Emily comes in and talks to her. She tells her that Jason stayed with her all night as she told him stories about her and Alan. Then she tells Emily that she should get an HIV test since she operated on Robin. Emily assures her that there was virtually no risk in the surgery on her part. Monica tells her that she is Alan’s daughter for sure. Edward comes in and seconds that. Tracy comes in and asks Monica if she’s started the funeral arrangements.

Back at the police station, Sam talks about how the hostage situation put things in perspective for her. She tells Lucky it taught her never to give up. He tells her that he did give up on Liz and that’s when she came back, despite all the things he did to hurt her. Sam tells Lucky that Liz has no right to judge him.

On the pier, Jason tells Liz about Alan’s failed heart and how he didn’t get to see Alan before he died. She tells him that Alan knew he loved him. Jason tells Liz that he understands now how Alan felt after the accident. He explains that all Alan really wanted was to connect with his son, but he didn’t let him. He tells Liz that Alan would have been proud that he’s going to be a father. Liz asks Jason if he’s told anyone about their child yet. He says no and she tells him she hasn’t told either. Then she admits that she and Lucky are getting remarried.

Back at the Q. mansion, Monica tells Tracy that they are going to have a memorial for Alan instead of a funeral because he would have wanted something simple. Tracy fights with her and says that Alan deserves a big send off. Emily tells Tracy that Alan loved Monica and she would know what Alan would have wanted. Carly shows up and tells the Quartermaines that she told Michael about Alan’s sudden death. She informs them that Michael wants to visit with them and wants to attend the memorial. Tracy yells at her and says it’s too late to clear her conscience.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Jax that she can’t back away from the custody battle. He tells her that he will be a character witness for her. She tells him that Carly and Sonny will be witnesses as well. She tells Jax that the judge isn’t going to overlook the possession charges though. Jax asks what she wants Ric to do. She tells him that she wants Ric to drop the charges and the custody case and only visit Molly when he needs to. She tells him it’s impossible though and that there is no hope. He tells her there is always hope.

Back at Leslie’s house, Luke yells at Scotty some more and he explains he was just visiting Leslie. Scotty asks if Laura mentioned him and Luke tells him she never uttered his name. Leslie tells the men to get along because that’s what Laura would have wanted.

At the police station, Sam elaborates to Lucky about her statement. She tells him that people have judged her for so long and she’s just saying that no one really has the right to judge anyone else. Lucky tells her no one will judge her now because she’s a hero. She tells him that the police are the real heroes. Lucky talks about how having a child has changed his whole perspective on life.

Back on the pier, Liz tells Jason that Lucky stopped pressuring her and when he did, she saw the man she used to love. She talks about Luke coming to see her and his story about how Laura’s forgiveness saved him. Jason asks Liz if she’s doing this to save Lucky. She tells him she wanted to forgive Lucky. Jason asks her what’s going to happen to their baby.

Back at Leslie’s house, Scotty and Luke continue bickering. Leslie tells Luke it’s okay for Scotty to ask questions. Then she stops their arguing and Scotty leaves. Lulu makes a comment to Luke about the animosity between him and Scotty. He tells her she needs to rest. She asks about Tracy and he says that things are bad at the Q. mansion right now. He suggests that she stay with Leslie until things calm down. Luke warns Lulu to stay away from Scotty because he’s dangerous.

Meanwhile, at the Q. mansion, Tracy continues arguing with Carly about her decision to keep Michael away from the family. Edward butts in, reminds everybody that they are supposed to be honoring Alan’s memory, and advises they call a truce. Emily and Monica agree and tell Carly to bring Michael to the memorial.

At the police department, Mayor Floyd comes in angry that he was summoned. Jax has called both he and Ric there to tell them to drop the case and charges against Alexis or he’ll hold a press conference that will ruin their political careers.

Elsewhere, Rodriguez visits with Lucky and Sam and asks Sam if Jason has been to the Metro Court in the last 24 hours. He tells her that there were bullets and blood found on the floor.

On the pier, Liz explains to Jason that she can’t take the baby from Lucky. Jason tells her that he wants what’s best for their child. She tells him that she understands how he feels and says she wouldn’t want him and Sam to take the baby. But, she tells him that she thinks this is what’s best because the baby will be safe and loved. She asks him to let Lucky be the baby’s father.

Back at the Q. mansion, Alexis makes an appearance, but is not received well. She tells them she just wanted to give them her condolences. Edward makes a comment about how he’s glad Ned never married her. Just as he says this, Ned walks in, hugs everyone, and says he’s sorry.

At the police station, Jax tells Ric and Floyd to back off or he’ll include the hostage situation and the grieving Quartermaines in his press conference. He reminds them that the press is looking for someone to blame for the hostage crisis.

At Leslie’s, Dillon brings cookies for Lulu. She asks him how everyone is doing. He tells her that Tracy is in her own world right now. Lulu starts to talk about Scotty again and tells Dillon that she thinks Scotty knows who killed Rick Webber.

Back on the pier, Jason asks Liz how he could give up his own child. She tells him she could have a relationship with the kid, much like the relationship he has with Michael. Jason asks her if she knows how much caring for Michael and then giving him up cost him. He asks her if she’s telling him that he can’t be there to teach his child things and watch it grow. Liz tells him that this is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, but explains that she feels like it’s the best choice for everyone. She tells Jason that she knows he loves their child, but she asks him if he loves it enough to let it go. Jason tells her that if this is what she really thinks is best, he won’t fight her. She thanks him and leaves.

Back at Leslie’s, Lulu tells Dillon that Scott is the one thread of the mystery that could tie everything together, but she explains that Luke doesn’t want her involved with Scott at all.

At the Q. mansion, Luke shows up and Tracy asks him where he’s been. He apologizes for not being there for her, but explains he had to take care of something. She asks him if it involves Scotty.

In the living room area, Ned and Alexis chat on the couch about their kids. Ned tells Alexis that Alan really understood the importance of family and children.

At the police station, Mayor Floyd tells Ric to get his act together because he’s becoming a political liability. Ric says he will not give Molly up. Floyd threatens to replace him as D.A.

Meanwhile, Carly returns home to find Jax comforting Michael. Jax talks about death and how his father died. He tells Michael not to worry about crying because Alan wouldn’t want him to cry. Michael tells him he explains things well. Carly asks Michael how he’s feeling and he tells her he’s better. She sends him upstairs to check on Morgan. Carly thanks Jax for being good with Michael. Then she asks him if he will ever get over her sleeping with Sonny. He doesn’t really answer the question but talks about how he told Ric to back off of Alexis. He explains to her that there used to be love between him and Alexis, but now there’s just hate. He says that he doesn’t want that for his relationship with Carly. He tells her that he hates that she slept with and married Sonny, but understands that he’s not blameless because he left. He asks her what’s left to do now. She tells him that she loves him and always will.

At the lake house, Alexis arrives home to find Ric inside. He tells her that she will lose custody of Molly and tells her to sign the papers. He asks her if she will settle out of court. She tells him that he’ll have to take Molly away from her in the public eye, that way everyone will know what a slime ball he is. Alexis tells him that he started this, but she will finish this. As he leaves, she tells him she knows he loves Molly, but reminds him that she knows he loves himself more than anything.

Back at the Q. mansion, Luke tells Tracy he doesn’t want Scotty near Lulu or Laura. He informs her that he suspects Scotty is up to something and he tells her that he’s going to get to the bottom of it. He leaves and Monica comes down the stairs. Tracy asks Monica for a favor. She asks her not to tell Luke about Lulu’s investigation of Rick Webber’s murder. Monica tells her she won’t say anything. Tracy tells her that Alan knew how much she loved him and tells he that he loved her just as much.

Meanwhile, Lucky is at the old Spencer house and Liz shows up. He tells her that after they remarry, he wants to move into the house.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that the police found blood and bullets at the Metro Court restaurant. Jason tells her that he chased Craig there. He tells her about how he didn’t know Alan was dying. He tells her that he needs to focus more on the people he cares about. She hugs him.

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